Abstracts from the 18th World Congress of the

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OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 DOI 10.1007/s11695-013-0986-z


Abstracts from the 18th World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity & Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), Istanbul, Turkey 28-31 August 2013

SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS O.001 Sleeve Gastrectomy in Type 2 Diabetic Obese Patients PRESENTER: M. Berry1 Co-authors: P. Lamoza1, L. Urrutia1, R. Lahsen1, A. Bustos1, M. Schulz1 1

Clinica Las Condes, Unit of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, Santiago-Chile

Introduction: We report our results in terms of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) control in obese patients after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG), analyzing the of excess weight loss percentage (EWL%), metabolic performance after surgery, and morbimortality. Methods: A prospective series of obese, well-controlled T2DM patients underwent LSG consecutively between April 2006 and December 2012. Results: 70 patients, 42 male and 28 female, mean age 50 years (24–70), were operated upon and underwent follow-up for a mean of 22,1 months (3– 46). Mean preoperative BMI versus follow-up BMI were 36.22(30.2-51) and 27.92 (21.3-35), respectively, and the mean EWL% was 77.53%. Mean preoperative fasting glucose levels and HbA1C decreased from 147,28mg% (84– 250) to 94,35mg% (70–120) and from 7.0 % (5.2-11.6) to 5.78% (5.3-6.9), respectively. At follow-up, 89% of patients did not require further oral treatment for diabetes, while 11% witnessed a significant decrease in dosage of medication and/or were being progressively tapered off of medication. There were no onversions. Two patients (4%) presented postoperative morbidity: one presented a haemoperitoneum and another presented a peri-gastric haematoma – both were managed non-operatively. There was no mortality in this series. Discussion: LSG is a safe and an effective treatment for mild and well controlled T2DMpatients, achieving very good metabolic control. Further follow-up is necessary to evaluate long term results and may provide valuable information in optimizing patient selection for this procedure. O.002 Gastric Bypass as a Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Associated Co-morbidities: The DiaSurg 2 Trial PRESENTER: B. Mu¨ller1 1

Heidelberg University, Department of Surgery, Heidelberg-Germany

Introduction: Early remission of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) was found after bariatric surgery with laparoscopic Roux-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) for morbidly obese patients independently from weight-loss. Consequently, the indication of RYGB is shifting towards T2DM in mildly obese patients. In the DiaSurg 1 trial, 20 patients with T2DM and BMI 25–35 Kg/m2 received RYGB in a cohort study and showed significantly improved HbA1c, BMI as well as neuropathy scores 6 months postoperatively. Randomized controlled trials

are now needed to provide clear evidence for the role of surgery for the treatment of T2DM. Methods: The DiaSurg 2 trial is amulticenter, randomized controlled trial with a two-group parallel design and a composite time-to-event endpoint for morbidity and mortality from diabetes-associated diseases. 400 patients with BMI 26– 35 Kg/m2 aged 18–65 will be randomized to receive either RYGB or optimal medical care according to national treatment guidelines for T2DM with a follow-up of 8 years. Conclusion: The DiaSurg 2 trial will provide long-term data on the associated morbidity and mortality in patients with insulin-dependent T2DM comparing RYGB with standard medical care. O.003 Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Versus Gastric Bypass for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The Role of Interleukin-1b Dependent Mechanisms PRESENTER: W. Lee1 Co-authors: C. Chen2, J. Chen3, K. Ser3 1

Min-Sheng General Hospital, National Taiwan University, Surgery, TaoyuanTaiwan 2 Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Medicine, Taipei-Taiwan 3 Min-Sheng General Hospital, Surgery, Taoyuan-Taiwan

Background: To compare endocrine, metabolic, and inflammatory changes induced by laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) and laparoscopic gastric bypass (LGB) in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients with BMI < 35 kg/m2, and to investigate the mechanisms of success after metabolic surgery. Methods: Sixteen LSG and 16 LGB patients were followed up before and at 1 year after surgery. The 75-g oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was performed before and after surgery. Glucose homeostasis, serum interleukin-1b, plasma gut hormones and adipokines, and the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) ten-year cardiovascular risks were evaluated. Results: The diabetes remission rate (HbA1c < 6.5%) was significantly higher in LGB than LSG (100% vs. 50%). Insulinogenic index was enhanced and serum interleukin-1b was reduced in patients with their T2DM remission after surgery. Logistic regression analysis confirmed that insulinogenic index and interleukin-1b, not insulin resistance, were the factors determining the success of diabetes remission after metabolic surgeries. LGB and LSG significantly reduced the ten-year risk of coronary heart disease and fatal coronary heart disease in T2DM patients after surgery, while LGB had the additional benefit of reduced stroke risk. Conclusion: Human diabetes remission after metabolic surgery is through insulin secretion and interleukin-1b dependent mechanisms. LGB is superior to LSG in cardiocerebral risk reduction in Asian non-morbidly obese T2DM patients.


OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Insulin consumption

O.004 Diabetes Remission Rates After Bariatric Surgery



200 150


6 Months

2 years





1 year

3 years

Diabetes remission rate after LSG 100%


n =44


n= 33

Remission *

80% 60% 40% better 20% no change 0% 6 Months

worse 1 year

2 years

3 years

Antidiabetic therapy after LSG





0 6 Months

1 year

2 years


HbA1c below 6.2%



4 n=15




















Insulin + Metformin





80% 60% 40% No antidiabetic therapy 20%


3 years

0% Preoperativ

6 Months

1 year

2 years

3 years

Diabetes remission rate after LRY

Antidiabetic therapy after LRY n=49









HbA1c levels after bariatric surgery


HbA1c in %



Introduction: Influences of bariatric surgery on diabetic remission rates are still discussed controversial. Method: We analyzed our institutional bariatric surgery database for patients with diabetes (DM). Weight, BMI, medication, insulin requirement and Hb1c level were evaluated in patients after sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) and laparoscopy roux-y gastric bypass (LRY). Maximum followup is 3 years. Remission of DM was defined as HbA1c level below 6.2% and no antidiabetic medication. Results: Preoperatively HbA1c levels in LSG patients (n=89) were significantly lower than the LRY group (n=49) (7.1% vs. 8.2%). After up to 3 year follow-up there is no significant difference in mean HbA1c level, 3 years postoperatively 69% of LSG patients reach HbA1c levels below 6.2% and 50% of LRY patients. Preoperatively 28% of LSG patients and 47% of LRY patients were insulin dependent using mean cumulated insulin doses of 85 IU and 130 IU. After 3 years of follow-up none of the patients was still insulin dependent. LSG patients reached complete diabetes remission (DR) in 73% of the cases 3 years after surgery and LRY patients reached DR in 50% of the cases. Summery: DR rates after bariatric surgery are high. Our data are not able to show any superiority of LRY over LSG.



University Hospital Tu¨bingen, Department of General, Visceral and Transplant Surgery, 3-Germany





Cumulated insulin dose per day


PRESENTER: T. Meile1 Co-authors: M. Feilitzsch1, J. Lange1, J. Klimek1, A. Ko¨nigsrainer1, M. Zdichavsky1








100% Insulin + Metformin 80%

Insulin Metformin


60% 40%

40% 20% 0% Preoperativ

Remission *



no antidiabetic therapy

6 Months

1 year


2 years

3 years

0% 6 Months

1 year

2 years

3 years

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243


O.005 Early Results of Metabolic Surgeries in Patients with BMI 30). Surgical risc factors examined included age, sex, previous myocardial infarction, ejection fraction, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, periferal vascular disease, Cerebrovascular disease and urgency for surgical procedure. Surgical outcomes examined included using of inotropics, amount of bleeding, need for transfusion, sternal wound infection, and renal failure, mechanical ventilation time, intensive care unit stay and length of hospital stay. The data obtained from chi-square test, Kruskal-Wallis test and Mann–Whitney U test. Results: The incidence of hypertension was significantly higher than baseline in the obese group (p< 0.05). Findings of other preoperative and peroperative parameters did not differ significantly. The level of bleeding was significantly lower in obese patients (p< 0.01). Transfusion needs was significantly lower in the group of obese compared to other groups (p< 0.01). Conclusions: Our results indicate that the patients with obese BMI do not effect early outcome after CABG. Despite the comorbidities that are often present with obesity, obese BMI was not found to be an independent predictor of morbidity and mortality after CABG.

P.002 A Highly Efficient Protocol for Awake Fibre Optic Intubation in Morbidly Obese Patients PRESENTER: D. Godoroja Co-author: C. Copaescu2



Delta Hospital-Centre of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Anaesthesiology-Intensive Care Bucharest-Romania 2 Delta Hospital-Centre of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Bariatric Surgery Bucharest-Romania Background: In morbidly obese patients excess fatty tissue on the cephalic and thoracic extremity tends to make intubation, mask ventilation and the function of the lungs worse than in normal weight patients. Even using Awake Fiber Optic Intubation (AFOI) on these patients could be a challenge for the anesthetist. Aim: The goal of this study is to establish an efficient AFOI protocol in morbidly obese patients concerning the improvement of their safety and comfort. Method: In this prospective, nonrandomized, single centre study, we included patients with BMI over40-kg/sqm. and predicted or evidenced difficult airway, undergoing laparoscopic bariatric surgery in a therapeutic AFOI protocol. In order to improve their comfort, all the patients received different methods of regional anaesthesia of the upper airway and conscious sedation and analgesia with remifentanil delivered by TCI and low doses of propofol. Changes in vital parameters, cough, limb movements and total time duration of the procedure were evaluated. A questionnaire about intra-operative recall of pain or discomfort was filled in by every patient. Results: The AFOI protocol was utilised in 68 patients, out of the 434 patients who underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery between May 2011- October 2012. The AFOI protocol was elective applied to 64 patients selected for predicted difficult airway due to obesity. 4 patients with laryngoscopy grade + 4 and failure of conventional intubation were included in the protocol, as well. 16 patients received transtracheal block and 8 patients got bilateral superior laryngeal nerve block. The cough reflex was abolished in all patients with transtracheal block (16/16) and in 5,8 % (3/52) of the other patients. There was one episode of transient desaturation but no other complications were experienced. The average duration of the AFOI in the operating room was 21 min (12–45). All patients described their anesthetic experience as satisfactory. Conclusions: AFOI in morbidly obese patients with predicted or evidenced difficult airway management is not easy, and the key for a successful AFOI is

to improve comfort and safety of the patient using a combination of regional anesthesia of the upper airway and an adequate sedation. All these were included in a step-by-step procedure known to and applied by every member of the team trained in this respect. We have described a protocol that in our hands appears safe and efficient.

