Calling me fat don't make you thin, Calling me ugly don't make you ...

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Humiliating me will make your lifeline slim,. How do you ... Then when it goes wrong you've got yourself to blame, ... I know you hear me say please daddy stop, .


Calling me fat don’t make you thin, Calling me ugly don’t make you good looking, Stare into your bible jealousy’s a sin, Humiliating me will make your lifeline slim, How do you kill something that has no life? Married to your PlayStation it’s your beloved wife, You shake up this place like a hurricane, Then when it goes wrong you’ve got yourself to blame, Heating things up like you’re a burning flame, Playing with fire you’ll get burnt what a shame, It don’t bother me because I know where I’m going, Looked into the future its good what’s showing, A lot of opportunities I’m still growing, As I sit writing this poem I’m on top of the world it’s your life your throwing!!

Karmas a bitch

I suffered in silence day by day, My tears are starting to show my smile is fading away, I know you hear me say please daddy stop, The pain was excruciating to scared to call the cops, You was more busy selling bags on the street, Than putting shoes on my feet, Only drugs no food to eat, Mummy’s not a drum so why do you start to beat, When you’re out on the streets dealing, I’m in my bedroom screaming, You make dreaming deceiving, As if your Freddy Kruger coming to get me while I’m sleeping, I can feel you down my neck breathing, Even when you aren’t near, Making my life a living hell, Filling me with fear, But when your leaving blood stains on floors, Remember this, Karmas a bitch it will soon be yours!


Love is beautiful till it dies, Kind of like a flower, When you spend every minute of every hour, The one you nourish and care, The butterflies you get when they’re there, People you can compare to the weather, Always changing, To hear off your daughter mummy let a stranger in, Now daddy’s ragging, Relationships not a test so why cheat, Packed their bags kicked out on the street, Daddy and daughter no food to eat, Now daddy’s got to decide, Hold his head high, Create a new life, Or like that beautiful flower, DIE!!


Imagine the life of an alcoholic, Who’d rather have cider than money in his pocket, When he runs out and gets a shock like his finger in a socket, He wakes and his head and livers are sore, He puts his hand to the bottle and damages some more, It’s like how can his drink be his best friend, When that drink will be the way his life will end, A bottle of vodka is like a god send, No money to pay rent, Wishing he had a life that was bent, Starts to slit his wrists, No money to get pissed, Alcohol is all that’s on his shopping list.

Bull shitter.

Half the things you say don’t make sense, Dragons don’t exist how did you see one jump a fence, A tractor that does eighty, Saving people in that earthquake in Haiti, The things you say don’t fase me, Your lifes so boring you have to lie, You claim your straight or are you inlove with a guy? With a bomb strapped to your back, Claming you’re a terrorist ready to attack, Im from the SAS coming to get you in Iraq, If you’re so good at backflips, You should join the Olympics, You got to face like a beaver, You just chew on sticks, You must be on drugs all the things you see, Im no friend of yours I just show empathy!