Carbohydrate Counting in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes (CCAT ...

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Carb counting accuracy research on type. 1 children/adolescents. Carb counting intervention study with type .... min) review of carb content in foods and carb.

Carbohydrate Counting In Type 1 Diabetes: What Do We Know? Gail Spiegel, MS RD CDE Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes Keystone, CO July 2012

Outline Why Count Carbs? Carb counting intervention research with type 1 adults Carb counting accuracy research on type 1 children/adolescents Carb counting intervention study with type 1 adolescents at the BDC

Why Count Carbs? DCCT: using insulin/CHO ratios in intensively treated group improved glycemic control ADA: Monitoring of CHO whether by CHO counting, exchanges, or experienced-based estimation remains a key strategy in achieving glycemic control (Diabetes Care 2008)

CHO Counting Intervention Data DAFNE study: 169 Type 1Adults (UK): course teaching flexible intensive insulin treatment combining dietary freedom and insulin adjustment (5 day course taught by RD and RN) – Improved HbA1c at 6 months (9.4% v. 8.4%, p

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