P.003 An Evaluation of Candidates for Bariatric Surgery in a Children’s Weight Management Program 1

PRESENTER: C. Fernandez Co-authors: T. Dolphens2, E. Lyden3, M. Anderson4, A. Kaftan5, C. Wessling5, K. Hartmann1, M. Hawkins1, R. Anthony1, A. Anderson-Berry5, C. Hanson5, R. Cusick6, D. Bryson1, M. Klahn1 1

Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, HEROES Clinic, Omaha-United States University of Nebraska Medical Center, Physicians Assistants, OmahaUnited States 3 University of Nebraska Medical Center, Biostatistics, Omaha-United States 4 University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health, OmahaUnited States 5 University of Nebraska Medical Center, Pediatrics, Omaha-United States 6 Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Pediatrics, Omaha-United States 2

Introduction: The Centers of Disease Control reports 17% of children in the U.S. are currently obese. Bariatric surgery has demonstrated positive outcomes in adults and is being considered a viable alternative for the treatment of morbidly obese children. The objective is to evaluate children enrolled in a pediatric weight management program (HEROES) who would meet the requirements for bariatric surgery (age 14 years, BMI 35). Methods: A retrospective analysis of medical records of children who participated in the HEREOS program was completed. Descriptive statistics were used to summarize the measurements taken at the baseline visit between the two BMI groups. The Wilcoxon rank sum test was used to compare selected baseline measurements between the groups. A p-value < 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results: 29 children of the 161 records evaluated met the criteria for bariatric surgery (18%). The subjects meeting the criteria for bariatric surgery (age 14 years, BMI 35) had statistically significant higher mean systolic blood pressure values (p=0.01) and mean diastolic blood pressure values (p=0.03) than the subjects who did not meet the criteria. There was no difference between the two groups in resting heart rate, Hgb A1C, glucose, triglycerides, or cholesterol. Conclusion: Children meeting the criteria for bariatric surgery have higher systolic and diastolic blood pressure values when compared to children who did not meet the criteria. Consideration must be given to all available treatment options in this population to avoid the long-term comorbidities associated with obesity.

P.004 Clinico-Mycological Profile of Mycosis Diagnosed in Diabetic Subjects at Annaba. Algeria PRESENTER: R. Mansouri Co-author: F. Saadni2


1 2

Faculty of Medecine of Annaba, Pharmacy, Annaba-Algeria Faculty of Medecine, Pharmacy, Annaba-Algeria

Introduction: Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that affects more than 4.2% of the world population. The immune imbalance that causes diabetes, places it among one of the main factors associated with infections, including those of fungal origin. Objective: The aim of the present work is to present the clinical and mycological profile of mycosis associated with diabetic and diagnosed at The laboratory of Parasitology-Mycology, CHU Annaba. Materials and methods: This is a prospective study that takes place between November 2008 to November 2012, relating to the mycological examination of samples of the diabetic population recruited at the laboratory.

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Results and discussion: The prevalence of vaginal fungal affection is noted, with positivity in 75% of cases. The fungal species most frequently isolated is Candida albicans. Nail involvement is also marked by isolation in more than 35% of the yeast Candida albicans, followed by the dermatophyte Trichophyton rubrum. The authors also report some deep and serious complications, including meningitis due to Cryptococcus neoformans and candidemia often generalized to other organs. Conclusion: The results suggest the importance of the mycological proof before any clinical suspicion of superficial mycosis as well as deep mycosis in these fragile patients.

P.005 Correlation Between Pre-Operative Body Mass Index (BMI) and Excess Weight Loss (EWL) in Glycemic Control of Diabetic Obese Patients 1

PRESENTER: D. Ferreira Co-authors: A. Messias2, L. Freitas1, V. Mansur2, C. Tonet2, P. Zorzo2, L. Coelho1, L. Basto1 1

Hospital Federal dos Servidores do Estado, General and Digestive Surgery, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil 2 Hospital Federal dos Servidores do Estado, Endocrinology, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil Introduction: Bariatric Surgery advantages on improvement of weight loss and glycemic control are well established, especially in diabetic patients. Methods: It was analyzed retrospectively, clinical and laboratorial data of the first 7 diabetic obese patients submitted to surgery. Results: All patients were female, mean age of 41.2 years, mean weight of 98.1 kg and baseline mean BMI was 38.1 Kg/m2. All patients were using oral hypoglycemic agents; four of them were using insulin. Mean onset of diabetes was 10 years and mean glycosylated hemoglobin (HgA1c) was 9.0. After the first pos operative month, no patient was taking oral hypoglycemic agents and one patient needed low doses of insulin. Mean weight was 85.8 kg; mean EWL of 39% and mean glycosylated hemoglobin was 6.7. After the first month, weight was positive correlated with HgA1c (r=0,86 p=0,02), EWL was negative correlated with HgA1c (r=0,78; p=0,03) and pre-operative BMI was negative correlated with EWL (r=0,82 p=0,03). Conclusion: Despite the small number of patients and short analysis, preoperative data such as BMI and EWL can be good clinical tools to evaluate patients that will have a precocious improvement in glycemic control.

P.006 Body Composition in Morbid Obesity: Correlation Between Body Adiposity Index and Bioelectric Impedance 4

PRESENTER: M. Santo Co-authors: R. de Cleva1, D. Pajecki2, A. Biasetto Bernhard3, D. Riccioppo3, I. Cecconello3 1

Hospital das Clinicas University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, Gastroenterology - Surgical Division, Sao Paulo-Brazil 2 University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, Gastroenterology – Surgical Division, Sa˜o Paulo-Brazil 3 University of Sa˜o Paulo School of Medicine, Gastroenterology – Surgical Division, Sa˜o Paulo-Brazil 4 Hospital das Clinicas University of Sa˜o Paulo School of Medicine, Gastroenterology - Surgical Division, Sa˜o Paulo-Brazil Introduction: Obesity has become an important public health problem. According, prevalence of morbid obesity is also growing. There is no consensus about the best method to measure body composition in morbid obesity individuals. A simple, easy, accurate, reproducible and inexpensive method is desirable. The aim of this study was to compare two methods that estimate body fat percentage (%BF), Body Adiposity Index (BAI) and Bioelectric Impedance (BI). Population and Methods: We prospectively evaluated 233 adults with indication for surgical treatment of morbid obesity at Bariatric and Metabolic Group

1111 at Hospital das Clı´nicas, University of Sao Paulo Medical School. All patients over eighteen years old were included after an Informed Consent and Agreement (Ethics Committee protocol number 8848). The data were collected before any intervention. Weight (Wgt) and height (Hgt) were measured in a Welmy scale. The circumferences were made with an inelastic tape-measure in a horizontal line. Waist circumference was the midpoint between the lower margin of the last palpable rib and the top of the iliac crest. Hip circumference (HC) was the maximum circumference of the buttocks. BI was made using Biodinamics equipment (model 310) with the person lies. Four electrodes were fixed in pairs in the right hand and bare feet. An electrical signal is introduced and an impedance value is obtained. This is then entered into an equation: BI= 23,25+(0,09xR)+ (1,00xWgt)-(0,08xHtg)+(0,13xYrs) (BI in kilograms of BF, R= resistance in owns, Wgt in kilograms, Htg in centimeters and age in years). BAI was determined according to the equation: BAI=(HC/Hgt x Hgt)-18 (BAI in %BF, HC in centimeters and Hgt in meters); Results: Mean age was 44±11.34 years and mean body mass index (BMI) was 49.13±7.65kg/m2. The female prevalence was higher (78.5%) and 41.2% was super obese (BMI50kg/m2). Mean BF was 52.15% (±6.04%) by BI and 51.49% (±8.22%) by BAI. The difference between than was 0.67% (±5.21%), interclass correlation of 0.74 (CI 95%:0.67-0.79). BAI had no significant error in women (p=0.611) and in super obese (p=0.368). A significant error was observed in men (p=0.06), in patients with BMI 2000 ml of tap water, and iv/ no instructions. All patients were operated between 8.30 and 10.30. Data were acquired from baseline, arrival to the recovery room (RR), and at five more time points. We measured pain, nausea and fatigue on 100 mm VAS. Results: There were no differences between groups for age, gender, BMI or nausea risk factors. Pain and fatigue both reached their peak values on arrival to the RR after which point values gradually decreased. For these variables there were no differences between groups. Nausea peaked later, at 7 p.m. Women overall scored higher (p=0.0419). Patients with preoperative CH intake had significantly higher nausea scores than controls (p=0.0204).

Pre-op weight mean [SD]

75cm BP limb 40cm BP limb p value n=15 n=14 124.5kg [12] 139kg [23] 0.04

Pre-op BMI (mean)



Male : Female



Age in years (mean)



Pre-op Insulin



Duration T2DM (months)



No diabetes Rx at 1 year

11/15 (73%)

13/14 (93%)

% EWL at 6 months



% EWL at 12 months



Pre-op HbA1c



HbA1c at 1 year (mean)




Change in HbA1c



5 days) were retrospectively analyzed, highlighting their relative incidence, presentation, management and impact on length of HS. Results: Early complications were encountered in 66 patients (4.9%) after 1345 LRYGB operations vs. 49 patients (7.14%) after 686 LSG operations. This difference is statistically significant. Male gender percentage and mean BMI were significantly higher in the complicated LSG group. Median length of HS was insignificantly longer after complicated LSG than after complicated LRYGB (11 vs. 10 days). Leakage and bleeding were the most common early complications after either procedure. Leakage rate was insignificantly higher after LSG (12 patients, 1.75%) than after LRYGB (22 patients, 1.63%). Bleeding rate was significantly higher after LSG (19 patients, 2.76%) than after LRYGB (10 patients, 0.7%). Laparoscopic control of bleeding was needed in 7 patients (70%) in the LRYGB group vs. 13 patients (68.4%) in the LSG group. Elevation of inflammatory markers was the most common presentation for early complications after either LSG (18 patients, 36.7%) or LRYGB (31 patients, 46.9%). Conclusion: LSG is associated with more early complications with subsequent prolongation of HS compared with LRYGB. These complications, especially bleeding, may be attributed to higher BMI and predominance of males in complicated LSG group.

LRYGB Number of operations performed


P value

2009 2010

353 372

2009 2010

148 207





31 August 287 2012 Total 1345

31 August 118 2012 Total 686


OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 2009

Number of patients with a prolonged HS of more than 5 days due to early post-operative complications N (%)

2010 2011

21/353 (5.95%) 14/372 (3.76%)


17/333 (5.1%)


31 August 14/287 2012 (4.87%) Total


20/213 (9.38%)

31 August 8/118 2012 (6.78%)

66/1345 Total (4.9%) 28 (42.4%)

Patients with HS ranging from 7–10 days N (%) Patients with HS 33 (50%) ranging from 10–30 days N (%) Patients with HS 5 (7.6%) longer than 30 days N (%) Median length of 10 (7 – 76) HS in days for patients with a prolonged HS of more than 5 days (Min. – Max.)

