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SMP/MTs. Tahun Pelajaran 2008/2009. BAHASA INGGRIS. Paket I ... Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan paket tes tersebut. 3. Jumlah soal sebanyak  ...

PREDIKSI UJIAN NASIONAL SMP/MTs Tahun Pelajaran 2008/2009




Hari/Tanggal : Jam :

PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Isikan identitas Anda ke dalam Lembar Jawaban Komputer (LJK) yang tersedia dengan menggunakan pensil 2B, sesuai petunjuk di Lembar Jawaban Komputer (LJK). 2. Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan paket tes tersebut. 3. Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 4 (empat) pilihan jawaban. 4. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya. 5. Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak, atau tidak lengkap. 6. Mintalah kertas buram kepada pengawas ujian, bila diperlukan. 7. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika atau alat bantu hitung lainnya. 8. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian. 9. Lembar soal tidak boleh dicoret-coret, difotokopi, atau digandakan.

The text is for question 1.

DON’T DISTURB! EXAM IS IN PROGRESS 1. The text above means …. a. all school members should be quiet during exams b. all school members may make noises during exams c. all students should do the exams quickly d. all teachers may keep the exams quietly 2. What are the students doing according to the text? a. Singing a song b. Doing a test c. Writing an answer d. Practicing an exercise

To Lisa

I wish you … Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From Your best friend 3. The word wish expresses …. a. a hope b. a denial c. a sympathy d. a joy 4. Whom is the greeting card written to? a. Lisa b. Merry c. Freddy d. Happy 5. I wish you … The word I in the sentence above refers to … a. the writer b. the reader c. Freddy and Lisa d. Freddy’s best friend Text for number 6-8: To : Mira From : Lily Date : March 25, 2009 Mira, I just want to remind you about our appointment to go swimming together to Telagamili Lake at 4 P.M. I hope you will not make me waiting for so long. Tell your mother about it. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. See you there. Your cousin, Lily 6. What is the purpose of writing the text? a. To invite Mira to go swimming together. b. To make Mira to bring the swimsuit. c. To remind the appointment to go swimming. d. To cancel the appointment to go swimming. 7. Who is the sender of the letter above? a. Mira. b. Lily.

c. Mira’s Mom. d. Lily’s cousin. 8. Tell your mother about it. What does the underlined word mean? She is a woman who…. a. gave birth our father. b. married our cousin. c. married our son. d. gave birth of us. Read this text below to answer questions 9 to 11 The English Conversation Club Sec. SMPN 10, Pemuda Street, Kendal Kendal, April 3 rd 2009 On this occasion, ECC would like to invite all club members To attend the meeting will be held on Sunday, April 5 th 2009 at 9 am, at classroom IX, SMPN 10 Kendal Looking forward very much to seeing you.

Indra Wibowo Chairman

Hanik Indrawati

9. The text is written in order to …. a. inform students about the ECC meeting b. describe the ECC meeting on Sunday c. invite the ECC club members to come the meeting d. tell students about the ECC meeting 10. Indra Wibowo is the chairman. He is the …. Of English Conversation Club. a. owner b. writer c. keeper d. leader 11. Where will the meeting take place? At …. a. classroom IX b. Pemuda street c. Kendal d. English Conversation Club Read the following text and answer question no. 12-13 Writing Competition To all students, our school magazine receives any kinds of writing. Please submit your writing at least in the 3rd week of March 2009. The prizes are waiting for you. Good luck! 12. The text is a kind of …. a. a Memo b. a notice

c. an advertisement d. an announcement 13. When should the student submit the writing? a. In the first week of March 2009 b. During the second week of March 2009 c. Before the fourth week of March 2009 d. After the third week of March 2009 14. According to the text, who will get a reward? a. Student who has a good magazine b. Student who has the best writing c. Students who has any kind of writing d. Students who has good competition Bina Husada Hospital is located in the heart of my town. It is a private hospital but it is the most famous one in my town. The hospital consists of many parts of rooms. The first part is the staffs’ room. The director and the staffs of the hospital work there everyday. The second part is the room for patients, the other part are the nurses’ room, doctors’’ room, radiology room, dispensary room, maternity section and emergency room. The patients’’ room are categorized into many classes. The first one is the VIP class. This is the most expensive class among others. Because, it has the best services and facilities. The next category is the first, second third class and so on. The last category is a ward. This is the cheapest class for the patients because more than thirty patients can stay in this room.. 15. What kind of text is it? a. Descriptive b. Narrative c. Report d. Recount 16. What is the main idea of the second paragraph a. Classes of patients’ room b. Location of the hospital c. Parts of rooms in the hospital d. Rooms for patients 17. Which one is the most expensive class in Bina Husada Hospital? a. First b. Second c. Ward d. VIP 18. The other parts are nurses’’ room, doctors’ room, radiology room, dispensary … What is the synonym of the underlined word? a. ICU b. Pharmacy c. Receptionist d. Operating theater

