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MP4 digital download. T. VOD. Documentary ... family video stars David Ruprecht , known for his many stage and television roles ..... sex slavery. Mien grew up in.

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What’s New ABOUT VISION VIDEO We rejoice in being in our fourth decade of bringing you a wide range of Christian and family programming. Today we offer more than 2,500 DVDs with ample selections for all age groups. Selections include drama, documentary, curriculum, and children. Our calling is to produce and distribute visual media that effectively communicates the gospel to contemporary culture. The programs we offer have won close to four hundred film festival awards, some of which you will find indicated by this symbol throughout this catalog. Video on Demand VOD is now available on many titles on our website. This feature allows you to download the program directly to your computer and many portable electronic devices. You can own the program forever. There is no shipping charge and you can obtain the program right away. To check out this new feature, go to the VOD section of our website. It’s our pleasure to serve you, Bill Curtis General Manager

Mister Scrooge to See You!

The once mean and NEW! miserly Ebenezer Scrooge was forever changed by his ghostly Christmas Eve encounter. Now one year later, Scrooge receives another posthumous visit from his old business partner. It seems Jacob Marley is not yet finished with Mister Scrooge! Sent on a journey 170 years into the future, Scrooge encounters a world even colder and greedier than his own, a world that includes a young cutthroat businessman named Timothy Cratchet VI. Will Scrooge be able to turn Cratchet from his selfish ways and teach him the true meaning of Christmas? Mister Scrooge to See You is a light-hearted and entertaining follow-up to Dicken’s classic tale. Kids and parents will be delighted by this humorous story which points to the ultimate gift of Christmas. This fun family video stars David Ruprecht, known for his many stage and television roles. 115 minutes. (EST). VOD T DRAMA #501544D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Charting Christmas

NEW! Filmed on location in the Holy Land and the United Kingdom, this documentary traces the origins of Christmas traditions, beginning with the biblical prophecies concerning the Messiah and the New Testament accounts of His birth. See how Christmas celebrations evolved through the ages and were influenced by notable figures and entities including Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Boniface, Charles Dickens, and even the Coca-Cola Corporation. Included are interviews with biblical scholars and historians, such as author and Bible teacher Lance Lambert and Canon Jim Rosenthal, Founder of the St. Nicholas Society. Their commentaries illuminate the origins of Christmas and tell us why we celebrate Christmas as we do today. 41 minutes. T VOD DOC #501542D, $19.99 $14.99 DVD LANGUAGES:


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New Releases For the Glory


After the death of his older brother, Kurt tries to make everyone happy. But faced with the rejection of his perfectionist father, his mother’s crippling alcoholism, and his own failure to make it as a college basketball player, Kurt is driven to an emotional and spiritual crossroad. Then at the bidding of an insistent friend, Kurt reluctantly tries out for his fraternity’s soccer team, even though he had never played competitive soccer in his life! To everyone’s surprise, he becomes an overnight sensation. Buoyed by his girlfriend, Sherry (Chelsie Casagrande), and other friends, Kurt trains hard all summer for the Division 1 team. In time his skill as a goalkeeper leads him all the way to the North American Soccer League. For the Glory shows how God’s intervention turns failure into triumph in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Received five stars from the Dove Foundation—their highest rating! 106 minutes (EST). VOD



#501498D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Jovis Bon Hovis and the Creation Crew


Jovis Bon-Hovis and the Creation Crew is a fun, vibrant, and exciting show, perfect for kids ages 3-7. Children and parents will be enthralled by Jovis BonHovis and his lovable companions, including Early Bird, Booky Worm, Dora Mouse, and Stripy Monkey! Featuring the energetic talents of creator and host, Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson, this series encourages kids to see their faith and the Word of God as positive, normal, and trustworthy companions in daily life. Firmly grounded in the Christian faith, Jovis Bon-Hovis uses key elements like “Scripture Time,” “Arty-Crafty Time,” and “Story Time” to introduce gospel themes into everyday situations to which children can relate. Produced in the UK and featuring CheethamWilkinson’s quirky British humor, Jovis Bon-Hovis is sure to become a beloved part of your family’s Christian video library. Join the crew for 13 episodes filled with fun, laughter, and adventure, all designed to give your kids a firm spiritual grounding. Each episode is 25-30 minutes and includes a PDF study guide. T SG VOD #501525D, $39.99 SALE! $29.99

The Watchers: Revelation

Who are the Watchers? Is a NEW! race of benign extraterrestrials secretly influencing the world’s governments? Are these creatures really ancient aliens sent to protect humanity from self-destruction, or are they evil beings set on deception as the world approaches its final days? An inexplicable archeological find leads Dr. Peter Kenner to conclude that we are not alone, aliens have visited the Earth in the distant past and have now returned. Struggling to reconcile the evidence with his once held religious views, Peter turns to his uncle, Josh Sanders, a retired scientist and a man of strong Christian faith. Meanwhile, Sarah Pennington seeks protection for her young daughter, Kara, believing the extraterrestrials are bent on abducting the gifted nine-year-old as they did Sarah’s husband three years earlier. When the four are brought together by Ethan, a mysterious stranger, Peter and Sarah wrestle with their own beliefs as Josh seeks to convince them of the truth. It becomes clear that Kara has a very special gift—one that can expose the true nature of the extraterrestrials. The Watchers is a provocative church-produced film directed by Tom Dallis. 90 minutes (EST). VOD T DRAMA #501540D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

For Love’s Sake


No Family is Beyond Hope Days before Christmas 1978, Peter Walker, a young English lay preacher, is killed in a motorcycle accident. His wife Mary, already emotionally fragile, falls into the depths of suicidal depression. As a result, she loses custody of her two young boys, Paul and James. The boys are further traumatized as they are taken under the care of the county authorities and placed in a series of children’s homes and in a temporary foster placement with their grandparents. While James clings desperately to his Christian faith and the hope of being reunited with his mother, Paul rebels by fighting and committing petty crimes. Through the intervention of her church community, a dedicated social worker, and a caring Christian therapist (played by Bruce Marchiano), Mary uncovers a flicker of faith still burning beneath the darkness. As she heals emotionally, hope returns, along with the strength to fight a skeptical bureaucracy for custody of her children. 96 minutes plus bonus features and PDF study guide (EST). VOD T DRAMA #501508D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

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New Releases About Miracles


Available October, 2013

About Miracles features four dramatic, true stories about modern day miracles. Told by the actual people involved and featuring gripping reenactments, these stories will amaze you as they strengthen your faith. A man is robbed, then shot in the head at point-blank range and left for dead. A woman hears a voice telling her to go to the ER even though she has no physical symptoms. A student has just one week to raise thousands of dollars for a mission trip. A baby is injured in a car accident and gradually loses his sight while his parents pray for healing. Life is dangerous. Complicated. Mysterious. In an age where God is no longer the central focus, the modern mind often prefers scientific arguments to explain life experiences. About Miracles offers the facts surrounding these true stories and concludes that sometimes…the only logical explanation is God. 55 minutes. T VOD DOC #501546D, $19.99


With God on Our Side With God on Our Side takes a hard look at the theology and politics of Christian Zionism, which teaches that because the Jews are God’s chosen people, Israeli government policies should not be questioned, even when these policies are unjust. Critics of Christian Zionism argue that this flawed ideology has led to ethnic discrimination and great suffering among the Palestinian people, including thousands of Palestinian Christians. Is there a Biblical alternative for Christians who love and support the people of Israel? A way that doesn’t favor one people group over another but instead promotes peace, security, and reconciliation for both Jews and Palestinians? 82 minutes. T VOD DOC #501547D, $19.99


The Bible on Trial Set in a courtroom, The Bible On Trial: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt examines the contributions of biblical analysis, ancient historical voices, archaeology, and the testimony of first-century followers of Jesus Christ in its quest to determine the reliability and accuracy of the Bible’s message. In this Men’s NetWork Bible study, attorney Craig Parton leads the investigation. Along the way, Bible scholars Dr. Paul Maier, Dr. Randall Price, Dr. Jeff Kloha, and Joel Lampe contribute insights and analysis from their respective fields on the crucial issue of the Bible as a trustworthy work in which to place our faith. The authenticity of the Bible is evaluated according to the “Bibliographical,” “Internal Evidence” and “External Evidence” tests. What is your verdict? Includes 45-minute version and a 4-part Bible study version with a PDF study guide. T VOD DOC #501556D, $19.99

Corrie ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated

Available November, 2013

When Nazi forces invaded Holland in 1940 and began rounding up Jews, Corrie ten Boom, her sister, Betsie, and their elderly father risked their lives to save as many as possible. A hidden room was secretly built in their home where the oppressed Jews took refuge until a Gestapo raid put an end to their operation. For their “crimes,” Corrie and Betsie were sent to the notorious concentration camp at Ravensbruck where they suffered relentless cruelty. Struggling to reconcile God’s goodness with the terrible realities of the camp, the sisters clung desperately to their Christian faith. Betsie died in the camp, but Corrie was miraculously released due to a clerical error. She spent the rest of her days caring for other death camp survivors and sharing her story with the world. Corrie’s 1971 best-selling book, The Hiding Place, provides her account of persevering faith and forgiveness in the face of terrible evil. Featuring an interview with Pam Rosewell Moore, Corrie’s longtime assistant, and scenes filmed in the ten Boom house in Holland where the actual events took place, Corrie ten Boom, a Faith Undefeated recounts this unforgettable story for a new generation. 55 minutes (EST, S, SST). T VOD DOC #501550D, $19.99


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New Dramas The Lost Medallion


When Daniel Anderson (Alex Kendrick—Courageous, Fireproof) visits a foster home to drop off donations, he’s roped into telling the kids a story. Daniel weaves a tale about 13-year-old Billy Stone (Billy Unger) and his best friend, Allie (Sammi Hanratty), who uncover a long-lost medallion and wish themselves back in time 200 years. Billy and his friends jump off waterfalls, sneak through caves, and battle their nemesis, Cobra, on an island from which they cannot escape, unless Billy discovers the key to reclaiming the powerful medallion and gains a new understanding of faith. Dove approved for ages 12 and up. 97 minutes. DRAMA #88547D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99



Fueled by revenge, Michael sets up a meeting with Clef Robie, the man who murdered his wife and daughter six years earlier. But his plans of killing him come to a sudden standstill when unexpected events turn everything he has known upside down. Follow Michael as he reluctantly discovers that everything in life happens for a reason, and that we are all part of a bigger plan. Crossroad is an emotional and inspiring story of redemption, forgiveness, and the ultimate realization of God’s grace in all our lives. Rated PG-13 for violence and thematic elements. 95 minutes. DRAMA #64846D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Home Run


Cory Brand knows what it takes to win in the big leagues. But off the field, his life is spiraling out of control. Hoping to save her client’s career and reputation, Cory’s agent sends him back to the small town where he grew up to coach the local youth baseball team and spend eight weeks in the only recovery program in town. As his young players help him experience the joy of the game, Cory discovers his need to find freedom from his past and hope for his future… and win back the love he left behind. With this unexpected second chance, Cory finds himself on a powerful journey of transformation and redemption. 90 minutes. DRAMA #100609D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99



Jimmy is a story about an overlooked, mentally-challenged boy who views the world through his own unique lens. Jimmy knows he’s different from the other teenagers in Piney Grove, Georgia. He doesn’t always understand what he sees and hears, but he remembers it all with uncanny accuracy, which is why his lawyer father asks him to testify in a crucial trial. Jimmy’s testimony saves the man from jail but has far-reaching consequences for himself and the people he loves. Jimmy is an extraordinary tale about growing up in the midst of a real struggle. Dove Family-Approved for ages 12 and over. 95 minutes. DRAMA #88541D, $19.99 $15.99 T

The Bible: Epic Miniseries

Breathtaking in its scope and scale, NEW! The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales, and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation. This historic television event which premiered on The History Channel in March, 2013, quickly became one of the top rated shows in its time slot, a fact that confounded the Hollywood entertainment industry. Produced by husband-wife team, Mark Burnett (Survivor) and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel), two professing Christians, The Bible Miniseries is sure to inspire the whole family! The DVD includes multiple extra features that shed light on both the production and on the Bible itself. Widescreen. 440 minutes (EST, FST). DRAMA 4-disc set - #82396D, $59.99 SALE! $39.99

Taken By Grace


When he is released from prison, Lucas Blackstone (Angus MacFadyen, Braveheart) sets out to find the man who murdered his son. Armed with a pistol and a past full of mistakes, Lucas kidnaps Shawn Everett (Bradley Dorsey) and his wife Carrie (Haylie Duff) and holds them hostage. As the trio travels to Trinity, Lucas learns of Shawn and Carrie’s troubled marriage and questions their ability to reconcile their love through their faith in God. But Lucas has no interest in their faith, that is until he discovers the horrible truth about his son’s killer. 91 minutes. DRAMA #300337D, $14.99

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Inspiring New DVDs NEW!


Merry Christmas?


If you could ask any question of a veteran Christian artist, what would it be? Producer Rebecca Friedlander sat down with young, independent artists and took those questions to the pioneers of Christian music. Join us in Phil Keaggy’s living room while he shares his heart and a brilliant guitar song. Worship at Dennis Jernigan’s piano and enjoy a composition fresh from the day before. Listen to a brand new song by Melody Green. Relish the profound and humorous tales by Randy Stonehill, Babbie Mason, and others. Most importantly, you’ll hear sound advice and time-tested wisdom from artists who have invested decades in Christian music ministry. 90 minutes. DOC #27746D, $19.99

For many, Christmas is a time of excitement and joy as loving families share in the festive traditions of the season. But for others, the Christmas holidays are only a reminder of what is missing in life. Merry Christmas? tells the stories of three such people. Yet, through the struggles and pain, these three individuals have found the grace to cope with their losses and move ahead in faith. Pastor Mark Jeske, of The Time of Grace television program hosts this Christmas special and brings perspective to these stories as he unveils how the Christmas story speaks to hurting people. 27 minutes. T VOD DOC #501557D, $12.99

Life in the Face of Death

The American Orphan


For many years, Ed Dobson served as a pastor, offering his congregation hope in times of discouragement, pain, and loss. However, when he was diagnosed with ALS and told that he only had two to five years to live, he was devastated. Suddenly, the reality of death left him in need of the support and care that he had for so long given to others. Initially, he withdrew from people, but then he moved on to begin an uncommon journey toward a new quality of life and purpose. It’s been years since that diagnosis and the beginning of his journey. In this five-part DVD, Dobson reveals his unfolding story. He says, “It’s not about how long I have left. It’s about how I spend the time I do have left.” 93 minutes total. DOC #65383D, $16.99 SALE! $14.99

Laughing on Purpose

NEW! With multiple appearances on late night television, such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Comedy Central, comedian Michael Jr. has made a name for himself. He has compiled his family-focused, laid-back, stand-up comedic style into this: his first solo comedy special on DVD. His comedy has been proven to be edgy enough for Las Vegas and clean enough to be enjoyed in church. Laughing on Purpose will push you to laugh until your face hurts while inspiring you at the same time. 70 minutes plus extras. #901879D, $19.99 SALE! $16.99 6



Faultless: The American Orphan provides an overview of the challenges facing children in foster care, an introduction on how the Bible instructs us to act in light of those challenges, and some hopeful examples of men and women across the country responding to the present needs in truly Godglorifying ways. Faultless is intended to be a resource for churches, Sunday school classes, small groups, family discussions, and anyone looking to further explore what Christianity Today called the “burgeoning Christian orphan care movement” taking place within the church in America. The DVD includes a group discussion guide and educational information that will be helpful for anyone looking to learn a little more about the issue. 44 minutes. T VOD DOC #501537D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99

Ken Davis


Fully Alive

With his trademark humor and powerful stories, Ken shares his own journey from lethargic resignation to a new life of adventure, spiritual renewal, and health. You will see the snapshot that started it all, share in the three hours of terror that changed Ken forever, and meet a living fossil on a bicycle. You’ll laugh and be inspired to live in the power of Christ’s resurrection. The path to that life is right here, just waiting for you to take the first step. Join Ken and start living Fully Alive today! 102 minutes. DOC #21712D, $18.99 SALE! $14.99

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Popular New Dramas Backroads and Lilies


All Alza Bennett wants is to get home to her estranged family for the Easter holiday. An auto mishap leaves her more than 700 miles short of her destination and standing on the doorstep of a reclusive farmer named Lincoln, whose goal in life is to be left alone. After a deal is struck, the mismatched pair sets out on a three-day odyssey of misadventures where they encounter rat-infested motels, convenience store holdups, rural rabbit stalkers, and a starstruck couple from the local trailer park. Best of all, they are forced to encounter each other as the two worlds of the princess and the hermit collide at each and every turn. Christina Karis stars along with writer/director Jefferson Moore in this humorous retelling of the story of the Prodigal Son. 97 minutes. DRAMA #88535D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99

Leaving Limbo


The year was 1989, and Monica Wyatt (Mandy Brown) was a recent high school graduate making plans for a bright future with her new fiancé Ben Hudson (Elias Cecil) and sharing good times with her best friend Tuesday (Noelle Perris). Then a devastating car crash changed everything. Nineteen years later, Monica miraculously awakens from a deep coma— but this blessing soon feels more like a curse. The world has moved on without her and Ben has forged a new life with Tuesday, assuming Monica was gone. Angered by her lost years, Monica still has a chance to rediscover love. But first, she must discover the power of forgiveness in an inspirational story about trust and faith. Widescreen. DRAMA #88543D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99



In this film, inspired by true events, successful author/illustrator Samantha Crawford is living a charmed life, until her husband is murdered. She’s plunged into despair and loses her faith. It’s only after an unexpected meeting with a childhood friend, Joe, that she begins to feel a faint glimmer of hope. As she sees the impact Joe has on so many people, her heart is opened to new possibilities. But when she is pulled back into her husband’s murder case, her newfound hope will be tested. Rated PG-13. Widescreen, 98 minutes. DRAMA #100589D, $20.99 SALE! $16.99

Season of a Lifetime


The inspiring story of head football coach Jeremy Williams, who, terminally ill with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) refuses to retire, deciding instead to coach for one last season. Rick Cohen’s cameras follow him as his resilient Greenville Patriots high school team battles a tough Region 4 schedule in their quest for the Georgia state championship. A father figure to his underprivileged players, Coach Williams is also a loving husband to his high school sweetheart, and a loving father to two kids, one who is also stricken with a debilitating disease. 89 min. DRAMA #801047D, $14.99

Abel’s Field


Left motherless by tragedy and abandoned by his father, high school senior Seth McArdle (Samuel Davis) is under enormous pressure to support his little sisters. At school, he endures the daily bullying of the football team. When he fights back, he’s singled out for punishment and assigned to an after-school work detail under the supervision of Abel (Kevin Sorbo), a reserved groundskeeper. Much to his surprise, Seth discovers that Abel may be the only one who truly understands his struggles. As dark times lure Seth towards desperate measures, the reluctant Abel may be the one person who can point him back towards the light. Rated PG for thematic elements and brief violence. Widescreen, 104 minutes (EST, S, F). DRAMA #41378D, $22.99 SALE! $14.99

Catching Hearts


Professor Mark Gavin is a bestselling author and speaker who makes his living by disproving the existence of God. But what happens when extraordinary and unexplainable life events shake his faith in atheism? Will he turn his back on the very ideas that made him rich and famous? This provocative drama follows the intertwined stories of Gavin and two of his biggest fans, an aimless young man who can’t see beyond the next party and a young woman who can’t face her guilt after a tragic mistake. Each takes comfort in Gavin’s assertion that life is a series of random and meaningless events. But when “coincidence” brings all three together, they must face the evidence before their eyes. 74 minutes. T VOD DRAMA #501499D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

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The Fight Against Human Trafficking human trafficking (noun): organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor) - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Evil flourishes in the darkness. Only by exposing this issue to the light can we begin to turn the tide.

Not Today


Traveling with his friends to Hyderabad, India on a whim, Caden’s expectations of a neverending party crash hard. But not as hard as his conscience when he refuses to help a starving man and his little girl. Haunted by the images of Kiran and Annika, Caden attempts to right his wrong—only to discover Kiran has been forced to sell his own daughter. Caden’s eyes are now opened to a world few Americans know exists: a thriving human-trafficking trade. Spurred by a true purpose, an unlikely new friendship, and the prayers of his mother and girlfriend back home, Caden chooses to help in Kiran’s search to find his daughter. 103 minutes. DRAMA #44309D, $19.99

Not For Sale Find out how you can become a modern-day abolitionist with this 2-disc set. PART 1: THE DOCUMENTARY (85 min.) This segment covers what modern-day abolitionists are doing to fight the rampant terrors of human trafficking in the U.S. and abroad. PART 2: JOIN THE FIGHT (32 min.) This segment tells the story of five activists who battle human trafficking. From the Far East to here in our nation’s capital, they work to rescue victims and prosecute the traffickers. Learn how you can join the fight. Due to subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. Not recommended for children and young teens. T DOC #501396D, $19.99 VOD

The Pink Room


The Pink Room tells the story of Mien and other young girls who have been victimized in the unspeakably dark world of child sex slavery. Mien grew up in Svay Pak, Cambodia, a small village notorious for the trafficking of children. At a young age Mien entered life in a brothel, and her virginity was sold for a high price. Held hostage and raped daily by eager pedophiles, Mien’s sense of self-worth is diminished with each customer. But this is not just a story about the problem… The Pink Room is an inspiring story of restoration as ordinary people become heroes, lives are mended, and Cambodians rise up to take back their country. In a world where it is estimated that over one million children are held captive and sexually abused, a flower blooms in the heart of Cambodia. Winner of twelve awards. 57 minutes plus extras. T VOD DOC #501543D, $19.99

Trade of Innocents


In present-day Southeast Asia, down dark alleys, in secret rooms, children are for sale. Alex Becker and his team are the last defense, leading his team on a raid of a known child trafficker, only to discover the trafficker has escaped, taking a seven-year-old girl — and Alex’s wife — captive. Parallel story lines intertwine and twists unfold against the backdrop of the dangerous human trafficking world. This is a story of struggle, life, hope, and redemption. Widescreen, 91 minutes. #46312D, $19.99 SALE! $15.99 DRAMA

All four DVDs in this box, only $49.99, #97722D

The Problem of Evil


Evil is real and ever present in a world where wars, disasters, and personal pain persist. In the midst of it all, the response is often the same. Where is God? Why would He let this happen? Although no one has all the answers, you can find hope and encouragement to help you think through these questions about evil and why God allows it in the Bible study The Problem of Evil. In this six-lesson interactive study, author and speaker Os Guinness, a graduate of the University of London and Oxford, introduces the problem of evil in an engaging and respectful way. You’ll hear a compelling case that leads to faith and courage as he compares and contrasts the issue from Eastern, secular, and biblical perspectives, examines the difference between evil and suffering, and provides seven steps to help you confront the reality of evil. Gain a deeper understanding of what evil truly is, and discover why you can trust God to sustain you when bad things happen. 47 minutes. Includes 68-page leader’s guide. DOC #40553D, $22.99 SALE! $19.99 8

New Releases NEW!

Augustine: A Voice for All Generations

Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is one of the greatest theologians of the Christian Church. His works, including The City of God, On the Trinity, and Confessions, have had an inestimable impact on the Church and, by extension, on Western Civilization at large. Yet, where did such faith begin? After rejecting his mother’s Christianity as simplistic and restraining, Augustine embarked on a path towards self-gratification, marked by the pursuit of money, political power, and sexual pleasure. Hosted by Augustine expert Mike Aquilina and shot on location in Rome and Milan, this documentary explores the conversion story of one of the most significant figures in church history. Travel back to the fourth century and discover why Augustine has become a “Voice for All Generations.” 55 minutes. (EST, S, SST). T VOD DOC #501515D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99


John Wesley: The Man and His Mission

Journey throughout England and follow the story of one of the most influential people who ever lived. From a childhood upbringing in the small town of Epworth in the north of England to a scholarly education at Oxford University, and from humble beginnings in Bristol to an influential base in London, John Wesley’s impact is still felt, though not completely recognized, today. From an early age, John Wesley had a calling on this life to serve. Throughout every phase of his life, Wesley was a man of influence and he was recognized as a natural leader. His dramatic rediscovery of the biblical message of God’s grace offered freely to all led him outside the walls of the church to preach to the masses. Discover the makings of a man who traveled the length and breadth of England more than any other, who was able to inspire the poor, the middle class, and the leaders of his day, and who is widely regarded as one of the most persuasive figures in world history. The work of John Wesley spread throughout the world and today, hundreds of years after his death, still influences social justice, politics, and religion around the world. This beautifully produced documentary, hosted by Wesley expert Keith Garner and shot at key locations, provides a comprehensive view of John Wesley’s life and legacy. 55 minutes. T VOD DOC #501539D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99


Restless Heart

It is A.D. The Roman Empire is beginning to crumble. The Vandals and other marauding tribes spill through the gaps in Roman defenses. And one of the greatest saints of the Christian church stands between his flock and the barbarian invaders. As he attempts to negotiate between the proud Roman authorities and the implacable Vandal king, Bishop Augustine recalls his own life before Christianity. In this stirring and epic new film on the life of St. Augustine of Hippo, follow the great saint as he rises from his reckless days as a youth to his accomplishments as a renowned but dissolute orator. Though worldly success and riches come his way, including a position in the imperial court of Milan, satisfaction and peace elude him. It takes a confrontation with the Christian bishop Ambrose and the countless prayers offered by his patient mother, Monica, to break through his intellectual pride. Starring Alessandro Preziosi, Monica Guerritore, Johannes Bandrup, and Franco Nero. Widescreen; includes two DVDs with 133-minute theatrical film version, original 200-minute version, and a 24 page illustrated companion booklet. DRAMA #101023D, $29.99 SALE $24.99

Available November, 2013

Wrestling with God


An award-winning, dramatic exploration of the profound personal challenges and public pressures that helped shape one of the most celebrated public figures in 19th Century American religious and political circles. Alexander Campbell immigrated to America as a young man, disillusioned by the hypocrisy of the clerical hierarchy in the Old World. Here he faced a new country riddled with factious religious zealots of every description, all claiming their own brands of religion as the only acceptable path to righteousness. Campbell fought to pare away layers of manmade doctrine and rediscover God’s truth at its source: Holy Scripture and the elegant simplicity of Christ’s teachings. Wrestling with God opens doors to new spiritual journeys. Its compelling message is delivered by asking questions rather than imposing answers. Wrestling with God transcends denominational barriers and cuts to the core of faith. 72 minutes. In English with Arabic open captions (Pt, EST,SST). VOD T DRAMA #501545D, $22.99 SALE! $19.99

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Christmas Favorites The Heart of Christmas


Based on a true story. Austin and Julie Locke are devastated when they learn that their young son, Dax, has been diagnosed with cancer. But with courage, determination, and faith, they decide to give Dax one last Christmas, even if it has to be in October. When the community learns the heartbreaking truth, what happens next is a miraculous outpouring of caring and support. Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Jeanne Neilson, George Newbern, Erin Bethea, and Matthew West (Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter). 89 minutes. DRAMA #76432D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Midnight Clear Full-Length Movie As midnight approaches in a small Southwestern town, five lonely strangers randomly cross paths, and in unique and subtle ways, change each other’s lives forever. Starring Stephen Baldwin, K Callan, Victoria Jackson, and Richard Riehle, Midnight Clear is a modern-day parable about how seemingly insignificant acts of grace can make a profound difference. 102 minutes. (EST, SST, extras). #22231D, $14.99 DRAMA

My Christmas Soldier As 11-year-old Gordy and his sister wait at the train station for their father’s homecoming, a train loaded with German POWs arrives. Curiously, Gordy approaches the prison train and makes contact with a young German soldier. Through the courage to trust and the song “Silent Night,” friends and foes learn the true meaning of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men,” and hearts are forever changed. Widescreen, 30 minutes. DRAMA #68404D, $14.99

It’s a Wonderful Life Re-experience this classic holiday story about a man who thinks his life is not worth living until an unlikely guardian angel shows him what life would be like if he had never been born. This enchanting classic, directed by Frank Capra, will warm your heart and lift your spirit. Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. B&W, 130 minutes. DRAMA #960014D, $19.99



Christmas Oranges

Rose was left at Greenwoods Orphanage, where Mrs. Hartley (Nancy Stafford) and the children under her care became the child’s family. When tragedy strikes, Rose (Bailee Johnson) is abruptly shipped to Irongates—a place that seems as cold and cruel as her previous home was kind. The strict headmaster, Mr. Crampton (Edward Hermann), is especially hard on Rose. But Christmas is a time of miracles. Share a slice of Christmas sweetened with friendship in this poignant Christmas story based on a classic holiday tale. Dove Family approved for all ages. 100 minutes. DRAMA #88575D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Christmas Classics Four inspiring holiday favorites for your family. The Story of Silent Night — This is the magical, true story of a young Austrian priest who received heavenly inspiration to commemorate the birth of Jesus by writing the world’s most beloved Christmas carol, “Silent Night,” now sung in over 180 languages. BONUS FEATURE: Silent Night, WWII 1944. Mystery of the Three Kings — The faithful far and wide know the tale of the three kings, but their true story is filled with mystery. Retrace their ancient steps to reveal the truth behind their incredible journey to visit the newborn Jesus. An Old-Fashioned Christmas — Thirty-five yuletide songs capture the spirit of the season while cherished holiday scenes unfold before you. Mary of Nazareth — The many roles of Mary are explored in this lush and dazzling portrait of the woman who was there from Christ’s birth to crucifixion. Directed by Cannes award-winner Jean Delannoy, this tale is beautifully and reverently told, with nothing left out. Two DVDs, 390 minutes total. #704054D, $19.99

Christmas Angel When Ashley’s neighbor, Nick, offers her a job as his assistant, she is not allowed to tell anyone that her new boss is a sort of Secret Santa, helping others anonymously. As Ashley and Nick help people in need, Ashley tries to protect Nick’s secret, and her own heart. Starring Bruce Davison, KC Clyde, and Kari Hawker. Widescreen, 90 minutes. DRAMA #101233D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

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Christmas Favorites The Perfect Gift

Love’s Christmas Journey

From the producers of The Perfect Stranger (p. 59) comes a holiday story that carries a year-round message for the ages. The Perfect Gift is a Capra-esque tale of a spoiled school girl, her overworked executive mother, and a disillusioned young minister. Each receives an uplifting message about friendship, commitment, and the truest meaning of Christmas from a friendly but mysterious “drifter” named Jess. 86 min. DRAMA #23174D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99 T

Mourning the loss of her family, Ellie agrees to watch her brother’s children when he has to leave town. When a fire is set, Ellie works with a handsome deputy to clear a friend’s name and learns that if she can trust her faith, this Christmas may bring more miracles than she hoped. Starring Sean Astin, Ernest Borgnine, JoBeth Williams, Charles Shaughnessy, Rebecca Hall, Dylan Bruce, and Greg Vaughan. Widescreen, 172 minutes. DRAMA #82344D, $22.99 SALE! $14.99

Christmas Lodge During a weekend trip to the mountains, Mary finds herself at the now-dilapidated lodge where she spent the holidays with her family growing up. She becomes determined to restore the building to its former glory. Through the process, she finds herself drawn to a handsome man who loves the lodge as much as she does. This chance encounter allows Mary to renew her faith in life and discover her one true love. Widescreen, 89 minutes. DRAMA #604052D, $14.99

An Avonlea Christmas An Avonlea Christmas pays tribute to the indomitable Hetty King. The focal point of town opinion as well as the town’s leading educator, Hetty collapses with a health crisis during the holiday season. When she is hospitalized, feeling homesick and alone, she begins to reevaluate her relationships and accomplishments in life. This uplifting drama illustrates the strength of family in turbulent times. Starring Jackie Burroughs and Cedric Smith. 90 minutes. DRAMA #23412D, $14.99

Your Favorite Christmas Carols Ring in the holiday season with the glorious sights and sounds of Christmas! Here is a compilation of highlights from performances by British and Irish choirs and soloists, taped in the majestic cathedrals of Westminster in London, St. Patrick’s in Dublin, St. Nicholas in Galway, and more. It is a visual delight featuring the most popular ancient, traditional, and contemporary carols. 90 minutes. #2229D, $14.99

Music and Majesty These DVDs feature beautiful music against a backdrop of stunning scenery to help you reflect on God’s Word, soothe your spirit, and gain an eternal perspective to your day. Each DVD includes 10 songs, such as “It is Well with My Soul,” “Breathe on Me, Breath of God,” “Peace Like a River,” and more. They are suitable for use in worship services or quiet meditations at home. 45 minutes each. Music & Majesty: Comfort, #601143D, $14.99 Music & Majesty: Heaven, #601813D, $14.99 Music & Majesty: Prayer, #600413D, $14.99 Music & Majesty: Christmas, #20873D, $15.99 All 4 Music and Majesty DVDs for only $39.99 Use item #98070D

An Irish Christmas Two programs on one DVD!

Christmas from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin: Join a spectacular cast of singers and musicians in an enchanting evening of Irish Yuletide at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, featuring the West Point Glee Club, the RTE Concert Orchestra and Philharmonic Choir, Dennis O’Neill, and more. 56 minutes. A Galway Christmas: Filmed at Galway’s famed Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, it’s a night of extraordinary talent, featuring hundreds of beautiful voices from The Galway Baroque Singers and The Cloisters of Belfast Cathedral. 57 minutes. #3339D, $14.99

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The Last Brickmaker in America

The Fourth Wise Man

Henry Cobb has worked in his family’s brickyard for 57 years. When 13-year-old Danny enters his life in search of a refuge from his bickering parents, Henry becomes his mentor. Starring Sidney Poitier. Rated PG for some mild language. 85 minutes. DRAMA #55130D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

For 33 years, Artaban and his faithful servant pursue Jesus, only to miss Him at every turn. The story culminates on Easter Sunday as Artaban, old and dying, finally encounters the new King, bringing peace to his life. Starring Martin Sheen and Alan Arkin. 72 min. (S, Pt, EST, extras). T DRAMA #4416D, $14.99 Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

New Hope

Amazing Love

Michael Evans, a pastor’s son, has to move to the small, southern town of New Hope in the middle of his senior year of high school. Thrust onto the basketball team just before the playoffs, Michael struggles to fit in. 120 minutes.