9/148 (6.08%) 12/207 (5.79%)

49/686 (7.14%) 17(34.7%)

0.039* 0.571

26 (53.1%)

6 (12.2%)

11 (7 – 92)


Introduction: Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) includes a wide spectrum of liver diseases, ranging from pure steatosis to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and eventually to liver cirrhosis with its complications. Identifying advanced fibrosis in patients is crucial to evaluating prognosis and possible therapeutic intervention. A simple and highly accurate scoring system called BARD, which identifies patients with NAFLD and without significant fibrosis, was introduced and validated in North America. The aim of this study is to compare its performance in a bariatric surgery patients cohort with NAFLD. Method: A group of 447 bariatric surgery patients with NAFLD (TGP > 19 in women or > 30 in men plus presence of steatosis on ultrasound or during intraoperative evaluation) were included in this study. Fibrosis in liver biopsies was evaluated according to the Histological Scoring System for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. The BARD scoring system was assessed according to Harrison et al.: BMI > or = 28 = 1 point, AST/ALT ratio (AAR) > or = 0.8 = 2 points, type 2 diabetes mellitus = 1 point. Results: DM and AAR over 0.8 showed, respectively, a moderate and strong association with fibrosis. A BARD score of 2–4 points was associated with F3 or F4 stages of fibrosis with an odds ratio of 15.43 (95% Cl; 4.67 – 80.3) and negative predictive value of 96.3%. Conclusion: Our results demonstrate that the BARD scoring system has value in the non-invasive diagnosis of advanced fibrosis in bariatric surgery patients with NAFLD. The vast majority of morbidly obese patients with NAFLD would avoid liver biopsy if BARD was broadly introduced into the bariatric surgery practice. P.441 Quality of Life Relating to Eating Disorders Among Obese Women Accepted for Bariatric Surgery 1

p: p value for comparing between the two studied groups *: Statistically significant at p 0.05

PRESENTER: A. Von Lojewski Co-authors: S. Abraham1, E. Durmush2

Table 1: Comparison between LRYGB and LSG in regard to the number of performed operations and the number of patients with a prolonged HS of more than 5 days due to early post-operative complications. Prolonged HS is further subdivided in 3 categories: 7–10 days, 10–30 days and more than 30 days. The median length of the HS for patients with a prolonged HS of more than 5 days is also presented.


LRYGB (66) (100%)

LSG (49) (100%)

16 (24.2%)

23 (46.9%) *

45 (28–60)

48 (24–60)

46.8 ± 5.7

54.2 ± 8.3 *

– Type 2 diabetes

31 (46.9%)

20 (40.8%)

– Hypertension

27 (40.9%)

22 (44.8%)

– Hypertriglyceridemia

16 (24.2%)

13 (26.5%)

– Osteoarthritis

28 (42.4%)

24 (48.9%)

– Sleep apnea

15 (22.7%)

10 20.4%)

Male gender N (%)


Median age in years (Min. – Max.) Mean BMI in Kg/m


(± SD) *


*: Statistically significant at p 0.05 Values are expressed as number (%). SD: standard deviation Table 2: Demographic data and incidence of associated co-morbidities in patients with a prolonged HS of more than the fifth post-operative day after either LRYGB or LSG. P.440 Performance of the BARD Scoring System in Bariatric Surgery Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

PRESENTER: L. Cartiano1 Co-authors: A. Branco1, L. Nassif1, J. Sampaio-Neto1, L. Crippa1, S. Okayama1, D. Gouveia1 1

CEVIP (Advanced Videolaparoscopy Center of Paraná), Curitiba, Brazil

University of Sydney Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology LiverpoolAustralia 2 Life Weight Loss Centre Sydney-Australia Introduction: The importance of depression and disordered eating behaviours for the outcome of bariatric surgery has previously been discussed. The quality of life (QOL) related to eating disorders (ED), ED behaviours, feelings and thoughts and psychological feelings of obese patients has not been considered in studies of patients undergoing bariatric surgery. The aim was to explore obese womens QOL related to ED behaviours, thoughts and feelings and psychological feelings (QOL ED) as compared to ED inpatients and normal controls. Method: The QOL ED was examined in three groups of women: obese about to undergo laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) (N=164), ED inpatients (N=208) and controls (N=510). Results: Approximately one-third (28%) of the obese women had an ED, predominately binge ED (BED). Obese women had significantly greater concerns about overeating and body image than controls but did not differ from ED women. Obese women had more ED thoughts and psychological feelings (depression, anxiety) than control women but less than ED women. Obese women wanted to feel full inside, wanted to always eat more, and ate to help their mood’ while ED patients wanted to feel empty inside and felt more‘preoccupied with thoughts of food, eating and body weight. QOL ED global scores discriminated BED women from controls. Conclusion: The QOL ED may be a useful tool to examine the ED- and psychological feelings-related QOL of women before LSG as it may help to predict weight loss success post-surgery and therefore indicate follow-up management. P.442 Lesions that Mimic Liver Metastasis During Bariatric Surgery Leading to Cancellations Sclerosing NASH and Von Meyenburg Complex; A Case Series 1

PRESENTER: R. Aguilo Co-authors: S. Coppack1, Y. Koak1 1

Homerton University Hospital, Bariatric Surgery, London-United Kingdom

Introduction: Sclerosing non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and Von Meyenburg complex (VMC) can mimic liver metastasis resulting in the

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243


abandonment of a bariatric procedure. We present a picture case series of lesions resembling liver metastasis during bariatric surgery resulting in operative cancellations. Methods: The case notes of all intra-operative cancellations, liver biopsies and unusual diagnostic laparoscopy findings were reviewed. Results: Ten bariatric surgery patients had lesions resembling liver metastasis on diagnostic laparoscopy as part of their bariatric surgery. A histological liver biopsy sample was taken in six patients and some procedures were initially abandoned. Two of these biopsy samples confirmed sclerosis with NASH, and four samples showed Von Meyenburg complexes. The other four remaining cases were thought to be typical appearances of sclerosing NASH and Von Meyenburg complexes and bariatric surgery was performed. Conclusion: Increasing awareness of these mimicking lesions can help prevent the intra-operative cancellation of a bariatric operation. Liver biopsy can be performed during the operation if doubt remains.

reoperation and 2 to percutaneous drainage of collections. 3 patients experienced complications associated to stent placement: 2 cases of migration and 1 impaction all solved endoscopically. Mean time to clinical resolution of leaks 56 (± 15.3) days. No mortality in this series. Conclusion: ESP of staple line leaks after LSG is an alternative to consider, regarding a careful evaluation of each case.

P.443 Use of Endoscopic Stents in Staple Line Leaks After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG)

Introduction: Morbid obesity currently is a serious condition that threatens the general public health in developing and developed countries globally. Bariatric surgery is the most efficient form of treatment of morbid obesity providing good and sustained weight loss and metabolic control. Laparoscopic Gastric Banding is a safe, efficient, feasible and reversible bariatric surgical technique. However there are some shot term and long-term complications of this technique. Intragastric band erosion and band migration is a rare but a long-term major complication. There has been certain endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques have been developed but there is no consensus on the standard technique. Here in as being experienced in both techniques aim to provide our outcomes on laparoscopic band removal and show that it is as feasible and safe as compared the other techniques. Materials and Methods: We have evaluated retrospectively the complications the 2750 laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) cases. We have extracted the data of 15 (0.54 %) cases of gastric band migration and out of those 7 of them who underwent laparoscopic removal of the band. We have evaluated the chief complaints, time to erosion, post-operative hospital stay and postoperative complication. Results: The chief complaints of these patients were nausea and vomiting, abdominal and back pain and hematemesis. The median time to complication was 5 years after the operation. All of these 7 patients were operated laparoscopic ally and band removal with closure of gastrotomy was done. All the patients were discharged uneventfully postoperatively. The mean hospital stay was 2 ±1.2 days. Conclusion: Laparoscopic band removal is a safe and effective method fort he treatment of band migration which is a long-term and sometimes life threatening complication after LAGB surgery.


PRESENTER: C. Santander Co-authors: J. Contreras1, C. Harz2, F. Perez1, I. Court3, J. Bravo1, P. Brante3, J. Hamilton3 1

University of Chile, Surgery, santiago-Chile Clinica Santa Maria, Endoscopic Surgery, Santiago-Chile 3 Clinica Santa Maria, Bariatric Surgery, Santiago-Chile 2

Introduction: Most feared complications after LSG are related to staple line dehiscence, which involve a challenging management. Endoscopic stent placement (ESP) as part of minimally invasive approach is an alternative to consider. We present or experience with this technique in treatment of leaks due to staple line dehiscence after laparoscopic sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG). Method: case series of patients treated at one center describing demographics and clinical outcomes of patients submitted to LSG who evolved with gastric leaks and required endoscopic stent placement as part of their management. Results: From March 2009 to April 2012, 7 patients (4 female),mean age 33 (± 10.2) years, mean preoperative BMI 36.5 (± 5.8) kg/m2. 10 metallic, self expandable stents were placed. All patients had a demonstrated staple line leak, 6 with associated abdominal collections and 1 case of diffuse peritonitis. 3 cases showed distal stricture. Mean time from surgery to clinical symptoms of 8.7 (± 4.3) days. Stent placement was successful as definitive treatment in 5 cases, with evidence of persistant leak in 2 cases which resolved with conservative measures. 5 cases required additional interventions: 3 submitted to

P.444 Our Experience in Laparoscopic Removal of Migrated Adjustable Gastric Bands 1

PRESENTER: H.E. Taskin Co-authors: S. Ergun1, K. Zengin1, M. Taskin1 1

Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine Department of General Surgery

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Dandona P. O.193 Daniel A. IH.16 Daniel O. P.200 Danyte E. P.011 Darabi S. O.030 Darakjian D. IH.20, P.418 Darriba Ferna´ndez M. O.057 Dashti S. O.043 Daskalakis M. P.402, P.410, P.411 Daud G. P.302 Davis H. P.389 Dayer-Jankechova A. O.190 Dbouk R. O.130 De Angelis F. P.144, P.185 De’ Angelis N. O.139 De Araujo Pereira R. VS.15, P.009 De Boer H. O.071, O.092, IH.13, P.257 De Brauw L. O.078, P.230 De Bree E. P.402 De Campos E. P.055 De Carli L. VK.38, P.315, P.358 De Cleva R. P.006, P.120 De Courville G. O.198 De Gara C. P.389 De Jonge C. O.037 De La Cruz J. P.323, P.329 De La Cruz-Munoz N. VS.36, P.161, P.188 De La Maza J. O.065 De Lorenzis G. P.264 De Luca M. O.106, O.159, O.173 De Panfilis C. IH.15, IH.21 De Paula P. O.147, VS.16 De Sario G. O.093, IH.15 De Wit N. O.035 De Zoete J. P.342 Deac R. P.237 Deduchovas O. P.011 Defoort B. O.185, P.255 Deguara J. O.150, P.407 Dehni N. P.263 Deitel M. O.195 Del castillo D. P.052, P.060 Del Papa M. P.269 Delgadillo F. VK.51 Delgado-Aros S. O.038 Delhom E. P.265 Delko T. P.200, P.201, P.336 Demir N. P.260 Demirel T. VS.22 Demiriz B. O.181, P.262 Deshpande A. O.068 Devalia K. P.128, P.232 Deveci E. P.133 Dexter S. O.164, O.207 Deylgat B. O.085, P.213, P.216 Dhamija N. O.163, P.330 Dharia S. P.416 Dhorepatil D. VK.41, VK.49 Di Cristofano C. P.185 Di Lorenzo N. O.095, P.165, P.236 Di Maio V. P.287 Di Micco R. P.291 Di Rocco G. O.079, P.214 Dias Polo S. VK.35, VK.36 Dias Rodrigues Filho E. VS.15, P.009 Dı´az-Gu¨emes I. P.323, P.329

