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Emulation Ritual. These Brethren joined the Greek speaking 'Zenon 18' Lodge No.9818 in February 2010. They were already in the process of construction of ...

Allegoria Lodge No. 9865

The membership of the District Grand Lodge of Cyprus is comprised, amongst others, of a sizeable percentage of Brethren whose mother tongue is Greek. The DGM R.W. Bro. Theodosios S. Theodossiou was instrumental in discussions with a group of Brethren who were desirous to join our Constitution and subsequently form a Greek speaking Lodge working in strict Emulation Ritual. These Brethren joined the Greek speaking ‘Zenon 18’ Lodge No.9818 in February 2010. They were already in the process of construction of their own Lodge premises as early as mid 2009. At the October 2010 Regular meeting of ‘Zenon 18’ Lodge the petition to the UGLE was signed for the approval of Lodge Allegoria to be formed. On the 9th March 2011 the Warrant for the formation of the 16th Lodge in the District Grand Lodge of Cyprus was signed. On the 23rd June 2011 the Consecration Ceremony was Conducted by V. W. Bro Eric Williams PGSwdB; DepDistGM and ‘Allegoria’ Lodge No. 9865 became the first Lodge in the District to work the Emulation Ritual in the Greek language. Thus the dreams of a select band of determined Brethren who were especially enthused with ardor and zeal for Freemasonry became a reality. It is noted that the Consecration Ceremony took place at the purpose-build Masonic temple, named “John Percy White Masonic Rooms” (the “Temple”). The Temple is aptly named in honour of Sgt. John Percy White (1858-1916) who pioneered the Introduction of Regular Freemasonry in Cyprus. Sgt. John Percy White was the founder in 1888 of St Paul’s Lodge N0. 2277 under the United Grand Lodge of England. W. Bro. White also worked hard over the next three years to establish a Lodge in Cyprus under the Grand Lodge of Greece. The Grand Lodge of Greece finally agreed in 1893 and accepted the suggested name of “Zenon”, the ancient Stoic Philosopher, “to alleviate the distrust which some people had for Masonry.” It is worthwhile to mention that the Temple was wholly financed by a select band of determined and committed members of the Lodge and was built from scratch in 18 months. It is envisioned that Allegoria Lodge will focus on philosophical investigations and it is anticipated that the Brethren will actively delve in erudite Masonic studies and discussions. In this respect, the founding Brethren thought apt to name the new lodge as “Allegoria”, amongst other, for the following reasons:(a) “allegory” has assisted people throughout the ages to ward off prejudice, bigotry and fanaticism and has paved the way for the precedence of Peace, Democracy, Progress and Freedom; (b) “allegory” is regarded, amongst Freemasons, as the noblest Masonic instrument for unfurling the refined meanings of the Order; and (c) the term alludes to the undogmatic philosophical methods that were widely used by the Ancient Greeks; Allegoria Lodge will hold its regular meetings there ten times a year commencing in October and ending in June. As it has been noted above, the ceremonies will be performed in the Greek language though any nonGreek speaking Brethren should rest assured that they will be affectionately received, should they wish to attend and easily follow the Ceremonies since they will be in strict Emulation Ritual. Separately, we note that the Lodge has prepared its own website and awaits approval by UGLE to take it live. May this beacon be never doused!

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