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Gisou van der Goot (Chair). Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Lausanne, Switzerland. Ivan Dikic (Vice-Chair). Goethe University School of Medicine.


At the joint edge of

Cellular Microbiology &

Cell Biology

20 - 25 S eptember | 2008 Villars-sur-Ollon | Switzerland

The purpose of the conference is to bring together


frontline research in two separate areas, cellular microbiology and cell biology

Patricia Bassereau, Paris, France

To understand the mechanisms by which pathogens attach to, enter, move within and multiply inside cells, allowing spreading and disease establishment, a good understanding of processes that govern the organization and physiology of the target cell is essential.

Frances Brodsky, San Franscisco, USA Barbara Burleigh, Boston, USA Valeria Cavalli, Washington, USA

On the other hand, pathogens are the ultimate cell biologists, and much is to be learned from them about how the cell functions and what are its weak spots.

Jean Celli, Montana, USA Pascale Cossart, Paris, France Antonella de Matheis, Italy Vojo Deretic, USA


Ivan Dikic, Frankfurt, Germany Marcos Gonzales-Gaitan, Geneva, Switzerland Jean Gruenberg, Geneva, Switzerland

Gisou van der Goot (Chair) Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Lausanne, Switzerland

Volker Heussler, Hamburg, Germany Ivan Dikic (Vice-Chair)

David Holden, London, UK

Goethe University School of Medicine

Ira Mellman, USA

Frankfurt, Germany

Marta Miaczynska, Warsaw, Poland Paul Lehner, Cambridge, UK Emmanuel Lemichez, Nice, France


K. Orth, Dallas, USA Lucas Pelkmans, Switzerland Vincent Piguet, Geneva, Switzerland Simona Polo, Milano, Italy Anne Ridley, London, UK Erec Sebbin, New York, USA Harald Stenmark , Oslo, Norway Natalie Strynadka, Vancouver, Canada Linda Stuart , Boston, USA

* Awards will be given for the best

Deadline for applications : April 15th, 2008

posters presented by a student and by a postdoctoral associate


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