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Diemen V. P.022 Dillemans B. O.048, O.085, O.185, VS.06, VS.13, VS.18, P.213, P.216, P.255 Dimitriadis E. O.202 Dittrich K. O.059, P.387 Dobrescu A. P.292 Dogan K. O.071, O.092, O.204, IH.07, P.169, P.256, P.257, P.259, P.319, P.414 Dogan S. P.049 Dogan U. P.065 Dohm G. P.434 Dolezalova K. O.027, O.099, O.153 Dolphens T. P.003 Dolu F. P.262 Dome`nech J. P.052 Doulami G. P.338 Douvetzemis S. IH.10, P.190, P.248 Drabble N. O.058 Droeser R. P.200 Du X. P.026 Dua M. O.032, O.063 Ducroc R. O.117, P.058, P.059 Dumas-Dupont J. P.427 Dupre´e A. P.042 Durak E. P.076 Durmush D. O.133, P.151 Durmush E. O.133, P.151, P.441 Durna E. O.119 Duta C. P.292 Dziakova J. O.156, P.324, P.394 E Ebrahimifard F. P.212 Edholm D. P.166 Efthimiou E. IH.18, P.081, P.112, P.187 Egiev V. P.072, P.073, P.074, P.075, P.080, P.085 Eickhoff H. O.137 Eid A. P.308, P.334 Ekelund M. O.053, O.096, O.116, O.191, VS.35, P.181 Ekstedt M. P.062 El Kafsi J. P.051 El Shenawi M. O.132, P.298 Elagin I. P.281 Elahmedi M. O.046 Elbanna A. P.382 Elfawal m. O.127 Elhoush A. VK.04 El-Houssari T. O.146 Elias E. P.228 El-Kalwaay M. O.015, O.047, O.160, P.156 El-Sayes I. P.110, P.376, P.439 Emous M. O.171, P.224, P.226, P.390 Ensari C. P.049, P.064 Eoh K. P.155 Epstein M. O.206 Erdem N. P.208, P.285 Erdemir A. P.041 Erdogan C. O.181 Ergin G. P.121, P.122, P.123 Erickson A. O.195 Ermakov N. P.072 Ermerak G. O.133, P.151 Ernst A. P.199 Eryilmaz R. P.049, P.064, P.065 Escalona A. O.036 Eschenbacher F. VK.66

1235 Espı´ndola M. P.358 Espinos J. O.038 Espino´s J. O.017 Esposito M. P.287 Esquiroz Carballo I. P.147 Esquiroz I. VK.09 Evdoshenko V. P.281 Evertsson I. P.275 Eyre N. P.114 F Fabre J. O.044, O.144, P.183, P.265, P.333 Fabris De Souza S. P.124, P.126, P.127, P.129 Fabris Luiz S. P.124 Fabris S. P.129 Facchiano E. VS.08, P.310 Fagerland M. P.170 Faintuch J. P.127, P.129 Fajardo M. P.423 Fa¨ndriks L. P.159 Fardoun A. O.031, P.332 Farfan G. P.062 Farghaly G. P.355 Faria E. VS.33, P.024, P.091, P.093 Faria G. O.177, P.254, P.328 Farias C. O.065 Farias G. P.014, P.015, P.017 Faruq S. P.054 Fathelrahman Bakier K. VK.04 Favretti F. O.106 Fedenko V. P.281 Fehlert A. P.269 Feilitzsch M. O.004 Felberbauer F. P.412 Felix D. O.069 Fenni S. P.048 Feray C. O.139 Fernandes A. P.100, P.101 Fernandez A. O.049, VK.62 Fernandez C. P.003 Fernandez J. O.065 Ferna´ndez Nespral M. P.280 Ferrando J. P.070 Ferrari C. O.170, O.179 ´ . O.147, P.016, P.234 Ferraz A Ferreira C. P.103, P.107, P.108 Ferreira D. P.005 Ferreira Manso J. VK.03, VK.35, VK.36 Ferro O. P.375 Fersahoglu M. P.106 Feskens P. O.194, P.282 Fetter G. O.058, P.231 Fielding G. P.284 Figueiredo M. P.014, P.015, P.017 Filip S. O.166, VS.39, VK.23, VK.19, P.240 Flessas I. P.102, P.251 Flores N. P.171, P.378 Foldi I. P.432 Foletto M. O.196, P.294 Fong C. P.132 Fontaumard E. O.175 Foo J. O.113, O.115, O.120 Forestieri P. P.291 Formisano G. VS.12, P.182, P.360 Fort J. O.072 Foschi D. O.170, O.179 Fournier P. O.198, P.370, P.397

Franca E. VS.28, P.234 Franco F. O.159 Francois E. P.269 Frangella F. O.180 Frankel A. P.125 Frankl T. P.220 Frask A. P.361 Frati G. O.110 Frederiksen S. O.096, VS.35 Fredriksen S. VS.07 Freitas A. P.117 Freitas L. P.005 Frenken M. P.164 Frering V. O.175 Fried M. O.027, O.041, O.099 Frydenberg H. O.034 Fuentes C. P.025 Funke R. O.192 Furlan Nunes F. VS.15, VK.27, P.009, P.067, P.396 Furukawa A. O.013 Fysekidis M. O.130 G Gadiot R. O.204, P.202, P.203 Gaertner D. P.199 Gagner M. O.195 Galea R. O.112, P.237 Galindo Alvarez J. P.086, P.099 Galva˜o Neto M. O.039, O.147, VS.16, VS.28, P.016, P.234 Galva˜o Ramos M. VS.16, VS.28 Gambotti L. P.286 Ganguly S. O.111 Garces M. P.375 Garcia Ruiz De Gordejuela A. O.057, VK.31 Garcia W. VS.30 Garciacaballero M. O.012, O.052 Garcia-Moreno Nisa F. P.086, P.099 Gari M. P.277 Gaspari A. O.095, P.165, P.236, P.246 Gaston A. VK.09 Gaston Moreno A. P.147 Gaudioso D. P.084, P.136, Gawdat K. O.186, P.235 Gaz C. P.153 Geist A. VK.38 Gelecek Geyik S. O.118, P.353 Gelli M. O.139 Genco A. O.180, O.201, P.269 Generali I. IH.21 Genser L. P.286 Gentileschi P. O.095, P.165, P.236, P.246 George J. O.015 George K. O.056, O.090, P.148, P.247 Georgiou P. IH.18 Gerosa E. P.268 Geubbels N. O.078, P.230 Ghanassia E. P.183 Ghanem M. P.308, P.334 Ghanim H. O.193 Ghassan S. P.228 Gheorghe M. P.010 Ghinagow A. O.029, O.040, O.062, P.426 Giannotti D. O.079, O.110, P.214 Giardiello C. VK.24, P.269, P.273 Gignoux B. O.175 Gilbert L. P.188

1236 Gillard L. O.117, P.058, P.059 Gilliam A. P.045 Giovannelli A. P.197 Gira˜o J. P.103, P.107, P.108 Girardon D. VS.33, P.024, P.091, P.093 Gislason H. O.096, O.109, O.191, VS.07 Giuliano M. P.287 Giusti V. O.190 Gnanasegaram J. P.094 Godoroja D. O.089, P.002 Goel D. O.163, P.244, P.330 Goel M. VK.53, P.243, P.416 Goel R. O.068, VK.26, VK.53, P.184, P.243, P.250, P.416 Goine H. P.158 Goitein D. O.165, IH.24, P.345, P.346, P.347 Goldbach M. VS.34, VK.64 Gomberawalla A. P.095 Gomes M. P.103, P.107, P.108 Gomez E. O.039 Gomez Rodriguez P. P.253, P.325 Goncalves D. O.058 Goncalves F. O.177 Gonzalez C. O.049, VK.62 Gonza´lez N. P.025 Gonzalez O. O.072 Go´ralczyk A. O.205, VK.14, VK.25, VK.70, P.033, P.362, P.413 Goucham A. O.075 Goudsmedt F. VS.06, VS.18, P.213, P.255 Gouillat C. VS.37 Goulart A. P.100, P.101, P.340 Gouveia A. O.177, P.254, P.328 Gouveia D. VK.75, P.440 Govil A. IH.02, IH.03, P.189 Govil bhasker A. O.064, VS.10, VK.22, VK.39, P.395 Gow L. VK.16 Gozeneli O. P.035, P.090, P.293, P.405 Gorgun M. P.121, P.122, P.123 Graham C. P.021 Greco F. O.173, P.144 Greve J. O.037, IH.22 Grill A. P.220 Grinbaum R. VS.29, VK.06, VK.08, P.308, P.334 Groenen M. O.035, O.071, P.256 Groh C. O.022 Groop L. O.053, O.116, P.181 Grossen C. O.155 Grotenhuis B. P.202, P.203 Grueneberger J. VK.17, P.320 Gruneberger J. VS.26 Gual P. O.122 Guareschi G. IH.15 Guenzi M. O.021, O.172, P.157 Guerra A. VS.09, VK.21, P.241 Guerra G. P.130 Guerrero Gual M. O.057 Gugenheim J. O.122, O.184, P.322 Guidoni C. P.153 Guimaraes A. O.137 Guimaraes J. P.328 Guirguis E. P.023 Guiu E. P.060 Guixe´ C. VK.51, P.349, P.423 Gunduz M. VS.22

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Gurprashad R. P.432 Gutierrez L. O.007, P.424 Gutierrez Samaniego M. P.253 Guzman H. P.036, P.379 H Hadad M. P.301, P.303 Haidar Ahmad H. VS.36, P.161, P.188 Hajat C. P.301, P.303 Hakky S. O.189, P.352, P.381 Halmi D. P.066 Hamamci E. O.181, IH.14, P.208, P.262, P.285, P.363 Hamdiken M. P.018, P.135 Hamilton J. P.219, P.443 Hammink E. IH.07 Hammod I. VS.23 Hammou H. P.048 Han A. O.073 Han S. O.131 Handgraaf H. IH.22 Hannan A. P.420 Hanratty D. VS.17 Hansel B. O.117 Hanson C. P.003 Haroun F. P.397 Harper C. P.278, P.386 Hartmann K. P.003 Harz C. P.443 Hasani A. P.291 Hashemi M. O.015, O.160, P.156 Hashemzadeh M. P.176 Hauenschild A. P.115 Havrlentova´ L. P.082 Hawkins M. P.003 Hawkins W. P.343 Hayes M. O.113, O.115, O.120 Hazrati A. P.023 Heath D. O.148, P.089 Hedberg J. P.166 Hedenbro J. O.053, O.096, O.116, O.191, P.145, P.158, P.181, P.267, P.275, P.436 Helbo De Carvalho M. P.396 Helmy M. O.132 Henry L. O.175 Heo Y. O.008 Hermosilla J. P.036, P.379 Hernandez C. O.156 Hernandez J. P.245 Herna´ndez L. P.323, P.329 Herna´ndez M. P.052, P.060 Hernandez Perez C. P.324, P.394 Herrador J. P.086, P.099 Hewin D. O.207 Hewitt S. P.170 Him‘pens J. O.155 Himpens J. O.162, VS.31, VK.15, P.229 Hodin R. O.054 Hofer A. P.177, P.179, P.180 Hoffer F. P.220 Hoffstedt J. P.374 Hofland S. P.202, P.203 Holden P. O.193 Holeczy P. P.082, P.104 Hole´czy P. P.131 Hollingshead J. P.081, P.187 Hopkins J. P.207