SOS When a light passenger plane flew off course some time ago, it crashed in the mountains and its pilot was killed. The only passengers, a young woman and her two baby daughters, were unhurt. It was the middle of winter. Snow lay thick on the ground. The woman knew that the nearest village was miles away. When it grows dark, she turned a suit case into a bed and put the children inside it. She covered them with all the clothes she could find. During the night it got terrible cold. The woman kept as near as the she could the children and even tried to get into the case herself, but it was too small. Early next morning, she heard planes passing over head and wondered how she could send a signal. Then she had an idea. She stamped out the letters “SOS” in the snow. Fortunately, a pilot saw the signal. He then sent a message by radio to the nearest town. It was not long before a helicopter arrived on the scene to rescue the survivors of the plane crash. 19. What does the text mainly talk about? a. The plane crashed in the mountain b. The light hit the passenger plane c. The young woman saved her two baby daughters d. The accident happened the middle of winter 20. Where did the two baby daughters sleep on? a. The bed b. The suitcase c. The plane d. The snow 21. What kind of text is it? a. Report b. Descriptive c. Narrative d. Recount 22. “He then send message…” (the eleventh line) The word he refers to … a. Passenger b. Baby c. Pilot d. Survivor 23. Fortunately a pilot saw the signal The underlined word in this sentence meanns…. a. Possibly b. Luckily c. Certainly d. happily Keeping Fit Wati Safitri cares about keeping it. First of all, she joins health club where she usually exercises after work. Next, she is always careful about her diet. She never eats fast food with lot of fat and sugar. Then, she never smokes cigarettes. Finally, Wati sometimes consumes multivitamins to supply energy because she is a very busy woman. She does a lot of activities all day long. That’s Wati, she tries to keep in shape and stay healthy.

24. What is the text for? a. to tell about health club b. to explain how to keep our body fit c. to describe about function of keeping fit d. to entertain the reader on how to keep fit 25. When does Mrs. Wati Safitri usually go to health club? a. after work b. before work c. after eat fast food d. before her activities How to Vote First, the voter goes to the party representative and gets a “How to Vote” card. Second, he or she then goes to the polling clerk who crosses out their name to show they have voted. Third, the clerk then gives them a ballot paper. Next, they then go to a polling booth where they vote for the party they want to vote for by putting a number for each person on the voting table. Then, when each person has finished voting, he or she puts the ballot paper into a ballot box. Finally, he or she then goes and watches the results on TV. 26. How many steps are they to vote for a party representative? a. b. c. d.

5 6 7 8

27. The following words have the similar meaning as the word “Vote”, except…. a. b. c. d.

Select elect choose give

Once upon a time, in the jungle there lived a fox. His name was Rox. No one didn’t know him. Everybody in the jungle was afraid of him because his face and style looked very vicious. One day, in a summer beautiful morning, when Rox was drinking at the side of the river, he saw a little rabbit in danger. A snake came sneaking behind the little rabbit. The snake was going to eat the rabbit. Rox Jumped over the snake as soon as possible and scared the snake away. The little rabbit than felt relieved that Rox just save his life from the threat of the danger snake. After that the little rabbit told the whole jungle that Rox was a kind fox. He just saved his life. There was no need to afraid of him anymore. 28. What is the suitable title for the text above? a. A dangerous snake and little rabbit b. A dangerous snake and a vicious fox c. A vicious fox and a little rabbit d. A kind fox and little rabbit 29. Paragraph two tells us about…. a. Rox saved a little rabbit’s life b. Snake was scared of the little rabbit c. Rox looked very vicious to everyone d. Little rabbit was relieve about kind Rox

Once upon a time, on the coast of east java, there lived a variety of sea animals. They lived in peace. Only an octopus called Cumi couldn’t get along with other creatures. Cumi was so cruel. One day Cumi went to the house of a fish named Suro. He told Suro that one of the crocodile, Boyo, had a plan to harm Suro. Suro and Boyo were best friends. That’s why Suro didn’t believe Cumi. Then, Cumi went to Boyo’s house and said that Suro had a plan to harm him. This time Cumi’s lies were so convincing that Boyo believed Cumi. Boyo was very angry. He got upset and swam in a hurry to Suro’s house. He attacked Suro and wounded him. Suro was still calm and didn’t fight back. But knowing that Boyo would never stop attacking him. Suro became brave and strong. He fought Boyo bravely until the sea turned red with their blood. In the place where they once fought was build a city called Suroboyo.