Five teens embark on a weekend camping trip led by their church youth group leader Stuart. When a confrontation occurs, Stuart shares the touching story of the prophet Hosea and his example of unconditional love. Widescreen, 80 minutes. DRAMA #300349D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR



#88476D, $19.99

Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Fireproof Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter’s adage: Never leave your partner behind. Inside burning buildings, it’s his natural instinct. In his marriage, it’s another story. Is this just another marriage destined to go up in smoke? 114 minutes (S, EST, SST, FST, PtST, CST, extras). T DRAMA #100339D, $14.99 Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Mrs. Miracle “Mrs. Miracle” becomes an irreplaceable nanny, chef, friend… and matchmaker. Starring James Van Der Beek and Doris Roberts. 92 minutes. DRAMA #35747D, $14.99

Call Me Mrs. Miracle

When Debbie Laramie and her teenage son are transferred to Paradise, Texas, they must adjust to a community in need of a guide back to God. Debbie turns a challenge into an opportunity. 105 min. DRAMA #9410D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Posing as a seasonal clerk in the toy department of a struggling New York department store, Mrs. Merkle sets out to make Christmas memorable and meaningful for employees and customers alike. Also stars Jewel Staite, Eric Johnson, and Lauren Holly. 88 min.

Mystery Box! *Get 10 DVDs for $19.99! DVDs for Adults — #97922D DVDs for Children — #97921D

#638472D, $14.99

Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR


Maggie Fuller is a troubled teenager who receives a life-affirming letter from an unknown source. When Maggie tracks down the writer of the mysterious letter, she decides to become a letter writer herself by being the old man’s apprentice. She also must continue her search for herself, discover her singing talent, and mend her broken relationship with her mother. 86 minutes. DRAMA #88478D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Welcome to Paradise

Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR


The Letter Writer

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Stand Strong

Faith Like Potatoes

Matt Webster had it all. But when hard times come, having it all on the outside does not mean there is anything on the inside. It takes a financial crisis to show him that all things work together for good to those who stand strong in faith. 92 minutes.

A farmer moves his family to South Africa and suffers a series of seemingly insurmountable losses. A moving life journey of a man who, like his potatoes, grows his faith, unseen until the harvest. Based on a true story. Widescreen, 116 minutes. Rated PG. #29254D, $14.99 DRAMA


#88468D, $14.99

Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

The Fanny Crosby Story This is the amazing biography of the blind hymn writer, Fanny Crosby. Blinded shortly after birth, Fanny fulfilled the roles of wife, mother, friend, teacher, nurse, humanitarian, and friend of presidents. Widescreen, 46 minutes (EST, S, director’s commentary, outtakes). T DOCU-DRAMA #4733D,$14.99 VOD Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale Based on a true story. Professor Parker Wilson discovers a lost Akita puppy on his way home from work. Hachi endears himself into the Wilson family. Widescreen, 93 minutes. #32140D, $19.99 DRAMA Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Smitty Mischievous 13-year-old Ben is sent to his grandfather’s farm for the summer, where he crosses paths with a mutt named Smitty. With Smitty’s help, Ben learns the importance of friendship, family, and responsibility. 94 minutes T DRAMA #61171D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

The Adventures of Milo and Otis A curious kitten named Milo and his inseparable friend, a pug-nosed puppy named Otis, spend their days exploring the barnyard and the surrounding countryside. An award-winning adventure story. 76 minutes. #50419D, $12.99 Only $6.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Hardflip After discovering a stack of old love letters, Caleb sets out to find the father he never knew and begins a journey he never expected. Through his journey, Caleb reveals what can happen when we let go of anger and forgive those who have hurt us the most, just as God forgives us. 108 minutes. DRAMA #88469D, $19.99 T Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Mighty Macs Coach Cathy Rush just wanted to make a difference and wound up making history. When she arrives at Immaculata College, the women’s basketball team has no budget, no uniforms, and no gym. Cathy reignites the team’s spirit. 99 minutes. DRAMA #39237D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Lost and Found Family When her husband dies, Mrs. Ester Hobbes inherits a run-down Southern home occupied by a foster family. Slowly, Mrs. Hobbes finds herself making unexpected connections with the unwanted kids. Widescreen, 91 minutes. #31984D, $19.99 DRAMA Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Courageous When tragedy hits home, four law enforcement officers are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God — and to their children? 129 minutes. DRAMA #38833D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

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The Scarlet and the Black

Grace Card

This film tells the true story of an Irish priest in the Vatican who organized an underground network in Rome to hide the Jews and others from the Nazis during World War II. Gregory Peck stars. 145 minutes. DRAMA #1395D, $14.99

When Mac loses his son in an accident, he is angry with God. Mac’s rage stonewalls his career in the police department and makes for a combustible situation when he’s partnered with Sam, a part-time pastor. 102 minutes (EST, S, SST, FST, Pt, PtST). DRAMA

Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

#38037D, $14.99

Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Hidden in Silence In Przemysl, Poland, WWII comes under Nazi control. Catholic teenager Stefania Podgorska chooses the role of a savior and sneaks 13 Jews into her attic. This is the true story of a young woman’s commitment and resolve in the face of war. Starring Kellie Martin. 90 minutes. #93839D, $12.99 Only $6.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR DRAMA

The Hiding Place

Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale was an aristocratic woman who defied Victorian society to reform hospital sanitation and to define the nursing profession as it is known today. Starring Jaclyn Smith, Claire Bloom, Timothy Dalton, and Jeremy Brett. 140 min. DRAMA

#27207D, $14.99

Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

For Greater Glory

Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Andy Garcia stars as a retired military man who transforms a ragtag band of rebels into a heroic force to be reckoned with. Also starring Peter O’Toole, Eduardo Verastegui, Oscar Isaac, and Santiago Cabrera in an all-star cast. Rated R for war violence. 150 minutes. DRAMA #82499D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Amazing Grace

Last Ounce of Courage

Elected to Parliament at age 21, William Wilberforce worked tirelessly for decades to abolish slavery in the British Empire. Finally, his efforts paid off and the Emancipation Bill was passed just a few days before he died. Widescreen, 111 minutes. (EST, SST, FST, extras). #49305D, $19.99 T DRAMA

The son of a fallen soldier tries to reconnect with his grandfather, who is still grieving the loss of his child. In this story of love and forgiveness, they discover a way to unite and to make a difference in the community by claiming their freedom. 101 minutes, (FST, SST).

In wartime Holland, Corrie ten Boom and her family quietly sheltered Jews in their small house until Nazis discovered the “hiding place” and arrested them all. Widescreen, 145 minutes (S, Pt, F, G, extras). DRAMA 2-disc set - #8210D, $19.99

Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Monumental Kirk Cameron challenges you to discover America’s true “national treasures” — the people, places, and principles that have empowered this nation. 90 minutes. DOC #300400D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR


DRAMA #31821D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Gifted Hands Ben Carson grew up in a broken home amid poverty and prejudice. His mother never lost her faith in him. That faith would drive him to follow his dream of becoming one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons. 90 min. #31452D, $14.99 T DRAMA Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

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Little Red Wagon

Paul the Apostle

Armed with a spirit of philanthropy and his beat-up little red wagon, eight-year-old Zach sets out to help homeless children in America, one wagon-ful at a time. Widescreen, 104 minutes. DRAMA #61718D, $19.99

Paul, originally known as Saul of Tarsus, was at the forefront of efforts to stamp out the early church, but then Jesus stopped him on the road to Damascus, forever changing Paul’s life and mission. 145 minutes (EST). VOD T DRAMA #501420D, $14.99

Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Journey to Grace How do you start over when you’ve betrayed a nation’s trust? This true story of Hansie Cronje is a classic prodigal son story that takes us on a journey through South Africa, India, and England as we see his struggle to rebuild his life. It’s an inspiring human drama that people from all walks of life can relate to. 122 minutes. DRAMA 2-disc set - #801001D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

The Note III

Notes from the Heart Healer A romantic getaway for Peyton and her husband takes a detour when an infant is abandoned at their doorstep. Widescreen, 87 min. (EST, SST, FST). DRAMA #40206D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

What Katy Did Katy is a headstrong 13-year-old with a feisty, rebellious streak. When a serious accident confines Katy to her room, it changes the young girl’s outlook on life forever. 89 minutes. DRAMA #88485D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Book of Ruth Choosing to leave her homeland of Moab, Ruth follows her mother-inlaw Naomi to Israel after the death of her husband. Upon reaching Bethlehem, she meets and marries a man named Boaz, who is of the Royal House of Judah. This chain of seemingly unrelated events sets the stage for the future kings of the nation of Israel and the glorious coming of the Messiah. 91 minutes. DRAMA #100186D, $14.99 Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Esther Esther asks the king to show her people mercy because of a planned genocide of the Jews by the King’s right-hand man, Haman. In doing so, she saves the lives of many. 91 minutes. DRAMA #7455D, $14.99 Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Genesis The stories of creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah are told through the clear and simple words of an old nomad shepherd. 93 minutes. DRAMA #7459D, $14.99 Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Soul Surfer This dramatic film tells the true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton. After losing her arm in a shark attack, she overcomes all obstacles to become a champion again. Bethany’s determination and faith spur her toward a comeback that turns her loss into a gift for others. 106 minutes. #38019D, $19.99 DRAMA Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR

The Shunning When a wealthy outsider begins asking questions about her family, Katie begins to wonder about her origins. Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning is a powerful, personal journey of discovery based on the famous novel by the New York Times bestselling author. 88 min. #38022D, $14.99 DRAMA Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

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$5 DVDs for Christmas and More SALE PRICES GOOD UNTIL December 14, 2013 or while supplies last.

Christmas Child It’s Christmas Eve and a Chicago journalist finds himself in the small Texas town where he was born and adopted. Soon he’s sent on an unexpected trip into the past. Widescreen, 96 minutes. DRAMA #50025D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Christmas Angel Olivia Mead has one wish: that her single mom would find someone she can call “Dad.” She and her classmates soon discover that the answer to all their wishes lies inside a mysterious abandoned house. Starring Teri Polo and Della Reese. 98 minutes. DRAMA #300320D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Scrooge This 1935 British film version of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic stars Sir Seymour Hicks as Ebenezer Scrooge, who scoffs at the yuletide spirit around him. But on Christmas Eve, he embarks on a journey led by three spirits who convince him to mend his ways and embrace the joys of Christmas. B&W, 60 minutes. DRAMA #501059D, $12.99 SALE! $5.00

Homeless for the Holidays A former executive learns how difficult it can be to find work and compassion in today’s economy. Unless something changes soon, he’ll lose everything by Christmas. 105 minutes. #88296D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00 DRAMA

Mandie & the Forgotten Christmas As Mandie tries to stay out of hot water with Miss Heathwood, she stumbles upon a mystery in the school’s forbidden attic. 107 min. plus extras. #88394D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00 DRAMA


Just in Time for Christmas The hands of time won’t stand still for anyone, not even a community Christmas program in Branson, Missouri. Backstage, it is chaos. But things are going to work out just in time. The entire family will enjoy this special treat as they consider the great gift God gave us—His only Son. 52 minutes. DRAMA #500847D, $9.99 $5.00 VOD

Under Jakob’s Ladder A former teacher finds himself in a Soviet prison, where he discovers the freedom he craves might actually be found within the walls of his cell. 97 minutes. DRAMA #88435D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

Hopeful Notes Alex is an Italian engineer working in Russia. He plans to go back to Italy until he meets Dima, a child who is a cancer patient at a local hospital. The boy introduces Alex to the other young patients of his ward, where he decides to volunteer by playing piano. 88 minutes. DRAMA #300328D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00 T

Mandie and the Secret Tunnel Mandie’s Cherokee friends help her escape to a mansion that holds the hidden secrets of her past and the key to her future! 103 minutes. DRAMA #88250D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

The Cherokee Treasure Uncle John forbids Mandie from joining his quest to keep an old promise, but Jason Bond and Mandie’s newfound mother, Elizabeth, make other plans. Mandie and friends embark on a harrowing journey by train to protect Uncle John. 104 minutes. DRAMA #88285D, $19.99 $5.00

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$5 DVDs for Christmas SALE PRICES GOOD UNTIL December 14, 2013 or while supplies last.

Christmas Shoes


A workaholic attorney crosses paths with a young boy on Christmas Eve and rediscovers the meaning of love, life, and Christmas. 94 minutes plus extras. DRAMA #51806D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

This DVD unites theologians and collectors with a beautiful array of nativity scenes collected from across the globe. 30 minutes. T #500812D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Art and Spirit of the Creche

The Christmas Blessing Christmas in Canaan When young Nathan lost his mother to cancer, he learned the deepest lessons of love and giving. Now a third year medical student, Nathan will learn new lessons from Meghan, a young woman born with a hole in her heart, and from a boy named Charlie, who teaches Nathan how to live a life of courage. Starring Neil Patrick Harris. 96 minutes. DRAMA #52351D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

The Christmas Hope When lives intertwine during Christmas, hope is the one unifying gift. Family comes in many forms. It’s through the love of one little girl that the lives of many are brought together during what turns out to be a most joyful time of the year. 86 min. DRAMA #57815D, $14.99 NOW! $5.00

The Christmas Choir Based on a true story, The Christmas Choir examines the life of a workaholic accountant who finds himself starting a choir at the homeless shelter. Starring Jason Gedrick and Rhea Pearlman. 85 minutes. DRAMA #54259D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

The Nativity Story Here is the story of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, dramatized with careful attention to historical and cultural detail while at the same time faithful to the Scriptural accounts. 101 minutes (EST, SST, fullscreen and widescreen). DRAMA T #10668D, $14.99 $5.00

When two boys with nothing in common team up to help an injured dog, an unlikely friendship begins. As they grow into adults, it will take strong faith and family spirit to keep them together. Starring Billy Ray Cyrus. 90 min. DRAMA #602809D, $9.99 SALE! $5.00

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan In the sequel to Christmas in Canaan (above), Daniel’s son Bobber needs months of physical therapy following an accident. Briony, the physical rehabilitation specialist, comes to spend Christmas with the Burtons. Starring Billy Ray Cyrus and Gina Holden. Widescreen, 88 minutes. DRAMA #59367D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey When a boy loses the wooden nativity set that links him to his dead father, his mother persuades a reclusive, ill-tempered woodcarver to create a replacement, and to allow her son to watch him carve it. 91 minutes. DRAMA #80620D, $12.99 SALE! $5.00

Christmas with a Capital C When Mayor Dan Reed’s high school rival is offended by the town’s nativity scene, Dan’s family launches a “Christmas with a Capital C” campaign to keep the town together. Starring Ted McGinley and Brad Stine. 81 min. DRAMA #100130D, $12.99 SALE! $5.00

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$5 DVDs for Children & Youth SALE PRICES GOOD UNTIL December 14, 2013 or while supplies last.

Second Chances Based on a true story, this is the uplifting tale of a little girl’s physical and emotional reawakening after a car crash claims her father — and her spirit. 107 min. DRAMA #7161D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Pilgrim’s Progress


This is an illustrated version of the timeless story. Pilgrim’s journey takes us through the Slough of Despond, the Hill of Difficulty, and the many experiences that carry him to his destination. 35 minutes (S, G, Pt, M, J and more!) VOD #20705D, $9.99 SALE! $5.00

Dangerous Journey Based on Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, this beautifully illustrated story shows children the basic themes of the Christian life. Ages 8 and up. Nine episodes with leader’s guide/Scripture reference guide. 135 minutes. SG #500777D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

The Perfect Game Here is the incredible true story of the underdog foreign Little League team that inspired two nations. Starring Clifton Collins, Jr., Jake T. Austin, Moises Arias, Jansen Panettiere, Ryan Ochoa, Cheech Marin, Lou Gossett, Jr., and Emilie de Ravin. 117 minutes. DRAMA #70682D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

Classic Children’s Films These three stories present lessons based on Scriptural truths. In Winning Circle, T.J. is challenged by Scripture to love his worst enemy, his rival in the actionpacked BMX race (45 minutes). Climb a Tall Mountain offers a message of love and forgiveness through the lives of Heidi, Peter, Hans and the Swiss wood carver (45 minutes). Home Run for Rusty tells the story of a 12-yearold boy who learns to arm himself with God’s love instead of his fists (30 minutes). T DRAMA #501375D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00


The St. Tammany Miracle Lootie Pfannder takes the head coaching job at St. Tammany, a small private prep school, hoping to rebuild the team which is high on spirit but low on talent. Starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jamie Luner, and Soleil Moon Frye. DRAMA #31167D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

Where the Red Fern Grows Based on the best-selling book, this film tells the story of a boy and his dogs growing up in the majestic Ozark Mountains, and the love between parents, children, and grandfather. Starring James Whitmore and Beverly Garland. 108 minutes. DRAMA #71362D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Where the Red Fern Grows 2 Billy returns from WWII to his grandfather’s home and tries to readjust to civilian life. Through the gift of two puppies and a new friend, Billy rediscovers himself. Starring Doug McKeon and Wilfred Brimley. 92 minutes. DRAMA #93503D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Agent Abbey When she travels to China, Abbey quickly becomes caught up in a plot that involves her new Christian friends, a mysterious secret agent, “illegal” Bibles, and the police! As a result, Abbey vows to carry the message of the persecuted church to Christians back in America. Recommended for ages 10 and up. 30 minutes (S, EST). VOD T DRAMA #500768D, $9.99 SALE! $5.00

The Outsider As Matt tries to win a place as an insider in his new school, his skill on the soccer team, his personal loyalties, his self-belief, and ultimately his faith are all placed in a pressure cooker—then someone turns up the heat. 60 minutes. DRAMA #501113D, $9.99 SALE! $5.00 T

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$5 DVDs for Children SALE PRICES GOOD UNTIL December 14, 2013 or while supplies last.

Spunky’s First Christmas This animated program by author Janette Oke features a lovable pup named Spunky. As he begins his journey to his new home in the city, he soon discovers how much it means to have a loving master. 30 minutes (S). T #501061D, $9.99 $5.00

The Story of the Selfish Giant


A grandfather uses Oscar Wilde’s “The Story of the Selfish Giant,” to unlock the meaning of Christmas for his granddaughter. In this story of love and sacrifice, the selfish giant learns that God’s unselfish gift encourages us to be filled with joy. 30 minutes. #500859D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00 T

Christmas Show! From the Bedbug Bible Gang series. The bedbugs have been busy learning their lines for their biggest show of the year — a show all about Jesus’ birthday. 25 minutes (S). T VOD #500921D, $9.99 $5.00

Joy to the World From the Bugtime Adventures series. The bugs ride along with Mary and Joseph to search for a new place but find the stable already occupied. 25 minutes (EST). T VOD #501133D, $9.99 $5.00

Go Look in the Manger

Ricky hears the story of the greatest Christmas gift ever, the gift of Jesus. 30 minutes.

The Candy Maker’s Christmas August is certain that he has made the perfect Christmas present for the royal family. But an accidental encounter in front of the Cathedral teaches August that the only perfect Christmas present is the gift of Jesus. 30 minutes. T Both on one DVD - #500916D, $9.99 $5.00

Red Boots for Christmas Hans the shoemaker works into the night, purposely shut away from the holiday festivities. Hans learns the joys of sharing and fellowship and finally embraces the meaning of Christmas as he receives the ultimate gift—a gift from God. 23 minutes (EST, S, F, A, M, I, Pl, PDF activity booklet). T #4784D, $12.99 SALE! $5.00

Micah’s Christmas Treasure Young Micah and his sister, Rachel, set out to acquire the treasure that will save their home. Soon they are caught up in the drama that surrounds the tiny town as angels, kings, and shepherds report the arrival of a treasure beyond Micah’s wildest dreams. Animated, 54 minutes (S). T #501287D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Storyteller Cafe:

The Gift In this Christmas episode of The Storyteller Cafe series, the toys learn about the birth of Jesus. It is a wonderful reminder to celebrate the life of Christ all year long. 30 minutes (EST, S). T #501201D, $9.99 SALE! $5.00

Cherub Wings #3:

The Angel Song Join Cherub and Choirmaster as they replay the warmth, anticipation, and joy of the birth of a tiny boy whose seemingly insignificant birth would echo hope for centuries to come. 25 min. (S). VOD T #4827D, $9.99 $5.00


A Veggie Tales Movie Jonah embarks on an adventure that leads him into the belly of a whale, and to the heart of Nineveh for a hilarious showdown. 102 minutes. #3456D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


$5 Popular DVDs SALE PRICES GOOD UNTIL December 14, 2013 or while supplies last.

Suing the Devil Luke O'Brien, a washed-up salesman turned night law student, decides to sue Satan for $8 trillion dollars. On the last day before Luke files a default judgment, Satan appears to defend himself. 97 minutes. DRAMA #88450D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

The Penny Former detective Jack Carter wants nothing more than to be a good father and husband, but his life begins to unravel through the actions of people he hasn’t even met. Suddenly, six lives begin to fit together in a completely unexpected way. 88 minutes. DRAMA #88370D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

Knockout Matthew wants to join his high school's boxing team, but resident bully and boxing champion Hector stands in his way. Matthew finds an unlikely ally in Dan, the school's janitor and onetime amateur boxer. 95 minutes. DRAMA #59020D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

All For Liberty This feature film portrays the previously untold true tale of Captain Henry Felder and his stance against the British Empire during the American Revolutionary War. 82 min. DRAMA #88510D,$14.99 SALE! $5.00

Heaven is Waiting Years after his wife died, Ned still hates the idea of dating. But when his daughter Liz brings a surprise home with her during a visit from college, Ned will learn that with love, there are always second chances. 80 minutes. DRAMA #88393D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

What If... A tow truck driver, claiming to be an angel, shows Ben Walker what his life would look like had he followed his true calling 15 years ago. What if... is a story of finding your true purpose in life. 118 minutes. DRAMA #100137D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

Meant to Be When 20-year-old Nathan Burr gathers the courage to meet his birth mother, he uncovers a terrible secret that totally redefines what was meant to be for his life. Starring Bradley Dorsey, Della Reese, Kristen Renton, Erika Eleniak, and Erin Sossoman. 90 minutes. DRAMA #300314D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

The Encounter Five strangers find themselves marooned in a deserted roadside diner with a diner owner who serves them more than temporal nourishment. Starring Bruce Marchiano, Jaci Velasquez, and Steve “Sting” Borden. 85 minutes. #100139D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00 DRAMA

This is Our Time After graduating college, five friends set out to make a difference in the world. Will they have the courage to fulfill their calling regardless of what comes their way? The sacrifice they are asked to pay may just be too high. Through godly wisdom from an outside source, the group realizes that this is not their time after all, it’s all His! Widescreen, 98 minutes. DRAMA #300326D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00


WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? A singer, a newspaper editor, a wealthy philanthropist, and a minister who lost his faith—all vow to walk in “the steps of Jesus.” Every day and every decision becomes a turning point in their lives as they must ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?” Rated PG. 88 minutes. DRAMA #55980D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.

$5 Dramas SALE PRICES GOOD UNTIL December 14, 2013 or while supplies last.

Potential Inside Reeling with grief after a tragic automobile accident, retired cyclist Chris Carmik reluctantly trains a cycling prodigy to the fast-paced world of professional bicycle racing. 96 minutes. DRAMA #200301D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

Healed By Grace Riley’s dreams of being a worldclass dancer are brought to a standstill after a horrific accident. Through equine therapy, she bonds with a beautiful mare named Grace. Widescreen, 111 minutes. #88484D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00 DRAMA

As I Stand As I Stand is a feature film about two young men whose families are faced with unexpected tragedies. While Devin turns to his faith for strength and guidance, Matthew turns away from his faith, placing the blame and demanding answers. 104 min. DRAMA #300322D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Saving Faith


Malcolm’s life is crumbling after surviving the car accident that took his little girl. Altercations with a rebellious employee call on God’s interference and reveal the power of forgiveness in order to save Malcolm’s faith. 89 minutes. #100158D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Fury to Freedom Raul Ries was on a destructive path that led him to the brink of the murder-suicide of his family and himself. But on the darkest night of his life, Someone intervened. The man who refused to be broken came face-to-face with Someone so powerful He would break him and take him from fury to freedom. 79 minutes, (S, Tagalog). T DRAMA #8448D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00 VOD

Forever Strong Best friends become bitter rivals when Rick land in juvenile detention. There, a counselor and a national championship rugby coach recruit Rick for a new team—and a new direction. Based on actual events surrounding the Highland Rugby program. Starring Sean Faris, Penn Badgley, Sean Astin, and Gary Cole. Rated PG13. 112 minutes plus extras (EST, SST). DRAMA #88406D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

Paper Dream For as long as she can remember, Christy Davis has wanted to be a mom. When hopes of getting pregnant fall through, she and her husband Matt turn to adoption. Widescreen, 44 min. Includes two bonus films. DRAMA #88517D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Fathers Two single fathers and their teenage sons take very different paths to coping with loss in this powerful family drama from award-winning director Chip Rossetti. 89 minutes. DRAMA #88453D,$14.99 SALE! $5.00

Desires of the Heart Fraternal twin brothers, Ethan and Jack have been in constant competition for their father’s affections since childhood. Tensions rise when the patriarch must decide which son will inherit the family business and a precious family heirloom. 50 minutes. DRAMA #88283D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

Reggie’s Prayer Football superstar Reggie Knox retires to become a coach and teacher at an inner city high school. Starring Reggie White, Pat Morita, Brett Favre, Mike Holmgren, Keith Jackson, Mel Renfro, and Rosey Grier, with special appearances by M.C. Hammer and The Giant. 94 minutes. DRAMA #88108D, $14.99 SALE! $5.00

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Christmas Favorites Advent Calendar on DVD Discover the origins of Christmas features such as the wreath, mistletoe, candy cane, Christmas trees, gift-giving, and the 12 days of Christmas. You will also learn the stories behind Santa Claus, Rudolph, the Nutcracker, the Christmas Angels, Handel’s Messiah, and the Fourth Wise Man. This DVD contains 25 mini-documentaries (3 to 4 minutes each) that take viewers on an entertaining yet informative journey through the Advent season. Bonuses include an Advent coloring book in PDF, daily Bible reading (many Scripture versions to choose from) in PDF, scripts in PDF for all 25 days, and more. 88 min. total (EST). DOC #501053D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99 T VOD

Christmas Journey to Freedom Travel back in time in this dramatic musical presentation that follows the true-life story of a slave named Joe (Wintley Phipps) and his journey to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Through this profound journey, you will discover how the humble birth of Jesus gives hope and freedom to all mankind. 72 minutes. DRAMA #22813D, $14.99 Also available with Wintley Phipps: No Need to Fear, 40 minutes. - #84613D, $14.99 Spirituals: A Symphonic Celebration, 45 minutes. #49623D, $13.99

Advent Calendar on DVD 2: The Legend of Christmas Carols Edition the Candy Cane This Christmas, experience the music and wonder of the season as seen through the heart of a child. Explore the wonders of Bethlehem revealed in the stories of treasured songs and carols and enjoy new arrangements of traditional Christmas favorites by award-winning composer Steven Bias. Your spirit will sing with the inspiration and fun of Advent Calendar on DVD 2: Christmas Carols Edition. Songs include: “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Joy to the World,” “O Holy Night,” “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” “O Christmas Tree,” “Silent Night,” “Away in a Manger,” “Deck the Halls,” “Jingle Bells,” “Up on the Housetop,” and many more! 25 segments, Widescreen, 115 minutes total (EST, extras). T DOC #501283D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99 VOD

In this wonderfully animated program, you’ll discover a fascinating story of hope and the hidden meaning of a favorite Christmas candy — the candy cane. Based on the best-selling book by the same name, this recreated and expanded version features the voices of Florence Henderson, Tom Bosley, Bruce Marchiano, Ossie Davis, Paige O’Hara, MalcolmJamal Warner, and Jay Underwood. Certain to become a treasured family favorite. 42 minutes, extras. #70276D, $9.99

Both above for only $19.99, #98306D

A timeless retelling of the classic folktale of three trees, each with its own hopes, dreams, and aspirations. But their dreams didn’t seem to come true. Disappointed and dejected, the trees despair about their existence until they each finally interact, in their own unique ways, with Jesus Christ in His birth, ministry, and ultimate sacrifice. In these experiences, they learn that God has a special purpose for each of them in His kingdom. Featuring masterful narration by Hal Holbrook, excellent animation, and a story that is engaging from beginning to end. 30 minutes. #5943D, $9.99

Best Christmas Pageant Ever Beware the Herdmans—they are the nastiest, dirtiest kids you could meet, and they’ve decided they belong in this year’s Christmas pageant. The town thinks they belong in the custody of the local police. But when the curtain goes up, a miracle begins! All ages will enjoy this heartwarming drama starring Loretta Swit. 60 minutes. DRAMA #99041D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99


The Legend of the Three Trees

Order online and save at www.visionvideo.com

The First Christmas The Star of Bethlehem Scholars debate whether the Star of Bethlehem is a legend created by the early church or a miracle that marked the advent of Christ. Could it be that the star was the result of a documentable cosmic event? Presenter Rick Larson walks you through Biblical, historical, and scientific clues revealing the incredible significance of this celestial event as well as the vastness of God’s creativity. This breathtaking documentary has been seen by thousands. It features in-depth scientific scholarship and attention to detail as it reveals a compelling explanation for the Star. Prepare to be blown away by the fascinating evidence! Produced by Stephen McVeety, The Passion of the Christ. Widescreen, 65 minutes. DOC #80676D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99

The Census and the Star Explore the mysterious circumstances of Christ’s birth in this captivating look at the first Christmas. The census has long confounded historians seeking to reconcile the Bible with recorded history. The mysteries continue when a star appears to announce the birth of the King of the Jews. Foreign Magi, or Wise Men, followed the star to Jerusalem and Bethlehem seeking Jesus. What did the star look like, and when did it appear? Explore the star as the Magi did, to better understand Christmas. 30 minutes. DOC #501286D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 T VOD

Star Over Bethlehem Experience the wonders of Christmas more fully. From the Annunciation in Nazareth to the Nativity in Bethlehem, the story is full of insight and joy. The film includes ancient traditions, biblical sites, and ancient chants. Filmed on actual locations in the Holy Land, this is the complete Christmas story. 30 minutes. T DOC #501067D, $12.99 NOW! $9.99 Best Buy! All three DVDs above for only $24.99, #97824D

The Christmas Experience From the producers of Not a Fan. Join Kyle Idleman as he examines the Christmas story in detail, emphasizing how God chose each individual in the story for a specific purpose. You’ll watch as Joseph leads his family with selfless faithfulness, as Mary follows obediently God’s plan for her life, and as shepherds struggle with doubt as they wonder...could this really be their Savior? 80 minutes. DRAMA #29605D, $14.99

The Christmas Tradition Celebrate Christmas with carols, sacred music, and Christmas classics, performed by the Stratford Chamber Choir, conducted by Stephen Dodsworth, at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the last resting place of William Shakespeare. With powerful readings and stunning images, this program encompasses 2,000 years of the masterpieces of western art. Musical selections include “The Hallelujah Chorus,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “In Dulci Jubilo,” “The Coventry Carol,” and many more. 50 minutes. #70899D, $19.99

Joseph of Nazareth The first feature film on Joseph — carpenter, husband of Mary, and the human father of Jesus Christ. Watch as Joseph is informed by God’s messengers about trusting and following God’s plan for the mysterious divine conception and humble birth of Christ, the dangerous flight into Egypt to save his child, and finally returning to Nazareth to raise Jesus, teach Him carpentry, and guide his family. This lovely film presents beautiful vignettes of these and other powerful scenes in the life of the young Christ and the Holy Family that are authentic and inspiring. Starring Tobias Moretti, Stefania Rivi, Franco Interlenghi, and Andrea Prodan. 105 minutes (EST, SST, extras include a 16-page collector’s booklet). DRAMA #900176D, $24.99 NOW! $19.99

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Animated DVDs for Children How Can I Celebrate Advent?

Three Christmas Classics

Beth and her brother Digger can hardly wait for Christmas. They are thrilled to learn that the church has a special season of waiting and preparation in expectation of the coming Savior, the season of Advent. Beth and Digger eagerly hear God’s plan of salvation as they light the candles of their Advent wreath and mark the T VOD days until the coming of Emmanuel, “God With Us.” 25 minutes. - #500918D

Christmas Is – Benji is a disappointed little boy who must play the second shepherd in the school play — again. Disappointment turns to joy when a daydream transports him back to the first Christmas. Animated, 30 minutes. The Stableboy’s Christmas – Ten-year-old Tammy travels back in time to the first Christmas to learn how sharing presents with others is a way of sharing God’s love at Christmas. Drama, 30 minutes. The City That Forgot About Christmas – The story of a woodcarver who lived in a village that had forgotten about Christmas. When he taught the children of the town about the birth of Jesus, the uncaring village was filled with the joy of Christ. Animated, 30 minutes.

