Christmas Wishes

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The Journal, Page 1. December 25, 2013. Supplement ... Page 2, The Journal, Crosby, ND. Christmas Wishes ..... bie dolls, and new princess blanket. My baby.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes and Season’s Greetings


Supplement to:

December 25, 2013

The Journal, Page 1

Christmas Wishes

Page 2, The Journal, Crosby, ND

Dear Santa,

Crosby Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like New shoes, Batman stuff, clothes and Ninja Turtle stuff. Thank you. Trey Nygaard Age 4 P.S. I will leave cookies and milk for you!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Santa, I would like legos and a My name is Kambree. I have been really good this year. pizza for Christmas. I was wondering if I could get a lalaloopsy doll with hair Love, Lucas Hubble, Age: 2 for Christmas. I love you Santa. I love my family too. I also love my stuffie unicorn. I’m going to leave you cookies and milk. I’m also going to leave your reindeer carrots so please stop by my house. Thanks again, Kambree Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I love you so much. Please send me a cop toy and a Superman toy for Christmas. I would also like a Lego City Set. (The cop Lego City Set.) I loved the presents you gave me last year!

Dear Santa, I want another brown dinosaur for my sister Addison. I would like a monster truck and race cars. I have been NICE! I will leave 9 carrots for Rudolph and chocolate chip cookies with nuts for Santa. Love, Wyatt Elsbernd, Age 4

Another year is close to passing us by -We think about those on whom we rely. You have chosen us over other banks, For that you have our heartfelt thanks. A new year will come and we ll be here -But today we wish you plenty of cheer. May Christmas find you without a fear -Only joy among those you hold so dear.


Landon Hubble Age: 4

My name is Jorey and I am 11 months old. I have been a super happy baby this year. I bring cheer to all with my big smiles. I love love love Elmo. He makes me laugh. Could you please bring me an Elmo chair and a big Elmo to hug and cuddle? My broder, Nanny and sister have been good, too. We will leave you milk, cookies and a coke. Love, Jorey Kocher-Hoversten

Dear Santa, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope for many presents and I want a Christmas Barbie with a dream house. My brother wants a Buzz Lightyear that is blue. I have been nice and my brother is nice. Please tell your elves Merry Christmas, too. Love, Addison Elsbernd, Age 5

From all of us at the Crosby branch

Christmas Wishes

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Crosby (continued)

Dear Santa Claus, My name is Micaela Kocher I’m 9 years old. I have been good at my dads I would like a Ipad touch. I would also like for my dads house would be riding lessons on a horse at Heide Greaves house and a seat pet ladybug. I would like for Christmas at my moms house would be a purple or blue tv. I would also like the 2 beautiful rings at the mall Claires, size 9 I also want a phonepen at the mall in purple at claires. Ps. I will leave you milk cookies and coke. Thank you very much, Micaela Kocher

The Journal, Page 3

Dear Santa Claus, My name is Grant Kocher. I am 11 years old. At my dads house I would like Madden 25 and NHL 14 for the xBox 360. I would also like the complete tv series of Castle, all the books written by Richard Castle, a handgun BB gun or pellet gun. At my mom’s house I would like a nike bears sweatshirt, a Alshon Jeffrey jersey, and a blue and red grit hockey bag with my name on it. Grant Kocher

Dear Santa, I want a belt and firetrucks. I will leave cookies for you. Murphy wants a treat. Please bring my mommy flowers. I miss you Santa Clause. From Bentley Hanisch Kroshus

Dear, Santa My name is Thayne Coston I have been kind of good this year. I’m a third grader these are some of my thing I want for christmas. legos, lego of china, WIIU, WIIU games, A new gun, hunting decoy, A new hunting vest So I can hunt with my uncle Zach, Happy Christmas, Thayne Coston

from …

Lagerquist Professional Cleaning Service, inc.

