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Agents of change. Warriors. Innovators. Because of you we are forever transformed. You were met by mobs. Apathy. Disgust. And in the midst of adversity you.

Because of You...

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Agents of change. Warriors. Innovators. Because of you we are forever transformed. You were met by mobs. Apathy. Disgust. And in the midst of adversity you became activists. When you encountered stagnancy you were the catalyst. When you were forced to segregate you united. Because of you we are perpetually grateful.

Changed. Because of You.

In the beginning there were riots that raged. Thousands were wounded. Thousands were killed. And some of those that did remain fled. Yet from the destruction sprung determination.

The inception of the NAACP


Because of You.

stemmed from ordinary citizens mobilizing to complete extraordinary deeds. In January of 1909 a tiny New York apartment would keep both their secrets and their strategies.

The door had closed. Others had shut it. It would not re-open. And after they understood this they constructed their own exit. Through public protests they pushed against segregation. Through legal battles they addressed social injustices. And through hatred and animosity they would not be intimidated.

Determined. Because of You.


Because of You.

They rode for Freedom. They fought against isolation in schools, train cars and buses. They put pressure on the Federal government to ban discrimination. The 1940’s were marked by an audible pulse that beat throughout the Supreme Court. Because of the NAACP, policy, procedure and politics-as-usual were transformed through Morgan vs. Virginia, Sipuel vs. Oklahoma State Regents and McLaurin vs. Oklahoma State Regents. These cases inadvertently became our cause for advancement.

Transformed. Because of You.

Momentum was building. Everything that was wrong was gradually beginning to be righted. And those who would institute a new language of change took part in the movement. Both Charles Hamilton Houston and Thurgood Marshall joined the NAACP at this time. And through the NAACP, justice was not only finding its way for African Americans but for all Americans.

Insistent. Because of You.

When an African American woman refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama nothing would remain the same. So began the catalyst for the largest grassroots civil rights movement. At the same time we witnessed one of the NAACP’s

Altered. Because of You.

greatest legal victories. Brown vs. the Board of Education would resonate louder than the profanities that were hurled and the bombs that were detonated.

The dogs lunged. The water hoses sprayed. The lunch counters fed hate and disgust. This decade was the reason we learned how to be unafraid and unapologetic. This decade was the moment we observed nerve and tenacity triumph over ignorance and revulsion. A decade that saw King pen “Letter from A Birmingham Jail” and also a decade that also bore witness to King’s assassination. This is a decade that is stained with their blood and perspiration but also smeared with their triumphs. When their backs were against the wall they still were able to lead a movement that made its way

Fearless. Because of You.

from sit-ins to non-violent protests, voter registration programs and mass rallies.


Because of You.

In the late 1960’s and 1970’s we are closer to realizing our future successes. “The Louisville Lip” refused to be inducted into military service and the Federal district court ruled that New York had violated Muhammed Ali’s constitutional rights by stripping him of his boxing license. The Supreme Court groggily awakens to begin to rule against unlawful discrimination. And by the end of the 1970’s the NAACP has initiated the first bill ever signed by

Driven. Because of You.

a governor that allows voter registration in high schools. We were off. And we were running.

Our voice is found through our vote. Despite vehement opposition from the White House and Congress the 1965 Voting Rights Act is renewed. 850,000 voters are registered. And Judge Robert Bork receives the

Affected. Because of You.

highest negative vote ever recorded for a silent march. As we have made our way to the polls since this time we reflect on the protests and policy that were enacted to hold us back and reverse our gains. And we recollect on the force that perpetually came together to sacrifice for our gain.

New faces join our quest but old friends will leave us. Thurgood Marshall allowed the torch remain lit and make it’s way to the wife of NAACP civil rights activist, Medgar Evers. Myrlie Evers is elected Chairman of the NAACP’s Board of Directors. The following year, Kweisi Mfume leaves Congress to become the NAACP’s President and CEO. During this time we also

Innovative. Because of You.

win a record settlement of $105 million in an employment discrimination case and the mission continues to defend and uphold the rightful place of affirmative action.

We have entered a new millennium. We hold the largest civil rights demonstration in the South. We issue a “Call to Action” on racial disparities in education. We mourn the passing of Rosa Parks. We lead the march in Jena, Louisiana. We have encountered obscene difficulties in the past 100 years. But we have also been able to create a legacy that will endure.

Stronger. Because of You.

That will carry on. And that will sustain both the successful and the struggling. We are stronger only because of you.


Because of You.

Diversity is a priority at Hyundai. We recognize that diversity is more than a program, but also a reflection of the evolving fabric of America. Hyundai is applying that philosophy to our overall diversity efforts across the entire company. From our workforce, to our dealership network; to our suppliers; to our customers, we know that having a variety of backgrounds, ages,

Unwavering. Because of You.

races, styles, experiences, values and beliefs makes us a stronger, better company.

Hyundai applauds the NAACP and all those who have demonstrated courage, determination, and strength to lead the way for justice.