Also available: How Can I Celebrate Halloween? - #500919D How Can I Celebrate Passover? - #500935D $9.99 each Buy two and get the third one FREE! #98510D


Martin and the Heavenly Tree When his father becomes sick, Martin’s plans for an outdoor Christmas celebration take a sudden yet creative turn. Will he be able to give his family his special Christmas present? Children of all ages will enjoy this tale of the origin of the Christmas tree, set in Germany in the early 16th century. This beautifully illustrated story of the “tree that points to heaven” is sure to be a holiday favorite. 23 minutes. T #500858D, $9.99 VOD


All three on one DVD - #4730D, $9.99

Little Shepherd The fields surrounding Bethlehem this first Christmas Eve are alive with anticipation. Wonderful things are about to happen as Joel and his pet lamb, Bramble, anxiously await the challenge of a new day. On the journey to Bethlehem, Joel and Bramble fall behind and wolves corner Bramble. Joel must summon all his courage and ingenuity to save himself and Bramble. An animated program for all ages. 25 minutes (DVD - S, SST, F, FST, G, M, C with Behind the Scenes, Sneak Peaks, DVD-ROM extras). #4709D, $9.99 VOD T

Children’s Christmas Sampler What to get for the children? Vision Video offers some excellent Christmas DVDs for children, and we have compiled a sampler set to help you get the best value. When you purchase this set, you will receive: The Bedbug Bible Gang: Christmas Show!, Bugtime Adventures: Joy to the World, Cherub Wings: The Angel Song, The Storyteller Cafe: The Gift, Red Boots for Christmas, and Go Look in the Manger/The Candymaker’s Christmas. We believe that, once you have seen these delightful and inspiring programs, you will be back for more! #98086D, $60.94 SALE! $19.99



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Dramas for Youth Jacob’s Ladder (ages 10-15) Each 30-minute episode takes the teens into the lives of the Old Testament heroes, where they learn lessons they can take back to their lives today. Our creative study guides include easy-to-use lessons and life application. Download the guides FREE on our website! (EST). DVD - #500882D #1: Gideon, Reluctant Hero #2: Gideon, Warrior by Faith

DVD - #500911D #8: A King for the Hebrews #9: Saul Takes Charge

DVD - #500883D #3: Naomi and Ruth #4: Ruth and Boaz

DVD - #500912D #10: The King Needs Help #11: Death Waiting

DVD - #500909D #5: The Invitation #6: Samuel’s Destiny, Pt 1 #7: Samuel’s Destiny, Pt 2

DVD - #500913D #12: David on the Run #13: A New King $14.99 each Set of all six for $39.99, #98466D SAVE $50 VOD




The Treasure Map

Stephen’s Test of Faith

Edward White Eyes, a troubled Cherokee boy, encounters an unfriendly welcome when he is forced to bunk in Nathan’s room at Thornridge Manor. The two boys remain at odds — until a treasure map captivates them both, and a thief’s scheme forces them to team up. 87 minutes. #501479D, $19.99 $12.99 DRAMA SG VOD

Twelve-year-old Stephen is mocked and ridiculed for his faith. He shares this humiliation with his parents at home. That night Stephen takes a faithbuilding journey during a dream. He travels through history meeting Jesus, Stephen the martyr, families about to enter the Roman coliseum, William Tyndale, Christian children in today’s Middle East, and others who dare to share their faith. Young Stephen’s view of the kingdom and his definition of “Christian” are revolutionized. He awakens and goes back to witness to his world, his trial of faith strengthened by the Body of Christ. Free downloadable PDF guide available. For ages 7-13. 22 minutes (EST, S, Pt, A, bios). SG T DRAMA #4637D, $12.99 SALE! $7.99 VOD

Project Dinosaur When Mikey realizes that evolution doesn’t agree with his Christian beliefs, he resolves to evaluate the theory himself. Mikey must decide what he believes and then have the courage to defend it, even it if means losing the science fair — and the respect of his classmates and teacher. 64 minutes. #501427D, $19.99 $12.99 T VOD DRAMA Both The Treasure Map and Project Dinosaur for only $22.99 DVD - #97843D

Missing Kevin hates living on the mission field. Mario is in a constant struggle for survival on the streets of Manila. Rina is abducted with no hope of escape. The three cross paths, finding themselves in an adventure that will change their lives forever. This film is for the whole family but is especially suitable for junior high age viewers. 49 minutes. T DRAMA #501332D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 VOD

The Printing Witness the Soviet Union — before glasnost — in this newly remastered drama. Fear of the KGB pervades society. Christian faith is stifled wherever it is discovered. Most believers cling to a hollow shell of Christianity tolerated in “registered” churches. However, some believers opt to remain “unregistered,” worshipping God openly and accepting the consequences. A brave few dare to print Bibles—right under the noses of the KGB. This story is about them. 137 min. (EST, SST, GST, Ru). #501484D, $19.99 $12.99 T VOD DRAMA

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Animated DVDs for Children Cherub Wings (For ages 3-7) Using a combination of animation and live-action, Cherub Wings is an inspirational production for young children. Cherub, a spirited, lively angel, is commissioned by God to present a variety show that will help kids grow in faith through a celestial array of songs, storytelling, and object lessons that teach as they entertain. 25 minutes each (EST, S). #1, “Little Things” (Serving God) — #500765D #2, “Gratitude Attitude” (Thankfulness) — #4870D #3, “The Angel Song” (Christmas episode) — #4827D SALE! $5.00 #4, “Follow the Leader!” (Following God) — #500766D #5, “Heaven’s Troopers” (Obeying God) — #500772D #6, “Never Outta Sight” (Jesus Cares) — #500773D #7, “Moldy Gold” (Eternal Treasures) — #500774D #8, “Ooops! Sorry!” (Forgiveness) — #500775D #9, “Out of Bounds” (Obedience) — #500776D #10, “And It Was So!” (Easter episode) — #4848D #11, “Shine Your Light” (Sharing Jesus) — #500803D #12, “The King’s Castle” (Our Hearts) — #500804D #13, “Bold and Brave” (Fearless Faith) — #500805D #14, “Little Heroes” (Humility) — #501282D #15, “Choices Choices” (God’s Guidance) — #501393D VOD

Songs to Live By Here is a fun-filled hour of the best music videos from Cherub Wings. 55 minutes (S, EST, SST, printable songsheets). DVD - #501307D, $12.99

Cherub Wings Music CD This audio CD features 19 songs from the popular series. CD - #4615, $9.99

DVD - $7.99 each (unless noted) • Any 3 for $6.99 each • All 16 DVDs, only $89.99, #97945D

The Bedbug Bible Gang

(ages 3-7)


3-D computer animation, illustrations, and live-action puppets. 23-27 minutes each. Christmas Show! Mary’s Surprise, Wise Men, and Shepherds of Bethlehem. #500921D $5.00 Easter Party Palm Parade, Garden Surprise, and Doubting Thomas. #500922D God’s Little Heroes David and Goliath, Itty-Bitty Marching Band, and Zacchaeus. #500925D Pentecost Party First Pentecost, Fruits of the Spirit, Philip and the Ethiopian. #500927D Passover Potluck Moses and Pharaoh, Passover Meal, and Crossing the Sea. #500926D Bible Builders Tumbling Tower, House on a Rock, and Man Through the Roof. #501183D Jumbled Journey Ten Commandments, Wilderness Wandering, and Jesus’ Temptation. #501184D Lost & Found Jesus in the Temple, Lost Coin, and Prodigal Son. #501185D Creation Celebration The Bedbugs read rhymes and sing songs about God. #500923D Big Boats of the Bible Noah, Jonah, and Jesus Calms the Sea. #500924D Friendly Friends Fiery Furnace, Jesus and the Children, and Fisher of Men. #500928D Wonderful Weddings Ten Bridesmaids, Jacob and Rachel, and The Wedding that Nobody Went to. #500929D Dandy Dreams Joseph and his Brothers. #500930D Funny Farmers Parable of the Sower, Helpful Son, and Farmer Brown Goes to Town. #500931D Miracle Meals Bottomless Jar, Jesus’ Special Supper, and Lunch that Grew and Grew! #500932D Amazing Animals Daniel for Dinner, Lost Sheep, and Furriest Float. #500933D Family Fun Miriam and Moses, Ruth and Naomi, and Mary and Martha. #500934D Just John Zechariah’s Surprise, Weird John, and Jesus Takes a Bath. #501098D Parable Parade Parables of The Sower, Lost Sheep, and Good Samaritan. #500920D T

$7.99 each (unless noted) • Set of all 19 above - #98426D, $99.99

Also available are these 70-minute DVDs with 9 stories each: Forgiveness, Love, Blessings - #501254D Following God - #501255D Plants and Animals - #501277D

Kids, Friends, and Songs - #501278D Old Testament Heroes & Prophets - #501322D Nifty New Testament Stories - #501323D $9.99 each • All six for $39.99, #98202D


We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.

Animated DVDs for Children Storyteller Cafe

(ages 4-10) When the lights are out, the toys come alive at the Storyteller Cafe! See the toys re-enact Bible stories in this award-winning, 3-D computer-animated series. 30 min. each (EST, S). “The Gift” (Christmas) — #501201D SALE! $5.00 “Selfish Brother” (The Prodigal Son) — #501414D “Seven Baths” (Naaman) — #501413D “The Secret Plan” (Promised Land and Fall of Jericho) — #501205D “The Lion’s Den” (Daniel) — #501203D “Beyond The Manger” (Easter) — #501204D “The Battle” (David and Goliath) — #501178D “The Rebel” (Jonah) — #501179D “The Storm” (Noah) — #501202D

The Prodigal Son The Prodigal Son is a parable of a wayward youth who returns home to his father and family after squandering his inheritance with loose living. Learn about God’s encompassing love for those who humbly repent of their foolish ways and the rewards kept for those who do not waste what is entrusted to them. 45 minutes. #60110D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99

ALL 13 NEST DVDS - #97823D, $99.99 - SAVE $92

Bugtime Adventures Children will see their favorite Bible stories through the eyes of bug friends in this animated series narrated by Willie Aames. Each episode includes two stories, the bug story and the Bible story, presented in an interwoven three-act format. 25 minutes each (EST). T $7.99 each Set of 13 - #98405D, $79.99 - SAVE $40


$7.99 each (unless noted) All 9 - #98406D, $49.99

Also from Nest Entertainment: Ruth #61116D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 George Washington #60032D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 Abraham Lincoln #60037D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 William Bradford #61115D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 Helen Keller #60034D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 David and Goliath #60035D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 Harriet Tubman #61119D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 The Good Samaritan #61112D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 Daniel #61113D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 Miracles of Jesus #61114D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 He is Risen #60030D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 The King is Born #60036D, $12.99 SALE! $9.99

“Joy to the World” — #501133D SALE! $5.00 “What’s a Manna with You?” — #501198D “It’s the Pits” — #501197D “Keep the Trust” — #501199D “Scare Tactics” — #501200D “A Giant Problem” — #300149D “Construction Woes” — #501196D “A Lot to Swallow” — #501136D “Riding for a Fall” — #501135D “You’re All Wet” — #300389D “Against the Wall” — #300329D “Blessing in Disguise” — #300249D “Not to Bee” — #501134D

Jesus: He Lived Among Us From The Voice of the Martyrs comes the dramatic, animated retelling of the life of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of the last surviving apostle, John. Journey with Jesus and encounter His miracles, His astonishing teaching, and His unsurpassed bravery. Discover the power and love of Jesus Christ and see why His followers risked all to carry His message to the ends of the earth. Children and adults alike will be captivated by this account of Jesus’ life, featuring vivid storytelling and high impact animation. This powerful presentation will encourage and inspire viewers to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came to live among us. 90 minutes (EST, S, SST). T VOD #501417D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 170-page companion book, #17435, $12.99 DVD and book set - #97933D, $19.99 To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith ®

(Especially recommended for ages 8-12)

Over 300,000 copies sold!




Inspire your children with real-life heroes who will take their faith to a new level. Approximately 30 minutes each plus extras.

Each DVD includes: ✓ 30-minute top-notch animation ✓ Four-lesson curriculum in PDF ✓ A feature-length documentary on the hero ✓ English & Spanish language tracks and subtitles

Eric Liddell

Olympian and Missionary Eric Liddell is Scotland’s hopeful to bring home Olympic gold in the 100-meter race. But Eric declares that he won’t race on Sunday. See how Eric’s famous stand during the 1924 Olympics prepares him for even greater challenges as a missionary to China during World War II. (EST, S, SST). - #501127D

Perpetua Wild Beasts Can’t Shake Her Faith It is the year AD 203 in Carthage, North Africa. Perpetua is charged with converting to Christianity and is sent to prison. Watch as Perpetua’s resolve is tested repeatedly by those opposed to her and the rest of the small group known as “Christians.” (EST, S, SST). - #501301D

William Booth Founder of The Salvation Army William Booth is determined to bring the Gospel to London’s worst neighborhood. But when the local pub owners realize their best customers are becoming Christians, they hire thugs to get rid of the preacher once and for all. (EST, S, SST). - #501409D


Jim Elliot Missionary to Ecuador Nothing could have prepared Jim Elliot for the dangers he’d face in the jungles of Ecuador with the violent Waodani (Auca) Indians. Would Jim and his fellow missionaries be able to break down the hostile barriers and carry a torch of faith to these savage people? (EST, S, SST, A, K, M, and C). - #4868D

William Tyndale

Bible Translator William Tyndale is being pursued across Europe by the king’s bounty hunters. His “crime” is translating the Bible into English for the common people. Follow William’s adventures as he works in secret, moving from town to town to avoid capture. (EST, S, SST, A, Hi, M, K, and C). - #500807D

Amy Carmichael Missionary to India Little Preena is held against her will in a temple. Amy Carmichael is consumed by the awful truth she has learned about the plight of the “temple girls.” Will Amy’s faithful determination be enough to free Preena? (EST, S, SST). - #501371D

Richard Wurmbrand Founder, The Voice of the Martyrs In war-torn Romania, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand speaks up for Christ. Richard’s choice lands him in a communist prison, his faith and witness tested to the limits. (EST, S, SST, ROST). #501264D

Order online and save at www.visionvideo.com

Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith The Corrie ten Boom Story

Newest Episode!

Corrie ten Boom and her family are masters of their craft; they repair broken watches and return them safely to their owners. But as the evil of World War II comes to their city, a new type of “watch” comes into the ten Boom home: An innocent Jewish baby, needing protection from the Nazis who are ruthlessly sweeping into Holland. How will the family protect this baby and the many other Jews in harm’s way? What will be the cost if the “hiding place” they create is discovered by the Nazis? See Corrie’s amazing story of faith, love, sacrifice, and forgiveness through this episode of The Torchlighters. 30 minutes (S, EST, SST). Available Nov. 2013 #501538D SALE! $12.99

Augustine Rejected fame and fortune to become a voice of truth Young Augustine finds himself in an important position as “The Voice of the Emperor.” When the empire decides to take over the Christian basilica, Augustine prepares to give the speech of a lifetime. With his mother and Bishop Ambrose on one side and the empire’s soldiers on the other, Augustine must choose whom he will serve. (EST, S, SST). #501505D

Samuel Morris

African Prince Turned Missionary Young Prince Kaboo knows his fate is sealed. Since his father can no longer meet his captors’ ransom demands, Kaboo is to be tortured until death. But a bigger plan is about to unfold! A blinding light appears and the ropes that bind him fall away. Renewed strength floods his bruised body, and a heavenly voice urges him, “Run, Kaboo, run!” The dramatic events that follow lead the boy prince to take the new name “Samuel Morris.” Nothing will stop Samuel from sharing his growing faith with all who will listen. (EST, S, SST). #501457D

John Bunyan Author of The Pilgrim’s Progress John Bunyan spends his days in prison, separated from his wife and children. Living in the cold, stone cell is the price he pays for going against the established state religion. If only he would agree to stop preaching, John could walk out a free man! Why does he choose to stay in jail, and how will he serve his Lord in this wretched place? Find out in this episode of The Torchlighters. (EST, S, SST, A, Hi, M, and C). #500936D

Gladys Aylward Leads 100 Orphans to Safety With war raging about her and soldiers closing in, the wounded missionary Gladys Aylward (as portrayed in the movie, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness) sets out on the most difficult journey of her life—a 100-mile trek over the mountains to a safe haven. But it’s not her own safety that concerns this little woman with big faith. It’s the safety and well being of the 100 orphaned children in her care. Watch as Gladys’ strength and faith are stretched to the limit, all for the sake of the children. (EST, S, SST). #501244D

$14.99 each - 3 or more, $12.99 each First 11 Episodes (not including Corrie ten Boom), $109.99 DVD - #97768D www.torchlighters.org To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Inspiration Laughing on Purpose


With multiple appearances on late night television, such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Comedy Central, comedian Michael Jr. has made a name for himself. He has compiled his family-focused, laid-back, stand-up comedic style into this: his first solo comedy special on DVD. His comedy has been proven to be edgy enough for Las Vegas and clean enough to be enjoyed in church. Laughing on Purpose will push you to laugh until your face hurts while inspiring you at the same time. 70 minutes plus extras. DOC #901879D, $19.99 SALE! $16.99

John Wooden: They Called Him Coach NEW! Honored for his legendary success as a coach and greatly admired by all who knew him, John Wooden demonstrated what it means to live a Christian life. He never considered himself an evangelist, but he certainly knew how to honestly express his faith in a humble and humorous way. This captivating biography provides a view of not only his remarkable career in the world of sports, but also a behind-the-scenes look at his personal life and the values upon which he built it. 75 minutes. DOC #62523D, $16.99 SALE! $14.99

What God Hath Wrought In the late 1960’s, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California, was at the epicenter of one of the greatest spiritual revivals in American history. That revival is known today as the “Jesus Movement.” Pastor Chuck Smith and his wife, Kay, opened their hearts and welcomed members of the hippie counter-culture into their (then) small church. The result was the conversion of thousands of young people and the beginning of widespread changes in the church that continue to impact us today. This documentary tells the story of Calvary Chapel and the Jesus Movement and traces their impact on Christianity including the birth of contemporary Christian music and contemporary worship practices. 105 minutes. T VOD DOC #501490D, $19.99


Heaven in Sight Peter Jackson is an accomplished British pianist who has been blind since the age of two. In this live performance recorded before an audience in Fraserburgh, Scotland, Peter plays favorite hymns as well as classical and jazz pieces. He also shares his amazing story of faith and perseverance, revealing how God’s gift of spiritual sight has enabled him to overcome the limitations of his handicap and share the message of God’s grace with the world. 100 minutes. T VOD DOC #501518D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Indescribable Amidst financial pressures and the uncertainties of WWI, Pastor Frederick Lehman begins to write a song about the love of God. When he gets stuck on the third verse, ten-year-old Blynn comes to the rescue by calling a sibling council and laying out a strategy to help Papa write the song. Along the way they waste a lot of paper, explore an old asylum, meet a real Jewish Rabbi, and learn about events that took place more than eight centuries earlier. Faced with failure and grief, Blynn is left grappling with a desire to love God. Can Papa help Blynn discover the truth about God’s love? Widescreen, 94 minutes. DRAMA #88544D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

The Time to Live Is Now Climbing the mountains of Colorado brought a sense of peace and an overwhelming feeling of being in the presence of God to 20year-old Lygon Stevens. However, while making her way up Little Bear Peak in southern Colorado in January 2008 with her brother Nick, the sudden and unexpected sweep of an avalanche ended her life. In this Day of Discovery docudrama, you’ll travel to the Rocky Mountains and the city of Loveland, Colorado, where the events of that tragic day and the months that followed are recounted by the Stevens family. Facing the reality of Lygon’s death and the miraculous survival of Nick, they address the question “Why, God?” and from the pages of Lygon’s journal they share answers, which ultimately point to the sovereignty of God. Gain a better understanding of who God is during the times of trials and losses in life. Discover from Lygon’s legacy of intense love for God how you can trust Him to work for your good because of who He is—the one and only sovereign God. 90 minutes. DOCU-DRAMA #43303D, $16.99 SALE! $12.99

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Music DVDs To God Be the Glory

Worship Africa

From America’s rolling landscapes to snow-capped mountains, this DVD shows us the glory of God. This breathtaking film is accompanied by beautiful instrumental arrangements of best-loved hymns. The 14 selections include “To God Be the Glory,” “Be Still My Soul,” “Like a River Glorious,” and others. The two-disc set includes a DVD with on-screen Scriptures, optional lyric subtitles, and bonus audio CD. A PDF of the lyrics is also available on our website. 58 minutes. T DVD/CD set - #501210D, $19.99

This DVD/CD series is a call to worship! Viewers will experience the vibrancy of Africa with the dramatic wildlife and nature footage, accompanied by contemporary worship music. Volume 1 includes “Above All,” “Days of Elijah,” and 9 more. Volume 2 includes “He Reigns,” “Great Is the Lord,” and 9 more. Volume 3 includes “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?” “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” and 9 more. Menu options provide sing-a-long lyric subtitles and full vocal audio or instrumental only music. With bonus CD (EST). Volume 1 DVD/CD - #501293D, $19.99 T Volume 2 DVD/CD - #501294D, $19.99 T Volume 3 DVD/CD - #501348D, $19.99 DVD/CD set of 3 - #98156D, $39.99

Amazing Grace:

Hymns that Changed the World (revised edition) See and hear the moving stories behind some of our most beloved hymns — “Amazing Grace,” “It Is Well with My Soul,” “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” “Silent Night,” and “How Great Thou Art.” These songs were forged in the real life crucibles of tragedy, pain, and overwhelming joy. Hear the stories of the people who were moved to write these treasured songs. This new edition includes a praise and worship extra: Be Thou My Vision. 108 minutes total. DOC #5908D, $19.99

George Frideric Handel’s Messiah The Upper Galilee Choir and Ranaana Symphonette Orchestra perform Handel’s Messiah at Tabgha, the traditional site of Jesus Christ’s miracle of feeding the five thousand along the Sea of Galilee. A professional video and audio team with 5 digital cameras and 16 microphones assembled in the sanctuary of the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fish and recorded this inspiring performance on December 14, 2002. Mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, this recording puts you smack in the middle of the choir and orchestra. 121 minutes. T #501406D, $15.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD Buy both Handel’s Messiah and The Great Mr. Handel (page 46) for $19.99 - #98507D.

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God This film explores the origins of some great hymns of the Christian faith, which are traditionally ascribed to the period stemming from the first century through the Protestant Reformation. It examines the lives and legacies of the figures commonly associated with these hymns, explains the historical context and setting in which they lived, and evaluates their influence in bringing them into being. The hymns are “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” “Be Thou My Vision,” “All Creatures of Our God and King,” and “O Sacred Head Now Wounded.” 75 minutes. DOC #70433D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Celtic Hymns Experience the matchless beauty of Ireland as this musical journey reveals the majesty of our Creator. Delightful film from Ireland is accompanied by instrumental Celtic hymns, meditations, and prayers. The 20 selections include “The King of Love My Shepherd Is,” “He Hideth My Soul,” “St. Patrick’s Breastplate,” “Amazing Grace,” and more. The two-disc set includes a DVD with onscreen Scriptures and optional lyric subtitles, and a bonus audio CD. A PDF of the lyrics is available on our website. Widescreen, 68 minutes. T DVD/CD set - #501209D, $19.99

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Fascinating Documentaries The Calling

Thank God for Football!

The Calling reveals candid portraits of three people who are drawn to fulltime ministry. Orlando Castillo is a young man from a prosperous family who wishes to ‘live simply’ and serve the poor despite his parents’ reservations. Mother Mary Elizabeth is a woman torn between her call and the emotional needs of her family. Father Phillip Scott is a priest striving to establish a fledgling mission in his native country of Peru. As their stories unfold, we see the blessings as well as the challenges that their ministries entail. This is a film about commitment to God, loyalty to family, and the faith to discover God’s will. The Calling offers powerful lessons for Christians about the cost of discipleship. DVD includes both feature version (77 mins.) and 60-minute version. T DOC #501502D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Thousands of elementary, high school, and college kids play competitive soccer in the U.S., and the sport continues to gain in popularity here on the professional level. In the UK and the rest of Europe “football” is wildly popular, but did you know that many of the the English Premier League teams have roots in the church? Get the scoop on the hidden history of the game as you explore the history of the English Premier League. Football historian Peter Lupson tells the story of twelve of these clubs and the people who have made an exceptional contribution to the beautiful game. In this 11-part documentary series he takes us to the places where the clubs began over a century ago, and visits the stadiums they occupy today. Thank God for Football! presents the challenging and uplifting stories of some remarkable individuals who were moved to show God’s love for those rejected by society. Whether you’re a Mann City supporter or a fan of the LA Galaxy or just a general sports fan, you’ll love this inside look at the game. Eleven segments, 15 minutes each, 157 minutes total. T VOD DOC #501497D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99

Jock Troup and the Fishermen’s Revival This documentary retells the story of the life of barrel maker Jock Troup, whose passion for evangelism would influence the 1921 Fishermen’s Revival that swept through the fishing ports of England and Scotland. Known as the “Revival Man,” Jock Troup experienced revival throughout his life. In this presentation, noted Bible scholars, authors, and eyewitnesses give their insight into the Fishermen’s Revival, Jock’s superintendency of the Tent Hall in Glasgow, and his work with the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. 48 min. VOD T DOC #501492D, $19.99

Weaving Life American Dan Terry and his family spent 40 years devoted to the people, culture, and landscapes of Afghanistan. Tragically, in August 2010, Dan was among ten humanitarian aid workers assassinated in Afghanistan. Weaving Life tells how Dan wove relationships, joy, partnership, and understanding into his work in Afghanistan. Dan and his family confronted assumptions, discarded platitudes, and relentlessly pursued authentic relationships. Dan’s story is told by longtime friends Jonathan Larson and Daniel Taylor; his daughter, Anneli Terry; and his wife, Seija Terry. Also featured is Dr. Lisa Schirch, longtime peacebuilder in Afghanistan. A discussion guide can be downloaded at www.visionvideo.com. 58 minutes (EST). VOD DOC SG #501507D, $19.99



African Christianity Rising At one time people referred to NEW! the “Christian West” and “Heathen Africa,” but that is no more. What does Christianity’s explosive growth in Africa mean for the church and for the world? For over a decade, award-winning documentary filmmaker James Ault has explored these questions by filming stories in Ghana and Zimbabwe in a range of churches found in subSaharan Africa today. Through personal dramas of ordinary believers, these films bring you into the local cultures giving shape to Christian growth in Africa. Commentary from leading thinkers on the subject sheds light on its distinct features—on healing, demonic possession, and vibrant bodily worship, for instance—and on the opportunities and challenges it poses for the church worldwide. Includes two parts: Stories from Ghana (77 minutes) and Stories from Zimbabwe (74 minutes). T VOD DOC #501509D, $29.99 For institutional use of African Christianity Rising carrying public performance rights, please contact James Ault Productions at (413)587-9871

We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.

Fascinating Documentaries Poverty Cure


We ask, “how do we alleviate poverty.” But the real question is, how do people create prosperity for their families and their communities? Poverty Cure is a six-episode DVD series on human flourishing. Three years in the making, this high-energy, 152minute documentary-style series challenges conventional thinking and reframes the poverty debate around the creative capacity of the human person, made in the image of God. Listen to the voices of entrepreneurs, economists, political and religious leaders, missionaries, NGO workers, and everyday people as host Michael Matheson Miller travels around the world to discover the Christian foundations that allow human beings, families, and communities to thrive. Six parts, 152 minutes total: #94828D, $59.99

The Mysterious Prophecy of Isaiah 53 Hosted from Israel, this four-part DVD presents biblical scholars who discuss the clues and interpretations of Isaiah 53’s predictions of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. 150 minutes plus bonus 30minute documentary exploring the historical and archaeological setting for Isaiah’s prophecy. DOC #30753D, $19.99

Africa and the Bible Join host Wintley Phipps as we follow the rivers of faith and uncover the truth about Africa and the Bible. Down through history, people have often viewed those with darker skin as somehow less human, using skin color as an excuse to enslave and marginalize people of African descent. This program shows the rich heritage of Christianity in Africa. Three parts, approximately 26 minutes each. DOC #98094D, $16.99

Religions of the World Narrated by Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley, this six-part series offers insights into the striking similarities and vast differences among the world’s major religions: Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Catholicism, and Buddhism. Six 50-minute programs (S). 6 discs - #6176D, $99.99 DOC

The Amish: How They Survive The Amish live outside the cultural mainstream. Preferring community to technology, they live in close fellowship with one another. Filmed in the world’s largest Amish community, this documentary takes you on an intimate journey into Ohio Amish life and culture. Discover how rapid growth and economic pressures threaten their community. Meet a people who thrive as a result of creative disengagement with the culture around them. Widescreen, 49 min. T DOC #501056D, $19.99 VOD Christian History magazine on the Amish, #98680, $5.00 Both Amish programs, $24.99. Save $15! Use item #98497D. Both Amish programs and The Hutterites, $29.99, Use item #98462D. SAVE! $30

The Amish: A People of Preservation In this documentary, historian John Ruth takes us inside the world of the Amish. Features authentic vignettes of Amish origins, farm life, childhood, school, worship, recreation, barn-raising, horse transportation, and the impact of tourism. 54 minutes. #4683D, $19.99 T VOD DOC

The Hutterites By a way of life that is supremely communal rather than individualistic, the Hutterites have rid themselves of poverty, homicide, and anxiety about the future. Find out how! 58 minutes. VOD



#500955D, $19.99

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Bible Resources The Tabernacle SPECIAL EDITION

Have you ever imagined being inside the Holy Tabernacle, the Old Testament place of God’s dwelling, the meeting place of perfect God and sinful man? The Tabernacle Special Edition DVD brings this holy place to life as never before. Digitally re-mastered and re-edited to include additional scenes and bonus features, this Special Edition DVD exquisitely recreates the sights and sounds of the Tabernacle with stunning clarity. You will be immersed in all of the scriptural details: the bronze-covered Altar, the gold Candlestick, the Table of Shewbread, the Altar of Incense, even the Ark of the Covenant, an experience that is sure to capture your mind and your heart. 30 minutes. SPECIAL EDITION - #501468D, $19.99 Original - #4791D, $9.99 DOC T VOD *The set below includes the Special Edition Tabernacle Student Workbook – A 53-page workbook to supplement the program above. Includes questions, Scripture references, application, and additional thoughts. #4521, $14.99

Herod’s Temple:

The Temple Jesus Knew See the Temple the way Jesus and his disciples did over 2,000 years ago. Through the use of beautiful animation, the Temple is reconstructed and we are brought within its precincts to identify with the experience of those living in Jesus’ day. We also are confronted with the horror of the fiery destruction of the Temple by the Romans in A.D. 70. 30 minutes plus extras. T DOC DVD - #501170D, $19.99 VOD

The Sanctuary See the Sanctuary as never before with this Special Teachers Edition. Everything you’ll ever need to teach this fascinating subject is now in your hand! Includes a 17-minute instructional DVD using animation and special effects, royalty-free Sanctuary photos, 3D Sanctuary graphics, and animations suitable for web or your own DVD productions, and more! DOC DVD - #501337D, $19.99 T VOD

Solomon’s Temple This program gives a basic introduction to Solomon’s Temple and details its design, construction, meaning for Israel, and what went on there and why. Through the use of modern computer graphics, the Temple is reconstructed visually to give you an experience of its beauty and grandeur. 26 minutes. T DOC DVD - #4853D, $14.99 VOD

Tabernacle 3-D Puzzle This 119-piece 3-D puzzle is a detailed 100:1 scaled model of the Tabernacle, as described in the book of Exodus. Recommended for ages 7 and up. #26012, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Tabernacle Model Kit This is a 90:1 scaled model of the Tabernacle described in the book of Exodus. An excellent resource to use in conjunction with the DVD and workbook above. Recommended for ages 9+.