Wishing all our good friends and neighbors a holiday filled with good times, joy and laughter. Serving you has been a real treat for us. Thanks! Wayne & Chris Benter

Plentywood, Montana

Best Wishes for a

Merry Christmas


… including faux finishes, stenciling or hand-painted borders, murals, and trompe l’oeil on walls, furniture and accessories for the home and office!

“If Rick can clean it, Ruth can paint it!” Call today to set up a Free Consultation and Estimate 406-765-2113 or 1-800-524-3777


Happy New Year! From Larry, Miriam and Ronelle

Insurance Services

Crosby, ND - 701-965-6660

Thanks for stopping by this year!

Hedahl’s Auto Plus Kenny Borreson

Wayne’s Welding & Repair, Inc. 701-965-6038

Page 4, The Journal, Crosby, ND

Christmas Wishes

Crosby (continued)

Dear Santa, My name is Ava Coston and I have beena good girl this year I would love if you could bring me somethin off my list somethings I would love for christmas are monster high Dolls, and a doll house. a barbie Dream house. anything for my american girl Dolls. a violen. headpohnes. monster high things. DS. christmas movies. Puppies. taylor swift stuff. I will leav cookies and milk for you merry christmas love you. Ava Coston

Dear Santa Claus, My name is Bethany Kocher. I am 8 yrs old. I have ben cinda good. We have a elf on a shelf named scout. he will tell you if i be have. I woud like Playdowmagik Ise crem shop. I woud alsow like a pink teve for my room. I woud love a mickroew phone so i can sing, and a hourse too. I wish It wus real but a fake one is ok. a hourse stufer friend woud be coul. I will leavee you cookies and coke. P.S. A Seat Pet for my dads. Love, Bethany


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Santa Claus, Please will you bring a monkey for Ashton, my little brother, and Equestria Girls for me. Ashton was a good boy and I was a good girl this year. I play nice with my friends and share. Thank you, Hannah Aspen Williams and Ashton Williams P.S. Thank you for the monkey. St. Nick brought it for Ashton.

Crosby Our wish list for you:

For your friendship, we offer our heartfelt gratitude along with our best wishes for a truly blessed and miraculous Christmas. Thank you for brightening our year with your visits.

Friends, family, togetherness and love ... Peace, prosperity and happiness, too ...

Don & Kay

Tracy, Becky, Scott, Ryan, Mitch, Leah, Matt and Hayden 112 N. Main St. Crosby, ND Phone 701-965-6367

Simple joys, little pleasures laughter and smiles all in good measure ...

All these and more, we wish for you!



Tim, Lori & the crew at: Mon-Fri 9 to 5:30 Saturday 10 to 5:30

Gjovig’s 120 S. Main Street Crosby

111 N Main Street Crosby, ND 965-5000

Christmas Wishes

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Begindergarten (continued)

The Journal, Page 5

Dear Santa Claus, I think I’ve been good this year for Christmas I would love a fourwheeler - pink please, a ride on car, a strawberry Doll, Paw Patrol Dogs Love, Hailey Robinette

Dear Santa Claus, I have been an Angel this year! Just ask grandpa Tim. This year I would love a Barbie Dreamhouse with an elevator, a mermaid cooking set and I would love a mermaid Barbie and Bike! That’s what I want for Christmas! I’m gonna bake you cookies, Hope Kora doesn’t eat them before you get here! Thank you, Alyvia Coston


dear Santa, I want 1 car, Brantley wants a car too and Jayda wants a new ball. Thank you, Isaac Johnson

Dear Santa Claus, I love you Santa! For Christmas I really would like a bow and arrows, a microphone and stand and a cheerleader outfit. I’ve tried hard to be good you can even ask Chippy our elf. (who has been really good too!) Please don’t forget Macky & Talon. Thank you, Annali Greaves P.S. What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Dear Santa Claus, This year I would like skate board, a new race car for my race car track, a fireman, a monster toy, a dinosaur and a new book Thank you, Elton

Dear Santa, My name is Jaida Rose Schumacher. I stay at the motel. I would like a Barbie, a Barbie backpack and a Barbie folder I would also like a make-up set. That’s it, I’m done. That’s all I want.


