(Barney School of Business) GMAT Test Prep Program

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(Barney School of Business). GMAT Test Prep Program. Your Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score can make the difference in being accepted.

University of Hartford (Barney School of Business) GMAT Test Prep Program Your Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score can make the difference in being accepted into graduate school. This preparation program includes 24 hours of faculty-led test review curriculum with materials that have been designed from the most current graduate entrance exams. Home study will reinforce exercises that are covered in class, and practice tests will be taken during class meetings. Both courses will provide an overview of the exam as well as discussing test-taking strategies. The program will prepare students for the exam, by studying question types, improving subject knowledge and developing strategies for problem solving. Make the best of this opportunity to strengthen your understanding in all subject areas, while building your confidence and test taking skills. Two teachers will provide expert faculty instruction- one with proficiency in mathematics and the other with proficiency in English. Study within a small group environment, and learn from faculty members who have excellent communication skills and a desire to teach the material to their students with clarity and effectiveness. Mathematics Section Dates:

Sat. April 3, Sat.. April 10, Sat. April 24,

8:00-2:00pm 8:00-2::00pm 8:00-11:00am

Verbal Section Dates:. Sat. Sat:.

April, 17, 8:00am-2:00pm April, 24, 11:00am--2:00pm

No. of hours: 15

No. of hours: 9

Location: Auerbach Rm. 413

Location: Auerbach Rm. 413

Fee: $350

Fee: $300 Entire Program Fee: $600 (materials included)

Contact Person: Contact Phone:

Frank Dello Iacono 860-768-4945 E-mail: [email protected]

Payment Method: Non UTC Employees Check due first night of class UTC Employees: No up-front payment required, see next paragraph This paragraph applies to only UTC Employees UTC Employee Reimbursement Process: The GMAT Prep Course is completely covered under the educational policy. Please fill out the Fee Form below , have it approved by your supervisor. and fax the completed form to 860-548-7999. Also, Fax a copy of the completed form to Beverly Collins (860-768-4398). In section 1 , check the vendor payment required box. In section 2 of the form , the EXPENSE TYPE is GMAT Preparation, the Vendor Name is UHART, the Degree type is Master, and the amount is $600.

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