All 4 DVDs above - #98182D, $39.99 — SAVE $35 All 7 items (4 DVDs, workbook, model, & puzzle) #98181D, $99.99

#98880, $59.99 SALE! $49.99

Faith Lessons (Formerly That the World May Know) Host Ray Vander Laan reveals the Bible’s intriguing historical context and its significance to modern believers. #1 The Promised Land, 110 min. - #30045D #2 Prophets & Kings, 134 min. - #30046D #3 The Life & Ministry of the Messiah, 155 min. - #30047D #4 Death & Resurrection of the Messiah, 194 min. - #30048D #5 The Early Church, 130 min. - #30049D #6 In the Dust of the Rabbi, 120 min. - #30253D #7 Walk As Jesus Walked, 120 min. - #30255D #8 God Heard Their Cry, 110 min. - #29120D #9 Fire on the Mountain, 170 min. - #29118D #10 With All Your Heart, 180 min. - #29116D DOC $39.99 $29.99 each #11 Path of the Cross, 152 min. - #32984D Buy 2 or more at $24.99 #12 Walking with God in the Desert, 175 min. - #32992D


Order online and save at www.visionvideo.com

Bible Resources Book by Book: Revelation

Unlocking Old Testament Prophecy

The book of Revelation takes us to the very heart of the universe itself where we find the Lord Jesus Christ sharing the throne with His Father, surrounded by the Holy Spirit. At the center of reality, behind all the apparent confusion and chaos of this passing age, the Living God rules through Jesus, the Lamb and Lion of God. Jesus and His Bride, the Church, are seated in heaven far above all the powers of this age, as we wait for that day of judgment and new creation. This episode of the Book by Book series covers the 22 chapters of Revelation in ten 15-min. segments. DOC #97757D, $24.99

Using the book of Matthew, Mart De Haan explains how to understand Old Testament passages that appear vague or appear to be simply historical references. Find out what Jesus meant when He said He came to fulfill both the law and the prophets. Join us as we walk through the city of Jerusalem, along the banks of the Jordan River, and down the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. Together we’ll discover God’s ultimate plan of rescue for Israel and the world through Jesus, the Messiah. 90 minutes. DOC #24273D, $9.99

Also available in the Book By Book series: Galatians - #97978D Ephesians - #97928D Joshua - #98054D Daniel - #98082D James - #98111D Acts - #98110D Esther - #98173D 2 Corinthians - #98172D Genesis - #97984D Exodus - #98097D

Leviticus - #501268D* Selected Psalms - #98058D Jonah - #98031D John - #98060D Philippians - #97897D I, II Thessalonians - #98037D II Timothy - #97982D I Peter - #97983D Isaiah - #97878D

DVDs, $24.99 ea. (includes guide) Two or more, $19.99 each All 20 DVDs, $474.81 SALE! $269.99, #97752D


Past, Present, and Future Bible history and prophecy depict Babylon as a social, economic, and religious power. The Bible portrays Babylon as a woman riding a seven-headed, 10-horned beast described as “Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth” (Revelation 17:5). Babylon has fascinated countless people over the centuries. But its story is an important one for Christians living today. Discover the common thread that weaves Babylon past and future with Babylon present. Explore Babylon—one of the most intriguing mysteries of the Bible. 80 minutes (EST). VOD T DOC #500875D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99

*Leviticus does not include a printed guide. A free PDF guide is available on our website. See more details at www.visionvideo.com

The Exodus Revealed The Exodus Revealed is an unforgettable journey of discovery. It reveals physical evidence for the Exodus, including the remains of 3,800-year-old Hebrew settlements in Egypt’s Nile Delta, Egyptian records of the Israelites’ bondage under Pharaoh, the route they may have followed to freedom, their crossing site on shore of the Red Sea, and the location of Mt. Sinai. 60 minutes (extras). DOC DVD - #3214D, $14.99 Also Available: The Exodus Decoded, 95 minutes. DOC #63984D, $19.99

Jesus and His Times Step back to the days and the lands where Jesus walked as a man. Meet the people and experience everyday life in the time of Yeshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus the Messiah. Filmed on location and covering many events in His life, this documentary takes you through the fields of Nazareth as Jesus did. Hear the prayers and songs sung in His youth. Travel with Jesus to Jerusalem’s awesome Temple. Stand beside Jesus from His birth to His crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus and His Times is truly an enlightening experience of everyday life in the time of the Messiah. 150 minutes plus extras. #704050D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99 DOC

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Biblical Explorations BIBLE EXPLORER SERIES The Search for Mt. Sinai Biblical explorer Bob Cornuke and his friend Larry Williams take an incredible expedition into Saudi Arabia and turn up what many scholars believe to be one of the greatest discoveries in history...the real Mount Sinai. They avoided detection at borders, crawled into forbidden military installations, and used night vision goggles to avoid being detected as they pursued their mission. 46 minutes. DOC #88208D, $12.99 SALE! $9.99

The Search for the Lost Shipwreck of Paul Bob Cornuke sets sail on an adventure in the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Malta in search of the ancient lead anchors from the shipwreck of the Apostle Paul. Using the words of Acts 27 and techniques he learned as a crime scene investigator, Cornuke probes every angle of this 2,000-year-old mystery to prove the historical accuracy of God’s Word and determine if the anchors originally founded by Maltese fishermen in the 1960s and early 1970s are indeed remnants of Paul’s misadventures at sea. 33 minutes. DOC #88430D, $19.99

The 7 Churches of Revelation In this 7-part presentation, you’ll travel to what remains of the ancient sites of the churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. Join host and president of Cornerstone University Joe Stowell as he takes a closer look into the struggles of the New Testament churches that are just as apparent in churches today. Seven 25-minute programs, 200 minutes total. DOC #42683D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99

The Search for the Ark of the Covenant Bob Cornuke searches around the globe in hopes of discovering this important relic from the Bible. With footage from Israel, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Italy, this DVD reveals startling new information as to the exact location of the ark. Embarking on an adventure that takes viewers to the Holy Land, sacred islands, ancient and mysterious stone cities, and to a devout group of monks who claim they now possess the lost ark, this DVD includes photographic evidence never before seen by the world. 60 min. DOC #88206D, $12.99 SALE! $9.99

The Search for Noah’s Ark Follow Bob Cornuke on the adventure of trying to make the greatest archaeological discovery in human history — finding the remains of Noah’s Ark. Based on the testimony of the Bible, personal investigation, examination of evidence, and other factors, this DVD captures his relentless search for the ark to its most probable resting place and includes threatening misadventures and narrow escapes from political unrest that are sure to leave viewers breathless. 60 minutes. DOC #88207D, $12.99 SALE! $9.99 All 4 above for $44.99 SALE! $34.99, #88480D

Capernaum: City of Skeptics

It is widely believed that Jesus performed more miracles in Capernaum than anywhere else. Join Bible teacher and Israeli tour guide Avner Boskey to learn more about the carpenter’s son who performed these miraculous signs. Experience this city of skeptics for yourself, and discover what Jesus was looking for in the hearts of those who lived here and what He’s still looking for in our hearts today. 25 minutes. DOC #86743D, $9.99 SALE! $8.99

The Fall of Jericho The Fall of Jericho explores what happened as Joshua and the Israelites experienced one of the Bible’s greatest military victories. Interviews with Dr. Bryant Wood, who has done extensive research on the history of excavations at Jericho, and Bible scholar Dr. Frederick Baltz, shed new light on the truths found in Scripture about this event. 30 minutes (EST, extras). VOD T DOC #501299D, $14.99


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Biblical Explorations with David Nunn In the Steps of Moses In the Steps of Moses is an exhilarating exploration of the life of Moses and the book of Exodus. Host David Nunn carefully traces the Biblical texts and takes us to the very places where the events happened. The Exodus stands as the iconic event of the Hebrew Scriptures, and In the Steps of Moses shows us what really happened and why this ancient story continues to change the world today. 48 minutes. T DOC #501461D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

Journeying with Jesus This fascinating production sweeps us inexorably through the ‘greatest story ever told,’ from Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem to His triumphant ascension on the Mount of Olives. David Nunn’s enthusiastic presentation never tires as he features the latest archaeological discoveries and the insights they provide. This film is an inspiration and education for all ages. It enables one to ‘walk with Jesus’ in the company of His disciples. Widescreen, 56 minutes. VOD T DOC #501288D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Paul in Greece This program explores the route of Paul’s second missionary journey. Host David Nunn takes us on a visit to Neapolis, Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Meteora, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, and Jerusalem. We see the original locations where the dramatic events of the Book of Acts took place. David unfolds the impact of Paul’s message of the risen Savior upon those communities as we visualize the historical context of the Bible, making it a valuable learning resource for group or individual study. 41 minutes. VOD T DOC #4849D, $14.99

Exploring Biblical Jordan In this compelling video, Bible events leap dramatically to life as host David Nunn explores the incredible story of God’s unfolding purposes. Follow the adventures of Jacob as he wrestled with God by the river Jabbock, and Moses as he led the great Exodus northwards from Aqaba. At Bethany beyond the Jordan, John baptized Jesus, Jesus met his first disciples, and more. 50 minutes. VOD T DOC #4845D, $14.99

The Holy City... and a Garden An upbeat, informative journey through Jerusalem with host David Nunn. Visit some of the Holy City’s most intriguing attractions — including the Wailing (or Western) Wall, the Dome of the Rock, the Garden Tomb — and discover the history behind their triumphant yet turbulent past. It’s the next best thing to being there in person to experience these fascinating locations in all their magnificence! 23 minutes, includes biblical reference guide in PDF. VOD T DOC #501364D, $14.99

Galloping through the Gospels Here is the new, extended version of a fast-moving exploration of the major sites in the Gospels. David Nunn follows the Gospel drama chronologically, providing insights into the life of Jesus and the meaning of the worldchanging events that took place at these locations. 43 minutes. VOD T DOC #4830D, $14.99

The Seven Churches of Revelation Rediscovered David Nunn takes us to Turkey for a firsthand visit to the seven cities to which the messages of the Risen Christ were addressed in Revelation 2-3. Their significance is explained in detail, and viewers will gain many insights from David’s enthusiastic commentary. 40 minutes. VOD T DOC 4792D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99


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Moses Moses is awestruck when God calls him from the burning bush to guide the Israelites out of bondage. The reluctant leader and his flock begin the treacherous journey to the Promised Land. Pharaoh, with his brutal army, traps the Israelites by the Red Sea. Yet the Israelites are God’s chosen people, and the waters part, allowing their safe passage. 182 minutes (S, SST, FST). #6896D, $19.99 David David became a nationally known hero while still a teenager in his battle with the giant Goliath. Never far from danger, political intrigue, the jealousy of opponents, and the problems caused by his own surging passions, David, nevertheless, emerged as a “man after God’s own heart.” 185 minutes (S, SST, FST). #68932D, $19.99

Abraham 150 minutes (S, SST, FST). #6892D, $19.99 Jacob 94 minutes (S, SST, FST). #6894D, $19.99 Joseph 185 minutes (S, SST, FST). #6895D, $19.99 Samson and Delilah 200 min. (S, SST, FST). #68972D, $19.99 These four, Moses & David on DVD for $59.99, #68982D DRAMA

Complete set on DVD for $99.99, #97998D

Genesis 93 min. (SST). #7459D, $14.99* Esther 91 min. #7455D, $14.99* Solomon 172 min. #7453D, $14.99 Jeremiah 96 min. #7457D, $14.99 Paul the Apostle 180 min. #501420D, $14.99* *Titles in RED, $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR *Sale ends December 14, 2013


The Gospel of John The Gospel of John vividly comes to life in a faithful and powerful dramatization of the Biblical text. The Gospel of John meticulously re-creates the era of Jesus during a tumultuous period that changed the course of history. Starring Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus and narrated by Christopher Plummer, The Gospel of John is word for word, based on the American Bible Society’s Good News Bible. 3 hours. DRAMA #100025D, $12.99 (Deluxe version with extras) - #98802D, $24.99 $14.99

Matthew The year is about A.D. 62, and the aging Apostle Matthew recalls the remarkable events he witnessed as a young man. Starring Richard Kiley, Bruce Marchiano, Matthew Roberts, Gerrit Schoonhoven, Joanna Weinberg, David Minnaar, and Pippa Duffy. Text in NIV. Approximately 4 1/2 hours (S). DRAMA #7104D, $19.99 (Deluxe version with extras) - #70054D, $24.99 BEST OFFER! All three DVDs for $34.99, #98398D (includes regular versions, not deluxe)

Acts Journey with the physician Luke (Dean Jones) as he tells the enthralling story of danger, struggle, and triumph that marks the birth of the Christian church. Also stars Henry O. Arnold, Jennifer O’Neill, Francesco Quinn, Bruce Marchiano, and James Brolin. Text in NIV. Approximately 3 hours. DRAMA #0339D, $19.99 (Deluxe version) - #70055D, $24.99



Mark’s Gospel

In the beginning, darkness is upon the stage and a voice declares, “Let there be light.” The light reveals a solitary actor who speaks a narrative as ancient as time, as powerful as tomorrow’s news headlines. Genesis is an eloquent wordfor-word retelling from the first book of the Bible. Max McLean’s stage performance takes you on an extraordinary journey. 115 minutes. T VOD #4761D, $14.99

One of the great storytellers of our time presents a compelling video version of Mark’s Gospel. Max McLean’s powerful stage performance takes you inside the story of Jesus so you can experience the events and characters that have inspired so many people. Re-recorded live, in high definition, on a state-of-the-art stage. 94 minutes. T VOD #501359D, $14.99

Both Genesis and Mark’s Gospel #98128D, $24.99


Order online and save at www.visionvideo.com

Biblical Dramas Jesus of Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth is a unique film depicting the life of Christ from His birth through His resurrection. Franco Zeffirelli’s production is acclaimed for its thorough Biblical and historical research. This comprehensive and faithful film features a distinguished international cast and locations specially chosen for their pure and simple resemblance to Palestine at the time of Jesus. This acclaimed production tells the greatest of all stories with tremendous emotion and splendor. Six hours of superb acting, powerful music, and outstanding cinematography. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli and starring Robert Powell, Olivia Hussey, Lawrence Oliver, James Mason, Anthony Quinn, and many more. 371 minutes (extras). (2 discs) - #10166D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 DRAMA

Road to Emmaus Starring Bruce Marchiano of The Visual Bible: Matthew and Acts, this production helps viewers discover what may have happened during the miraculous journey on the Road to Emmaus. Mourning the death of Jesus, two first-century travelers were joined by a mysterious stranger. Over the next few hours, the stranger revealed mysteries hidden in the ancient Scriptures. Soon, the purpose of Jesus’ life became clear and the traveler’s sadness turned to great joy. Now you can learn what they may have learned. A PDF study guide and questions for reflection are available at www.visionvideo.com. 30 minutes (S). DRAMA #501354D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 VOD T SG

The Revolutionary

Epic Version

This production presents the life and ministry of Jesus, from His birth to His death and ascension. Shot entirely on location in Israel, this epic version of The Revolutionary will take you back 2,000 years to relive the dramatic events that changed the course of human history and mankind’s eternal destiny forever. The main events are presented with careful attention to detail and the original historical and cultural context. Widescreen, 97 minutes (EST, S, Pt, PtST, A, Ru, He, M, extras, including a PDF guide). T SG DRAMA #4654D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 VOD

The Greatest Story Ever Told In this Hollywood version of the life of Jesus Christ, internationally acclaimed actor Max Von Sydow gives the performance of a lifetime, revealing the anguish and glory of Jesus. He is supported by an all-star cast including Charlton Heston, Jose Ferrer, Telly Savalas, and many others. Widescreen, 199 minutes. DRAMA #91271D, $14.99

One Night with the King With lush cinematography, a mesmerizing score, and an allstar cast that includes Peter O’Toole, Omar Sharif, and John Rhys-Davies, One Night with the King is a sweeping epic about Esther, the Jewish girl who becomes the Queen of Persia. When the state decrees that all Jews will be put to death, she struggles to save her people, even as she seeks to win the heart of the king. 100 minutes (SST). DRAMA #26000D, $14.99 $12.99

Story of Jacob and Joseph Alan Bates narrates these two impressively told stories. The first tells the story of Jacob and Esau as they fight over their birthright. The second tells the story of Joseph, who is sold into slavery by his brothers. Starring Colleen Dewhurst, Herschel Bernardi, Harry Andrews, and Julian Glover. Rated PG. 104 minutes (EST, SST, FST, PtST, MST, and KST). #24497D, $14.99 DRAMA

Story of David Timothy Bottoms and Jane Seymour lead a talented cast in this two-part story of the life of King David. It begins with his legendary battle with the giant Goliath, and ends with his romance with Bathsheba and the struggle to preserve Israel. The story of David is a legendary saga of a man after God’s own heart. A PDF guide is available. 191 minutes (EST, FST). #27199D, $14.99 DRAMA SG Both Story of Jacob and Joseph and Story of David - #98155D, $22.99

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The Bible Mightier Than the Sword

Jesus, the New Way

Throughout history emperors and dictators, kings and queens, regimes and religions have done their best to destroy it—and failed. For centuries the rich and powerful kept their people ignorant of its contents, fearful of the revolution that would take place if they ever learned what was in it. One day they did, and the world was changed forever. For centuries the best-selling book in history has been either loved or hated, feared or treasured, read or ignored. Its influence on the world has been incalculable. Its influence on ordinary people, life transforming. So what about this book, this collection of ancient writings we know today as the Bible? Who wrote it? Where did it come from? What is its message? Filmed in Germany, Israel, and England, and using drama, documentary, and powerful testimony, this program explains why the Bible is Mightier than the Sword. 30 minutes (EST). VOD T DOCU-DRAMA #501463D, $14.99 SALE! $11.99

This award winner is our most popular study series introducing Jesus—who He is and why He came. Noted British scholar, Dr. Tom Wright, uncovers fascinating backgrounds from the first-century world of Jesus and shows how He was indeed a “new way,” both then and now. The complete curriculum kit includes six half-hour video programs with a printed comprehensive leader’s guide, reproducible student worksheets, and program scripts. The DVD is also available without printed materials and includes PDFs of the leader’s guide, worksheets, and scripts. 160 minutes total. T DOC DVD with PDFs - #500811D, $29.99 SG Curriculum Kit (shown) - #98003D, $39.99 Extra leader’s guide - #4287, $7.99 Extra workbook - #99503, $1.00

The Bible: Why Does it Endure? Take a closer look at the Bible with Daniel Wallace, Ph.D., founder of the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, and Peter Williams, Ph.D., CEO of Tyndale House research center in Cambridge, England. From their travels abroad — researching manuscripts, events, people, and places — they share the fascinating process of their explorations and their results. Three parts, 30 minutes each. DOC #20953D, $16.99

Jesus and the Gospels Many questions are being asked today about beliefs that have been held by followers of Jesus for centuries. Did Jesus really say and do what the Bible reports? Are the gospel accounts contained in the Bible really true, or were they exaggerations and misrepresentations of the facts? Take a deeper look into these questions with host Mart De Haan and hear from scholars who have studied the recent archaeological discoveries that some say disprove what Christians believe. Find out for yourself if Jesus really is who the Bible claims. A two-part series. DOC #82593D, $13.99


KJV: The Making of the King James Bible

The Book that Changed the World

Award-winning director Jerry Griffith brings to life the fascinating history of the KJV, along with its impact for us today. While exploring the viewpoints of the different scholars, we get a firsthand look at the immense attention to detail they used. This presentation gives the viewer a renewed appreciation for the scriptures and their place in our homes and churches. 42 minutes. (EST). DOC #501373D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 T VOD

Go behind the scenes to explore the intriguing story of how the King James Bible came to be. This fascinating, true story is full of egos, politics, power, passion, and plots. Discover how God brought about the book that changed the world, and see how the greatest translation of Holy Scripture impacted a world and culture that would never be quite the same again. This DVD is a colorful and historical look at the origin of the King James Bible. Widescreen, 90 minutes. DOC #34206D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Christian History Magazine #100 on the KJV - #98033, $5.00 Both DVDs and the CHM, only $24.99 - #98002D


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The Life of Christ Jesus Revealed: Encountering the Authentic Jesus In this innovative series of short teaching films, church leader and gifted communicator Andy Frost asks us to take a new look at Jesus. Is He the Jesus we think we know? Built around authentic dramatic reenactments from the Gospels combined with Frost’s incisive biblical commentary, each 12-15 minute episode will peel away our safe and sanitized views of Jesus and reveal the original Jesus of the Gospels. Each installment includes challenging questions for discussion and meditative prayers by Andy Frost. This is ideal for churches and small groups. (EST). DISC ONE - #501446D Underdog - Coming to terms with the ‘underdog Jesus’ changes how we see Him and ourselves. Revolutionary - Andy Frost challenges us to put aside our views of Jesus the nice guy, and confronts us with the Jesus who turned over tables and screamed against hypocrisy. Hero - We go inside the brutal reality of Jesus’ execution to see it as the greatest event in history. DISC TWO - #501447D Headliner - Andy Frost shows us what happened when Jesus revealed His true glory to His disciples. Dreamer - Andy Frost outlines the dream of Jesus as found in His teaching. DISC THREE - #501448D Wildman - This DVD explores the temptations that we face and how we hold onto our identity amidst the trials and the challenges. Wrestler - The footprints of the physical Jesus have long since disappeared, and instead, we often follow a set of rules or spiritual to-do lists. VOD


DVDs - $19.99 SALE! $14.99 each All 3 DVDs only $29.99, item #97857D - SAVE $30


People Who Met Jesus I

People Who Met Jesus II

Here are eight short, narrated stories about people who met Jesus: Simon Peter, Matthew, the centurion, the woman at the well, the nobleman, Jairus, the rich young ruler, and Nicodemus. A free PDF guide is available. 58 minutes. #4653D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Here are eight narrated stories: Zacchaeus, The Man Born Blind, Annas the Priest, Caiaphas, Judas Iscariot, Herod Antipas, Pontius Pilate, and Joseph of Arimathea. Free downloadable PDF guide available. 50 minutes. #500763D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Parables of Jesus

The Path of Jesus

Here are seven short, narrated dramas portraying the parables of Jesus, hosted by Christopher Gornold-Smith: The Good Samaritan, Unmerciful Servant, Treasure and the Pearl, Lost Son, Midnight Visitor, The Dinner, and The Manager. Free PDF guide on website. 58 minutes. #500867D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD




These seven short, narrated dramas are: The Christmas Story, The Temptation, Jesus and the Pharisees, The Pharisee and the Tax Collector, The Decision, The Absent King, and The New Covenant. A free PDF guide can be downloaded from our website. 66 minutes + extras. #501208D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Buy People Who Met Jesus I&II for $24.99, #98699D Buy all four for only $39.99, #98397D

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Early Church Dramas A.D.

Paul the Emissary

From the producers of Jesus of Nazareth, A.D. vividly recreates the turbulent years following the death of Christ. This is the sixhour version adapted from the nine-hour television version (not currently available on DVD). A great resource for any church or home study group wishing to explore the New Testament period. Includes a PDF study guide, providing a 12-week course. Starring Anthony Andrews, Colleen Dewhurst, Ava Gardner, John Houseman, Richard Kiley, James Mason, Susan Sarandon, Ben Vereen and others. Fullscreen, 360 minutes. T SG DRAMA (2 discs) - #109269D, $24.99 $19.99

Paul the Apostle

Peter and Paul This Emmy Award-winning production, starring Anthony Hopkins and Robert Foxworth, captures the vitality, intensity, and humanity of two who were entrusted by Christ to carry the Gospel into all the world. Based on the Scriptures by and about Peter and Paul, this video shows how they were driven by a heavenly vision for a different kind of world. They paid a horrendous price for their devotion— Peter crucified and Paul beheaded—but their ministries transcended the cruelty of their enemies to become important pillars of the Christian Church. 194 minutes (S, EST, actors’ bios). T


#4628D, $19.99 $14.99

St. Peter Award-winning actor Omar Sharif is Peter, once a simple fisherman, whom Jesus chooses to be one of his twelve apostles. While initially fearing and doubting the power of Christ’s message, Peter becomes a dedicated follower and lives only to spread the message of the Christians across the land. In this epic drama, Peter comes up against many obstacles, including those who want to put an end to Christianity — and ultimately gives up his own life to spread Christ’s love and save the souls of many. Rated PG-13 for some violent images. 186 minutes (EST, SST). DRAMA #21074D, $14.99 SALE $9.99

This acclaimed drama on the life of the apostle Paul, filmed in high definition, provides an authentic feel for the world in which Paul lived and the opposition that he continually faced. This film helps us grasp how Paul made an impact on the world like none other since. Free downloadable PDF guide available. Widescreen, 54 minutes (EST, S, Pt, Ru, A, He, bios, questions, bonus feature: “I, Paul”). T SG VOD DRAMA #4636D, $14.99

This feature-length film profiles Christ’s most prolific messenger. Paul, originally known as Saul of Tarsus, was at the forefront of efforts to stamp out the early church, but then Jesus stopped him on the road to Damascus, forever changing Paul’s life and mission. 145 minutes. (EST). T DRAMA #501420D, $14.99 VOD *Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR *Sale ends December 14, 2013


The Apostle Collection Buy all four DVDs shown above. 11 hours, 48 minutes total. #501362D, $39.99 $29.99 SAVE $45

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper The year is A.D. 67. Two Roman jailers take custody of a famous outlaw — the leader of a “dangerous sect” believed to undermine the authority of Caesar. The outlaw’s name is Simon Peter of Galilee, a disciple and friend of Jesus, the Galilean “cult leader” who started all the trouble. Now a frail and elderly man, Peter prepares to face execution after a lifetime of teaching the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. While he awaits death, Peter recounts his life as a simple, hardheaded fisherman, who was transformed into one of the greatest leaders of the Christian faith. Starring Robert Loggia as Peter and Bruce Marchiano as Jesus. Dove approved for ages 12 and up. 88 minutes. DRAMA


#100172D, $14.99

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The Early Church From Christ to Constantine: The Trial and Testimony of the Early Church First released in 1990, this series continues to be a small group and curriculum favorite. The first three centuries were decisive for Christianity. The very existence of the church was threatened by powerful opponents who wanted to destroy it. These programs, shot on location, use dramatic re-creations to bring you close to the lives of the early believers. A great attendance builder, this series has proven to be especially popular for small groups, Bible studies, and Sunday school. The support material is designed so that lay people can lead a group effectively and comfortably in six or twelve sessions. The complete curriculum kit on DVD includes six half-hour programs with printed leader’s guide and reproducible student worksheets. The DVD is also available with PDFs of the leader’s guide, student worksheets, and scripts. SG T DOCU-DRAMA

Highlights from the six programs: 1. Foundations How did it all begin, and what happened to the twelve apostles? 2. Spread The Word was for all. How did they bring their message to the world? 3. Accusations Believers were subject to many charges, some outrageously false and others true. How did they answer them? 4. Persecutions The mightiest empire in history outlawed and persecuted the believers. What happened and why? 5. Testimony A close-up look at heroes who would pay with their lives rather than deny their faith. 6. Transition Constantine granted the church legality and favor. Was this a bane or blessing? Why did the church succeed?

DVD with PDFs - #500823D, $29.99 DVD with printed guides (shown) - #97929D, $39.99

The Apostles’ Creed This series traces the origin of the Apostles’ Creed, placing it in its historical context. It examines each phrase, emphasizing its relevance and application to our lives today. Producer-director for the series is T.N. Mohan, who has achieved the remarkable feat of SG DOC T translating historical theology into a briskly-paced, interesting experience. These programs demonstrate the timeless power and importance of the Creed and feature an international and interdenominational cast of notable theologians, including Dr. Timothy George, Dr. N.T. Wright, Dr. Robert Mulholland, Dr. Alistair McGrath, Dr. Martin Marty, and more. This is an outstanding resource for Sunday school or small groups. A free PDF guide is available on our website. Available in 9 1/2 -hour full-length version or 2-hour abridged version (EST). VOD Abridged Version - #501176D, $29.99 Full-length version - #501308D, $99.99 $49.99

The Jewish Roots of Christianity This series explores the heritage of the Christian faith, which is grounded in the same Old Testament Scriptures as Judaism. Join host Mart De Haan on a journey to see the birthplace of the Christian church in Jerusalem and the very pools where the first 3,000 followers of Christ were baptized. Three parts, 25 minutes each. DOC #18623D, $16.99 SALE $14.99


Early Church Martyr Journey to ancient Carthage with Dr. Rex Butler and Dr. Mark Yeats and uncover the fascinating true story of a courageous young woman of the early church who dared to claim Jesus as her Lord in the face of Roman opposition. Explore the cultural, political, and religious events surrounding this personal story of steadfast faith! Dr. Rex Butler is author of The New Prophecy and “New Visions”: Evidence of Montanism in the Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas. Dr. John Mark Yeats teaches Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 55 minutes (EST, S, SST). T DOC #501317D, $19.99 VOD

The Dawning For more than 300 years, Christians living during the rule of the Roman Empire endured persecution as a result of their faith. How, in the midst of such brutal opposition, did this growing group of believers emerge and ultimately bring Caesar to his knees? Take a closer look at the struggles faced by early Christians and their driving force to endure, as Dr. Joseph Stowell, President of Cornerstone University, takes you on an amazing journey to modern-day Rome. Discover how you can stand firm in your own faith through the early believers’ example of community, compassion, and endurance. 120 min. DOC #29903D, $19.99

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Israel Israel

With God on Our Side

Womb of the Kingdom of God

With God On Our Side takes a hard look at the theology and politics of Christian Zionism, which teaches that because the Jews are God’s chosen people, Israeli government policies should not be questioned, even when these policies are unjust. Critics of Christian Zionism argue that this flawed ideology has led to ethnic discrimination and great suffering among the Palestinian people, including thousands of Palestinian Christians. Is there a Biblical alternative for Christians who love and support the people of Israel? A way that doesn’t favor one people group over another but instead promotes peace, security, and reconciliation for both Jews and Palestinians? 82 minutes. T VOD DOC #501547D, $19.99

This documentary traces what happened to nations, empires, and individuals that stood against God’s covenant people and His plan to bring salvation to the world through them. Beginning with the Exodus from Egypt and continuing through the Biblical era, we see how God preserved the chosen people in order to bring about the birth of his Son and the offer of salvation for Jews and Gentiles alike. Filmed on location in Israel, this provocative DVD is hosted by Lance Lambert, who is known for his dispensationalist views on Israel and the end times. 117 minutes. T VOD DOC #501462D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99



The Covenant City Telling the story from the Jewish perspective, this DVD recounts the Biblical history of the city and looks at the modern fulfillment of Old and New Testament prophecies. Beautifully filmed, this documentary also features historic art, newsreel footage, and interviews with Jerusalem’s political officials and religious scholars. This program will help you understand the Jewish perspective of the complex issues surrounding Palestine and Israel today. 100 minutes. VOD



#4819D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

The Cyrus Call The Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the beginning of British rule over the historic Land of Israel was the culmination of a vision for the restoration of the Jewish people to their Biblical homeland which had developed in the Church in Great Britain over the span of 300 years. In this program, Australian author Kelvin Crombie, along with Israeli academics and British churchmen, presents the story of how this outworking of Britain’s Christian heritage was intertwined with her geo-political objective in the Middle East to maintain access to her Eastern Empire. Two parts, 107 minutes total. DOC


#501269D, $19.99

Also Available: The Forsaken Promise Documents the failure of the British Government to fulfill her pledge of The Balfour Declaration, which resulted in misery for thousands of Jewish people. 120 minutes. DOC


#501132D, $19.99

Get all 3 — Jerusalem: The Covenant City, The Cyrus Call, and The Forsaken Promise — and SAVE $30. - #98324D, $29.99


Against All Odds: Israel Survives This feature-length version of Against All Odds: Israel Survives captures all the powerful drama and uplifting spirit of the stirring 13-part cable network series. Israel’s rebirth and survival in the 20th century has been called a miracle. Those who were there cite their own experiences as proof... Remarkable stories come to life in gripping dramatizations, eyewitness accounts, and interviews with historians and religious leaders. 95 minutes plus extras. DOC #703683D, $19.99

Against All Odds: Israel Survives (6-DVD Set) Does a divine power continue to uphold Israel? Is the Holy Land still a place of miracles? Now available on DVD, this gripping 13-part cable network presentation examines documented stories of supernatural phenomena that helped to create and preserve modern Israel. Compelling dramatizations, eyewitness accounts, and fascinating interviews present a remarkable story of biblical proportions. Six DVDs, 9 hours total. (Includes the feature film pictured above). DOC #704034D, $49.99 SALE! $39.99

We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. See order form.

Christian History A History of Christian Worship This series explores the diversity and depth of Christian worship over the centuries. Featured are leaders from a wide cross-section of backgrounds, along with meaningful portraits of modern-day worship in various denominations. Extra features include film scripts, discussion guides, interviews, sermon ideas and more. VOD



Part One: The Word

Part Four: The Music

The written and spoken word, consisting of scriptures, sermons, and creeds, have documented and celebrated God’s story throughout centuries of Christianity. 56 min. (EST, extras). #501367D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

This episode explores how liturgy and music have enriched the celebration of God’s story throughout centuries of Christianity. 56 minutes (EST). #501405D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Part Two: The Body

Part Five: The Expression

This episode explores the history of baptism and the various methods and traditions associated with the practice in Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox churches. 56 minutes. (EST). #501381D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Explores how visual art, drama, and media have been used in various times and places in Christian worship for the creative expression of the faith. 56 min. (EST, extras). #501440D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Part Three: The Feast

Part Six: The Embrace

This episode explores the significance of Communion in worship and reveals how the observance of special days and seasons of remembrance and anticipation such as Advent and Lent is essential to the worship experience. 56 minutes (EST). #501386D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

This episode explores the inward worship practices of prayer and contemplation and the outward acts of worship found in service and ministry. 56 minutes (EST). #501451D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 Buy all six History of Christian Worship DVDs for only $79.99 $59.99 - #97892D SAVE 50%

“Absolutely refreshing. Anyone who experiences this sweep of the History of Christian Worship will be eager for more! The movement of this curriculum is such that the producers anticipate with accuracy the viewer’s questions... and they creatively present enlightening explanations — not just information. I felt as if I were in a live classroom! We WILL adopt this into our curriculum to the maximum degree that the copyright allow!” ~ Dr. Bob Harris, President of Christian College of Georgia

History of Christianity

Winner of the PLATINUM AWARD from Worldfest-Houston.

