Cambridge Checkpoint FAQ - RSG Enkhuizen

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Cambridge Checkpoint is an innovative diagnostic testing service. ... At this moment, Cambridge Checkpoint only examines English (as a First Language), ...

What is Cambridge Checkpoint? Cambridge Checkpoint is an innovative diagnostic testing service. A unique service and an invaluable tool for schools, it enables access to standardised tests that provide feedback on a student's strengths and weaknesses in key curriculum areas. Feedback of this kind is an invaluable source of information. Students at Cambridge International schools/Dual Language Education schools in the Netherlands will have a transferable indication of their academic progress.

Is it possible to take more exams in different subjects under Checkpoint? At this moment, Cambridge Checkpoint only examines English (as a First Language), Mathematics and Science (taking in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and a little Geography).

When will the exams take place? They will take place at school and pupils will sit 6 papers: two for English; two for Maths and two for Science. These will be sat under University of Cambridge examination conditions and pupils will be made aware of these before the examinations.

What do they need to know? There is nothing more to add than what has already been incorporated into the curricula. Teachers will be explaining what will be tested closer to the testing time. Pupils will also have an opportunity at practising on past papers in the course of the year.

How does Checkpoint relate to the FCE and the Cambridge ESOL examinations? The examinations of the University of Cambridge have been split up into separate companies. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) examines English for second language acquisition! Checkpoint is an examination from a second company of the University of Cambridge called Cambridge International Examinations. This company organises all of the examinations for English as a first language across 130 countries worldwide over 230 different subjects and levels. In other words Checkpoint is much wider than the FCE, with the subjects examined.

Will my son/daughter receive a certificate or diploma from Cambridge Checkpoint? The answer to this is “no!” The exam has a three week window to be sat worldwide and cannot be awarded a certificate or a diploma. Pupils do receive a “Certificate of Achievement” from the University of Cambridge with comprehensive feedback on how well they answered the different elements of the test. Cambridge Checkpoint is a diagnostic test and not a final test of knowledge.

Trevor Lewis

September 2011

Is there a pass/fail mark? As it is a diagnostic test, there isn’t a fail/pass mark. The mark produced is out of 6 and of course, the higher the mark, how better the result, but pupils cannot fail the exam. Pupils will receive a comprehensive feedback form per subject on how well they did across the exam paper and indeed in comparison to the rest of the class. The class average is used as the measure for how well a pupil did.

What about the Common European Framework of Reference? After lengthy research carried out by the European Platform and the University of Cambridge the B2 level of the framework was established as being 3,8 out of 6 on the scale. This level is of the utmost importance to us and the European Platform as 80% of the DLE pupils in the third year must reach this milestone to close the DLE Junior programme.

What is the difference between Anglia and Checkpoint? The difference is vast. Checkpoint is recognised in over 130 countries worldwide and examines English, Maths and Science. Anglia focuses on second language acquisition and is split in over ten different levels in regular English and business English.

Can my son/daughter still sit an Anglia examination? Of course, this is possible. However, the annual contribution from parents no longer covers the cost. The lower level examinations are priced between 15-30 Euros and the higher level examinations are much more expensive at 60-80 Euros. The higher-priced examinations for Cambridge Checkpoint are included this year in the costs. We believe that Cambridge Checkpoint and the three Statements of Achievement in English, Maths and Science will be a valuable extra to our Dual Language Education programme at the RSG Enkhuizen.

Trevor Lewis

September 2011