30. Which of the following statement is not true based on the text? a. the sea creatures lived in peace b. Cumi was Successful in tricking Boyo c. The sea became red because of Cumi’s blood d. Cumi could make a friend with others sea creatures 31. The following statements describe the characters of Suro, except…. a. He is a cruel and dishonest octopus b. He is cruel and tricky octopus c. He is a generous and honest octopus d. He is a brave and cruel octopus 32. “ he told Suro that one of the crocodile …” (Paragraph 2) The underlined word refers to…. a. Fish b. Suro c. Boyo d. Cumi Read the text and answer the question no 33-34 Hand and Body lotion A lotion containing Yoghurt Extract so the skin appears brighter and shines along with moisturizer to care skin moisture. After bathing, spread evenly overhand, leg and body skin. 33. This kind of text belongs to …. a. a label b. a notice c. a memo d. a message 34. What do we use the lotion for? a. cares skin white and beauty b. cares skin clean and fragrant

c. cares skin moistures and makes it brighter d. cares skin healthy and fresh aftrer bathing The tiger is the largest of all the cats. The male and female look similar but the male has much longer cheek whiskers. The tigers are shy animals. They hunt at night and usually live alone. Tigers hunt wild pigs, deer and cattle and can climb trees and swim very well. A male tiger has swum rivers as wide as the Ganges in northern India. The male and female only stay together for a few days during mating but the tigress and her tiger cubs may stay together for several years. 35. What is the text about? a. Plants and animals b. Male tigers c. The tigers d. The animal 36. What is the main idea of the first paragraph? a. The tiger has longer cheek whiskers b. The tiger is the largest of all the cats c. The male and female tiger d. They hunt at night 37. What is the main idea of the last paragraph? a. The male stay together b. Tiger cubs stay together c. The male and the female for a few days during mating d. The kind to stay together of tiger’s family 38. What does the word “Hunt” means? a. Looking for b. Looking at c. Looking over d. Looking after 39. From the text above we know that the tiger is …. a. The largest of all the cats b. Hunt along days c. Stay together for several years d. Tame animals

The text is for question 40 – 42

MAGA RESTAURANT Jl. Sumber 53 Sukorejo Menu Food Starter -

Tomato Juice


Orange Juice

Main Course - Fried Rice - Gado-gado - Fried Chicken - Mushroom

Desesrt - Pie - Banana

It opens : Monday – Saturday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

40. What does the text talk about at Maga Restaurant? a. Shopping list b. Lists of food c. Beverage list d. Lists of the menu 41. How many days does Maga Restaurant close in a week? a. one day b. two days c. three days d. six days 42. It opens: Monday – Saturday. What does the word it refer to ? a. Maga Restaurant b. Menu c. Food Starter d. Desert The text is for question 43 – 45. Medan, May 4, 2008 Dear Egar, I am very sorry for this late reply. I have just returned from my hometown. I was on a holiday, but did not really enjoy my stay there. Things were not the same as they used to be. When I was a child, I used to swim and go fishing with my brother and my friends in the river near my house. I liked the river because the water was clear and there were a lot of fish in it. Now, the river is full of garbage and the water is turbid. The fish are gone and the area around the river is dirty. There are no children swimming and fishing in the river because the water is ominous. The chemical waste from the factories makes it poisonous. The condition of the river really makes me sad. What about your hometown? Do you have the same problem with polluted river? That’s all. I have to study for the coming semester exam. Please write to me soon.

Yours, Zaki 43. The writer’s purpose of writing this letter is to tell his friend about his … concerning the river in his hometown. a. happiness b. amazement c. entertainment d. disappointment 44. Where did Zaki write the letter? a. in the river b. in his village c. in his hometown d. in his boarding room 45. The chemical waste from the factories makes it poisonous. (Paragraph 3) The word it refers to …. a. the garbage b. the waste c. the water d. the fish The text is for question 46 – 48. Kangaroos are found naturally only in Australia. Some can live until the age of twenty, but the normal lifespan in the wild hardly reaches eight years. This is because small kangaroos are hunted by eagles, pythons, and goanna lizards. The adult kangaroos are killed by a man and dingo dogs. But the kangaroo’s worst enemy is drought. When this happens, streams and ponds dry up and plants die. Food and water become very difficult to find. Fortunately, the kangaroos are able to eat very dry and rough plants which other animals reject. Pet kangaroos have been known to eat cardboards and book covers. 46. What is the kangaroo’s worst enemy? a. lizard b. eagle c. drought d. python 47. Fortunately, the kangaroos are able to eat very dry and rough plants which other animals reject. What is the antonym of the underlined word? a. smooth b. crude c. harsh d. rugged 48. Kangaroos can be found only in …. a. Austria b. America c. Africa d. Australia

49. The geography teacher – there - a phone call - she – while – for - was teaching – was 1








The best arrangement of the jumbled words above is …. a. b. c. d.

4-7-5-1-8-2-3-6 2-8-3-6-1-5-4-7 2-8-3-6-1-5-4-7 4-7-5-1-2-3-6-8

50. A. Cook the mixture in a pan. B. Mix the rice flour, brown sugar, and coconut milk in a bowl. C. First, cut the banana into slices. D. Finally, steam it in a steamer for ten minutes, and you can enjoy it after it is cool enough. E. Cook well the mixture in a pan, and wait until the porridge gets cool. F. Wrap a spoonful of the porridge with a banana slice in a piece of banana leaf. The best arrangement to make Nagasari is…. a. C-B-E-A-F-D b. C-E-A-B-F-D c. B-E-A-C-F-D d. B-C-E-A-F-D