An understandable overview of the unfolding of the Christian church. Every believer needs this foundational awareness of our incredible saga. Host of the six-part series is Dr. Timothy George, historian and Dean of Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School. The complete curriculum kit includes six half-hour programs with printed 48-page leader’s guide and 48page reproducible student workbook, plus free downloadable scripts in PDF. The DVD is also available without printed materials and includes PDFs of the leader’s guide, workbook and scripts. The six parts are as follows: PART I: The Early Church

with Dr. Timothy George

PART II: The Church in the Middle Ages PART III: The Reformation Era PART IV: The Age of Reason and Piety



PART V: Christianity in the New World PART VI: Christian Movement in an Age of Uncertainty


DOC DVD with PDFs - #500794D, $39.99 $24.99 Curriculum kit (shown) - #98115D, $39.99 $29.99 Add’l Leader’s Guide - #4340, $9.99 $7.99 Add’l Student Worksheets - #4368, $2.99 $1.99

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Fascinating People People of Faith Survey the history of Christianity in the United States from before the Pilgrims to the present in this stunning DVD series. You’ll gain valuable perspective on the people and ideas that shaped America and see how it came to be the first nation in history based upon the ideal of religious liberty. Includes expert commentary from Mark Knoll, Martin Marty, Joel Carpenter, Thomas Kid, and many more. In this six-episode DVD you’ll meet the spiritual visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs who shaped Christianity across the centuries and dramatically impacted the culture we live in today, including Jonathan Edwards, Harriett Beecher Stowe, Archbishop John Joseph Hughes, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Billy Graham, among many other influential Christians. The six 30+ minute episodes are: 1. Faith in America: From Monarchs to the Marketplace, 2. Many Mansions, 3. Rebels with a Cause, 4. Challenges and Change, 5. Home Grown Saints, and 6. The Future of Christianity. DVD bonus features include program scripts, study and discussion questions for small groups, and bonus interviews (EST). Includes a free copy of Christian History magazine #102: People of Faith. T VOD DOC 2-disc set - #97841D, $29.99 SALE! $24.99

Dale Evans

John Newton

This two-DVD Collector’s Edition interviews family and friends who celebrate the life of Dale Evans and Roy Rogers and their influence on American culture. Their 51-year marriage, their strength through the tragic loss of multiple children, and their world-changing impact on the lives of special-needs children everywhere have inspired millions. For everyone who grew up in the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s, Roy and Dale were an every-Saturday attraction on the movie screen or television. For those over 60, this is a must-see, feel-good documentary, and for everyone else it is a wonderful introduction to the values and character of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Includes two full-length, fully-restored feature films and two television episodes. 239 min. total. DOC #30762D, $19.99 SALE! $15.99

John Newton grew up in the church under the tutelage of a very godly mother but later became a faithless rebel. If his story teaches us anything, it is to never give up on anyone no matter how far they seem to be from the Kingdom. As Newton’s most famous hymn says, “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.” This documentary thoroughly explores Newton’s life from his turbulent youth to his involvement in the 18thcentury slave trade, his dramatic conversion aboard a sinking ship, and on through his remarkable ministry as an evangelistic preacher, hymn writer, and abolitionist. This fast-paced and insightful documentary serves as an excellent teaching tool and will inspire viewers to take hold of God’s amazing grace. 45 minutes. DOC #501402D, $14.99 T VOD

Beyond the Happy Trails

Get to know the composers behind the music in these biographies Glory to God Alone: J. S. Bach Bach authorities, including classical guitarist Christopher Parkening, guide us through the remarkable work output and the compelling inner motivation of Bach, showing why it was so important to the composer that his gifts be used for the glory of God alone. 43 minutes. DOC #4703D, $14.99 $9.99 VOD


The Great Mr. Handel This 1942 classic deals with the later stages of Handel’s life, leading up to the composing of “Messiah.” Plagued by financial worries and ill health and abandoned by almost everyone, Handel shut himself away and worked day and night on “Messiah.” 110 minutes. VOD DRAMA #4818D, $14.99 $9.99

The Joy of Bach This presentation includes performances and dramatic biographical sketches from Bach’s life played by Brian Blessed of Masterpiece Theatre fame. 60 minutes. VOD DOC #501032D, $14.99 $9.99

All 3 above for $19.99, #97986D

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Fascinating People NEW!

C.H. Spurgeon:


The People’s Preacher

A Voice for All Generations

Here is the intimate story of one of the world’s greatest preachers. Follow Spurgeon from his youth where, as a young preacher, he is called to minister in London and soon captures the love and respect of his nation. He goes on to become one of its most influential figures of his day. This powerful, inspirational docu-drama faithfully recreates the life of C.H. Spurgeon and brings the “people’s preacher” to life. Made by the awardwinning Christian Television Association and filmed on location in England, Scotland, France, and Germany, this film vividly captures the spirit and message of a man whose eventful — and sometimes controversial — life is highly relevant to the twenty-first century. 75 minutes (EST). DOCU-DRAMA #501345D, $19.99 T VOD

Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is one of the greatest theologians of the Christian Church. His works, including The City of God, On the Trinity, and Confessions, have had an inestimable impact on the Church and, by extension, on Western Civilization at large. Yet, where did such faith begin? After rejecting his mother’s Christianity as simplistic and restraining, Augustine embarked on a path towards self-gratification, marked by the pursuit of money, political power, and sexual pleasure. Hosted by Augustine expert Mike Aquilina and shot on location in Rome and Milan, this documentary explores the conversion story of one of the most significant figures in church history. Travel back to the fourth century and discover why Augustine has become a “Voice for All Generations.” 55 minutes. (EST, S, SST). #501515D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99 T VOD DOC

The Life of

George Washington Carver George Washington Carver, the inventor of peanut butter, was one of the world’s foremost experts in horticulture. In fact, he was so brilliant that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison tried to hire him! See how he grew up in segregated America and met the challenges of poverty, frailty, sickness, and the KKK as a blessing and opportunity to learn. 60 minutes. DOC #98395D, $14.99

Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand endured unthinkable horror at the hands of the Communist tyrants in Romania. Their faith and witness were only strengthened, even through multiple imprisonments. After being literally ransomed out of Romania, the Wurmbrands began a ministry now known as “The Voice of the Martyrs,” to bring awareness of the persecution of Christians that continues in many places of the world. Hear their incredible story through Richard and Sabina’s own voices and interviews with their son Mihai. Rare film footage and photos are included, from the archives of The Voice of the Martyrs and the Wurmbrand family. 50 minutes (EST, S, SST, RoST). VOD



#501296D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Samuel Morris:

The African Missionary to North America In 1892, 18-year-old Prince Kaboo of Liberia’s Kru tribe was captured by the rival Grebos. When Kaboo’s people could not pay his ransom, the young prince was readied for execution. But at the last minute, there was a blinding flash of light and a mysterious voice that said, “Run, Kaboo, run!” Escaping his enemies, Kaboo found his way to an American Missionary outpost where he became a Christian. Taking on the name Samuel Morris as a witness to his new life, he set out for America in search of more knowledge about the Heavenly Father who had saved him. His quest led him to Taylor University in Indiana. Morris’ bold faith and miraculous story brought revival to the campus and to the surrounding community. Discover the amazing, true story of Samuel Morris in this engaging and comprehensive documentary. 58 minutes. (EST, S, SST). T VOD #501485D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 DOC

Marian Anderson Here is a closer look at the life of Marian Anderson and how she was able to overcome the racial barriers of her time. Hear the music that moved audiences everywhere, and be inspired by interviews with family members and friends who discuss the impact of her remarkable life of artistry and faith. 60 minutes. DOC #35473D, $13.99

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The Reformation God’s Outlaw

John Hus

William Tyndale was pursued by the agents of King Henry VIII, Sir Thomas More, and Cardinal Wolsey. To avoid capture, he escaped to Europe. There he worked to complete the supreme task that obsessed him: providing the Bible in English for his fellow countrymen. Tyndale today is distinguished as the “Father of the English Bible.” This award-winning, dramatic film will cause everyone to appreciate the marvel of the English Bible. Features a cast led by Roger Rees. 95 minutes (EST, S, Pt, K, bios and study materials in PDF). #4737D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 T SG VOD DRAMA

One hundred years before Martin Luther, John Hus’ relentless pursuit of God’s truth planted the seeds for the Reformation. The beloved pastor was condemned as a heretic for his uncompromising belief in the final authority of the Bible. He was burned at the stake in 1415, where he died singing. 55 minutes (EST, S, Pt, F, study materials in PDF). #4783D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 DRAMA T SG VOD

John Wycliffe: The Morningstar One of the most renowned European philosophers and scholars, John Wycliffe chose to serve the common people, taking enormous risks to give them the Scriptures. This award-winning film provides valuable insight into conditions in the 14th-century preReformation church and shows why Wycliffe is hailed as the “Morningstar of the Reformation.” 75 minutes (EST, S, Pt, J, G, bios and study material in PDF). VOD T SG DRAMA #4808D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Zwingli & Calvin This program covers the 16th century Swiss Reformation, its key centers of Zurich and Geneva, and its central leaders, Zwingli and Calvin. 30 minutes. DOC #501180D, $19.99 SALE! $9.99

The Radicals Discover the humble and courageous origins of the Anabaptist movement and two of its first leaders, Michael and Margaretha Sattler. The world was not ready for their message, and they were not prepared to compromise. This drama will cause viewers to stop and consider how much their faith really means to them. Some graphic depiction of historical persecution. Viewer discretion advised. 100 minutes (EST, S, Pt, extras). T DRAMA #4804D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

Martin Luther This dramatic black and white film, made in the 1950s, is a magnificent depiction of Martin Luther and the forces at work that resulted in his historic reforming efforts. This film traces Luther’s life from a guiltburdened monk to his eventual break with the Roman Church. This SPECIAL 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION includes the behindthe-scenes 50-year story of the film. 105 minutes (EST, S, Pt, G, K, extras). T DRAMA #4623D, $9.99 VOD

Reformation Overview Bring the Reformation alive and introduce your class or group to key reformers and major turning points with this fast-paced curriculum series. The programs are based on Gateway Films’ dramatic movies, which have won over 30 prestigious international film awards. The accompanying curriculum can be adapted to a 6, 12, or 13-session format. The complete curriculum kit includes six half-hour programs and printed leader’s guide and reproducible student workbook. The DVD is also available without printed materials and includes PDFs of the leader’s guide and workbook.

Worldfest-Houston Award Winner DOCU-DRAMA


DVD with PDFs - #500793D, $39.99 $29.99 DVD curriculum kit (shown) - #98069D,$39.99 Add’l Leader’s Guide - #64116, $7.99 Add’l Student Workbook - #4132, $2.99

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Christian History John Bunyan: Journey of a Pilgrim This documentary, filmed at the John Bunyan Museum in Bedford, England, presents a detailed look at Bunyan’s life, chronicled by John Pestell, author of Travel with John Bunyan. Pestell recounts Bunyan’s mischievous childhood, the nightmares that plagued him, and the events and influences that impacted his life. It was years later, well into adulthood, that Bunyan finally found inner peace. He began preaching illegally, which led to his arrest and imprisonment. During the twelve years he spent in prison, he wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress, which became an instant bestseller and remains the world’s most circulated book, next to the Bible. 42 minutes (EST, S). DOC #501116D, $14.99 VOD T

MARTIN AND KATIE LUTHER Opening the Door to Luther Public television travel host Rick Steves visits the areas of Germany known as Lutherlands. Learn about the monk at the center of the Reformation. 30 minutes. DOC #500951D, $14.99 VOD

The Morning Star of Wittenberg:

The Life of Katie Luther Meet the fascinating woman who helped Luther change the course of history — his wife, Katharina. With insights from noted Katharina experts, this program sheds light on this often overlooked partner in the Reformation. 27 minutes. VOD DOC #500952D, $14.99

Purchase Opening the Door to Luther and The Life of Katie Luther together for only $19.99, use item #98523D

Martin Luther (PBS) This program is a superb introduction to the great reformer. It shows how Luther offered the Christian world a new vision of man’s relationship with God and, in turn, redefined man’s relationship with authority in general. Filmed across Europe — from rustic rural Germany to the opulence of Vatican City. 110 minutes. #8819D, $19.99 DOC

Blessing Europe Following the success of his multi-award-winning documentary film, My Journey to Life (below), Rainer Wälde has produced this new documentary in which we discover the origins of Christianity in Ireland and journey with the Irish monks on their great adventure through France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. Follow the path of four major Celtic saints: Columbanus, Gallus, Pirmin, and Magnus, who played a major role in bringing Christianity to Europe. Along the way you’ll receive fresh inspiration from the beautiful music and soul-stirring prayers of the Celtic tradition. 60 minutes (F, G). DOC #501488D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

My Journey to Life Celtic Saints Discover the historic secrets of Irish monks as Rainer Wälde goes on the trail of Celtic Saints. Journey back in time to the origins of Christianity in Ireland and Britain. Travel from Dublin to Lindisfarne. Find out about St. Patrick, Columcille, Brigid, Aidan, and Cuthbert. Discover how a daily rhythm of life — with set times for solitude and for Christian communion — benefits our spiritual well-being. 75 min. (G). T VOD DOC #501389D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Both DVDs for $24.99, #97826D

Here I Stand It is claimed that there have been more books written about Martin Luther than anyone else other than Jesus Christ. Luther rediscovered foundations of Biblical Christianity that shook the late Medieval world and challenged its assumptions about religious authority, what God was like, how we are to approach him, and how God saves us. In this twohour special, we come to understand Luther, what motivated him, the turning points in his life, the issues he confronted, the opposition that sought to defeat him, and the profound changes brought about under his leadership and ministry. Two segments, 130 minutes total. T DOC #500778D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD Also available: In the Footsteps of Martin Luther, 27 minutes. #501046D, $19.99 SALE! $9.99

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


The Wesleys Wesley

Encounters with John Wesley

Step into 18th-century England and experience the transformation of one man whose heart-wrenching search for peace haunts him even as he pours himself into a life of service and evangelism. Now, for the first time, Wesley’s fascinating spiritual struggle is presented in this award-winning feature film based on John’s own private journals. Young John Wesley works hard to earn his own salvation but still cannot find lasting peace. His headstrong ways and self-righteous attitude bring conflict and rejection wherever he goes. Follow his journey across the stormy seas to the colony of Georgia, where he fails as an evangelist while breaking the heart of the beautiful Sophy. In defeat, the newly humbled Wesley returns to England in search of genuine faith — and the discovery of God’s grace. Directed by John Jackman. Starring Burgess Jenkins, June Lockhart, Kevin McCarthy, R. Keith Harris, and Carrie Anne Hunt. Dove Family Approved for ages 12 and up. Approx. 2 hours (EST). T DRAMA #501370D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

John Wesley set 18th-century Britain on fire with his open-air preaching. The Methodist societies he organized and nurtured grew with phenomenal speed. Encounters with John Wesley brings to life the legendary preacher’s search for faith, his tireless traveling, the violent opposition he faced, and his passionate, singleminded drive ‘to do what good I can.’ Join Mark Topping as John Wesley in this actionpacked docu-drama as we follow Wesley around the English countryside, meeting the people and preaching the Gospel. Filmed on location at the New Room, Bristol, the oldest Methodist chapel in the world and at Charles Wesley’s House, also in Bristol. 30 minutes + many extras. 90 minutes total. T VOD DOCU-DRAMA #501297D, $19.99

Charles Wesley: Hymns of Praise Charles Wesley was one of the most prolific hymn writers of all time, writing more than 6,500 hymns. Some of them are among the most beloved hymns of all Christian history. Meet Charles Wesley in this one-man drama as he tells true stories from the early days of Methodism. He also relates the events that led up to his conversion, the “Aldersgate Experience” of his brother John, and the astonishing events as they first began to preach and sing in the fields of England. 90 minutes. T #500850D, $14.99 VOD

Portrait of Susanna Wesley Susanna Wesley brought a new vitality to the religious life of the world. She was the mother of 19 children, including John and Charles Wesley, whose ministries of preaching, organizing, and hymnwriting changed Christian history. Susanna’s courage and devotion reveal a message for us today. This one-person play was written and performed by award-winning actress Lynette Bennett Danskin. 40 minutes. T SG #500954D, $14.99 VOD


Also available: John Wesley: Biography This 1954 classic drama follows the life of Wesley, beginning with his rescue from a burning house as a child. 73 minutes. DRAMA #4812D, $14.99 VOD T

Charles Wesley: A Heart Set Free This film explores the facets of the poet, husband, and hymn writer Charles Wesley. Follow Charles as a failed missionary to America, then back home, depressed and dejected until he experienced a mighty conversion in May, 1738, that placed within him the great desire to reach others. Shot on location in England and the U.S., this documentary by award-winning producer and director T.N. Mohan brings a detailed and wellresearched perspective to Charles Wesley’s history through many never-before-seen archival letters, manuscripts, and other documents, as well as interviews with leading experts. 101 minutes. T DOC #501243D, $19.99 VOD

Wesley Country A pictorial history based on John Wesley’s Journal, compiled by Richard Bewes. 9.5” x 12.5”, hard cover. 122 pages. #5239, $19.99 $14.99

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Revivals The Azusa Street Story In 1906, William Seymour, a black pastor from Louisiana, traveled from Houston to Los Angeles only to be locked out of the white church that sent for him. Seymour turned to prayer, and God’s answer was The Azusa Street Revival. This documentary also looks at the mystery and controversy surrounding some of the beliefs of the Charismatic Movement. (EST, extras). Color and B&W, 54 minutes. T DOC #501058D, $19.99 VOD

The Welsh Revivals 1859 & 1904 Throughout history there have been times when the light of the Gospel has shone especially bright. The revivals of 1859 and 1904 in Wales stand as powerful examples, marked by a commitment to prayer, bold preaching for repentance within the church and a community-wide spiritual awakening. During this time, churches were packed, crime rates and other social ills decreased dramatically, and nominalism and dead orthodoxy were replaced by passionate love for Jesus. This documentary traces the origins of the revival, introduces us to its leaders, and follows its lasting impact upon the world. 30 minutes. DOC #501399D, $14.99 T VOD

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit A small group of believers earnestly prayed for Revival in England at the beginning of the twentieth century. Little did they know how God would answer that prayer—an answer that would impact the church worldwide. God’s outpouring of His Spirit began in a small city called Sunderland and would change the lives and ministries of men such as Smith Wigglesworth, Stephen Jeffreys, and George Jeffreys. This revival would lead to the birth of Pentecostalism in Britain and awaken people to a new relationship with God. Three parts, 81 minutes total. DOC #501379D, $19.99 T VOD

The Great Awakening Nearly 100 years after their forefathers landed at Plymouth Rock, New England colonists had forsaken their Pilgrim heritage for material success. God’s Spirit intervened and brought about The Great Awakening, which swept through all 13 colonies, replacing spiritual apathy with religious holy fervor. This DVD follows the progression of The Great Awakening, while presenting the need for a personal awakening in hearts today. 35 minutes. T DOC #501423D, $17.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

Servant of Christ Robert Jermain Thomas & the Korean Revivals In 1866, Welsh missionary to China, Robert Jermain Thomas, sailed up the Taedong River dressed in traditional Korean garb and carrying Bibles. His ship was attacked and the crew was killed. Thomas came ashore carrying a white flag and a number of Bibles. When a Korean combatant approached him, Thomas reached out to hand the man a Bible just before the soldier brought a sword down upon his neck. Years later, Samuel Moffett, the first full-time missionary to Korea, met the people who had contact with Thomas, including the children of his executioner. Several of these Koreans became leaders in the budding Korean Christian movement and witnessed mighty revivals that led to the flourishing of the Gospel in that nation. 27 minutes. T DOC #501400D, $14.99 VOD

A Diary of Revival: The 1904 Welsh Awakening Spiritual revival can redirect a nation! This outpouring of God’s Spirit changed Wales and reverberated around the world. Through the use of contemporary letters, interviews, and photographs, this video examines the 1904 Welsh Revival through the eyes of the 26-year-old revival leader, Evan Roberts. We trace his spiritual development from the coal mine and smithy to the outbreak of revival at his home church of Moriah Lougher. 62 minutes (epilogue, trailer). T DOC #4759D, $19.99 VOD

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Fascinating Documentaries Malcolm Muggeridge’s A Third Testament A Third Testament is the highly praised television documentary presented by noted author and Christian apologist, Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990). This revealing documentary profiles six famous and unique men whose search for God forms a kind of modern testament to the reality of Christ.

Saint Augustine: the former hedonist who turned his back on prestige in order to serve Christ.

Blaise Pascal: the brilliant scientist who taught about the impossibility of life without God.

William Blake: the artist and poet who argued fervently for the life of the spirit. Soren Kierkegaard: the renegade philosopher who taught the importance of a subjective relationship to Jesus Christ.

Leo Tolstoy: the idealistic novelist who understood both his sinfulness and God’s grace. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: an uncompromising pastor martyred at the hands of the Nazi party. This DVD contains six one-hour episodes. We have had customers request this series for years. Originally aired on PBS and BBC, this series is presented by Malcolm Muggeridge and filmed on locations in Denmark, Germany, France, Russia, and North Africa. Original musical score by award-winning composer John Mills-Cockell. 6 hours total plus extras (EST). T DOC #501408D, $29.99 SALE! $24.99 VOD

More than Chocolate and Cheese

Encounter at the Summit Cross

What comes immediately to mind when you hear the word Switzerland? The majestic Alps, Swiss watches, international banking, chocolate, and cheese? Switzerland encompasses all these things and more. Take an arm-chair journey through the sites and sounds of the real Switzerland in this fast-paced, fun, and informative documentary. Discover the history and traditions of one of Europe’s most beautiful and unique countries. What is the “Swissness” that makes this country tick? You’ll learn about Switzerland’s Christian heritage, its unique form of democracy, and its sometimes controversial position of neutrality in world affairs. From small quaint villages to magnificent mountain landscapes, you’ll see why Switzerland is so much more than chocolate and cheese. 28 minutes (G). T DOC #501421D, $14.99 VOD

This documentary follows several mountain climbers in their attempt to summit one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps, the 14,780-foot Weisshorn. As the climbers struggle to attain their goal, their pain and their triumphs become powerful metaphors for life and faith. The film explores the deeper dimensions of the human spirit and our relationship to God with imagery that will take your breath away. You will be challenged and inspired by the life lessons these climbers encounter at the Summit Cross. 43 minutes. T VOD DOC #501441D, 14.99 SALE! $11.99

Egypt Uncovered Using modern technology and the latest archaeological findings, world-renowned Egyptologists breathe life into one of history’s most fascinating cultures. This five-part series examines Egyptian kings, pyramids, the Age of Gold, deities and demons, and how the Egyptians lived and died. Widescreen. Five episodes, 247 minutes total. DOC #46439D, $29.99 SALE! $24.99


Storytelling Know-How We have all felt the power of a well-told story. Teachers, preachers, and speakers who could tell a story are fondly remembered. Now it’s our turn. Storytelling Know-How for Teachers, Preachers, and “Speech-ifiers” shows how to tell such stories, how our eyes, voice, face, hands, and props can be used to make our listeners’ imaginations soar. Learn firsthand from Rick Sowash, an enthusiastic and entertaining master storyteller whose tips are illustrated throughout the film with hilarious animations and clips from comedy classics of the silent film era. This film will show you how to enrich your listeners’ hearts, minds, and souls. 29 minutes. T DOC #501330D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

Order online and save at www.visionvideo.com

American History We the People: The Character of a Nation In this six-episode series, you’ll meet a diverse cross-section of people who have all played a role in our nation’s history. The six 30-minute episodes are as follows: 1. A More Perfect Union – Meet six people who contributed to the formation of our history such as Gouverneur Morris and Patience Wright. #501246D 2. Establish Justice – Meet five individuals who overcame adversity to further the cause of justice such as Richard Allen and Elizabeth Blackwell. #501247D 3. Insure Domestic Tranquility – Meet individuals and groups that worked for the preservation of the Union during the Civil War such as Julia Ward Howe and the U.S. Christian Commission, a mission and relief organization to soldiers. #501248D 4. Provide for the Common Defense – Meet heroic soldiers from several eras who have defended our nation’s interests such as Joseph Pierce, Alvin York, and Rodger Young. #501249D 5. Promote the General Welfare – Meet five people with a passion for making a difference in the world such as Esther Deberdt Reed, Margaret Knight, and Milton Wright. #501250D 6. Secure the Blessings of Liberty – Meet individuals and groups of people who have achieved freedom in spite of difficult circumstances such as constitution signers, Japanese Americans held captive during WWII, and Native Americans. #501251D DVD features include on-location footage from historic parks and monuments, special appearances by storyteller Rick Sowash, and PDF handouts. Widescreen, 180 minutes total (EST). DOC Individual 30-minute episodes - $14.99 each T VOD DVD set of 6 episodes - #501245D, $29.99

Proof Through the Night

Valor Valor looks at the heroic acts of several Medal of Honor recipients from World War II, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War. These veterans tell their incredible stories of patriotism and courage, including their personal stories of faith in God in the midst of battle and beyond. All are men of faith... honor... Valor. Color and B&W, 60 minutes. VOD #500783D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 DOC

Prisoners of Hope This documentary presents the experiences of ten individuals who were denied freedom. Their stories are testimonies of courage, faith, and a sustaining hope that refused to die. This is a moving program that will change the way you understand freedom and life. 54 minutes. VOD DOC #500784D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 BEST BUY! Both above on one DVD for only $14.99, #501521D

The Mayflower Pilgrims When the Separatists arrived in the New World in 1620, they carried in their hearts a set of beliefs which would form the bedrock values for America. This is their story. 43 min. DOC #20232D, $19.99

“Oh Say, Can You See...?” In the 200 years since Francis Scott Key first wrote those words on the back of a letter, they have inspired millions. The hope and joy expressed in the American National Anthem are so moving that more than five million people signed petitions for its official adoption. Yet within those words is an expression of a Christian’s faith and gratitude for deliverance. Told though the words of eyewitnesses and those who knew him best, this hour-long presentation tells the story not only of the song, but of the man and the beliefs that inspired it. Francis Scott Key was a lawyer, a father, and a church leader. But he was not a songwriter or a professional poet. Yet, his words captured the sense of hope and optimism that continue to define America. 56 minutes (EST). T DOC #501449D, $19.99 VOD

Josiah Henson: The Real Uncle Tom Josiah Henson: The Real Uncle Tom will take you on a visual journey from the historic Uncle Tom’s cabin in Maryland and ultimately to the famous underground railroad. Join host Larnelle Harris as he shows how this African-American minister went from spiritual bondage to freedom in Christ, from physical bondage to political freedom, and on to help other former slaves. 60 minutes + extras. DOC #71983D, $14.99

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.



The Reckoning War erupts in Europe as Germany invades Poland. Eight months later, the small country of Holland is engulfed in World War II. The preservation of human life becomes a life-and-death mission for a small minority of ordinary Dutch citizens. This international award-winning documentary captures the compelling story and eyewitness account of six survivors in war-torn Netherlands during World War II. With the revelation of Hitler’s “Final Solution” and the uncertainty of liberation, it reveals the intensely human aspect of the Dutch struggle against Nazi tyranny. Widescreen, 96 minutes (EST, bios, commentary and “Creating the Reckoning”). VOD T DOC #501177D, $19.99

Making Choices: The Dutch Resistance During WWII Explore the dramatic wartime lives of four Dutch citizens who took a stand to protect Jews and resist the overwhelming power of the Nazis during World War II. Widescreen, 57 minutes. T VOD DOC 500873D, $14.99

Hidden Heroes The rescue of Jews in Nazioccupied Holland is a story of unimaginable courage and faith. As told by those who lived through the Nazi terror, this evocative documentary recounts what it was like for Dutch Jews to face systematic isolation, persecution, and elimination. Our subjects were mere children at the time — children who witnessed their family and friends being arrested and dragged away and, for most, never to be seen again, children for whom unbearable pain and loss was cruelly compressed into a single experience of terror. Hitler’s plan to eliminate an entire race of people may have succeeded if not for those who saw the lie in his quest for perfection, those willing to stand against the Nazi evil—the Dutch resistance. These were Holland’s Hidden Heroes. 50 minutes. T DOC #500779D, $19.99 $14.99 VOD

All 3 DVDs above for $29.99, #98428D


From Vengeance to Forgiveness After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Corporal Jacob DeShazer became a man bent on revenge. As a bombardier in the Army Air Corps, he volunteered for a top secret mission and flew with the legendary Doolittle Raiders in their surprise attack on Japan. After successfully bombing their targets, the Raiders were forced to bail out over occupied China. Jake and seven other airmen were captured by the Japanese and imprisoned. He survived over three years as a POW, enduring torture, starvation, and solitary confinement. During that time, Jake began a personal relationship with God, and his life was never the same. Here is his unforgettable story. 81 minutes. DOC #51013D, $16.99

Overlord: A Mighty Host On June 6, 1944, the greatest military operation in the history of the world succeeded in landing more than 150,000 Allied troops on the beaches of northern France. Before the battle of Normandy was won in late August, these troops endured some of the most costly fighting of World War II. Overlord: A Mighty Host looks back on this awesome military event from the point of view of soldiers, sailors, and paratroopers who were involved in the invasion and examines the lives of men who survived that extraordinary conflict. 58 minutes. VOD DOC #501057D, $14.99 T

A Light in the Darkness This moving documentary explores the spirit and faith of the Volga German people. Joseph Stalin believed that they would not remain loyal to his regime in the war against Germany. In 1941 they were banished from their homes and exiled to forced labor camps, where thousands died. A Light in the Darkness weaves the eyewitness reports of survivors into a tapestry of heart-wrenching tragedy and hope. This true story shows how faith can triumph even in the most desperate circumstances. 52 minutes. VOD T DOC #501075D, $14.99

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World War II Dietrich Bonhoeffer Bonhoeffer: Hanged on a Agent of Grace Twisted Cross This comprehensive documentary captures the context, political environment, and cultural issues of Bonhoeffer’s day. Using rare archival footage, documents, and visits to original locations, we get an intimate portrait of a man whose life and writings grow in their influence and speak powerfully to today’s issues more than 60 years later. 120 minutes. VOD DOC #4863D, $19.99 T

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Memories and Perspectives

Memories follows the life of the martyred theologian, as vividly recalled by his friends, family, and students. Included are Bonhoeffer family photographs that have never been shown before. B&W, 90 min. VOD DOC #500957D, $19.99 T

The Diary of Anne Frank 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Following the Nazi invasion of Amsterdam, 13-year-old Anne and her family go into hiding in the confines of an attic. Anne’s remarkable account of their lives, their growing fear of discovery, their deplorable living conditions, and even the blooming of her first love are intimately portrayed in this extraordinary portrait of humanity. All-star cast includes Shelley Winters, Ed Wynn, Richard Beymer, and Lou Jacobi. 179 minutes (EST, S, SST, FST). DRAMA #58108D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

The Hiding Place In wartime Holland, Corrie ten Boom and her family quietly sheltered Jews in their small house until Nazis discovered the “hiding place” and arrested them all. This is the gripping, true story of Corrie and her sister’s endurance of the horrors in a death camp and their sure hope that God alone is the true hiding place. Widescreen, 145 minutes (S, Pt, F, G with “Behind the Scenes,” bios, and more). DRAMA DVD (2) - #8210D, $19.99 *Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR *Sale ends December 14, 2013

Here is a compelling drama featured on PBS. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German clergyman of great distinction who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis. His convictions cost him his life. His last years, his participation in the German resistance, and his moral struggle are dramatized in this film. Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace sheds light on the littleknown efforts of the German resistance and brings to a wide audience the heroic rebellion of Bonhoeffer. Starring Ulrich Tukur, Robert Joy, and Johanna Klante. Widescreen, 90 minutes (EST, S, Pt, G, actors’ bios). T VOD DRAMA #4638D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99 Get all three Bonhoeffer DVDs for $29.99 - #98568D. SAVE 50%

Hidden in Silence Przemysl, Poland, WWII. Germany emerges victorious over the Russians, and the city comes under Nazi control. The Jewish are sent to the ghettos. While some stand silent, Catholic teenager Stefania Podgorska chooses the role of a savior and sneaks 13 Jews into her attic. When two German nurses are assigned to her living quarters, the chances of discovery become dangerously high. This is the true story of a young woman’s selfless commitment and unwavering resolve in the face of war. Starring Kellie Martin. 90 minutes. DRAMA #93839D, $12.99 Only $6.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR *Sale ends December 14, 2013

The Scarlet and the Black This outstanding film tells the thrilling, true story of an Irish priest in the Vatican who organizes an underground network in Rome to hide the Jews and others from the Nazis during World War II. Gregory Peck stars as Msgr. Hugh O’Flaherty who uses disguises to hide from the ruthless Nazi commander (Christopher Plummer). 145 minutes. DRAMA

#1395D, $14.99

*Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR *Sale ends December 14, 2013

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Moving Dramas C.S. Lewis through the Shadowlands Relive the journey of C. S. Lewis during the days prior to and after the cancer-related death of his wife Joy. This is the original award-winning TV drama co-produced by the BBC and Gateway Films upon which the feature film was based. Starring Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom. 73-minute and 90-minute versions. T DRAMA #4813D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Beyond the Next Mountain A powerful drama originally made for theatrical release. At the close of the 19th century, the British branded the Hmar people of northeast India as “the worst headhunters,” a label well deserved at the time. But in 1910, a single copy of the Gospel of John reached their village and introduced them to a revolutionary “new life in Christ.” This is the story of the personal pilgrimage and vision of one tribesman’s son, Rochunga Pudaite. 97 minutes (EST, S, K, Hi, bio on Rochunga). T DRAMA #4790D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

Candle in the Dark This drama, shot in India, faithfully recounts the incredible saga of William Carey’s Serampore mission which began two hundred years ago. The Serampore Community’s task seemed impossible, yet they overcame many obstacles to make a lasting impact for God in India, bringing transforming power of the Gospel to multitudes. Includes four-part curriculum and more. Free downloadable PDF guide. 97 minutes (S, P, Hi). DRAMA #4782D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 SG VOD T

Faithful Witness (BOOK) William Carey was a faithful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ amidst a life of personal grief, professional ridicule, and international strife. This book is a special movie companion edition to Candle in the Dark, written by Dr. Timothy George. 202 pages. Book - #4310, $9.99


China Cry This is the true story of Sung Neng Yee, now known as Nora Lam, who escaped from Communist China to Hong Kong some fifty years ago. Her childhood faith became real as she suffered under Communist persecution. She refused to deny Christ even while enduring physical abuse late in her pregnancy. 103 minutes (EST, S, Pt, actors’ bios). VOD DRAMA #4616D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 T

The Cross and the Switchblade This ever popular film tells the true story of the beginning of David Wilkerson’s work among the gangs of New York City and the dramatic conversion of the notorious street fighter, Nicky Cruz. Parental guidance suggested. Widescreen. 105 minutes (EST, S, F, Pt, Ru, G, I, Pl, bios, Nicky’s testimony, and more). T VOD DRAMA #4629D, $14.99 SALE! $11.99

Classic Christian Drama Collection This boxed set includes all four DVDs in this shaded box, packaged in an attractive gift set. 6 hours, 18 minutes total. #501363D, $24.99 SAVE $35!