Horbach T. VK.66, P.269 Horn A. P.029 Hossam I. P.298 Hoving C. IH.22 Howes N. P.207 Howett R. P.051 Howlader M. O.148, VS.27, P.089, P.415, P.420 Hsin M. O.029, O.040 Huang C. O.028,O.029, O.040, O.062, VS.21, P.426, P.431 Huguet A. O.049, VK.62 Hult M. IH.17 Hunjan P. VK.63 Hur K. O.009, O.203, P.019, P.350 Hussein M. VK.32, VK.33, VK.34, VK.43, VK.44, VK.68 Hutopila I. O.166, VS.39, VK.19, VK.23, P.240 I Iaconelli A. P.153 Iannelli A. O.122, O.184, P.322 Ibis M. O.142 Ibrahim M. P.301, P.303 Iesari S. P.153 Imoto H. O.055 Ioffe O. P.373 Iordache N. P.295 Iorio O. P.185 Iorra F. VS.01, VK.38, P.221, P.222, P.315, P.357, P.358 Iorra J. VS.01, VK.38, P.221, P.222, P.315, P.357, P.358 Iovino P. P.360 Ireland P. O.086 Irribarra V. O.036 Isaksson A. P.267 Isart M. O.038 Ivano F. O.168 Izbicki J. P.042 Izzo G. P.291 J J. Pories W. P.434 J.Branicky F. O.060 Jackson S. IH.01, P.054 Jackson T. P.094 Jacobsen H. O.096, O.191, VS.07 Jairam A. O.091 Jamal M. O.032, O.033, O.063 Jamal W. O.021 Jameel J. O.128, O.164 Jamel Coelho A. VK.03, VK.35, VK.36 Jammu G. P.299 Janssen I. O.035, O.071, O.092, O.204, IH.07, IH.13, P.169, P.256, P.257, P.259, P.319, P.414 Jara J. P.052 Jasmi A. P.062 Javed S. O.200, P.217, P.278, P.279, P.327, P.386, P.435 Jawad M. VS.34, VK.01, VK.02, VK.11, VK.64, VK.65, P.191 Jayashree T. O.124, P.401 Jayashri G. P.400 Jeganath V. P.186 Jelen B. O.059, P.387 Jelinek V. IH.04 Jenkinson A. O.015, O.160, P.156 Jennings N. P.206

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Jiayen W. O.073 Jindal S. P.172 Jirawan R. P.062 Johandi M. O.073 John S. IH.08, P.249, P.369, P.371 Jonas M. P.046, P.047 Jonasson J. IH.17 Joosten M. O.037 Jorgensen J. P.343 Jose Lazzarini Mendes C. VK.20 Julio L. IH.06 Jumaa T. O.043, P.154, P.383 Junqueira G. P.315 K Kaan H. IH.12 Kabelitz M. O.022, O.208 Kadoya K. O.143 Kafali E. P.030, P.097 Kaftan A. P.003 Kalashnikov O. P.027, P.071, P.098 Kalfarentzos F. O.108 Kalhan S. IH.08, P.249, P.369, P.371 Kalogeropoulou C. O.108 Kamat S. P.160 Kampa M. O.202 Kanagi A. P.120 Kanan N. P.038 Kang S. O.018 Kapiris S. P.138 Kar H. P.076 Karadayi B. P.121, P.122, P.123 Karagulle O. P.063, P.083, P.167, P.404 Karakan T. O.142 Karakoyun R. P.039, P.079, P.105 Karamirad M. P.176 Karcz K. VS.26 Karcz W. O.103, VK.17, VK.18, P.320 Karcz-Socha I. O.103 Karev I. P.072, P.073, P.074, P.075, P.080, P.085 Karihaloo C. O.206 Karimyan V. P.415 Karip A. P.039, P.079, P.105, P.106, Karlsson A. P.436 Karvelis M. P.338 Kasama K. O.009, O.055, VS.11 Kaselis N. P.316 Kassem A. O.130 Katar K. P.363 Katoh R. O.143 Katsarou A. IH.19, P.417 Katsogridaki G. P.238 Kaul A. VS.02, VK.28, VK.63, P.321 Kaur M. VK.29 Kawahara N. O.162, VS.03 Kayaalp C. P.035, P.090, P.293, P.405 Kayhan F. O.123 Kayyal M. P.252 Kayyal Y. O.060 Kechagias S. P.062 Kechrid Z. P.018, P.135 Kefurt R. P.177, P.179, P.180, P.412 Kerem M. O.142 Kerrigan D. O.200, P.217, P.278, P.279, P.327, P.386, P.435 Khadgawat R. O.006 Khaitan M. VK.37, P.162

1237 Khaki R. P.403, P.410, P.411 Khalil N. P.021 Khamayse I. O.141 Khan C. P.317 Khan O. O.076, O.146, VS.32, P.119, P.399, P.425 Khatsiev B. O.209 Khazzaka A. P.393 Khetan M. IH.08, P.249, P.369, P.371 Khoo C. O.014 Khwaja H. O.200, P.217, P.278, P.279, P.327, P.386, P.398, P.435 Kim H. P.155 Kim J. P.111, P.155 Kim K. O.018, O.074, IH.09, P.421 Kim N. P.155 Kim S. P.077 Kim Y. P.019, O.203, P.116, P.350 Kinsman R. O.207 Kirby G. O.019, P.288, P.368 Kiss G. P.315 Kitahara T. O.143 Klahn M. P.003 Klajner S. O.197 Kleidi E. P.338 Klimek J. O.004 Kluger Y. O.141 Knoll C. O.050 Koak Y. VS.38, VK.16, VK.77, P.034, P.128, P.132, P.232, P.242, P.413, P.442 Koc U. P.065 Kocael A. O.152 Kocael P. O.152 Kockaya G. P.121, P.122, P.123 Koc U. P.064 Koehestanie P. O.035, O.071, O.204, IH.07, P.169, P.256, P.257, P.319, P.414 Koek G. O.037 Koestler T. P.201, P.336 Kohilas N. IH.10, P.190, P.248 Koldemir-Gunduz M. O.119, O.121, O.123, P.261 Kolec S. O.174, P.032 Kolesnikov E. P.066 Koliopanou S. O.125 Kolomiets N. P.066 Konigsrainer A. O.004 Konstantatou E. O.108 Kontaksis V. IH.10 Kontaxis V. P.190, P.248 Korenkov M. P.266 Kosai R. P.062 Kosiukhno S. P.027, P.071, P.098 Kostler T. P.200 Kotsakou D. IH.19, P.087, P.088, P.146, P.417 Koumare S. O.134 Kouri N. O.108 Kowalczyk Z. P.062 Koyaishi A. O.162, VS.03 Krawczykowski D. O.103, O.134 Krebs J. O.115 Kristinsson J. P.137, P.170 Krisˇtof J. P.082 Krˇ´ızˇ M. O.025 Kruger S. VK.66 Kryjevsky V. P.066 Krzyzanowski S. O.074, IH.09 Kuesters S. VS.26, P.320

Kuiken S. O.167, P.149 Kular K. O.176, P.365 Kulkarni J. O.062 Kurdi R. P.301, P.303 Kurian M. VK.40 Kurokawa Y. VS.11 Kurylowicz A. P.046, P.047 Kusters S. VK.17 Kutanis R. P.063, P.083, P.167, P.404 Kuzinkovas V. P.343 Kuzminov A. O.209 Kv J. VS.05, P.309 L Lacombe A. O.197, VK.58 Lagarde S. O.075, O.167, P.149 Lagos J. P.070 Lahsen R. O.001 Lakadawala M. O.009 Lakdawala M. O.064, IH.02, IH.03, VS.10, VK.22, VK.55, VK.39, VK.56, VK.61, P.189, P.395 Lakkunarajah S. P.317 Lamoza P. O.001, P.356, P.438 Lamprou V. O.202 Lan B. P.343 Lange J. O.004 Langer F. P.177, P.179, P.180, P.412 Lanzarini E. O.007, P.424 Lapatsanis D. IH.10, P.190, P.248 Lara I. O.007, P.424 Larose F. P.427 Larrabide I. P.147 Lasagni V. IH.05, VS.19, VK.57, VK.60, VK.73, P.437 La¨ßle C. VS.26 Lattuada E. O.188 Laukens P. P.255 Laurenius A. P.159 Laurent G. IH.16 Laurino Neto R. P.055 Lavryk A. O.100, O.158 Lavryk O. O.100, O.158 Law S. P.137 Layani L. P.366, P.367 Lazar C. P.292 Lazar F. P.292 Lazzati A. O.139, IH.16, P.010, P.286 Le Beyec J. O.117, P.058, P.059 Le Gaule M. O.117, P.058, P.059 Le roux C. IH.01, P.021, P.054, P.137, P.159 Leandros E. O.125, P.102, P.338 Leao P. P.100, P.101, P.340 Lebel S. P.427 Lech P. P.361 Lecube A. O.072 Lee C. P.062 Lee K. O.009 Lee M. O.009, P.044, P.109, Lee S. P.116, P.155 Lee W. O.003, O.009, O.178, P.192, P.359 Lee Y. O.008, O.178, P.192, P.359 Leenen L. O.070 Lefebvre P. O.044, P.183 Leger P. O.044 Leifson B. VS.07 Leifsson B. O.096, O.109 Leke A. P.168, P.258

1238 Lennerz B. O.050 Leongito M. P.084, P.136 Lescelleur O. P.427 Letteron P. P.058 Le´tteron P. O.117, P.059 Leuratti L. VK.07, P.028, P.068, P.112 Leventi A. O.202 Li Y. P.026 Lietaer A. O.044 Lifeng Z. O.073 Liguori A. P.185 Lim S. O.114 Lima Da Costa E. P.254, P.328 Lima J. P.234 Limura E. P.165 Lincov I. P.266 Lindqvist A. O.053, O.116, P.181 Linkov F. P.266 Linne Y. IH.17 Lippert H. P.110, P.376 Liscia G. VS.08, P.310 Lisik W. P.047, P.046 Lo M. O.189 Lobos G. P.219 Lodi T. O.097 Lofgren P. P.374 Loi K. P.343 Loizou C. O.125 Lomanto D. O.073, IH.12 Longheval G. P.269 Longo F. P.185 Lopes E. P.016 Lopez pelaez J. O.069 Lopez-Nava Breviere G. P.269 Lorenzo M. O.180 Louizos A. P.102 Louro T. O.137 Lovely J. P.389 Loves S. O.092 Loy J. P.284 Lonroth H. P.194 Lubbers K. P.224 Lubitz C. O.054 Lucchese M. VS.08, P.310 Luchinat C. O.110 Ludvik B. P.177, P.179, P.180, P.412 Ludwig K. O.022, O.208 Luosev S. P.281 Lutfi Bukhari W. VK.04 Lutfi R. P.095 Lutrzykowski M. O.102, O.104 Lutsenko N. P.139 Lyden E. P.003 Lynn W. P.037, P.089 M M ikegami E. P.124, P.126 Mabrouk R. P.150, P.298 Machado Castro L. VK.35, VK.36 Machytka E. P.062 Maegawa H. O.013 Maffei A. VS.02, VK.28, VK.63, P.321 Magalha˜es neto G. O.147 Magee C. O.200, P.217, P.278, P.279, P.327, P.386, P.435 Maglio M. P.163 Mahajna A. O.141, P.029

