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) Put the words in the correct order.

1 A Good morning! B Good morning! What a lovely day!

1 A Good morning!   Xi\ pfl ?fn kf[Xp How are you today B Fine, thanks.


2 A B Hello. A cup of tea, please. 2 A Good afternoon! B Good afternoon!   Zf]]\\ Zlg gc\Xj\ f] 8 ,

3 A B Bye! See you later!


3 A Goodbye!   e`Z\ ?Xm\ [Xp X . B Thank you. And you.   pfl cXk\i J\\ .

4 A B Good night! Sleep well!

4 A Good night!   n\cc Jc\\g ! B Thank you.   pfl 8e[ .


Listen and check. Practise the conversations.

K(%0 Listen and check. Practise the conversations.

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