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The TOEFL iBT at a Glance. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures a non-native English speaker's communication ability and.


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1-800-818-9128 | kaptest.com/kep_domestic Kaplan is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. *TOEFL is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service.

Kaplan: The TOEFL iBT Experts

The TOEFL iBT at a Glance The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures a non-native English speaker’s communication ability and is most commonly used by high school, undergraduate, and graduate admissions offices in the United States. Students who have received their education in non-English speaking countries are often required to demonstrate an acceptable level of English proficiency on the TOEFL in order to be considered for admission to American colleges and universities. The new TOEFL iBT tests integrated skills, and provides more accurate information than ever before regarding a test taker’s ability to communicate in an academic setting. Internet-based testing captures speaking and writing responses, and transmits them to human raters for evaluation and scoring. Score reports include each skill section’s score and a total score that is the sum of the scores of all 4 sections of the exam (0–120).






• Multiple choice/ Drag and drop (36 – 70 questions)

• Multiple choice (34 – 51 questions)

•2  based on topics of general interest/personal experience

•1  based on topics of general interest/personal experience

•2  based on synthesis of a reading and a listening passage •2  based on a listening passage or conversation

•1  based on synthesis of a reading and a listening passage


60 – 100 minutes

60 – 90 minutes

20 minutes

50 minutes


0 – 30

0 – 30

0 – 30

0 – 30

To register for the TOEFL go to TOEFL.org or call 1-877-863-3546.

TOEFL Tuesday Take a FREE practice test at a Kaplan Center near you. Kaplan offers a free TOEFL practice test every Tuesday at centers in the US and Canada. Students can attempt iBT Reading and Listening sections, and will receive scaled scores of 0-30 for each section.* *Scaled scores are not predictors of student performance on the official TOEFL iBT

Improve your fluency for a higher score! English in Action Explore your destination of study while applying your newly acquired English language skills in a real world setting with English in Action!* Kaplan’s English in Action program provides the perfect opportunity to practice your spoken English skills outside of the classroom while exploring your host city and its various attractions. Participants will attend local cultural events, museums, restaurants, walking tours, and a variety of other activities with their classmates and Kaplan staff, interacting in English with each other and with locals throughout the event. English in Action provides students with the perfect opportunity to use their English in a social setting with other classmates while encouraging them to learn more about their study destination outside of the Kaplan center.

Program Facts: 4 English in Action events will usually be held twice a month, and will be announced a minimum of one week in advance

4 Participation in English in Action events is an optional component of your course. Students are not

Private Tutoring Work one-on-one with Kaplan’s expert instructors at the locations and times that work best for you. We offer private tutoring for English language and TOEFL preparation. You may add the one-on-one instruction option to any course we offer, or study exclusively with a private tutor. Please contact your local center for pricing and schedule.

required to attend 4 Where applicable, students are responsible for the cost of participating in English in Action events

Schedule: Contact individual centers for details and schedules

Student Perspective “Access to private tutoring for international students is awesome and English in Action is a cool way to relate to students. You will share experiences, discover new ways of learning and make great connections.”

*English in action may not be available at all Kaplan centers. Contact your Kaplan center for additional details. †English in action activities are for enrolled Kaplan students only. Activities are subject to change. Contact your Kaplan center for event schedule.

Ngassa Tchanga - France

New Course Option: General English General English Kaplan’s General English program is a semiintensive course that combines English instruction with comprehensive structured study sessions. Our experienced teachers will focus your studies on the four primary principles of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, our structured study sessions will provide you with access to a wide range of learning materials including online language exercises, course books, and interactive computer programs that allow you to focus on the language discipline of your choice. Our General English course provides students with the instruction and materials needed to improve their English language skills, while offering the flexibility that is necessary for focusing on individual needs.

Course structure: Semi-Intensive Course Students follow a curriculum of 21 full study hours each week: 15 hours of classroom-based instruction and 6 hours of structured study in the Kaplan center.

Student Perspective Program Facts:

“I love my English program course books! I also have

4Books and audio materials are included in the price

access to DVDs and computer materials, which really

of the course

help me in the learning process. ” Milena Jubiz - Colombia

The Kaplan Advantage Students in North America have enrolled with Kaplan for over 65 years to achieve their educational goals. The same techniques and focus that make us the world leader in test preparation provide the foundation for all of our English programs. Choosing Kaplan, means you will benefit in the following ways: English and Academic Preparation Kaplan helps you complete your English studies and prepares you for entrance into a university or graduate school. Excellent Curriculum Our world-class materials and proven approach will enable you to achieve your general or academic English objectives. The Leader in TOEFL iBT Preparation Kaplan can help you succeed beyond learning English. Our world-famous TOEFL iBT course provides you with insights and strategies to achieve the necessary scores to attend the best colleges and universities. Dynamic Locations Whether you choose to study in a city or a campus setting, Kaplan has a center conveniently located near you.


Our excellent facilities are equipped to maximize your learning experience at Kaplan.


You may focus exclusively on TOEFL preparation. You begin to focus on TOEFL preparation.
















ST U DY T I M E I N W E E KS TSS - TOEFL Structured Study; TAE - TOEFL and Academic English; TOEFL - TOEFL Prep; GE - General English; GESS - General English Structured Study Contact center for detailed course information and requirements

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