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Mahawar K. P.204, P.205, P.206, P.172, P.215 Mahdi T. P.348, P.422 Mahomedy Z. O.058 Mahon D. P.207 Maia Da Costa J. P.100, P.101, P.340 Maida P. P.287 Maietta P. P.084, P.136 Maira A. P.036 Majoie M. O.070 Major P. O.082, O.087, P.020 Mala T. P.137, P.170 Malapan K. O.028, O.029, O.040, O.062, P.426 Maldonado P. VS.20, P.178, P.209, P.270, P.271 Maleckas A. P.011, P.013, P.272, P.316 Mall-Julian W M. P.218 Maluf-Filho F. O.162 Malzoni C. O.197, VK.58 Mammolotti S. P.045 Manacas L. VS.09, VK.21, P.241 Manchanda N. O.176, P.365 Manger T. O.022, O.050, O.208, P.110, P.376 Mann O. P.042 Mannaerts G. O.091, O.204, P.202, P.203 Mannan C. P.341 Manning S. P.406 Manno E. O.173, P.163 Mannur K. O.205, VK.14, VK.25, VK.70, P.033, P.034, P.232, P.362, P.413 Manoilo M. O.100 Manso F. P.100, P.101, P.340 Manso M. P.118 Mansouri R. P.004, P.050 Mansur V. P.005 Manzia T. P.246 Maqueda A. VK.09, P.147 Marceau P. P.427 Marceau S. P.427 Marchesi C. IH.21 Marchesi F. IH.15, IH.21, O.093 Marchetti M. P.214 Marinos G. P.062 Mariolis Sapsakos T. P.251 Marjanovic G. VS.26, P.320 Marla S. O.019, P.288, P.368 Marmuse J. O.117, O.198, P.058, P.059, P.370, P.397 Marsk R. P.194 Marte G. P.287 Martin P. P.269 Martinek L. P.104 Martinez A. P.196 Martinez Blazquez C. VK.09, P.147 Martinez De Aragon A. VK.09 Martinez De Aragon G. VK.09, P.147 Martı´nez De Arago´n G. P.025 Martinez Pueyo J. P.325 Martı´nez-Blazquez C. P.025 Martinez-Duartez P. P.233 Martinez-Moreno J. O.012, O.052 Martini F. O.184 Mascheroni L. O.188 Maselli R. O.180 Masini A. P.429 Mason J. P.062 Masri S. P.318 Master Y. P.409

Mata A. O.017, O.038 Mata J. O.012, O.052 Mateen M. P.012 Mathus-Vliegen E. P.062 Matia P. P.324 Matı´a P. O.105, P.280 Matlok M. O.082, O.087, P.020 Maureen B. P.204 Mavromatis T. P.138 Mayir B. P.064 Mayorova J. P.072, P.073, P.074, P.075, P.080, P.085 Mayte B. IH.06 Mazeh H. P.334 Mazikina L. P.281 Mc Call J. P.068 Mcallister J. O.086 Mckenzie T. O.054 Mearin F. O.038 Meddah B. P.168, P.258 Mehenni F. P.168, P.258 Mehrotra M. P.031 Mehta S. O.020 Mehta V. P.062 Meile T. O.004 Meillon S. IH.01 Meleshko A. P.073, P.074, P.075, P.085 Melissas J. O.202, P.402 Melo Da Costa Bussons C. VS.15, P.009 Memisoglu K. P.079, P.106 Memos N. O.125, P.102 Menacho A. O.168 Menaldi G. P.233 Menasri A. P.135 Mendes E. P.127, P.129 Menenakos E. P.251, P.338 Menguer R. P.315 Menon A. O.138, P.364 Merkle R. P.269 Merten M. O.154 Mesa J. O.072 Messiah S. P.161 Messias A. P.005 Messinger G. IH.24 Michalik M. VK.52, P.361 Michelakis D. O.202 Mickevicius A. P.316 Miguel G. P.056 Milleo F. O.197 Miller K. O.187, IH.04 Milone M. P.084, P.136 Min˜ambres C. P.253 Mingrone G. P.153 Minguez A. O.012, O.052 Miralles F. O.012, O.052 Miras A. IH.01, P.021, P.054, P.137 Mircioiu D. P.237 Mironiuc A. P.237 Mirza S. P.198 Miscagna D. O.170 Mitchell A. P.045 Mitsumatsu T. P.069 Mittermair R. O.199 Mizrahi I. P.308 Mofti A. P.354 Mohamed D. P.175

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Mohamed I. O.005, P.307, P.385 Mohamed M. P.388 Mohammed M. P.341 Mohammed S. O.005 Mohan S. P.148 Mohite A. P.054 Molina A. P.052 Molina J. O.007, P.424 Monda A. P.291 Monkhouse S. O.077 Monte S. O.193 Moon R. VS.34, VK.01, VK.02, VK.11, VK.64, VK.65, P.191 Moore, Jr. F. O.054 Moorthy K. O.080, P.352, P.381 Moragas G. O.038 Morais M. P.254 Morales B. P.377 Moran M. O.118, P.353 Morandeira-Rivas A. O.061, VS.04 Morbey C. O.206 Moreno-Sanz C. O.061, VS.04 Morino K. O.013 Moser F. P.178 Moszkowicz D. O.172, P.157, P.297 Mottin C. P.130 Mottola A. P.287 Moustafa A. O.132, P.150, P.298 Moustarah F. P.427 Mozzi E. O.188 Mozzillo P. P.209 Mueller C. P.094 Mukherjee S. O.183 Mulder H. O.053, O.116 Muller B. O.002 Muller M. O.035 Munnings H. P.062 Mun˜oz De La Espada J. O.061, VS.04 Munoz F. O.036 Mun˜oz J. P.314 Munoz R. O.036 Murally H. P.186 Murata S. O.013 Murgatroyd B. O.010, O.067 Musella M. O.173, P.084, P.136 Musleh M. O.007, P.424 Musolino C. O.188 Muzio G. P.233 Mylytsya K. P.139 Mylytsya M. P.139 N Nabulsi B. O.093 Nachimuthu S. O.200, P.217, P.278, P.279, P.327, P.386, P.435 Nadim D. P.420 Nadler A. VK.05 Naidoo S. P.231 Nair V. O.056 Nandan A. VK.26, P.184, P.250 Nanjappan S. P.162 Nanni G. P.153 Narmanli M. P.078 Narwaria M. O.045, VK.10 Naslund E. P.374 Na¨slund I. P.194 Naspetti R. VS.08

1239 Nassar R. P.245 Nassif L. VK.74, VK.75, VK.76, VK.78, P.440 Natoudi M. O.125, P.102 Nedelcu A. O.044, O.144, P.183, P.265, P.333, Nedelcu M. P.398 Neff K. IH.01, P.382 Nehme J. O.189 Nelissen R. IH.22 Nergaard B. VS.07, P.267 Nergard B. O.096, O.109 Nerga˚rd B. P.275 New J. O.138 Ngiam K. O.114, P.057 Nguyen D. O.021 Nicholls J. P.156 Nicola D. IH.16 Nicotra A. P.021 Nienhuijs S. P.342 Nijjar R. P.403, P.410, P.411 Nikzad S. P.023 Nimeri A. P.263, P.301, P.303 Nizrahi I. P.334 Nkem Emechap E. P.268 Nocca D. O.044, O.135, O.144, P.183, P.265, P.333 Noel P. O.044 Noh S. P.116 Nordin L. P.145 Nordlund A. P.145 Noronha ferreira C. P.103 Nunziante M. P.287 O O C. O.094 Obeide L. P.178 O’connor K. VK.40 Oertli D. P.201, P.336 Okahata S. P.069 Okayama S. VK.75, P.440 Okazumi S. O.143 Okrainec A. P.094 Okuducu M. P.106 Olaizola I. P.025 Olbers T. P.125, P.137, P.159 Olmi S. O.026, P.143, P.331 Omelanczuk P. IH.05, VS.19, VK.57, VK.60, VK.73, P.437 Omelanczuk S. IH.05, VS.19, VK.57, VK.60, VK.73, P.437 Onur E. P.106 Ooi A. O.029, O.040 Ooi Se A. O.028, O.062, P.426 Ooshiro M. O.143 Orellana J. P.060 Orillac J. O.039 Orlowski M. P.361 Ortega J. IH.06, P.375 Ortiz-Oshiro E. P.394 Osborne A. O.080 Oshiro T. O.143 Osman A. O.186 Osorio D. O.012, O.052, Osorio I. P.253 Ossola P. IH.21 Ottosson J. P.194 Ouali K. P.134, P.140 Ovalle C. O.065

Ozguc H. P.078 Ozmen F. O.118 Ozden S. P.208, P.285 Ozer Y. P.041 Ozkara A. IH.14 Ozmen M. O.118, P.121, P.122, P.123, P.353 Oztekin S. P.040 Oztruk D. P.040 Ozyurt A. P.001 P P.Wang Y. P.007 Pachu E. O.147 Padberg W. P.115 Padoin A. P.130 Page R. O.115 Pajecki D. P.120, P.006 Pakaneh M. P.211 Palaniappan R. P.388, P.341 Palanivelu P. VS.05, P.309 Palep J. O.068 Pallavi S. P.400 Pampillon N. IH.05, VS.19, VK.57, VK.60, VK.73, P.437 Panunzi S. P.153 Papa V. P.264 Papaefthimiou Z. IH.10, P.190, P.248 Papailiou I. O.125 Papamargaritis D. P.238 Papapietro K. O.007, P.424 Pappis C. P.087, P.088, P.146 Pappis H. IH.19, P.417 Pararas N. IH.19, P.087, P.088, P.146, P.417 Paraskevakou G. P.138 Pardo C. O.156 Pardo Martinez C. P.324 Paredes A. P.171, P.378 Parı´s M. P.052 Park J. O.203, P.350 Park S. O.011 Passafiume F. P.432 Passeri C. P.117 Pasupathy S. O.111 Patchava A. P.352 Patel A. O.010, O.067 Patel V. P.403 Patias L. P.024 Patil G. VK.53, P.243 Patolia S. P.162 Patrikakos P. P.138 Patrizi G. O.079, O.201, P.214 Pattonieri V. IH.15 Pauliukiene D. P.011 Pawlak M. VK.52 Pazouki A. P.211, P.212 Pazzianoto- Forti E. P.056 Pedziwiatr M. O.082, O.087, P.020 Peev M. P.201, P.336 Peirasmakis D. P.402 Peixoto- Souza F. P.055, P.056 Peker Y. P.076 Pender J. P.434 Penner T. VK.05 Pennestri F. P.153 Penuto C. VK.57, P.437 Penutto C. IH.05, VS.19, VK.60, VK.73 Peppe A. O.202