The Story of Damien To deal with the leprosy problem in the Hawaiian Islands in 1872, sufferers were relentlessly exiled to Molokai, a barren isle off the coast. There they lived in miserable surroundings, abandoned by the outside world, in their labor colony. To alleviate their fate, Damien was the first priest to go to Molokai. Little by little, Damien earned the trust of the lepers, and eventually, his appeals for nuns and supplies resonated throughout the world, much to the displeasure of his superiors. Even when Damien contracted leprosy, his energy did not abate, and he carried on working for the well-being of his “fellow lepers” to the end. 112 minutes (EST, bios). T #4714D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 DRAMA VOD

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Historical Dramas God’s Outlaw


A simple God-seeking man, William Tyndale somehow became one of the most wanted men in England and all of Europe. Pursued by King Henry VIII, Lord Chancellor Sir Thomas More, and the Pope’s personal legate Cardinal Wolsey, Tyndale darted across Europe to avoid capture, always pushing to complete the task that obsessed him—translating the Bible into English and publishing it for his fellow countrymen. Today William Tyndale is renowned as “the father of the English Bible,” and is recognized as one of the major leaders of the English Reformation. But the tale of how he lived and died as “God’s Outlaw” is a compelling “rest-of-the-story,” and is especially a moving encouragement for modern people of faith. Starring Roger Rees, Willoughby Goddard, Keith Barron, Oona Kirsch, Bernard Archard, and more. 95 minutes (EST, S, Pt, K, bios, and study materials in PDF). T SG VOD DRAMA #4737D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Richard Harris and Sir Alec Guinness star in this sweeping, epic drama recounting the battle between the monarchy and a commoner over the very soul of Great Britain. In 17th-century England, ambitious country gentleman Oliver Cromwell (Harris) dared to challenge the political oppression and corruption which besieged his nation. Watching his power being usurped by a commoner, King Charles I (Guinness) springs to challenge his adversary. One man will become absolute ruler; the other will be executed. Rousing battle sequences, excellent lead and supporting performances from Robert Morley, Dorothy Tutin, and Timothy Dalton, award-winning costume design, and spectacular photography make Cromwell an outstanding historical drama. Widescreen. A free PDF guide is available on our website. 139 minutes (EST, SST, FST). SG DRAMA #600859D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

A Man for All Seasons

Inspired by her dream to be a missionary, Gladys Aylward journeys to China and opens an inn for tired, hungry mule drivers. Gradually overcoming the natives’ hostility, she converts a powerful Mandarin to Christianity. But her greatest feat is leading 100 homeless children to safety. Starring Ingrid Bergman. Free PDF guide. Widescreen, 158 minutes (F, S, SST, extras). #98944D, $14.99 DRAMA SG

A dazzling international cast brings to life one of the most thrilling dramas of intrigue and courage ever filmed. Robert Shaw plays King Henry VIII, who wants to divorce his wife in order to marry Anne Boleyn. Only Sir Thomas More (Paul Scofield) has the courage and conviction to oppose the King’s will, but his valiant refusal to abandon his principles leads to his death. Widescreen, 120 minutes (F, FST, PtST). DRAMA #03256D, $14.99

Also available: Torchlighters: The Gladys Aylward Story — see pg. 29.

Special Edition

Romero St. Patrick:

The Irish Legend He went back to bless the very people who had enslaved him! Here is the story of Patrick and his heroic ministry in Ireland. Armed with courage, convictions, and unwavering belief that the Gospel could liberate Ireland, Patrick altered the course of history. Patrick Bergin, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates, and Susannah York star in this lush dramatic production filmed on location in Ireland. 90 minutes. DRAMA #99343D, $19.99

Romero is a compelling theatrical feature film on the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who made the ultimate sacrifice in a passionate stand against social injustice and oppression in his country. Raul Julia stars as this man of God forced by the unspeakable events going on around him to take a stand that ultimately leads to his assassination in 1980 at the hands of the military junta. Also starring Richard Jordan and Ana Alicia. Parental discretion suggested. 105 minutes (EST, S, extras). #501303D, $19.99 T DRAMA VOD

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Discussion Starters • Mini Movies The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey While casually browsing the bookshelves at a local library, a young woman stumbles across a book about the 16-year-old martyr, Lady Jane Grey. As she attentively ingests each word, her mind is captivated by the realism of the events unfolding before her. Pages continue to turn as moments turn to hours. Her imagination soon gives way to reality as we are transported back in time to find Jane (Jerica Henline) on the eve of her execution, rejected by her people, dethroned, and locked in a tower because of her refusal to acquiesce to the faith of her cousin, Mary Tudor, and having for comfort her only faithful friend, Mrs. Ellen (Emily Meinerding). Follow this valiant young woman through the final hours of her life, and be a part of the few to uncover the truth of this magnificent, untold story! 15 minutes plus extras. VOD T DRAMA #501481D, $12.99 SALE! $9.99

No Greater Love A despondent American journalist is sent to rural Austria in the fall of 1956 to cover the story of the refugee flight from Communist Hungary. While investigating the story, he witnesses an unparalleled act of love that changes his perspective on the events he is covering as well as his own neglect of his family. Based on true events, No Greater Love explores the theme of sacrificial love set against the backdrop of history through the Hungarian refugee flight of 1956. The story contrasts two fathers, one Hungarian and one American, and how the first is willing to lay down his life for his family, while the other is struggling with his distant relationship with his wife and children. This story serves as a challenge to us all — to be willing to love to the greatest extent. Free downloadable PDF guide. 16 minutes (optional Hungarian subtitles). T VOD SG DRAMA #500937D, $14.99 $9.99

Mini Movies on Demand Do you need something short and sweet to use as a discussion starter or object lesson for your church or Sunday school class? We have more mini movies available to download at www.visionvideo.com. You will find them on the left side of the screen in the blue box “Video Categories.” Select the “Mini Movies” category to start browsing.


In the Arms of Angels When eight-year-old Belle disobeys her father, she puts herself and her younger brother in grave danger from a rock slide that would have meant certain death for both, had God not intervened. Through this event, Belle draws closer to God and learns a lesson in obedience. 14 minutes (extras). T DOCU-DRAMA #4817D, $14.99 $9.99 VOD

The Touch of the Master’s Hand Based on the beloved poem by Myra Brooks Welch, the film parable follows the path of a finely crafted violin that falls into uncaring hands. It was about to be auctioned off for almost nothing until it received “a touch from the master’s hand,” which revealed its great value. Free downloadable PDF guide. 20 minutes (S, EST). #4652D, $9.99 SG DOCU-DRAMA T VOD

Waiting for the Wind Walter is faced with a terminal illness while his son-in-law is struggling with grief over the death of his young wife and his disbelief in God. In an unforgettable scene, Walter’s rugged faith is conveyed to his adoring grandson. Starring Robert Mitchum, Rhonda Fleming, and Jameson Parker. 22 minutes. T DRAMA #501192D, $9.99 VOD

The Bridge Three powerful programs! A dramatic parable on God’s sacrifice of His Son. A father, working on a railroad track control, sees his young son coming toward him as a train is approaching, and he must decide whom to save, the passengers or his son. (11 minutes). The Pump is a parabolic film with many Christian parallels (9 minutes). In The Mouths of Babes, young children respond to a series of questions (15 minutes). Free PDF guide. VOD T DRAMA #501028D, $11.99 $9.99

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Mysterious Strangers The Perfect Stranger

The Stranger From the producers of The Perfect Stranger, here are seven 30-minute contemporary versions of familiar Biblical stories. Episodes include: The Woman at the Well A woman struggles with not being perfect. The Prodigal Son A young man turns his back on a family fortune and winds up sleeping in an alley. Mary and Martha Two sisters with different outlooks run a diner in small town, Alabama. Salt A grad student faces an outspoken professor and his agnostic viewpoints. Thomas A boorish radio talk show host berates his listeners on “The Insanity of Faith.” Mary Magdalene A senator must cast a deciding vote on a landmark abortion bill. Walk on Water A teenager is harassed for her beliefs by her mean-spirited classmates. DRAMA

#88605D, $24.99

Buy The Perfect Stranger & Another Perfect Stranger for $24.99, #98367D. All 3 Stranger DVDs for $44.99, #98314D

The Encounter Five strangers find themselves marooned in a deserted roadside diner. An arrogant businessman, a lonely single woman, a couple on the verge of divorce, and a youthful runaway all come face to face with a diner owner who serves them more than temporal nourishment. This genial host is a certain Nazarene, who knows all of their secrets and possesses the answers to all of their problems if only they would trust him. Starring Bruce Marchiano, Jaci Velasquez, and Steve “Sting” Borden. 85 minutes. DRAMA #100139D, $19.99 SALE! $5.00

The Encounter 2: Paradise Lost Six strangers find themselves trapped at a beach side resort on the brink of an oncoming hurricane. Another guest arrives, claiming to be Jesus Christ. He has come to rescue them from the darkest corners of their own hearts. However, the decision to surrender and receive the freedom he offers is a choice each one of them must make. Dove approved (12+). 105 minutes. #300301D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 DRAMA

Nikki is a successful attorney, troubled that her life isn’t perfect. One day, a mysterious invitation shows up on her desk that reads, “You are invited to dinner with Jesus of Nazareth.” Thinking it’s a prank, she shows up, only to find herself in the middle of a whirlwind evening of debate and revelation—with the most unforgettable man she would ever meet. Based on the bestselling novel, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, by David Gregory. 105 minutes. DRAMA #830014D, $17.99

Another Perfect Stranger This sequel to The Perfect Stranger (above) picks up the story ten years later. Nikki’s daughter Sarah is at her own spiritual crossroads. While traveling to college, Sarah has a conversation with a stranger who shares her disdain for religion. 96 minutes. DRAMA

#80514D, $14.99

Joshua Joshua moves to Auburn and awakens the curiosity of the sleepy town. They don’t know who he is or where he came from. As he begins to rebuild a burned church, he also helps the townspeople rebuild their lives and their trust. Joshua is a modern parable about how compassion and charity can transform our troubled world. 92 minutes (extras). #99051D, $14.99 DRAMA

I Am The Ten Commandments, as you’ve never seen them before, provide the framework for this compelling drama set in Los Angeles. A desperate heiress... a beautiful reporter... a vengeful detective... a charismatic district attorney... all of their lives will intersect, leading to profound choices that will test each character’s morality and faith. With guidance from a mysterious stranger, these lost souls search for answers, only to discover that the path to salvation is closer than they ever could have imagined. 99 minutes (EST, SST, FST). DRAMA #71570D, $12.99

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Outreach and Apologetics How Should We Then Live?


This is Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s spectacular series on the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective. This special edition includes an intimate in-depth interview with Francis and Edith Schaeffer, which is available only in this package. This program presents profound truths in simple language and concludes that man’s only hope is a return to God’s Biblical absolute — the Truth revealed in Christ through the Scriptures. Each episode focuses on a significant era of history while presenting answers to modern problems. Includes PDF study guide on DVD. Twelve 30-minute sessions and a two-segment interview with Francis and Edith Schaeffer on “Living with Suffering and Sickness” and “God’s Leading in L’Abri and Our Lives.” 6 hours plus extras. DOC SG VOD T #90009D, $49.99 $29.99

Josh McDowell has led thousands to faith in Christ, but his own journey to faith took him down a long and difficult road. In this compelling docu-drama we learn of the harsh realities of McDowell’s childhood — an alcoholic father and a farmhand’s abuse — which left him filled with shame. Over the years, that shame turned to rage. In college he mocked and scorned the beliefs of Christians until they issued him a challenge: prove God doesn’t exist. Obsessively, he traveled the world searching for evidence contradicting Christianity, but instead he found the truth — and a faith that led to grace and redeemed a broken man. Since that time, his ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ has allowed him to spread the gospel to millions of young people, and he’s published over 70 books in the field of Christian apologetics. 68 minutes. DOCU-DRAMA #1614D, $22.99 SALE! $17.99

Whatever Happened to the Human Race? This Francis Schaeffer series examines the sanctity of life as a social, moral, and spiritual issue, which Christians must choose not to ignore. 150 minutes. T DOC #66209D, $29.99 $24.99

Both Francis Schaeffer DVDs for only $59.99 $49.99, #98127D — SAVE $20

Lee Strobel Collection The Case for Christ Lee Strobel examines the historical viability and accuracy of the Gospels, along with the personal claims and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 70 minutes. DOC #21700D, $14.99 The Case for Faith Strobel turns his tenacious investigative skills to the most persistent emotional objections to belief — the eight “heart” barriers to faith. 79 minutes. DOC #22669D, $14.99 The Case for a Creator Based upon a New York Times best-seller, The Case for a Creator is a remarkable film about Strobel’s investigation and journey from spiritual skepticism to a profound faith in God. 60 minutes + extras. DOC #107139D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Footsteps of Goliath Is the famous story really true? Did young David actually slay the giant Goliath with a slingshot? Did giants actually walk the earth? Find out in Footsteps of Goliath. Here is the most complete view on the giant Goliath ever presented, approached from the perspective of professional scientists and archaeologists. Includes an accurate and credible re-enactment of the famous duel. 52 minutes. DOC #500838D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99 T

The Gospel of Judas & Other Gnostic Secrets Revealed The discovery of a text buried for centuries has cast new light on the ancient heresy of Gnosticism. Here is a Biblebased journey to uncover the truth behind the “secrets” of Gnosticism. Through interviews with historians and scholars and the testimonies of the Gospel writers and early Church Fathers, we examine how Gnostic beliefs originated, and their popularity and resurgence today. Includes discussion questions. Five segments, 64 minutes total. T VOD DOC #501054D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99

BEST BUY: 3 Disc Set - #24888D, $19.99


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Challenge and Inspiration NEW!

Into His Arms


A family is shattered when sevenyear-old Jennifer disappears while she and her mother, Sharla, are shopping. As the days pass, police searches lead to nothing. Sharla prays, struggling over how a loving God could allow evil to happen to a child—a child entrusted into His arms. This film raises questions of faith without offering simplistic answers. 77 minutes (EST, S, Pt, director’s commentary, behind the scenes). T DRAMA #4781D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 VOD

Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by screens. Have we entered a techno-utopia or a virtual prison? Most would agree that we are a media-saturated society, but what effect is all this media having on us individually and culturally? People of all ages are reporting that their unchecked media consumption has led to disconnection, discontentment, and captivity. Captivated features insights from media experts and church leaders such as Dr. Ted Baehr, Dr. Jeff Myers, and Professor Mark Bauerlein, as well as personal stories from individuals and families who have learned to make discerning and God-honoring choices about their use of media technology. 107 minutes plus extras (SST). #501496D, $19.99 T DOC VOD

Time Changer The year is 1890 and Bible professor Russell Carlisle has written a new manuscript. When Norris Anderson states that Carlisle’s ideas are deadly and could adversely affect coming generations, their relationship is strained to the brink. Using a time machine, Anderson sends Carlisle more than 100 years into the future to see where his ideas will lead. Starring Hal Linden and Gavin McCloud. Widescreen, 99 minutes (S, extras). #98896D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 T DRAMA

The Gift of Hope The Tony Melendez Story Tony Melendez may have been born without arms, but that hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life to the fullest. Today he is known around the world for playing the guitar with his feet. He has appeared on numerous television shows and received many awards. His inspiring story will give hope to those in need. 45 minutes. T VOD DOC #4858D, $14.99

Journey with Jesus through Hopelessness Singer, songwriter, and teacher Michael Card journeys through the land of the Bible, taking a look at the lives of Jeremiah, David, and Jesus—all who knew significant suffering. Along the way, he uncovers the purpose of the pain in our lives, pointing us to the only One in whom real hope is found. 60 minutes. DOC #34943D, $13.99

Changing Sides This powerful, true story reveals Abby Johnson’s conversion from Planned Parenthood Director to Pro-Life Activist and how her clinic was the launching pad of the bold new pro-life effort, “40 Days for Life.” Abby believed that she was helping women by working for the nation’s largest abortion operation. She quickly rose in the ranks to become the director of an abortion facility and was even given an “Employee of the Year” award. Abby suddenly found herself on the other side of the fence, facing the truth about abortion. The real question now was, in her time of crisis, what would she do and who would help her? Discover what happens when people pray, fast, sacrifice, love their enemies, and take a stand on the most controversial issue of our time. 52 minutes. DOC #900197D, $14.99

Encounters with Angels This program features many eyewitness reports of people who have seen and heard angels. Their experiences are real and genuine and offer insight into the character of God as He uses His angels to encourage and protect. Mentioned in over 300 verses in the Bible, angels are still alive today in the 21st century as they continue the spiritual battle which will eventually reconcile man with God. 47 minutes. DOC #501092D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99 T

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Challenge and Inspiration Briars in the Cottonpatch

Into My Arms

10th Anniversary Edition

In this revealing documentary, we hear the very personal stories of five women who chose abortion. In their own words, they bravely share their struggles with remorse and the array of psychological challenges faced after their decision. Their heart-wrenching stories are explored by some of the world’s leading Christian counselors who offer hope for forgiveness, healing, and restoration. It is an oft-quoted statistic: about one-quarter of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion. What is less reported is the effect that abortion has on women who go through the procedure. Often discouraged by the secular mental health profession from discussing negative aspects of abortion, these women are left to suffer alone. Into My Arms is a healing tool for those who are experiencing postabortion trauma. It also offers vital information for those considering abortion. Featuring insightful commentary from John Eldredge (author of The Sacred Romance and Wild at Heart), Dr. Diane Langberg, Christopher West, Georgette Forney, Theresa Burke, Jan Frank, and others. 58 min. (EST). T VOD DOC #501504D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Briars in the Cotton Patch tells the nearly forgotten story of Koinonia Farm, a small Christian community in Southwest Georgia where whites and blacks chose to live and work together as equals despite the brutal and frightening consequences. Possibly the most daring social experiment in the South during the last century, Koinonia faced years of terror, boycotts, and intimidation in the years leading up to the tumultuous Civil Rights era. Narrated by former Atlanta Mayor and Civil Rights veteran Andrew Young, this award-winning documentary examines the remarkable events that tested the moral boundaries of a community and planted the seeds for the global work of Habitat for Humanity, The Fuller Center for Housing, and Jubilee Partners. 57 minutes. VOD T DOC #501491D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Forgiving the Unforgivable Here are three case studies that explore how forgiveness can take place even in the most unthinkable circumstances. 33 minutes. Bonus features include a 20minute program “The Five Steps to Forgiveness” with Dr. Everett Worthington and a three-lesson PDF study guide. (EST). VOD




#501328D, $19.99 $14.99

Sue Thomas Nothing But the Truth Diagnosed as totally deaf at the age of 18 months, Sue Thomas nevertheless went on to a successful career in the FBI. Her exploits were dramatized in the popular TV series, “Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.” As an international speaker, Sue has shared the story of God’s power to use her mightily in spite of tremendous obstacles. Now, Sue tells of her inner struggle to come to terms with her deafness. The painful reality of her situation led her to accuse God and to tell an embarrassing lie that almost led to her expulsion from Bible Seminary. What did it take to bring Sue to a place of full surrender at the cross? Sue’s message is a personal call to “homecoming” for those who struggle to find their place in God’s plan. It is also a call to the church to turn from the distracting noise of popular culture and return to her first love. 55 minutes + extras (EST). VOD T DOC #501452D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99


In the Wildflowers In the Wildflowers follows the reallife journeys of six women who walk toward healing and wholeness after sexual abuse. This ten-part series covers every aspect of sexual abuse from a Biblical perspective. Each session is approximately 30-40 minutes. Includes a 35-page leader’s manual and 120-page participant guide. Visit www.visionvideo.com for full details. T #98266D, $249.99 SALE! $229.99 Extra leader’s guide, #98268, $19.99 Extra participant’s guide, #98267, $19.99

Sue Thomas

Breaking the Sound Barrier Sue Thomas tells her life story with special focus on the early years: being labeled a “dummy” in elementary school, her mother’s efforts to instill in her a love of music, Sue’s ice skating prowess, and the beginning of her FBI career. See how her loving parents taught Sue that with God’s help she could break through the Sound Barrier. 60 min. (EST). #4702D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 DOC T

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Challenge and Inspiration NEW!

Christian Life and Work

Single Creek

Long hours? Tight deadlines? Stress? Pressure? A boss who doesn’t understand? Can work really be part of God’s plan? London Bible College draws together a host of experts to bring in-depth teaching and Biblical wisdom to bear on the everyday issues you face wherever you work—in the office, at the checkout, in the classroom, under the car, or in the home. This program by Mark Greene, Executive Director of the Institute for Contemporary Christianity, helps you discover the everyday opportunities for ministry, witness, and spiritual growth in your workplace. Six 25-minute programs. Includes 20-page study guide. #97725D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99

According to U.S. Census data, approximately 100 million single adults now live in the United States, representing 45% of all U.S. households. Single Creek is a documentary about real Christian singles with real issues at all stages of life. How does the family-centric church treat those who are unmarried, divorced, widowed, or those who choose lives of celibacy? The film urges church leaders and married couples to consider new ways to connect with this growing demographic while challenging singles themselves to live full lives of faith. Includes insights from Dennis Franck, author of Reaching Single Adults, Wendy Widder, author of A Match Made In Heaven, and more. 53 minutes. T VOD DOC #501512D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99

Somebody’s Daughter Meet four men who were looked up to by wives, children, and church folk, but pornography was secretly eating each of them alive, just as it’s affecting millions in our world. The groundbreaking DVD/CD, Somebody’s Daughter, confronts the darkness and lies of this alluring vice with compelling honesty. Interviews, personal stories, songs, music videos, poetry, and readings combine to create a documentary designed to help those struggling with pornography to break free and journey back to light and dignity. 62 minutes (EST). T DOC #501284D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

India’s Untouchables


These three films expose the oppression of the Dalit people and offer practical solutions for change. This set also includes over two hours of bonus material, making it perhaps the most comprehensive exploration of the plight of the Dalits currently available on DVD. India’s Hidden Slavery (57 min.) This award-winning film exposes contemporary slavery in India among the Dalit community. India’s Forgotten Women (45 minutes) This film unearths astonishing evidence of discrimination against Dalit women. India’s New Beginnings (35 minutes) Follow the work of Operation Mercy Charitable Company and see how their holistic Christian approach to caring for the Dalits is changing lives. T DOC 3-Disc set - #501516D, $24.99 SALE! $22.99

Untold Stories of Columbine Rachel Joy Scott was killed in the Columbine High School tragedy in April, 1999. Her father, Darrell Scott, tells the untold stories behind the tragic shootings in this award-winning video. Hear how many young people took a stand for their convictions. Scott also reveals the amazing contents of his deceased daughter’s diaries and her apparent premonitions of what was to come. Also included on this video are excerpts from Rachel’s funeral service, as seen on CNN worldwide. This amazing story of tragedy and God’s mercy is a powerful and shining testimony for Jesus Christ. 80 minutes. T DOC #4862D, $14.99 VOD

Saving Face Here is an incredible, true documentary about Matt Kern, who went from being an “A” student to flunking out. While repeating the eighth grade, he and two friends decided to steal a car, but in a moment’s haste, one of the friends shot and killed the driver. Matt ended up in prison, where he earned the respect of the other inmates through violence and threats. In his sixth year of incarceration, he landed himself in Solitary Confinement. It was the beginning of a spiritual awakening and the providential way in which Matt received clemency. This remarkable story reveals the details of how choices can ruin a life, what life is really like in prison, and how God still works in miraculous ways. 80 minutes. T VOD DOC #501352D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

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Reaching the World for Christ Zamzam:

A Missionary Odyssey A true story of faith on the high seas. An old Egyptian liner carrying 144 missionaries was bound for mission work in Africa. It was mistakenly shelled and sunk by a Nazi warship off the coast of South Africa during World War II. The passengers abandoned ship, and their precarious plight was filmed by two photographers who just happened to be on board. Here is their amazing, miraculous story. 30 minutes (additional footage, photos, journal excerpts). DOC #4778D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 T VOD

Awakening Cambodia Since the Khmer Rouge genocide of the late 1970s where up to three million people were brutally murdered, Cambodia has struggled to regain stability. This tragic time period left the nation in social and economic shambles, compounding hopelessness and poverty in a world without the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The story of the birth and continued ministry of the Foursquare Cambodian Church is one of miraculous proportions. In 1999, the Lord sent missionaries Ted and Sou Olbrich to serve the people of Cambodia with a mission to train and equip Cambodian nationals to reach their own. This is a powerful testimony of revival and transformation. 42 minutes. VOD T DOC #501380D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99

More Than Dreams For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women, without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians, have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Here are five true stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as their Savior. Among them are Khalil, a radical Egyptian terrorist who was transformed; Mohammed, a herdsman in Nigeria who found the deep love of Christ; and Ali, a Turkish man in bondage to alcohol until he decided to follow Christ. View in their original languages with English subtitles, or dubbed in English with optional English or Spanish subtitles. 187 minutes total. VOD



#501117D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

First Fruits This is the true story of the extraordinary devotion of young missionaries and their role at a critical point in the history of world missions. In the 1730s, a community of Moravian refugees finds a home on the estate of Count Zinzendorf in Germany. See how the first two young men who went as missionaries to the slaves on St. Thomas were willing to become slaves themselves, if necessary, in order to proclaim the Gospel. 70 minutes (EST, S, G, Pt). T DRAMA #4821D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99 VOD

Gladys Aylward: The Small Woman with a Great God

Eric Liddell:

Champion of Conviction This documentary presents the life of Eric Liddell, the athlete in the 1924 Olympics depicted in the Academy Award-winning film, Chariots of Fire. Following the Olympics, Eric went to China as a missionary. By 1941, however, China was becoming more unstable and Japan was increasing its control. It wasn’t long until the Japanese began moving people into internment camps. There, Eric continued to live out his faith, impacting the lives of many fellow prisoners, including some 300 children who were separated from their parents. Includes 50-minute and 110-minute versions (EST, S). DOC #501234D, $14.99 T VOD


Gladys Aylward may have been barely five feet tall, but she was a giant of conviction! This fascinating documentary presents the events of Gladys’ life, chronicled by Carol Purves, author of Chinese Whispers: The Gladys Aylward Story, and accompanied by photographs, illustrations, and recordings of Gladys’ own voice. From her harrowing journey to the mission field, to her ambitious trek with 100 orphans across the mountains to safety from a Japanese invasion, see how this ordinary woman experienced the extraordinary, simply because she said “yes” to God. 62 minutes (EST, S, SST). VOD T DOC #501289D, $14.99

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Reaching the World for Christ Mama Heidi

Dr. David Livingstone

Heidi and Rolland Baker answered the call to minister in Mozambique. Working with the poorest of the poor, they made a difference by taking over a dilapidated orphanage. The children had all kinds of diseases and even had to eat rats to stay alive. Heidi and Rolland began educating, feeding, and praying for the children and experienced amazing miracles of healing. Currently, they oversee three residential orphanages and schools, caring for 700 children, and have inspired many pastors to care for hundreds more. 52 minutes. T DOC #4800D, $14.99 VOD

In the early part of the nineteenth century, Dr. David Livingstone took the Gospel to Africa in word and deed. As a medical doctor he treated the sick, earning him the necessary trust and respect to teach the love of Christ which many Africans freely embraced. Then Livingstone turned his attention to exploration, seeing this work as much a spiritual calling as traditional missionary work. Facing danger and sickness, he forged routes deep into the African interior, sparking the imagination of many who would follow. Hailed as one of the greatest European explorers of all time, Livingstone’s commitment and eventual martyrdom helped bring an end to the slave trade and opened a continent to the Gospel. In this documentary, discover the story of David Livingstone and see how faith and sacrifice can change the world. 59 minutes. T DOC #501458D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

The Cross: Jesus in China Here is a comprehensive account of Christianity in China over the last 50 years. The film answers the question raised by many people outside China: How did the number of Chinese Christians increase from 700,000 in 1949 to approximately 70 million today despite Communist control? Using live footage and interviews, the four-part series captures the true stories of many people and seeks to answer the most common questions about Christians in China. Three episodes, approximately four hours total (EST). DOC #96612D, $19.99

Christianity and Islam Today, there are approximately seven million Muslims and more than 13,000 mosques in North America. How do we talk to them about Christ? Which beliefs do we share in common and where do we differ? Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad? Noted theologian Dr. Timothy George teams with awardwinning producer-director T. N. DOC T SG Mohan to answer these and other basic questions in this four-part collection. Muslim views are stated fairly and objectively by Muslim scholars who appear in the series. The programs set forth basic and foundational differences between Christianity and Islam and the implications for how we understand God, Christ, and the meaning of salvation. Included is a study guide containing background information, Biblical comparisons, and discussion questions on each of the four 25-minute programs (EST). VOD DVD with PDF guide - #501258D, $19.99 DVD with printed guide - #97919D, $24.99

Mission: God at Work, Faith in Action Here are 24 mission stories from around the world that show the diversity and power of God’s Spirit at work. This award-winning series was created as a prime-time TV series. Hosts are Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint who was one of the five missionaries killed in Ecuador in 1956, and Dianne Becker, who has traveled the world producing mission stories. Stories include cannibals transformed by God’s love, living water offered to African villagers, street children offered a new life, and more. 225 minutes. T


#4785D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99

Challenge of Islam This two-part study explores the beliefs of Islam and illuminates Muslim religious practice. Guiding the discussion is Sam Shamoun, an Arab-Christian born in Kuwait but raised in the United States. Well-grounded in the doctrines of Islam, he believes in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Informative and engaging, Shamoun’s presentation is centered on the goodness of God’s saving grace through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Part One: “What is Islam?” is 84 minutes, Part Two: “Defending the Christian Faith” is 75 minutes. Includes study guide in PDF. SG DOC #501368D, $24.99 SALE! $19.99 T VOD

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Science and Creation Darwin’s Dilemma

The Privileged Planet

This film looks back to the origin of complex living organisms. This stunning exploration of the Cambrian fossil record reveals the sudden emergence of animals in an eye-blink of geological time — a revelation that stands in direct contradiction to Darwin’s theory of evolution through small, gradual steps. 72 minutes. DOC #106309D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Many scientists and philosophers have claimed that Earth is an ordinary speck of dust adrift, without purpose or significance, in a vast cosmic sea. Yet current astronomical evidence seems to suggest just the opposite. The same factors that make a planet like Earth hospitable to life also provide the best conditions for scientific discovery. Through stunning computer animation, interviews with leading scientists, and spectacular images of earth and the cosmos, The Privileged Planet explores a connection between our capacity to survive and our ability to observe and understand the universe. 60 minutes. DOC #20749D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Unlocking the Mystery of Life This DVD presents the scientific case for intelligent design based upon the latest discoveries in molecular biology. Through stunning computer animation, you’ll travel into the nucleus of the living cell to encounter the most efficient information processing system in the universe — the DNA molecule and its genetic code. 67 minutes. DOC #2239D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

The Intelligent Design Collection 3-Disc Set - #20109D, $24.99 Includes Darwin’s Dilemma, Unlocking the Mystery of Life, and The Privileged Planet

God of Wonders

Creation or Evolution?

Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the Creator’s handiwork and what His creation reveals about His character. Survey the unimaginable size of the universe and ponder the vast energy present in all matter. Examine the water molecule essential to all life and discover how God combines these molecules to form beautiful and symmetrical snow crystals. Learn about the incredible complexity of DNA and the miraculous workings of the tiny seed. From the functional design of birds to the transformation of butterflies, these and many other features of creation are highlighted in this visually stunning presentation. 85 minutes. DOC #89373D, $19.99

Can the Bible’s account of creation be reconciled with modern scientific fact? Whether you’re a parent, teacher, student, or are simply curious, you’ll appreciate this candid, informative Christian perspective and analysis of both the geologic record and the biblical account of creation. This video will help you better understand this controversial subject. 58 minutes (EST). T DOC #500874D, $14.99 VOD

Expelled! Ben Stein travels the world and learns the inspiring truth that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure, and even fired — for the “crime” of merely believing that there might be evidence of design in nature, and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance. Widescreen, 90 minutes. A leader’s guide in PDF is available on our website. T SG #600492D, $19.99 SALE! $9.99 DOC


The Evidence Where did the universe come from? How did it start? Why are we here? Is there a God behind it all? Recent discoveries in physics and other fields suggest a radically new picture of the universe and humanity’s place in it. Rather than being a sea of chaos, it appears instead to be intricately tuned, a mechanism whose every physical law seems to have been designed from the very first nanosecond toward a single end — the creation of life. Welcome to the evidence. 25 minutes. DOC #905750D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

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Science and Creation Wonders of God’s Creation 6-DVD SET This DVD collection presents the beauty, wonder, and miracle of God’s creation. Combining spectacular photography with decades of research, the series unlocks many of the mysteries of the universe, giving the viewer an even deeper appreciation for God’s infinite power, wisdom, and everlasting love. The six programs are Planet Earth, Animal Kingdom, Human Life, Whirling Winds, Thundering Earth and Roaring Waters, and The Milky Way and Our Solar System. Over 10 hours total. DOC (6) - #703838D, $39.99 $34.99

Take off into unknown worlds of NEW! vast dimensions and fascinating beauty in search of answers. How did the universe come into being? What role do human beings play in it? Are we alone in the universe? Was it pure chance that brought us into being, or is there a higher being behind it all? Featuring stunning space telescope images and captivating insights from leading scientists and theologians, including Alister McGrath and John C. Lennox, Our Fascinating Universe will take you on a journey into greater understanding. Includes 55minute and 35-minute versions, plus 40 minutes of bonus material (interviews and music clip). VOD T DOC #501495D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99


The Wonders of God’s Creation 3-DVD SET This DVD collection presents three programs from The Wonders of God’s Creation series. The three programs are Planet Earth, Animal Kingdom, and Human Life. 193 minutes total. DOC (3) - #67248D, $24.99



Our Fascinating Universe

Follow the mysterious and beautiful life cycle of the butterfly through this unforgettable documentary film. Featuring spectacular photography from the lush rainforests of Mexico and Ecuador, vivid computer animation, and new magnetic resonance imaging, this documentary opens once hidden doors to every stage of the butterfly’s life cycle, including the seemingly miraculous annual migration of the Monarch Butterfly. Metamorphosis will fill you with wonder and joy as you discover the intricacies of God’s creation. 64 minutes plus extras. DOC #103159D, 19.99

The Genius of Birds Flight probes the mysteries and biological mechanisms of a bird’s anatomy, instinct, and embryology to reveal stunning provisions essential for life in the skies. You’ll marvel at a hummingbird’s high-performance skeletal, muscular, and metabolic systems, the endurance and navigational abilities of an Arctic tern as it travels from pole to pole during the longest migration on Earth, the instinctive strategies that enable a flock of 300,000 European starlings to evade predators at break-neck speeds, and much more. The ingenuity of a bird’s behavior and biology showcase unmistakable evidence of design, purpose, and plan––hallmarks of genius best explained by an intelligence that transcends the natural world. 62 minutes. DOC #23139D, $19.99 SALE! $15.99

Philosophy, Science, and the God Debate Many people unquestioningly believe that science disproves the existence of God, thanks to high profile scientists such as Prof. Richard Dawkins and Prof. Stephen Hawking. But many other scientists and academics of the highest caliber are challenging this assault on faith. Among them are three top Oxford professors: Alister McGrath, John Lennox, and Keith Ward. This series of discussions covers a range of relevant subjects in eight 20-minute programs. DOC 2-disc set - #501404D, $24.99 VOD T

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Devotional Resources The Joy of Seeking God First Discover the joy of seeking God first that thousands have already experienced through this powerful, inspiring program led by Anita Keagy, the founder of JoyShop Ministries. A dynamic presenter, Anita shares six inspiring sessions to equip you with simple tools and an easy-to-use plan to help you make daily time in God’s Word a natural part of your life. A 110-page companion workbook in PDF can be downloaded free at www.visionvideo.com. Six 40-minute sessions (EST): Session 1: Seeking God Session 2: Key Principles Part 1 Session 3: Key Principles Part 2 Session 4: Setting Your Heart Session 5: Natural Rewards Session 6: 21-Day Challenge VOD



#501469D, $29.99 SALE! $24.99

Not a Fan

A Follower’s Story Are you a follower of Jesus or just a fan? This intense, unconventional program uses dramatic storytelling and honest, pull-nopunches teaching by Kyle Idelman to help you answer those key questions. Not a Fan takes you on a cinematic journey offering a unique perspective into what it means to be committed to Jesus. You will observe the unfolding story of Eric Nelson, a man leading a compartmentalized triple life as a hedonist, a cutthroat corporate executive, and a nominal Christian. See how his story intersects with those of his friends and family, and witness how his crisis tests his faith as well as the faith of those around him. Available in 80-minute abridged version, six-week Bible study with curriculum, or teen edition. 80-minute version - #93983D, $14.99 6-week Bible study - #93980D, $49.99 Teen edition (NEW!) - #72960D, $59.99 Follower’s Journal - #93982, $9.99

Psalms Alive Meeting God in Quiet Places Based on the best-selling book, Meeting God in Quiet Places, this DVD follows American author F. LaGard Smith to England as he gleans spiritual truths about peace and tranquility from the beautiful English countryside. 59 minutes. T DOC #501361D, $19.99 NOW! $14.99 VOD

The Gospels: Open the Bible An exploration of the four gospels, narrated and dramatized. Host Christopher Gornold-Smith, historian and Bible teacher, takes you into the heart of each of the Gospels. Combining remarkable shots of the Holy Land with dramatized scenes and clear analysis of each Gospel account, Christopher invites us into the world of Jesus. You will be entertained, inspired, and informed by this unique series of four video programs. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John will open your heart and mind. But first, we must open the Gospels! 112 minutes. T DOC #501369D, $19.99 VOD


In this inspiring video, directoractor-producer Billy Angel presents 22 powerful oral interpretations of our favorite Psalms in diverse settings that serve to evoke the mood and ambiance that the original authors intended. Billy’s presentation honors the ancient Word and carefully places it into the modern context of contemporary life. Primarily based on the King James translation, viewers easily recognize the words of the Psalm while experiencing its message in a new way. There are two added bonuses: an introduction by Billy and “Learning Scripture by Heart.” 80 minutes plus extras. (EST). DOC VOD T #501349D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Baby Worship: Mighty God While little ones enjoy colorful video footage of children playing and scenes from nature, moms and dads will feel encouraged by uplifting renditions of today’s top worship songs woven together with favorite scriptures. Featuring recording artist and mother Star Smith, along with a children’s choir, Mighty God will fill your child’s heart with songs about our loving Father. Includes “Made to Worship,” “Mighty to Save,” Come Thou Fount,” “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” and more! Recommended for ages 1-4. 50 minutes. #53327D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

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Challenge Must the Sun Set on the West? In these lectures, Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi argues that the Bible is the soul of Western Civilization, and its rejection and replacement by the secular narrative has led to a gradual but ever-intensifying decline. Eleven segments, each 47-66 minutes long. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

From Michelangelo to Freud: The Devolution of Human Dignity From Bach to Cobain: Losing the Soul of Music and Hope From Da Vinci to Dan Brown: The Decline from Reason to Mysticism From Science to Sorcery: Why Witchcraft Appeals More Than Science From Luther’s Vicarage to Hefner’s Harem: Turning Men into (Play)boys and Women into ‘Desperate Housewives’ 6. From the Scottish Reformation to the Iraqi War: Does Washington Know the West’s Recipe for Freedom? 7. From the Great Awakening to a ‘New Age’: Beyond Good and Evil 8. From Paul to Paris Hilton: Can a Defeated Messiah save Hollywood Heroes? 9. From Tolerance to Terrorism: Why Do Taxpayers Pay Advocates to Defend Lawbreakers? 10. From Darkness into the Light: Must the Sun Set on the West? Bonus Lecture - From Monasteries to the Twin Towers: The Crumbling Spirituality of Capitalism VOD



3-disc set - #501470D, $49.99 SALE! $39.99

Wisdom from India In the past 50 years, Eastern practices such as Yoga and Vegetarianism and concepts such as karma and reincarnation have become commonplace in the Western world. In this seven-part series of fascinating lectures, renown scholar Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi explores the philosophy and religious practices that evolved in and around his native India and contrasts them with Judeo-Christian beliefs. The lectures are: 1. Karma and Reincarnation (72 minutes) #501471D, $19.99 2. Buddhism (71 minutes) #501473D, $19.99 3. Hinduism (78 minutes) #501474D, $19.99 4. Yoga (73 minutes) #501475D, $19.99 5. Astrology (83 minutes) #501476D, $19.99 VOD 6. Ecology (87 minutes) #501477D, $19.99 7. Vegetarianism (86 minutes) #501478D, $19.99

Scientology The Science of Truth or the Art of Deception? Is Scientology a bona-fide religion or a dangerous cult? Why do so many celebrities like Tom Cruise and Juliet Lewis enthusiastically embrace it? And why do some former members say they were tricked by its promises and abused by its leaders? What is the truth about Scientology? Find out in this compelling documentary that takes you through the history and inside the walls of this controversial organization. Filmmaker Rainer Fromm exposes the methods used to draw the unsuspecting and the measures used to keep followers under control. Featuring interviews with current and former Scientologists in the U.S. and Europe. 60 minutes. VOD DOC #501486D, $19.99 T


Any 3 for $15.99 each All 7 for $89.99, #97820D

Taking the Hill A Warrior’s Journey Home Over the years, Raul Ries, a military veteran (US Marine Corps) has reached out to those who are serving or have served in our armed forces. He has spoken to countless men and women from various theaters of military conflict, after their return home. In 2006, 40 years after fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, Ries experienced flashbacks for the first time. Subsequently, he found three of the men closest to him, who fought alongside of him in the Marine Corps unit ALPHA 1/7 and have suffered the consequences. Together again, they are taking the hill and finding healing. Ries’ desire to help those who have experienced combat continues to grow. This documentary is intended to lead warriors on the path in their journey home. 54 minutes. T VOD DOC #501445D, $14.99

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Coping with Grief When Mourning Breaks

NEW! Each year in the USA, 33% of all pregnancies end either in miscarriage or through elective abortion. How can the church bring hope and healing to the individuals who have experienced such loss? While there are great differences between miscarriages and elective abortions, the emotional trauma that follows in each case is often very similar. Recognizing that elective abortion presents its own unique set of circumstances and issues, When Mourning Breaks points out certain commonalities in the aftermath of both kinds of pregnancy loss, and offers practical ways to support those who are hurting. By sensitively sharing the stories of grieving women and couples, this program encourages compassion and offers hope. 58 minutes. T VOD DOC #429592D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99

Suffering Is Not for Nothing Elisabeth Elliot, widow of martyred missionary Jim Elliot, has spent much time examining our relationships with one another and our Creator. The journey God ordained for her carried her through marriage, the loss of two husbands, and on the path to a new ministry forum. True peace, contentment, and freedom from worldly despair, she maintains, are found in the clarity of biblical wisdom and intimacy with Christ. 3 hours. DOC #501376D, $19.99

Through a Lens Darkly Grief, Loss, & C. S. Lewis

This film will uplift the soul with the moving stories of individuals and families touched by a significant loss who have begun their journey to recovery, and who share their thoughts on the timeless wisdom of C. S. Lewis’s most personal and reflective book, A Grief Observed. This literary review offers real-life examples to help viewers begin to recognize and cope with the many emotions and seasons of their own grief and identify the best approaches to help others through the grieving process. Grief doesn’t have to feel like fear anymore. Anyone facing personal devastation can find a path to healing and hope in this inspirational and informative film. 56 minutes (EST). VOD DOC #501407D, $19.99 T

C. S. Lewis through the Shadowlands Relive the journey of C. S. Lewis during the days prior to and after the cancer-related death of his wife Joy. This is the original award-winning TV drama co-produced by the BBC and Gateway Films upon which the feature film was based. Starring Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom. 73-minute and 90-minute versions. T DRAMA #4813D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Both DVDs above for $24.99, #97807D - SAVE $10

Loneliness Writing from her own experience as a widow, as well as a single missionary in the jungles of Ecuador, Elisabeth Elliot sensitively explores loneliness which she believes has reached “epidemic” proportions in today’s fragmented and transient age. Though Elliot maintains that loneliness is ultimately a human condition, she believes that by offering it to Christ, we find true connection and intimacy. Three segments, 90 minutes total. T DOC #501422D, $14.99 VOD


Fierce Goodbye:

Living in the Shadow of Suicide Over four million people a year in the U.S. mourn the tragic suicidal deaths of family members. In this video, family survivors reveal their intimate stories to assist other survivors and to help the broader community understand the unique and terrible grief of suicide. The program is hosted by folk singer Judy Collins, who is joined by Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University. 44 minutes (PDF guide, extras). #4832D, $19.99 SG DOC T VOD

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Health and Aging Reflections for People with Cancer This series of meditations on Psalm 23, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Beatitudes with Dr. Ken Curtis, founder and former president of Vision Video and Christian History Institute, is based on a wholistic approach to coping with cancer. When he was diagnosed with advanced cancer and given little hope for survival, he pursued a combination of traditional and alternative medicine, undergirded by a strong spiritual dimension and prayer support team. While made particularly for people facing the crisis of cancer, the reflections are relevant for any health crisis, or for anyone wanting to apply these Scripture passages to their lives. These programs are co-productions of Vision Video and EO-TV Holland, UCB-TV England, and Nazareth Village.

Reflections on Psalm 23 For this video Curtis went to Israel, home of David, writer of the Psalm, to be with the shepherds, travel “through the valley of the shadow of death,” and explore and enjoy the healing powers of the green pastures and still waters. Winner of the Freddie Award from the International Health and Medical Media Awards and the Platinum Remi Award at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2008. 13 eight-minute segments (EST). DOC #501093D, $14.99 SG T VOD

Reflections on The Lord’s Prayer Join Ken on this journey into the world of the Lord’s Prayer while visiting places important in the life of Jesus. When the prayer is grasped and uttered from the heart, we realize that we are not alone, no matter how difficult our situation. Winner of the Gold Remi award at WorldFest 2009. Ten eight-minute segments (EST, extras). VOD




#501260D, $14.99

Reflections on the Beatitudes Ken visits fascinating sites in Israel, among them the location traditionally said to be where Jesus gave the Beatitudes. Ken explores the richness and depth of the Beatitudes to challenge us to find blessedness out of our brokenness, a most difficult task for those who are confronted with cancer or any life trauma. Ten segments, eight to ten min. each. VOD



#501372D, $14.99

All 3 Reflections DVDs for $29.99, #98108D - SAVE $15

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Plain Talk about Alzheimer’s Disease Kimberly R. Kelly shares about Alzheimer’s and Dementia, discussing the differences between them. She explains in simple and understandable ways the effect Alzheimer’s has on a person’s brain and behavior, as well as current drug therapies that are being used to treat patients. Kim is the founder and executive director of Project Far from Home, an Alzheimer’s education program for law enforcement and emergency personnel. Includes two parts: Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia (38 minutes) and Wandering (23 minutes). T DOC #501295D, $24.99 NOW! $19.99 VOD

Stretch and Pray While in Thailand, Murray Finck discovered the benefits of daily stretching and quiet prayer. After only one week, the chronic back pain that had plagued him for twenty years disappeared. On a spiritual level, the prayer poses deepened his prayer experiences. In this DVD, Pastor Finck guides you through forty gentle stretches, movements, and postures to improve physical and spiritual well-being. Great for individual use or with small exercise and prayer groups. 25 minutes. DOC DVD - #65307D, $14.99 Stretch and Pray book - #65137, $12.99 DVD and book - #98461D, $24.99

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Love in Action Robber of the Cruel Streets: George Müller George Müller (1805-1898) was a German playboy who found Christ and then gave his life to serve Christ unreservedly. His mission was to rescue orphans from the wretched street life that enslaved many children in England during the time of Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist. Müller rescued, cared for, fed, and educated such children by the thousands. The costs were enormous for such a great work. Yet, amazingly, he never asked anyone for money. Instead he prayed, and his children never missed a meal. Here is his life story of how God answered prayer and supplied his needs. It is a story that raises foundational questions regarding faith and finances. Includes a 30-minute documentary featuring some of the lives that have been influenced by Müller over the years. Winner of the European Adam Award. 60 minutes + 30-minute extra feature. VOD



#500939D, $19.99

Book - 172 pg, #45395, $19.99 • Both for $29.99 $24.99, #98468D

Waging Peace

Amy Carmichael

Here is a brief look at the history of peacemaking in both Christian and Muslim traditions, plus stories of how these faith groups work for peace. Stories include a peace camp for Christian, Jewish, and Muslim children building bridges of understanding about each others’ faiths; a project where Muslims and Christians work together to make quilts for refugees and learn to know one another; a health clinic established by a group of Muslim medical students to serve their lowincome neighbors; and a Christian Peacemaker Team providing a peaceful presence in Iraq. 58 minutes (EST, SST). T VOD DOC #501489D, $19.99

Mother to the Motherless

Letters to an Unknown Daughter In 1974, 17-year-old Anita Keagy discovered that she was pregnant by her teenage boyfriend. Anita feared the reaction of her parents and considered abortion, but her family rallied around her. She made the heart-wrenching decision to give the child up for adoption. Many years later, married and raising four children, Anita felt compelled to communicate with her unknown daughter. Through the adoption agency, she started a file of letters, pictures, and mementos, all made available to her daughter, Twila, should she choose to see it. Several agonizing years passed before Anita’s communication led to the joyful reunion of mother and child. In this presentation, taped before a live audience, Anita Keagy tells her emotional story and shares profound insights about God’s desire to know and be known by His children. 40 minutes (EST). T VOD DOC #501482D, $14.99 Also see Anita’s Bible study, The Joy of Seeking God First on page 68.


Amy Carmichael’s heroic life of service has inspired countless others to sacrificially spread the Gospel while caring for people in need. Learn more of her amazing story through this indepth look at her life and ministry. Follow Amy’s story from her childhood experiences with prayer though her years of faithful ministry and on to the establishment of The Dohnavur Fellowship, an organization which continues to serve the India Amy loved. Includes interviews with Elisabeth Elliot and other experts on Amy’s life. DVD includes 58-minute version and 29-minute abridged version (EST, S, SST). T VOD DOC #501385D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Our People This is the story of William and Catherine Booth and how they took God’s love to the poor. Walking the poverty-stricken streets in England late one night in the summer of 1865, William Booth observed neglected, ragged children, drunken women, unemployed men, and prostitutes plying their trade. That night he decided, ‘These will be our people.’ What followed makes an enthralling story of spiritual passion, courage, and faith leading to the birth of The Salvation Army. Young people, often as young as 18, opened the Army’s evangelistic work in mining towns and even new nations as the Army expanded globally. This DVD features historians and storytellers, voice artists, period music, over 500 images, rare archival footage, and recordings of two Booth grandchildren. 74 minutes (EST, S, SST). T VOD DOC #501342D, $19.99

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A Call For Love in Action Bringing Joshua Home

In December, 2012, Russian NEW! President Vladimir Putin signed a bill banning American adoptions of Russian children. Protests against this law have erupted in both the United States and Russia. Bringing Joshua Home tells the story of one family who successfully adopted a Russian child prior to the ban. Arthur and Hanna Rasco share the challenges, joys, and drama of adopting their baby boy from Moscow. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to adopt internationally, this film gives an inside, real-life look into the process from start to finish. 25 minutes plus bonus features, including tips for international adoption and another adoption story about a family adopting from China. T VOD DOC #501513D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99

Maria Prean Maria was 60 years old when she decided to start a new life. She moved from Austria to Uganda, a country with more than two million orphans. She began caring for these children and building schools and orphanages. Despite great challenges, her strong faith and conviction helped her to change the lives of thousands of young Ugandians. To build a bridge between Africa and the Western World, she started a children’s choir at one of her schools. She and 15 children toured Europe for three months, touching the lives of many people they met along the way. Some segments in German with English subtitles. 55 minutes (EST, G). T VOD DOC #501480D, $19.99

No Bright Lights A Redefining Insight into Effectively Serving the Poor No Bright Lights gives an upclose and personal profile of Networks Romania, a Christian relief organization reaching out to some of Romania’s poorest people. In a shifting social and political environment, many Romanian children find themselves abandoned to the streets where they experience extreme poverty and injustice. Networks Romania works with the community to help stabilize families through word and deed expressions of the Gospel. 46 minutes. T #501418D, $14.99 VOD DOC

Rescued The Heart of Adoption and Caring for Orphans According to James 1:27, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Today, there are over 160 million children worldwide who are without parents. In America there are as many as 144,000 boys and girls in foster care wanting to be adopted. These staggering statistics should cause Christians to ask some probing questions: What would the church look like if we obeyed James 1:27? Why doesn’t the church at large talk much about adoption? This film answers those questions and inspires Christians to love and care for the most vulnerable — the orphan. Featuring interviews with R.C. Sproul Jr., Beall Phillips, and many others, Rescued is an invaluable resource for every Christian who wants to live in obedience to God’s will. 62 minutes plus many extras (EST). T VOD DOC #501483D, $19.99



The American Orphan Faultless: The American Orphan provides an overview of the challenges facing children in foster care, an introduction on how the Bible instructs us to act in light of those challenges, and some hopeful examples of men and women across the country responding to the present needs in truly Godglorifying ways. Faultless is intended to be a resource for churches, Sunday school classes, small groups, family discussions, and anyone looking to further explore what Christianity Today called the “burgeoning Christian orphan care movement” taking place within the church in America. The DVD includes a group discussion guide and educational information that will be helpful for anyone looking to learn a little more about the issue. 44 minutes. T VOD DOC #501537D, $19.99 SALE! $17.99

God in the Slums The street children of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, live in the dirty alleys by the thousands. They have no parents, no homes, and no visible means of support. Young lives are being rescued. Learn how in this award-winning story of faith and hope. 53 min. T DOC #500963D, $19.99 SALE! $9.99 VOD

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Classics STUDIO CLASSICS The Bible...In The Agony and the Beginning the Ecstasy The greatest stories of the Old Testament are brought to the screen with astounding scope and power in this international film which depicts the first 22 chapters of Genesis. Widescreen, 171 minutes (EST, SST, F). #2079D, $14.99

The Robe Marcellus Gallio wins Christ’s robe in a dice game, then gives it to his Christian slave, Demetrius. Haunted by his own guilt, he sets out to find Demetrius and the robe, finding faith in Christ along the way. Widescreen, 135 minutes (EST, SST, F). #2082D, $14.99 Blu-Ray Disc - #57008H, $19.99

When Pope Julius II commissions Michelangelo (Charlton Heston) to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the project becomes a battle of wills. Widescreen, 139 minutes (S, SST, F). #24833D, $12.99

Demetrius and the Gladiators In this sequel to The Robe, Demetrius is entrusted with the robe by Peter. But when his faith is tested, he turns his back on God. Starring Victor Mature, Susan Hayward. Widescreen, 101 minutes (EST, SST, F). #1177D, $12.99

These 4 for $19.99, #66561D

Gulliver, an ordinary sailor, washes ashore on the island of Lilliput where the people are small enought to fit in the palm of his hand. There, he tries to prevent war between Lilliput and a rival island. 76 minutes. T #501066D, $7.99 VOD

Places in the Heart A widow struggles to save her farm during the Depression. Starring Sally Field, John Malcovich, Danny Glover, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan and more. 112 minutes. #606976D, $14.99

Dale Evans Beyond the Happy Trails

Sound of Music

45th Anniversary Edition One of the most popular films of all time about the true story of the Von Trapp family of Austria and their narrow escape from the Nazi takeover in 1938. 175 minutes. DVD/Blu-Ray - #70176D, $34.99

A Man Called Peter Peter Marshall becomes pastor of a prestigious church in Washington, D.C. and is asked to serve as spiritual guide for the U.S. Senate. Widescreen, 117 minutes. #19210D, $14.99

Quo Vadis


This 1951 Biblical epic stars Robert Taylor as the Legion commander whose love for a Christian slave girl crosses the divide between Empire and a sect with a higher loyalty. 171 minutes plus extras. (EST, F, FST, SST, JST). #902662D, $19.99

This screen adaptation of the hit musical sensation is a contemporary interpretation of the Gospel’s lessons filled with unforgettable song and dance numbers. Widescreen & fullscreen, 103 minutes (SST). #22419D, $14.99

The Trouble with Angels

Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

Hayley Mills and June Harding star in this delightful comedy about two mischievous students who turn a convent school upside down with their pranks. Also starring Rosalind Russell. 110 minutes. #601677D, $24.99 $9.99

In this sequel to The Trouble with Angels, Stella Stevens stars as a modern nun who convinces the Reverend Mother to take the girls on an unforgettable bus trip to a California peace rally. An all-star cast. 94 minutes. #601680D, $24.99 $14.99 Buy The Trouble with Angels and Where Angels Go for $22.99, DVD - #98602D.


Gullivers Travels

This 2-DVD Collector’s Edition interviews family and friends who celebrate the life of Dale Evans and Roy Rogers and their influence on American culture. Includes two full-length, fullyrestored feature films and two television episodes. 239 min. total. DOC #30762D, $19.99 SALE! $15.99

Barabbas This is the fictionalized story of Barabbas based on a New Testament passage. He is set free and returns to a life of thievery. It is only at the end, when Barabbas himself faces crucifixion, that he discovers his faith. Widescreen, 134 minutes. #607750D, $14.99

National Velvet Elizabeth Taylor is an English schoolgirl with big dreams who falls for an unruly thoroughbred horse. A tale of family love, friendship, trust, and striving for unreachable goals. Widescreen, 124 minutes (F, EST, FST, SST) #65063D, $14.99 $12.99

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Classics CLASSIC BLACK & WHITE FILMS It’s a Wonderful Life Frank Capra’s classic tale of George Bailey and his Christmas Eve visit with a guardian angel is one of the most beloved American films ever made. Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. B&W, 130 minutes. #960014D, $19.99

Daniel Boone This 1936 production from Radio Pictures stars George O’Brien in the title role. The classic also stars Heather Angel, John Carradine, Ralph Forbes, and George Regas. B&W, 75 minutes. T #501095D, $7.99 VOD

Sergeant York The story of Alvin C. York, who captured 132 German soldiers during the savage fighting in Argonne. The renowned WWI hero is brilliantly portrayed by Gary Cooper and costars Walter Brennan. B&W, 134 minutes (SST, FST). #79375D, $26.99

Nicholas Nickleby The death of his father leaves Nicholas Nickleby and his family in the care of his greedy uncle Ralph, who sends Nicholas to a brutal school for boys. After fleeing the school, Nicholas must protect his sister from his Uncle Ralph. B&W, 107 minutes. T #501060D, $9.99 VOD

Keys of the Kingdom Gregory Peck portrays a dedicated priest who accepts the daunting challenge of resurrecting a destroyed mission in rural China without thought of personal gain. B&W, 137 minutes (EST). #23920D, $14.99

Jack and the Beanstalk This 1952 musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale stars Lou Costello as Jack and Bud Abbott as Mr. Dinkelpuss, the greedy butcher who trades five magic beans for Jack’s cow. Color and B&W, 80 minutes. T #501165D, $9.99

Becket This drama depicts the historical account of King Henry II and Thomas Becket, his closest confidant and advisor. Becket finds himself moved to an uncompromising devotion to God, a rival with whom Henry II cannot compete. Parental discretion advised. Widescreen, 150 minutes. #10539D, $26.99 $19.99

Heidi The original heartwarming story of Heidi is a timeless saga of love, courage, and the power of family. The whole family will love this poignant modern retelling of the classic tale. Starring Maximilian Schell. 104 minutes. T #500871D, $7.99 VOD

The Mission

Bible Stories: Collection of 8 movies Collection includes: The Ten Commandments — Starring Omar Shariff. Widescreen, 176 minutes. Joseph and His Brethren — 102 minutes. The Power of the Resurrection — 59 minutes. The Great Commandment — B&W, 80 minutes. Hill Number One — Featuring James Dean. B&W, 57 minutes. I Beheld His Glory — 53 minutes. Martin Luther — B&W, 105 minutes. David and Goliath — Starring Orson Welles. 92 minutes. #17354D, $14.99

Ben Hur

50th Anniversary Edition Charlton Heston brings a physical and moral presence to his Best Actor Oscar®-winning role of Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish nobleman in Palestine whose heroic odyssey includes enslavement by the Romans, vengeance against his tormentors during a furious arena chariot race, and fateful encounters with Jesus Christ. 212 minutes. #20967D, $19.99

Chariots of Fire

This Academy Award A powerful epic about winner tells the true story a man of the sword and of two runners of the a man of the cloth who United Kingdom, Harold unite to shield a South Abrahams and Eric American Indian tribe from brutal subjugation by 18th-cen- Liddell. Their fierce, personal competitury colonial empires. Starring Robert tion ends up uniting them in victory in DeNiro and Jeremy Irons. Viewer dis- the 1924 Olympics. Special Edition, twodisc set has multiple extras. Widescreen, cretion advised. Special Edition. ST ST ST Widescreen, 125 minutes + 60-minute 124 minutes. (F, E , F , S ). documentary on “The Making of.” (2 discs) - #99532D, $26.99 Single DVD - #14930D, $19.99 $14.99 (2-discs) - #3497D, $26.99

Cheaper by the Dozen

Fiddler on the Roof

The Academy Awardwinning musical about This 1950 version is Tevye, a poor Jewish based on the true story milkman in a Czarist-era of Frank and Lillian Russian village, who is Gilbreth and their struggling in a time of adventures raising 12 children at the political flux to find husturn-of-the-century. Starring Clifton bands for his three dowry-less Webb and Myrna Loy. 86 minutes (S). daughters. 180 minutes. #10394D, $14.99 #608537D, $14.99

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Classics BILLY GRAHAM CLASSICS Restless Ones This classic from Billy Graham takes you inside the turbulent world of teenagers. From the opening scene to the dramatic climax, the film captures the desperate need teens have for acceptance, guidance, and most of all, love. 101 minutes. #28151D, $8.99

Come the Morning Thirteen-year-old Ben Gibson is learning some hard lessons about life. Abandoned suddenly by their father, he and his family set out for Los Angeles — with only a shred of hope and one small clue — to find him. 60 minutes. #65688D, $12.99 $6.99

Oiltown, U.S.A. Les Manning is a selfmade Texas oilman living in a world of wealth and power. When his daughter begins to discover his sordid lifestyle, Manning’s world fractures. Having run from God all his life, Manning must finally come to grips with who he is and his need for change. 72 minutes. #65687D, $12.99 $6.99

The Heart is a Rebel For four years, Hal and Joan Foster have been struggling with their son’s serious illness. But then a preacher comes on the scene—and everything changes. 83 minutes. #65689D, $12.99 $6.99

Two a Penny British rock music legend Cliff Richard stars as Jamie Hopkins, an art student who turns to criminal activity as a means to quick cash. He soon discovers that attempting to con drug dealers results in violence. 98 minutes. #65690D, $12.99 $6.99


Diary of Anne Frank

50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Following the Nazi invasion of Amsterdam, 13-yearold Anne and her family go into hiding in the confines of an attic. Anne’s remarkable account of their lives, their growing fear of discovery, their deplorable living conditions, and even the blooming of her first love are intimately portrayed in this extraordinary portrait of humanity. 179 minutes. #58108D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

So Long Joey He had left home and changed his name to Joey Stevens, but in the middle of the nightclub glamour, his world caved in. He was ready to commit suicide when life’s greatest event took place as “Joey” accepted a new life with Christ. It was SO LONG, JOEY and hello, Dave Boyer. This is his inspirational story — a testimony that life can be turned around completely when one trusts Christ. 63 minutes. T #108303D, $14.99 VOD

Born Again President Richard Nixon’s Special Counsel, Charles Colson, pled guilty to Watergate-related charges and was sent to prison. The experience left him radically changed, and he established Prison Fellowship, a ministry that now reaches around the world. This is an inspiring movie for anyone who has ever longed for a fresh start. 110 minutes. #91519D, $9.99

Years of the Beast Experience a society where money is worthless, food is scarce, your neighbor is your enemy, and oppression reigns. Feel the great and ultimate triumph of Christ’s return and look up with encouragement “for our redemption draweth nigh.” 98 minutes (Pt, Tagalog). T #8445D, $12.99 VOD

Question 7 Fifteen-year-old Peter is a Christian behind the Iron Curtain. He is forced to decide between what is “correct” and what is true as he struggles to remain loyal to the Gospel. An older film with great significance since the reunification of Germany. B&W. 107 minutes. T #501271D, $14.99 $9.99 VOD

Peace Child When inter-tribal warfare breaks out, a chief offers his son as the means of bringing peace, making the Gospel understandable as two new missionaries discover the “Peace Child.” Some native nudity. 30 minutes (S, F, In, I, J, K, M, Pl, Ru and more). T #99351D, $14.99 VOD

The Adventures of Milo and Otis A curious kitten named Milo and his inseparable friend, a pug-nosed puppy named Otis, spend their days exploring the barnyard and the surrounding countryside. An award-winning adventure story. 76 minutes. #50419D, $12.99 $6.50 with promo code: PX3CHR

Alice in Wonderland This musical theatrical version of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic features a combination of live characters and puppets. Starring Carol Marsh as Alice. 83 minutes. VOD #501065D, $7.99

Seven Alone On a harrowing 2,000-mile trek across America, the death of their parents leaves seven youngsters alone and facing nearly certain death. With unbelievable courage, they decide to press on to fulfill their deceased parents’ wishes. 80 minutes. VOD T #500876D, $7.99

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Classics BIBLICAL CLASSICS St. Peter In this epic drama, Peter faces many obstacles, including those who want to put an end to Christianity, and ultimately gives up his own life to spread Christ’s love and save the souls of many. Starring Omar Sharif. 186 minutes (EST, SST). #21074D, $14.99 $9.99

The Story of Ruth She wins the hearts of two powerful men, Boaz and Tob, who vie for her affections, but Ruth’s first loyalties are to Naomi and her faith. Widescreen, 132 minutes. (EST, SST, S, F). #22893D, $14.99

Samson and Gideon This 1966 classic tells the story of two Old Testament leaders from the book of Judges. Starring Ivo Garrani as Gideon and Anton Geesink as Samson. Also starring Fernando Rey and Rosalbo Neri. 86 minutes. T #501094D, $9.99 VOD

Tender Mercies A down-and-out country singer named Mac meets a young widow in a small Texas town. As their relationship blossoms, Mac’s music star ex-wife and his estranged daughter appear. Will Mac find a way to move past his sorrow and start a fresh new life? Starring Robert Duvall, Tess Harper, Betty Buckley, and Ellen Barkin. 92 min. #37388D, $12.99 SALE! $9.99

Pinky Pinky (Jeanne Crain), a black woman who works as a nurse in Boston, finds she is able to “pass for white.” Also starring William Lundigan, Ethel Waters, and Ethel Barrymore. 102 minutes (extras). #10629D, $14.99

How Green Was My Valley The story of one family’s dreams, struggles, and triumphs. A sixty-year-old man reminisces about the disintegration of his closely-knit family. 118 minutes (EST, S, SST, F). #20060D, $14.99

Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer Bruce Bennett, as Daniel Boone, leads settlers into Kentucky to build a new frontier, where they must battle hostile Indians who believe the settlers are there to kill them and steal their land. This 1956 adventure story also stars Lon Chaney, Jr. and country singer Faron Young. Not recommended for children. 76 minutes. T #501100D, $7.99

Christopher Columbus This classic 1949 production stars Frederic March as the world’s most daring explorer! Follow his incredible journey as he battles mutiny, exhaustion, and desperation on his way to the new world! 95 min. #4802D, $9.99 T VOD

LITERARY CLASSICS Les Miserables Victor Hugo’s stirring novel of redemption and revolution is brought to life in this theatrical version. Liam Neeson stars as Jean Valjean, a heartless convict who is transformed by a single act of mercy. Parental discretion advised. 134 minutes. #23999D, $14.99

Emma A rich and beautiful woman fancies herself a matchmaker, but her romantic plans go ridiculously wrong. Starring Kate Beckingsdale, Prunella Scales, and Samantha Bond. 100 minutes (EST). #70027D, $19.99 $14.99

Pride and Prejudice In a world where obtaining an advantageous marriage is a woman’s sole occupation, Elizabeth’s independent manner threatens her family’s future. Widescreen, 300 minutes (extras). DVD (2) - #2545D, $24.99 Blu-Ray - #11771H, $39.99

The Ten Commandments

Sense and Sensibility

Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner star in this 1956 Academy Award-winning classic. 3 hours, 51 min. (EST, S, SST, F, FST, Pt, PtST ). (2 discs) - #43514D, $19.99

The story of two sisters whose chances at matrimony seem doomed by their family’s loss of fortune. Starring Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, and Hugh Grant. 136 minutes (EST, S, SST, Pt, PtST). #11599D, $14.99

55th Anniversary Collection

King of Kings Jeffrey Hunter stars in this beautifully filmed life of Christ. Panoramic scenes of battles between Roman legions and Judean rebels contrast with the serene faith of Jesus. Includes scenes of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, His selection of the apostles, His Passion, Crucifixion, and Ascension. The life of Christ with simplicity, taste, and reverence. Widescreen, 170 minutes. #65127D, $14.99

Brian’s Song The true story of two pro football players, Gale Sayers (Billy Dee Williams) and Brian Piccolo (James Caan). Piccolo’s heroic fight against cancer and the constant support and friendship of Sayers make this a moving and unforgettable film. Parental discretion advised (language). 74 minutes (SST). #604863D, $14.99

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Television Dramas Andy Griffith 50th Anniversary Edition Broadcast 1960 through 1968, The Andy Griffith Show starred Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Ron Howard, and Frances Bavier. The small town of Mayberry, North Carolina was home for this successful and funny sitcom. The stories centered around Sheriff Andy Taylor, a widower with a young son name Opie. Andy’s deputy was his cousin Barney Fife, the most inept and hypertense deputy in television history. Andy and Opie lived with Andy’s Aunt Bee, a combination housekeeper and foster mother of Opie. With crime practically non-existent, Andy and Barney had plenty of time to become involved in the many funny situations of the citizens of Mayberry. 16 episodes, 600 minutes total. #51442D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99

Sue Thomas: F.B.I.Eye Inspired by the remarkable true story, this series stars Deanne Bray as a profoundly deaf woman whose unique lip-reading ability lands her on the FBI’s elite surveillance team. Tackling tough cases while catching the eye of handsome Agent Jack Hudson, Sue and her hearing dog Levi are suddenly on the adventure of a lifetime! Volume 1, 3 DVDs - #97819D, $24.99 Volume 2, 3 DVDs - #97818D, $24.99 Volume 3, 3 DVDs - #97817D, $24.99 Volume 4, 3 DVDs - #97816D, $24.99 Volume 5, 3 DVDs - #97815D, $24.99

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The Waltons Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Jane Seymour stars as Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn, daughter of a Boston physician who leaves her comfortable life there to set up a practice in Colorado. Although she faces stiff resistance from the locals, she perseveres in settling into pioneer life while trying to earn the respect of the townspeople. Along the way, her friendship with a local widower turns to romance. Season 1 (5) DVD - #70741D, $29.99 Season 2 (7) DVD - #70898D, $29.99 Season 3 (8) DVD - #71126D, $29.99 Season 4 (8) DVD - #71361D, $29.99 Season 5 (7) DVD - #71695D, $29.99 Season 6 (6) DVD - #71892D, $29.99

Dr. Quinn: The Movies These two feature-length movies followed the six-season series. In “The Movie,” Dr. Mike, Sully, and some townsfolk travel to Mexico to rescue a kidnapped Katie. In “The Heart Within,” Mike and Sully travel to Boston for Colleen’s graduation—only to find Dr. Mike’s mother terminally ill and Sully targeted for assassination by a corrupt government official. 180 min. DRAMA #75502D, $12.99 Buy all six seasons for $89.99 and get Dr. Quinn: The Movies FREE! #11817D


Richard Thomas plays the key role of John-Boy Walton, a youth on the verge of manhood during the Great Depression and a fledgling writer whose observations are filled with the growing-up lessons and love he receives from all the rest of the Waltons. Each season is approximately 20 hours.