1240 Pereira J. VS.09, VK.21, P.241 Pereira M. P.100, P.101 Pereira T. VS.01, P.221, P.222, P.357 Perekhrestenko O. P.027, P.071, P.098 Perez A. P.313 Perez F. O.024, P.219, P.289, P.312, P.351, P.391, P.443 Pe´rez G. O.192 Perez R. P.196 Perez Zapata A. P.253 Pe´rez-Aguirre E. O.105 Pe´rez-Castilla A. P.314 Perilli V. P.153 Perisinakis K. O.202 Perone M. VK.24 Perrea D. P.138 Perrotta N. P.144 Pestana D. P.328 Petrosillo P. P.268 Piazza L. O.173 Picazo-Yeste J. O.061, VS.04 Pichlerova D. O.099 Picone E. O.095, P.165, P.236 Pierzynowski S. O.116 Pieters J. O.058 Pilone V. P.291 Pimentel F. O.036, O.192 Pinaka O. P.238 Pinheiro V. P.016 Pinna F. O.097 Pintar T. P.113 Pioner S. P.358 Pisapia A. P.084, P.136 Pizzi M. P.264 Pizzi P. O.016, P.195, P.197, P.264 Plamper A. O.174, P.032 Ploeger N. P.414 Podvisocky A. P.066 Poglitsch M. P.412 Polara W. VS.03 Polits S. P.436 Polliand C. O.126, VS.20, P.209, P.270, P.271 Poonam S. O.124, P.400, P.401 Pop E. P.237 Pop I. O.112 Porras J. P.060 Porto Zacaron A. VK.03, VK.35, VK.36 Possebom F. P.015 Poussier M. O.144, P.265, P.333 Prager G. P.177, P.179, P.180, P.412 Prasad A. VK.29 Prat X. P.171, P.378 Premaratne V. VS.32 Premoli G. P.233 Prestes J. P.014, P.017 Preto J. O.177, P.254, P.328 Prevedello L. O.196, P.294 Priboi M. O.166, VS.39, VK.19, VK.23, P.240 Prigouris S. IH.10, P.190, P.248 Primo Junior N. P.124, P.126 Pufal M. P.130 Puig V. P.062 Pujol Gebelli J. O.057, VK.31 Purkayastha S. O.189, P.352, P.381 Puzianowska-kuz´nicka M. P.046, P.047 Pyasi R. VS.10

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Q Quartararo G. VS.08, P.310 Qvisth V. P.374 R R P. VS.05 R.M. dib V. VS.24 Raab H. P.164 Rabolini E. VS.01, VK.38, P.221, P.222, P.315, P.357, P.358 Rackauskas A. P.013 Raddatz A. O.192 Radominski R. P.015 Radwan R. VS.17, P.114 Radzichovsky A. P.066 Raga E. P.052 Rahmoun H. P.134, P.140 Rajagopal M. O.005, P.173, P.174, P.385 Ramamoorthy R. O.148, VS.27, P.415 Ramar S. O.148, VS.27, P.089, P.415 Ramirez M. VS.30 Ramos A. VS.16, VS.28, P.324 Ramsey K. P.172 Rao S. P.335 Raparelli L. P.144 Raziel A. O.165, IH.24, P.345, P.346, P.347 Reddy J. P.335 Reddy M. O.076, O.207, P.399, P.425 Reddy Mannur P. O.205 Reddy V. P.335 Redler A. O.079, O.110, O.180, O.201, P.214, P.269 Redshaw E. P.413 Reggiani V. O.093, IH.15 Reiler C. P.177, P.179, P.180 Remedios C. IH.02, IH.03, P.189, P.419 Renard E. P.183 Ren-Fielding C. P.284 Rensen S. O.037 Resa J. P.070 Reyes E. P.314 Reyes-Ortiz A. O.012, O.052 Rheinwalt K. O.174, P.032 Ribeiro De Araujo Pereira R. VK.27, P.067, P.396 Ribeiro R. VS.09, VK.21, P.241 Ribeiro-parenti L. O.198, P.370, P.397 Riccioppo D. P.006 Ricco’ M. O.093, IH.15 Richardson M. P.403, P.410, P.411 Richart C. P.060 Rijkers K. O.070 Rinaldi N. P.315 Rioja P. P.253 Riserus U. P.374 Risstad H. P.137, P.170 Ritchie J. O.101 Riva A. O.170 Rivkin E. O.126, VS.20 Rivkine E. P.209, P.270, P.271 Rizk N. O.126 Rizzello M. P.144, P.185 Rizzi A. O.170, O.179 Rm Dib V. VS.25 Robert M. VS.37 Roberts J. O.088, O.169 Rodominski R. P.014, P.017 Rodrigues Dias Filho E. P.067

Rodriguez C. P.379 Rogula T. O.032, O.033, O.063, P.398 Roman A. O.076, P.399 Roma´n-Ortı´z C. O.061 Romanos J. P.402 Rosato A. P.163 Rosenthal R. O.011, VS.29, VS.40 Rotundo A. O.080 Roukounakis N. IH.10, P.190, P.248 Rousseau D. O.122 Roviaro G. O.188 Rovira L. IH.06 Rowlands D. O.115 Ro¨ssner S. IH.17 Rubin M. VK.12, VK.67 Rubio Herrera M. P.274, P.324 Rubio M. O.105, P.280 Ruivo A. P.103, P.107, P.108 Runkel N. P.408 Russo F. O.095 S S R. VS.05, P.309 S S. P.309 S. Duarte-Guerra L. P.007 S. Nair V. P.148 Saadni F. P.004 Saba J. P.313, P.314 Saban Z. P.001 Sabench F. P.052, P.060 Sabri S. P.045 Sabry A. P.372 Sadek R. O.042, VK.46, P.380 Sa´ez P. O.105, P.274 Safadi B. P.318 Sahin M. P.030, P.097, P.121, P.122, P.123 Saifulla M. O.029, O.040 Sakamoto K. P.069 Sakcak I. O.181, IH.14, P.262 Sakran N. O.165, IH.24, P.345, P.346, P.347 Salamat A. P.095 Saleg P. P.178 Saleh A. P.252 Saleh F. P.094 Salem A. VS.23 Sales Peres S. P.117 Salhat H. O.060 Salian N. VK.53, P.243 Salih Elnati A. VK.04 Salihoglu Z. O.084 Salinas A. VS.30 Salinas J. O.192 Samier A. P.045 Sampaio J. VK.74, VK.75, VK.76, VK.78, P.440 Sampaio Jorge L. P.055 Sancheti M. IH.02, P.189 Sa´nchez A. P.052 Sa´nchez Del Pueblo C. P.274, P.280 Sa´nchez E. O.105, P.274, P.280 Sa´nchez J. P.052 Sanchez M. IH.05, VS.19, VK.57, VK.60, VK.73, P.437 Sa´nchez-Margallo F. P.323, P.329 Sa´nchez-Pernaute A. O.105, P.274, P.280, Sanmugalingam N. O.076, O.146, VS.32, P.119, P.399, P.425 Santander C. O.024, P.219, P.289, P.312, P.351, P.391, P.443

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Santo M. O.197, P.006, P.120 Santonicola A. VS.12, P.360 Santoro S. O.197, VK.58 Santos R. O.105 Sanz De La Morena P. P.325 Sarhosi S. IH.10 Sarkis R. P.393 Sarma D. O.010 Sasidharan S. P.148 Sasso Fin A. VK.59 Sastre E. P.053 Satoh A. O.143 Scaringi S. VS.08, P.310 Schaaf C. P.322 Scheffel O. P.439 Schiaffino F. P.219 Schiano R. P.273 Schigt A. P.149 Schindler K. P.177, P.179, P.180, P.412 Schirmer B. P.092 Schmidt K. VK.17, VK.18 Schneck A. O.122, O.184, P.322 Schoeppl S. P.220 Schoettler A. P.199 Schofield K. P.187 Scholten P. P.149 Schoon E. O.129 Schotborgh C. O.129 Schouten R. O.194, P.282 Scho¨n M. P.199 Schrocht A. VK.18 Schulz M. O.001, VK.13, P.356, P.438 Schwacha H. VS.26 Schwack B. P.284 Schwiebert C. P.128 Scozzarro A. P.236 Sebastian C. P.375 Sedano-Vizcaino C. O.061, VS.04 Sedman P. O.207 Segaert A. VS.13 Segato G. O.106, O.159 Seica R. O.137 Seki Y. VS.11 Senapati P. O.138, P.364 Senapati S. O.086 Sener O. P.121, P.122, P.123 Seniski G. O.168 Seo K. P.141 Sepulveda A. P.171, P.379 Sepulveda L. P.379 Sepulveda M. VK.45, VK.69, P.036, P.171, P.326, P.377, P.378, P.379 Sepu´lveda M. P.314 Sepu´lveda M. P.313 Ser K. O.003, O.178, P.192, P.359 Serino G. P.273 Serradilla M. O.049, VK.62 Serrano B. P.025 Serrano Fernandez B. P.147 Sertel Berk H. P.133 Sertkaya M. P.090 Sˇevcˇ´ıkova´ J. P.082 Sevim E. P.063 Seymour K. O.077 Sgromo B. P.051 Shaban F. P.204, P.205, P.206

1241 Shabana H. O.094 Shabbir A. O.014, O.073, IH.12 Shah N. VK.01 Shah P. VK.50, P.054 Shah S. VK.50 Shaikh S. O.039, O.128, O.164, Shakeri S. P.177, P.179, P.180 Shakeri-Leidenmu¨hler S. P.412 Shamseddine G. P.318 Sharma A. P.193 Sharma J. VK.28 Sharma S. P.193 Sharp A. O.036 Shashank S. O.124, P.400, P.401 Shiba T. P.069 Shidrawi R. VK.16 Shikora S. O.054 Shimizu H. O.063 Shin S. O.008 Showleh S. P.389 Sidhu G. O.073 Sidhu S. P.062 Sierra Barbosa D. P.324, P.394 Sierra D. O.156 Sierra Estban V. VK.09, P.147 Sierra P. P.025 Siersema P. O.129 Signorini F. P.178 Sigurdsson A. O.019, P.288, P.368 Silecchia G. P.144, P.185 Silva L. O.039, O.147, O.168, VS.16, VS.24, VS.25, VS.28, P.016 Silverman C. IH.23 Silvestri E. P.273 Sima E. P.166 Simon-Hould F. P.427 Simsek S. P.344 Singh Nain P. O.149 Singh R. IH.08, P.249, P.369, P.371 Singhal R. P.410, P.411 Sioka E. P.238 Sivam V. P.112 Skalli M. O.044, O.144, P.183, P.265, P.333 Skipworth J. P.081 Skroubis G. O.108 Small P. O.207, P.172, P.204, P.205, P.206, P.215 Smellie J. IH.18, P.081, P.112, P.187 Smeu B. O.166, VS.39, VK.19, VK.23, P.240 Smout A. O.129 Smulders F. O.129, P.342 Snaith A. P.051 Snauwaert C. P.255 Snyder B. O.020 So J. O.014, O.073, IH.12, P.155 Socı´as M. P.052 Sodt-Michael S. P.218 Solaymani Dodaran M. P.212 Soliman A. VS.40 Sollazzi L. P.153 Somers S. O.207 Son B. P.155 Sonisik M. IH.14, P.208, P.262, P.285, P.363 Sood A. VK.39, VK.55, VK.56, VK.61, P.062 Soricelli E. O.201 Soufron J. P.096 Sousalis T. P.037