Season 1, 5 DVDs - #22622D, $29.99 $24.99 Season 2, 5 DVDs - #68139D, $29.99 $24.99 Season 3, 5 DVDs - #76859D, $29.99 $24.99 Season 4, 5 DVDs - #110884D, $29.99 $24.99 Season 5, 5 DVDs - #110971D, $29.99 $24.99 Season 6, 5 DVDs - #120113D, $29.99 $24.99 Season 7, 3 DVDs - #901023D, $29.99 $24.99 Season 8, 3 DVDs - #905181D, $39.99 $29.99 Season 9, 3 DVDs - #905781D, $39.99 $29.99

I Love Lucy Here’s the wild and wacky series that changed TV forever! By the end of its initial season, “I Love Lucy” was TV’s first bona fide smash hit, the very first program seen in more than 10 million homes. Season 1 (7 discs), #27454D, $22.99 Season 2 (5 discs), #79694D, $22.99 Season 3 (5 discs), #47354D, $19.99 Season 4 (5 discs), #147364D, $19.99 Season 5 (4 discs), #47374D, $19.99 Season 6 (4 discs), #47384D, $19.99 Seasons 7-9 (4 discs), #47394D, $19.99

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Popular Dramas October Baby

Dramas from author Robert Whitlow

As the curtain rises, Hannah hesitantly steps onto the stage for her theatrical debut in college. Yet before she can utter her first lines, Hannah—unscripted—collapses in front of the stunned audience. After countless medical tests, all signs point to one underlying factor: Hannah’s difficult birth. This revelation is nothing compared to what she then learns from her parents: she was actually adopted … after a failed abortion attempt. Bewildered, angered, and confused, Hannah turns for support to Jason, her oldest friend. Encouraged by his adventurous spirit, Hannah joins his group of friends on a spring break road trip, embarking on a journey to discover her hidden past … and find hope for her unknown future. In the midst of her incredible journey, Hannah finds that life can be so much more than what you have planned. 106 minutes. DRAMA #410052D, $17.99 SALE! $14.99


No Greater Love Jeff and Heather were best friends from childhood, high school sweethearts and married by 22. After the birth of their son, Heather fell into a deep depression. Hopelessly lost, she vanished. Ten years after his wife’s disappearance, Jeff’s world is dramatically rocked when Heather shockingly reappears in the most unusual place. With a score composed and performed by award-winning contemporary Christian music artist Michelle Tumes, No Greater Love is a touching story about faith and forgiveness for the family. Starring Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danielle Bisutti, and Jay Underwood. Widescreen, 109 minutes (EST, SST). DRAMA #11693D, $14.99

Escape from Hell Dr. Eric Robinson wants to believe and experience that infinite love and warmth that “near death” testimonies claim is on the other side of life. His colleague, Dr. Marissa Holloway, is on a crusade to alleviate the fear of death and suffering by proving to the world that heaven awaits everyone. In a moment of desperation, Dr. Robinson faces death and discovers the reality of hell—a place the Bible vividly portrays—a hell from which we must all escape. Widescreen, 78 minutes (EST, S, commentary). T DRAMA #98968D, $19.99

Jimmy is a story about an overlooked, mentally-challenged boy who views the world through his own unique lens. Jimmy knows he’s different from the other teenagers in Piney Grove, Georgia. He doesn’t always understand what he sees and hears, but he remembers it all with uncanny accuracy, which is why his lawyer father asks him to testify in a crucial trial. Jimmy’s testimony saves the man from jail but has far-reaching consequences for himself and the people he loves. Jimmy is an extraordinary tale about growing up in the midst of a real struggle. Dove Family-Approved for ages 12 and over. 95 minutes. DRAMA #88541D, $19.99 $15.99 T

The Trial Matthew Modine delivers one of his finest performances in this gripping courtroom thriller based on the best-selling novel by Robert Whitlow. Modine stars as “Mac” McClain, an emotionally crippled attorney who’s lost his faith in God and himself. That’s when Mac reluctantly decides to take on one last case: a young man (Randy Wayne, To Save A Life), facing the death penalty for first-degree murder. But nothing can prepare Mac for the startling twists and turns of the ensuing trial, as the determined lawyer fights for justice and seeks a path to his own redemption. Widescreen, 90 minutes. (EST, SST, FST). DRAMA #71569D, $19.99 $9.99

The List Returning home for his father’s funeral, Renny Jacobson (Chuck Carrington) discovers he’s the inheritor of his family’s chair in a secret society founded during the Civil War. But Renny suspects there’s more to the society’s activities than meets the eye, and when his inquiries into the group’s true nature are discovered by its corrupt leader, Renny becomes the target of a dark and mysterious force with the power to destroy everything — and everyone — he loves. Rated PG for thematic elements, including some peril and brief incidental smoking. 107 minutes. (EST, SST, FST). DRAMA

#51807D, $14.99 $9.99

All 3 above, $29.99. Use item #97745D.

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Popular Dramas The Confession

The Note

In this sequel to The Shunning, Katie Lapp is searching for her birth mother. Along the way, two very different men try to help her overcome a devious scheme to steal her rightful inheritance. Katie’s heart is divided between two worlds as love reveals the truth in the moving saga based on the hit novel from New York Times’ bestselling author Beverly Lewis. 88 minutes. DRAMA #41726D, $22.99 SALE! $17.99

Peyton, a newspaper columnist, discovers a note written by a father during his final moments, and a nationwide search for the intended recipient begins. Based on a novel by best-selling author Angela Hunt. Starring Genie Francis and Ted McGinley. Widescreen, 87 minutes (EST, FST). DRAMA #26626D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99

The Shunning

Peyton hesitates to take the next step with the man she loves, but a note from a reader warns about the regret caused by passion denied. Peyton uncovers the author’s history involving a doomed romance and a love which may yet live again. Widescreen, 88 min. #30462D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99 DRAMA

Katie Lapp has always struggled with the rules that define her sheltered Amish community, but when a wealthy outsider begins asking questions about her family, Katie begins to wonder about her origins. What connection does this woman have to her life…and how will the unraveling secrets challenge Katie’s faith? The Shunning is a powerful journey of discovery. 88 min. (EST, FST) #38022D, $14.99 DRAMA Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

Amish Grace When a tragedy takes the lives of five Amish schoolgirls in Pennsylvania, the mother of one of the girls faces a profound test of faith. As she begins to feel like an outsider within her own community, she must decide whether or not to stay with the Amish, and her beloved husband. Based on a true story. 94 minutes. DRAMA #70083D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99

Saving Sarah Cain Based on the best-selling novel The Redemption of Sarah Cain by award-winning novelist Beverly Lewis. Sarah Cain unexpectedly becomes the caretaker of five Amish orphans. She must determine whether to make a new life for them in Portland or to sacrifice her career and raise her newfound family in the heartland of Amish Country. Directed by Michael Landon, Jr. 87 minutes (SST, FST, extras). T DRAMA #48593D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99

The Note II

Taking a Chance on Love

The Note III

Notes from the Heart Healer A romantic getaway for Peyton and her husband takes a detour when an infant is abandoned at their doorstep, transforming them into temporary parents. Petyon relies on her journalistic instincts to uncover the baby’s story in this all-new tale of hope, inspiration, and second chances. Widescreen, 87 min. (EST, SST, FST). DRAMA #40206D, $19.99 Only $9.99 with this promo code: PX3CHR The Note, The Note II and The Note III for only $29.99, #97825D

Hidden Places Eliza Wyatt must bring in the harvest before the bank forecloses on her family’s home. She begins to have hope when Gabe Harper, a handsome, down-on-his-luck veteran, comes along. Together Eliza and Gabe overcome the odds to save Wyatt Orchard. Based on the award-winning novel by Lynn Austin, this moving drama stars Sydney Penny, Jason Gedrick, and Shirley Jones. 86 minutes. DRAMA #351780D, $19.99 $12.99

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Popular Dramas Anne of Green Gables:

A New Beginning It is 1945 and Anne Shirley, now a successful, middle-aged writer, has returned to Prince Edward Island. A long lost letter from her errant father, discovered under the floorboards in Green Gables, causes Anne to delve into long-buried memories. Starring Shirley MacLaine and Barbara Hershey. Widescreen, 120 minutes.

DRAMA #24292D, $24.99 Also available: Anne of Green Gables, #22072D, $24.99 The Sequel, #22232D, $24.99 The Continuing Story, #23042D, $24.99 Special price! These 3 for $49.99 - #98956D

Road to Avonlea, #23152D, $14.99 An Avonlea Christmas, #23412D, $14.99

Love Comes Softly Series Each of these ten movies is inspired by the best-selling book series from Janette Oke and features an all-star cast including Katherine Heigl, Lou Diamond Philips, January Jones, Cheryl Ladd, and many more.

Love Comes Softly - #11448D Love’s Enduring Promise - #26547D Love’s Long Journey - #22237D Love’s Abiding Joy - #24563D Love’s Unending Legacy - #21925D Love’s Unfolding Dream - #50320D Love Takes Wing - #58089D Love Finds a Home - #62532D Love Begins - #74560D Love’s Everlasting Courage - #78331D DRAMA $14.99 SALE! $9.99 Each! All 10 DVDs - #97746D, $149.99 SALE! $69.99

Christy: The Complete Series

Civil Love

Based on the bestseller by Catherine Marshall, Christy tells the story of an idealistic 19-year-old who leaves the comforts of her city home to teach school in the mountains of Tennessee in 1912. Starring Kellie Martin and Tyne Daly. Includes all 19 network TV episodes in a four-disc set. 15 hours (S). (4 discs) - #43765D, $29.99 SALE! $27.99 DRAMA

Rachel is a widow during the Civil War who blames the South for her husband’s death. When a wounded enemy soldier takes refuge in her barn, Rachel reluctantly helps him. As she gets to know him more, she realizes she must protect him from the dangerous men pursuing him, and discovers a courage she didn’t know she had: the courage to love again. 90 minutes. DRAMA #101283D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99


Alleged Love and faith are put to the test in this stirring romantic drama set against the Scopes “Monkey Trial” of 1925. Charles Anderson is a talented young reporter engaged to Rose, who works with him at the Tennessee small town newspaper his late father founded. The “Trial of the Century” brings brilliant adversaries William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow to Charles’ hometown. But as the trial unfolds, Charles is caught up in the media circus and becomes torn between his journalistic integrity and impressing his mentor, the colorful Baltimore Sun editor H. L. Mencken, who presses him to “make a story” instead of report one. Widescreen, 93 minutes (EST). DRAMA #75602D, $22.99 SALE! $16.99

Robert Sheffey was an American circuit-riding preacher of the nineteenth century. The film tells the true story of this unusual servant of God, who, as a rowdy young man, followed his friends to a revival meeting and there found the Lord. A man of prayer, tireless service, and great compassion, “Brother Sheffey” rides through the Appalachian Mountains, spreading the gospel. Although he suffers the loss of his two greatest treasures in one day, Sheffey still finds forgiveness in his heart for the person who caused his sorrow. Sheffey captures the warmth and compassion of a man whose soul was on fire for the Lord. 137 minutes. #501426D, $17.99 SALE! $14.99 T DRAMA VOD

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Family Dramas Pawn’s Move


A young man inherits a pawn shop and $4 million from a recent collectible. Trying to escape a clingy, money-hungry “girlfriend” and the devastating death of his mentor, he moves to a small town and assumes a new identity. There he meets some new friends and discovers some important life lessons about how God works in our lives. 72 minutes. DRAMA #601819D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Kayla is the tale of a wild dog who tames a young boy’s loneliness and pain. Sam, a young boy, feels out of place in his new town, new home, and new school. Though his mother has remarried, Sam is devoted to the memory of his father, a famous explorer, who disappeared eight years ago. Beautifully photographed in the Canadian wilderness, this uplifting feature is based on award-winning author Elizabeth Van Steenwyck’s book, Three Dog Winter. Starring Todd Fennell, Henry Czerny, and Bronwen Booth. 90 minutes. DRAMA #703174D, $14.99

Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven

In this modern adaptation of John Bunyan’s classic tale, amazing visual effects and a wonderful cast bring to life the story of Christian and his companions on the great journey from the City of Destruction to the gates of Heaven. Bunyan’s allegory teaches us the hazards and hopes of the Christian life, and the triumphant glory that awaits all who faithfully follow the King of Kings! Widescreen, 103 minutes (extras). #400005D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 T DRAMA

Ring the Bell Slick, big-city sports agent Rob Decker has it all. But on his latest mission to sign a high school baseball superstar, Rob becomes stranded in a small town where the simplicity of life—and the faith of the people—stands in stark contrast to his own win-atall-costs mindset. Torn between these two worlds, will Rob have the courage to let faith transform his life? Featuring Christian music artists Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Matthew West, along with baseball legends Rick Sutcliffe, John Kruk, and Ben Zobriest. Widescreen. 96 minutes. DRAMA #100579D, $14.99

Because of Winn-Dixie When a little girl and her preacher father move to a small southern town, she adopts a scruffy, fun-loving pooch named Winn-Dixie. The special bond between them works magic on her dad and the eccentric townspeople they meet during one unforgettable summer. Starring AnnaSophia Robb, Jeff Daniels, and Cicely Tyson. 106 minutes. DRAMA #18971D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99


The Woodcarver Rebellious 15-year-old Matthew Stevenson makes a destructive choice to get attention: he vandalizes the church his father is renovating. To avoid criminal charges, he agrees to repair the damage he caused to the intricate carvings and finds himself working alongside Ernest Otto, a talented but reclusive woodworker. Laboring together, an unlikely friendship forms and both come to realize that all things are possible with faith, family, and friendship. 90 minutes. #606224D, $14.99 SALE! $11.99 DRAMA

Treasures of the Snow A touching tale of reconciliation. Lucien, a lonely, frightened boy of 13, finds himself an outcast from his family and friends, especially the very hostile neighbor, Annette. When Lucien becomes friends with an old woodcarver, he learns that a price has to be paid for forgiveness. 110 minutes. DRAMA #5510D, $19.99 $14.99

Tanglewood’s Secret This delightful film will challenge people of all ages to reflect upon life and its ultimate meaning. Ruth and her brother Philip stay with their overly strict aunt while their parents are overseas. Ruth runs away and learns about the Good Shepherd and His love for lost sheep just like her. 110 minutes. DRAMA

#605113D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99

Both Treasures of the Snow and Tanglewood’s Secret on DVD for only $24.99, #98563D.

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Sports Dramas Milltown Pride

25 Hill Twelve-year-old Trey Caldwell (Nathan Gamble, A Dolphin’s Tale) is shattered when his father is killed in Afghanistan, leaving a hole in the boy’s life and an unfinished Soap Box Derby car in the garage. A final gift from his dad, the car is a constant reminder of all that could have been. But when Trey meets Roy Gibbs (Corbin Bernsen, L.A. Law, Rust) a grizzled Fire Chief devastated by the loss of his firefighter son on 9/11, a new relationship forms and old wounds finally begin to heal. As the unlikely team works to complete the Soap Box car and train for the upcoming Derby, they’ll learn that life isn’t about the starting line or checkered flag — it’s about the incredible journey in between. 108 minutes DRAMA #409370D, $19.99 SALE! $15.99

A Mile in His Shoes Based on the book, “The Legend of Mickey Tussler,” this film follows the story of 18-year-old Mickey Tussler, who lives on a farm with his father and mother and who has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. But he can throw apples at an amazing speed. When a chance meeting occurs with the baseball manager of the semi-pro team the River Rats, from Clayton, Ohio, Mickey gets a chance to pitch for the team and to prove to his father he can do more than live hidden away on the family farm, taking care of his pig, Oscar. 89 minutes. DRAMA #606193D, 14.99

The Blind Side Here is the acclaimed, Academy Award-winning feature film about the transforming power of Christian family love. Street kid Michael Oher knows little about family. Less about football. What the homeless teen knows are the streets and projects of Memphis. Well-to-do Leigh Anne Tuohy knows little about his world. Yet when she and Michael meet, he finds a home. This real-life story will have you cheering with its mix of gridiron action and heartwarming emotion. Starring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, and Quinton Aaron. Rated PG-13. 129 minutes. DRAMA #908669D, $19.99

Will Wright dreams of playing baseball in the big leagues and is ready to sacrifice anything to make it happen. But in South Carolina during the 1920s, the only path to pro baseball is through the local textile mill team. Against the wishes of his wealthy father, Will leaves his family and privileged life behind to work in the harsh conditions at Newton Mill. His natural talent on the field makes him the rising star of the millleague team—and also earns him a dangerous rival as well as criticism from his father for his association with working class “undesirables.” Will learns that he is not so different from the mill workers as he thought. And when famous real-life evangelist Billy Sunday (played by David Burke) comes to town, Will discovers that his sheltered life only masks his real need for repentance and forgiveness. Milltown Pride is an entertaining evangelistic movie that recalls a bygone era while conveying relevant truths for today. Widescreen, 135 minutes (EST, SST). #501410D, $19.99 $12.99 T VOD DRAMA

The Pistol This biographical drama, focusing on Pete Maravich’s freshman year in high school, is the uplifting and inspirational story of how one father’s love and support had a profound impact on his son’s life. It resulted in Pete’s becoming the youngest inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Pete showed how family, hard work, and a whole lot of heart could make anything possible. 104 minutes plus extras. DRAMA #84502D, $14.99

The Fifth Quarter In the spirit of The Blind Side comes this true story of family, inspiration, football, and the gift of life. Aidan Quinn and Andie MacDowell star as the parents of Jon Abbate, a rising football star at Wake Forest University. Their lives are suddenly shattered when their youngest son, Luke, is killed in a tragic car accident. Inspired by Luke’s memory, Jon courageously leads the underdog team to the ACC Championship. 96 minutes. DRAMA #74532D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Inspirational Dramas I Am David

Running Inside Out

This is the story of a 12-year-old boy, David, who escapes a Communist concentration camp with little more than a compass, a sealed letter, a loaf of bread, and instructions to carry the letter to Copenhagen, Denmark. David is thrust into the free world for the first time in his young life as he travels across Europe. It is a spiritual voyage of discovery, where David slowly loses his instinctual mistrust of humanity and begins to smile, share, trust, and ultimately, love. Starring Jim Caviezel. Widescreen. 90 minutes (SST). #49606D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99 DRAMA

Inspired by a true story. With a dream job, a fresh start, and an inspired passion for running, Kim is forced to the edge by a sequence of painful life circumstances, including an unplanned pregnancy. As her life crumbles and relationships fade, her hardened aloneness is unveiled. This is a passionate film about one woman’s search for a love that will last, and the people who make a difference through ordinary acts of kindness. 85 minutes (EST). DRAMA #100148D, $14.99 SALE! $11.99

Johnny 1 Message Becca had it all: beauty, a successful fiancé, and the job of her dreams. Everything was going according to her plan until the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the blink of an eye, her entire life came crashing down around her. Her fiancé ran off with some new fling. The dream job wouldn’t wait for her to get better. The toil cancer took on her body made her feel like less than a woman. Broken and alone, she refused to leave the house. She wanted cancer to finish what it started. But in her darkest hour, she found a mysterious ray of hope in the most unlikely of places. An uplifting story that shows the power of encouragement. 152 minutes. DRAMA #1609D, $22.99 SALE! $19.99

The Least Among You Leaders are not chosen, they are called. Inspired by a true story. Richard Kelly (Cedric Sanders) is a black college graduate forced to serve probation at an all-white seminary after the 1965 Watts riots. Richard is encouraged by the seminary president, Alan Beckett, to break the color line. Richard nears his breaking point when he meets Samuel (Louis Gossett, Jr.), an elderly janitor who lives in the basement of his dormitory. As Samuel guides Richard through the trials of racism and the personal life that haunts him, Richard undergoes a transformation that forces him to choose between his dreams and his destiny. Rated PG-13. Widescreen, 97 minutes (EST, SST). DRAMA #44988D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99


Dr. Drew Carter tragically lost his ten-year-old son in a car accident while his wife was driving. Since the accident, his wife, Julia, has become emotionally absent from Drew and their daughter Kayla. When Dr. Miller refers Johnny, a foster child with leukemia, to Drew, the wheels start to turn and Drew sees a chance to heal his family. Julia remains in a perpetual guilt-ridden state of grief and is opposed to the idea of adopting this terminally ill boy. Drew takes matters into his own hands and adopts Johnny, for better or for worse. Johnny doesn’t know what he’s in for, but is convinced he is here for a special mission: a mission that is revealed when he enters Dr. Carter’s world. 80 minutes. DRAMA #100144D, $19.99 SALE! $9.99

Letters to God Tyler Doherty is an extraordinary eight-year-old boy armed with a strong faith and courage facing his daily battle against cancer. Surrounded by a loving family and community, Tyler’s prayers take the form of letters he sends to his ultimate pen pal, God, on a daily basis. These letters find their way into the hands of Tyler’s postman, Brady, who is at a crossroad in his life. Brady at first is confused over what to do, but his decision ultimately is a testament to the powers of Tyler’s shining spirit, bravery, and grace. Inspired by a true story, Letters to God delivers a message of hope, faith, and courage that others can apply to their own personal struggles regardless of what they may face in their everyday lives. 110 minutes. DRAMA #602766D, $24.99 SALE! $9.99 Buy both Johnny and Letters to God for only $16.99, #97726D

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Popular Dramas The Way Home

Belle and the Beast

Based on a true story. Randy Simpkins is asked by his wife to watch their two-year-old son Joe for a few minutes. Randy is distracted by work and Joe disappears. As the couple searches for their missing son, Randy’s marriage must now weather the ultimate test — the potential loss of a child. This is the story of Randy’s spiritual journey back to love, faith, and a godly understanding of what must take priority in a man’s life. Starring Dean Cain. Widescreen, 89 minutes (EST, SST). DRAMA #45288D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

Eric Landry is a cold-hearted man that people have nicknamed “the Beast.” But Belle Watson is the exact opposite. She’s caring, kind, and works hard to help her family. When her father accidentally breaks a valuable work of art at the Landry mansion, Belle agrees to work for Eric in an effort to repay him and save her father’s job. She discovers there just might be more to Eric. 91 minutes. DRAMA #101573D, $14.99

Cutback High school senior Luke Harris dreams of pro surfing, but Luke’s parents have other ideas: pick a college and grow up! When Luke learns that a spot is opening up on the local surf team, he sees his big chance to prove to his parents that he can make it as a surfer and avoid being shipped off to school. When a devastating tragedy strikes, Luke is forced to take a hard look at his life. With the help of beautiful “church girl” Emily and his youth pastor, he learns that there’s much more to life than riding waves. 87 minutes. #88372D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99 DRAMA T

The Path of the Wind After serving a ten-year prison sentence, Lee returns to the small town where he was raised and takes a job at a local grocery store. When Lee saves Katie from being assaulted, his life becomes anything but simple. Lee’s budding relationship with Katie is threatened by a scheming coworker and a violent past which will not stay buried. When a stranger (Wilford Brimley) knocks on his door, Lee is confronted with the choices he made long ago. He must now decide how far he is willing to go to seek redemption. This unique film explores realistic characters and their struggles with temptation, sin, truth, and forgiveness. It is highly recommended for young adults and adults who wish to explore their own faith and life choices. Not recommended for young children. A free discussion guide is available at www.visionvideo.com. 103 minutes (EST). SG T DRAMA #501351D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99 VOD

Sound of the Spirit Rivka is a 12-year-old Jewish girl who believes in Jesus. When her father suddenly dies, Rivka moves in with her traditional Jewish relatives and attends their synagogue. Rivka learns life lessons that stir her faith to new levels, touching the hearts of those whose lives she has reluctantly impacted. This is a story of a young girl caught in the crossfire of strong feelings between two faith communities, told with humor, compassion, and grace. 128 minutes. T DRAMA #88466D, $14.99 SALE! $9.99

Miracle in the Woods Wanda and Sarah are estranged sisters at odds over what to do with a pecan grove they’ve inherited following their mother’s death. They are startled to find an elderly woman, Lilly, living on the property and claiming it as her own. Against her mother’s wishes, Sarah’s rebellious teenage daughter, Gina, befriends Lilly and helps her look for her long-lost son. Includes extra feature, “A Love Story in Time.” 92 minutes. DRAMA #703687D, $14.99

The Ultimate Gift Based on Jim Stovall’s best-selling novel, The Ultimate Gift sends a young man of privilege on an improbable journey. Trust fund baby Jason Stevens loves all of life’s gifts, as long as they’re bankable. But when his wealthy grandfather, Red, dies, Jason receives a most unusual inheritance: twelve tasks, which Red calls “gifts,” to challenge Jason to grow as a man. If he succeeds, the experience will not only change Jason forever, but he will discover the real meaning of wealth. Starring Drew Fuller, James Garner, and Abigail Breslin. 116 minutes. DRAMA #44486D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99

To order, call 1-800-523-0226 8-8 Eastern time M-F and 9-4 Sat.


Best Sellers The Cross & the Switchblade Peter and Paul / Run Baby Run This Emmy Award-winning proSpecial Anniversary Edition The Cross & the Switchblade This special anniversary release tells the true story of the beginning of David Wilkerson’s work among the gangs of New York City and the dramatic conversion of the notorious street fighter, Nicky Cruz. Now in over 25 languages! Starring Pat Boone and Eric Estrada. 105 minutes (EST, S, F, Pt, Ru, G, I, Pl, plus extras). Run Baby Run This historic documentary presents the touching, true story of Nicky Cruz’s life. 52 minutes (S, EST, extras). #501466D, $19.99 SALE! $15.99

duction, starring Anthony Hopkins and Robert Foxworth, captures the vitality, intensity, and humanity of two who were entrusted by Christ to carry the Gospel into all the world. Based on the Scriptures by and about Peter and Paul, this video shows how they were driven by a heavenly vision for a different kind of world. They paid a horrendous price for their devotion—Peter crucified and Paul beheaded— but their ministries transcended the cruelty of their enemies to become important pillars of the Christian Church. 194 minutes (S, EST, actors’ bios). T DRAMA #4628D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 112-page Teacher’s Guide includes preparation material and reproducible student worksheets for 13 sessions. #4185, $19.99 DVD & Guide set - #98409D, $29.99

Also available individually: The Cross & the Switchblade #4629D, $14.99 $11.99 Run Baby Run #4779D, $19.99 $11.99

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German clergyman of great distinction who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis. His convictions cost him his life. His last years, his participation in the German resistance, and his moral struggle are dramatized in this film. Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace sheds light on the little-known efforts of the German resistance and brings to a wide audience the heroic rebellion of Bonhoeffer. Starring Ulrich Tukur, Robert Joy, and Johanna Klante. Widescreen, 90 minutes (EST, S, Pt, G, actors’ bios). VOD DRAMA #4638D, $19.99 SALE! $12.99 T

The Fourth Wise Man A Magi named Artaban (Martin Sheen) sees a sign in the heavens that he hopes will lead him and his servant to the Messiah. For 33 years, Artaban and his faithful servant (Alan Arkin) pursue Jesus, only to miss Him at every turn. When Artaban, old and dying, finally encounters the new King, it brings peace to his life. 72 minutes (EST, S, Pt, actors’ bios). DRAMA #4416D, $14.99 T


Wesley Now, for the first time, Wesley’s fascinating spiritual struggle is presented in this award-winning feature film based on John’s own private journals. Young John Wesley works hard to earn his salvation but still cannot find lasting peace. His headstrong ways and self-righteous attitude bring conflict and rejection wherever he goes. Follow his journey across the stormy seas to the colony of Georgia, where he fails as an evangelist, while breaking the heart of the beautiful Sophy. In defeat, the newly humbled Wesley returns to England in search of genuine faith. Directed by John Jackman. Starring Burgess Jenkins, June Lockhart, Kevin McCarthy, R. Keith Harris, and Carrie Anne Hunt. Dove Family Approved for ages 12 and up. Approx. 2 hours (EST). T DRAMA #501370D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD

Paul the Apostle This feature-length film profiles Christ’s most prolific messenger. Paul, originally known as Saul of Tarsus, was at the forefront of efforts to stamp out the early church, but then Jesus stopped him on the road to Damascus, forever changing Paul’s life and mission. 145 minutes. (EST). T DRAMA #501420D, $14.99 VOD

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*Only $7.50 with this promo code: PX3CHR

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*Sale ends December 14, 2013

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Who are the Watchers? Is a race of benign extraterrestrials secretly influencing the world’s governments? Are these creatures really ancient aliens sent to protect humanity from self-destruction, or are they evil beings set on deception as the world approaches its final days? The Watchers is a provocative church-produced sci-fi film directed by Tom Dallis. 90 minutes (EST). #501540D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99

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It seems Jacob Marley is not yet finished with Mister Scrooge! Sent on a journey 170 years into the future, Scrooge encounters a world even colder and greedier than his own, a world that includes a young cutthroat businessman named Timothy Cratchit VI. Will Scrooge be able to turn Cratchit from his selfish ways and teach him the true meaning of Christmas? 115 minutes (EST). #501544D, $19.99 SALE! $14.99 VOD


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Mister Scrooge to See You!


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60 DVDs for $5 each! See pages 16-21.

Corrie ten Boom As the evil of WWII comes to their city, Corrie’s family takes in a Jewish baby needing protection from the Nazis. See Corrie’s amazing story of faith, love, sacrifice, and forgiveness through this inspirational episode of The Torchlighters. 30 minutes. Available November, 2013 #501538D, $14.99 SALE! $12.99

The Watchers: Revelation

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40 DVDs at 50% off. See pages 12-15!