Souto J. P.126, P.124 Souza da Silva R. VS.01,P.221, P.222, P.357 Souza Luiz S. P.127 Sovic T. P.137 Søvik T. P.170 Sozer A. P.078 Spegel P. O.053, O.116 Spe´gel P. P.181 Spivak H. VK.12, VK.67 Sramkova P. O.099 St. Luce S. P.321 Steiger A. O.126 Stenberg E. P.194 Stetsenko O. P.373 Steval A. P.112 Stewart D. P.217 Stier C. O.154, P.164 Stoica R. P.295 ˇ totl I. P.113 S Strachan I. O.069 Stroh C. O.022, O.050, O.208, P.110, P.376 Stubbs R. O.115, O.113, O.120, P.406 Subramanium T. O.114 Sucher R. O.199 Suciu S. O.112 Sufi P. O.148, VS.27, P.037, P.089, P.415, P.420 Suissa A. O.141 Sullivan T. P.321 Sundbom M. P.166 Sung T. O.009 Super P. P.403, P.410, P.411 Surucu G. P.030 Susa A. O.173 Suter M. O.190 Susleyici-Duman B. O.119, O.121, O.123, P.261 Svensson M. IH.17 Sweep F. O.092 Syed A. O.138, P.409 Szabo E. P.194 Szego T. VK.20 Szold A. O.165, IH.24, P.345, P.346, P.347 T Taffuri C. P.084, P.136 Taha M. P.252 Taheri S. P.403 Takagi R. O.143 Talai-Rad M. O.208 Talbot M. P.343 Talebpour A. O.023, P.225 Talebpour M. O.023, O.030, P.225, P.296 Tamannaie Z. P.211 Tan T. P.125 Tang M. VK.38 Tani T. O.013 Tansug T. P.041 Tapscott E. P.434 Tarantini M. O.016, P.195 Tarapon O. P.066 Tarasiuk T. P.373 Tarkowski M. O.170 Tartamella F. O.093, IH.15 Taskin H. E. O.084, O.152, O.151 Taskin M. O.084,O.119, O.121, O.123, O.151, O.152, P.121,P.122, P.123, P.152, P.261 Tatar F. P.076 Tatar M. IH.11, P.121, P.122, P.123,

1242 Taveira Gomes A. P.328 Taweela N. P.382 Tay A. IH.12 Tayeh S. O.051 Taylor C. VK.47, VK.48 Tefia D. P.048 Teixeira A. VS.34, VK.01, VK.02, VK.11, VK.64, VK.65, P.191 Teixeira L. P.014, P.017 Temiz Z. P.038 Tenı´as-Burillo J. O.061 Tenori L. O.110 Teo S. O.111 Terra X. P.060 Tets, Van W. O.075 Tez M. O.181 Tezer S. P.039, P.106 Thalib L. P.154 Tham K. O.111 Tharakan G. P.125 Thawdar P. P.364 Theodoridou S. P.439 Theodorou D. P.338 Thieltges S. P.199 Thompson C. O.039 Thompson J. P.081, P.187 Thompson S. O.088, O.169 Thomson J. P.112 Thorell A. P.194, P.272, P.374 Thorne A. P.374 Thuregal M. O.062 Tian H. P.026 Ting P. P.008, P.283 Tir Touil A. P.168, P.258 Tisone G. P.246 Todkar J. O.157, VK.50 Todurov I. P.027, P.071, P.098 Toft E. P.374 Togbe B. VK.63 Tognoni V. P.246 Tokocin M. P.083, P.167, P.404 Tonet C. P.005 Tonna P. IH.21 Toor P. P.421 Torquati A. P.095 Torres A. O.105, O.156, P.274, P.280 Torres Garcia A. P.324 Tortorelli G. O.201 Totte E. O.171, P.224, P.384 Totte´ E. P.226, P.390 Toumi Z. O.086 Toutouzas K. P.251 Toval J. O.012, O.052 Toy W. O.114 Traianou A. O.051 Tran A. O.122 Trindade E. P.022 Trindade M. P.022 Trolle lagerros Y. IH.17 Trung V. O.013 Tsai Y. P.044 Tsamis D. O.125, P.102, P.251 Tsiamita M. O.108 Tsiura I. P.373 Tsou J. O.178, P.192, P.359 Tubazio I. O.170, O.179

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Turckan A. P.177 Turiel D. O.036 Turkcapar A. P.344 Turkcan A. P.179, P.180 Turkington P. O.086 Turrentine B. P.092 Turro Arau R. P.269 Turro´ Homedes J. O.017 Turro´ J. O.038 Turro´ R. O.017, O.038 Tyvonchuk A. O.100 Tzovaras G. P.238 U Uccelli M. O.026, P.143, P.331 Ugi S. O.013 Uluer A. P.208, P.285 Umezawa A. VS.11 Unal A. P.121, P.122, P.123 Unal S. O.142 Upex P. O.198 Uresin Y. P.121, P.122, P.123 Urita T. O.143 Urrutia L. O.001, VK.13, P.356, P.438 Urs Z. P.200 Uygun C. O.084 Uzun H. P.152 V Vahidi H. O.023, P.296 Valats J. O.144 Valderas J. O.192 Valencia Cortejoso J. VK.09, P.147 Valenti A. O.126, VS.20, P.209, P.270, P.271 Valera Yepes R. O.057 Valero M. P.070 Valle I. VK.51, P.423 Van Cauwenberge S. O.048, O.185, P.213 Van Cleven S. P.213 Van De Caveye I. O.085 Van De laar A. O.078, P.230 Van De Meeberg P. O.129 Van De Vrande S. VS.31,VK.15, P.229 Van Der Fraenen D. O.185, VS.06, VS.13, VS.18, P.216, P.255 Van Der Kaaden I. O.194 Van Der Linden K. P.226 Van Der Marck M. IH.17 Van Der Merwe M. P.231 Van Der Merwe T. O.058 Van Der Weiden R. O.091 Van Det M. O.171, P.384 Van G. P.282 Van Laarhoven C. O.071, IH.07, P.414 Van Marken Lichtenbelt W. O.070 Van Nieuwenhove Y. P.272 Van Rutte P. P.342 Van ’t Hof G. O.194 Van Wageningen B. O.092 Vanan A. P.243, VK.53 Vandenhaute S. O.185 Vanommeslaeghe H. O.048, O.085, P.216 Varughese G. P.186 Vasas P. O.080, P.432 Vashistha A. P.210, P.430 Vasˇ´ıcˇek J. O.025 Vasilikostas G. O.076, O.146, P.119, P.399, P.425 Vaswani D. P.343

Vats R. O.163, P.244, P.330, Vaziri M. P.212 Velhote M. O.197 Venclauskas L. P.013 Veneziani a. O.182 Vercauteren C. O.048, O.085, O.185, VS.13 Verdi D. P.294 Verscheure D. P.397 Vibhute D. VK.41, VK.49 Vicente M. P.025 Vicente Vicente M. P.147 Vicente Vicente N. VK.09 Victorzon M. P.316 Vij A. O.028, O.029, O.040, O.062 Vijgen G. O.070 Vilallonga R. O.072, O.155, VS.31, VK.15, P.229 Vilar L. P.016 Vilarrasa Garcia N. O.057 Villa F. O.205, VK.14, VK.25, VK.70, P.033, P.160, P.362 Villao D. O.024 Vilstrup C. P.145, P.436 Viner R. O.047 Visockiene Z. P.290 Vitiello A. P.291 Vitolo G. P.182 Vitores Lopez J. VK.09 Vitors lopez J. P.147 Vives M. P.052 Von Lojewski A. P.441 Vons C. O.126 Vos L. O.075 Vries, De N. O.075 W Wabitsch M. O.050 Wadhawan R. P.304 Wadhera S. IH.08, P.249, P.369, P.371 Wagensveld, Van B. O.075, O.167, P.149 Wagh H. O.068 Wagner O. P.412 Wahab P. O.035, O.071, P.256, P.257 Wahal A. O.006, P.193 Walker M. P.180 Walker P. O.020 Walter S. P.062 Walther L. P.267 Walton P. O.207 Wan A. O.076, O.146, VS.32, P.119, P.399, P.425 Wang C. O.145, P.305, P.306, P.337 Wannares J. VS.02 Wassef A. VK.46 Wassef J. O.042, P.380 Weiner R. O.022, O.050, O.154 O.208, P.110, P.164, P.376, P.439 Weiner S. O.154, P.110, P.376, P.439 Weiss A. VK.74, VK.76, VK.78 Welbourn R. O.207, P.207 Wendel K. P.436 Werling M. P.159 Wessling C. P.003 West N. O.205, P.033 Weston A. P.358 Whistance R. P.207 White B. O.047 Whitelaw D. P.432 Wierup N. O.116, P.181

OBES SURG (2013) 23:1017–1243 Wierzbicki Z. P.046, P.047 Williams G. IH.18 Williams T. P.413 Wilson E. O.020, O.039 Wilson R. O.058 Wilson T. O.020 Wiren M. IH.17, P.374 Wit, De L. O.075 Wodi T. P.220 Wolff P. P.062 Wolff S. O.022, O.050, O.208 Wolter S. P.042 Wong D. VS.36, P.188 Wong S. O.009 Woodcock S. O.077 Worley G. O.160 Wright A. P.403 Y Yadav R. O.006 Yamaguchi T. O.013 Yamamoto H. O.013 Yang J. O.145, P.305, P.306, P.337 Yang W. O.145, P.305, P.306, P.337 Yashkov Y. O.107, O.209 Yassin K. O.141 Yavuz Y. P.227

1243 Yee G. P.343 Yenilmez F. P.121, P.122, P.123 Yerdel M. P.344 Yildiz B. O.181, P.208, P.285, P.363 Yilmaz H. P.030,P.097 Yoon K. P.141 Yoshida Y. O.143 Yosuke S. O.055 Youn H. P.284 Young J. P.215 Youssef Franciss M. VS.15,VK.27, P.009, P.067, P.396 Yucel A. P.041 Yucel B. P.133 Yuksel S. P.043, P.260 Z Zachari E. P.238 Zacharoulis D. P.238 Zafar A. O.128 Zahedi-Shoolami L. P.176 Zahrani H. P.428 Zajjur J. P.313, P.314 Zakarnah E. P.428 Zanardi A. P.268 Zanconato A. P.294 Zanella E. P.022

Zappa M. O.188 Zavadilova´ V. P.131 Zdichavsky M. O.004 Zendel A. VK.12 Zengin A. P.152 Zengin K. O.084, O.151, O.152 Zeni A. O.169 Zeni T. O.088, O.169 Zhang X. P.026 Zhou H. O.014 Zhou Z. P.026 Ziccarelli A. O.093, IH.15 Zilberstein B. VS.15, P.009, P.067, P.396 Zilbersteina B. VK.27 Zimmermann M. O.103, VK.17, VK.18 Zingg U. P.201, P.336 Zinzindohoue F. O.021, O.172, P.157, P.297 Ziyad A. P.037 Zografos G. O.125, P.102, P.251, P.338 Zonca P. P.104 Zorin E. P.072, P.073, P.074, P.075, P.080, P.085 Zorzo P. P.005 Zuccarotto D. O.093 Zundel N. O.039, P.245