CHRISTMAS Our heearts are fi fillle l d wiith gratitude atitudee as we wish you y yo and nd yours ur a very Merry r Christmas t and a Happy New Year. a We value your patronage rona and look forward ffo o to the opportunity port tyy to serve you again ggain soon soon.

Red Rooster

Omar & Stephanie Coston and Staff

rmth a w e h t enjoy nds . . . o t . . . d frie of goo

Dr. London Jacobs & Staff

Northwest Veterinary Service Large and small animal medicine and surgeries 211 Main Street - Powers Lake, ND


Theron Huwe, Agent Lucas Schumacher, Agent Jeanne Erickson, CSR Kayla Pulvermacher, CSR 206 N. Main, Crosby


Christmas Wishes

Page 6, The Journal, Crosby, ND

Begindergarten (continued)


Dear Santa, My name is Skylar Wehrman. I am 4 1/2 years old. I have been a good girl this year. For Xmas I would like a pair of new slippers to wear around the house. My sister, Jurnee would also like a pair of slippers. I also want you to know I love your elves and reindeer. I will leave cookies and chocolate milk for you by the tree. Skylar Wehrman

Dear Santa Claus, for Christmas this year I want some food for my play Kitchen, a duck for Milo my cat and a little something for my sissies! I love you Santa! Thank you, Olivia Grote

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Santa Claus, Please bring me a poney. One with long hair. From Angelina C-R

Dear Santa,

I want to give you a present. I want to get you a guitar so you can play and sing to all of us kids. I wish I could meet you and your wife Mrs. Claus, oh and all of your elfs. for Christmas I would really like a unicorn helmet, the game Candyland, and new dolls. My sister Jocia would like Barbie movies, Barbie dolls, and new princess blanket. My baby sister farrah would like the pom pom minnie mouse, Tickle Me minnie, and new movies. Also, we would all like a new family puppy dog, or a guinea pig. We are trying our best to be Very good girls so Santa will visit us on Christmas. We love you Santa and Mrs. Clause. P.S. We’re going to bake you very special and delicious cookies. Jamie Fuhrmas (and my sisters)

Lighten Up! Welcoming your loved ones home for the holidays!

Golden Hub Motel Merry Christmas from Monte, Deb and the gang

It’s Christmas! Doreen Schilke, owner Tanya Gillen, fitness trainer 109 1st Avenue NE -Crosby

Crosby, ND 965-6368

Noonan, ND 925-5700

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Santa Claus, I’ve been a very GOOD boy! For Christmas I would like a buzz lightyear guy and a toy that goes KABOOM! A superman, a rocket ship, and a talking Spiderman that shoots webs. Merry Christmas Santa Claus! Thank you, Colter Hulford

Christmas Wishes Dear Santa Claus, My Name is Conner Crotts and I have been good this year. If you and My Elf Think I Have been good Enough I would like to get Lighting McQueen fipping track, some cars New vidio (curio) game and a car Track. I will leave you milk and cookies Thank you, Conner Crotts

Dear Santa Claus, My name Bella Im 4 years old I would like a toy Kitty and the things that come with it. I would also lik a Dora and Deago baby dolly. I will leave you some milk and cookies. Thank you, Bella

Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season! CJ’s Drive In 501 S. Main Crosby, ND 965-4371

Dr. Kami Wehrman 206 N. Main Street Crosby 965-3222

Dear Santa Claus, My name is Wyatt and I am 4 yrs old, for Christmas I would like a City Lego set. I think I have been a pretty good boy this year. Thank you, Wyatt Lokken

The Journal, Page 7

Dear Santa, I hope you have a nice warm trip. it’s super cold out. Do you have your Christmas tree up? I have been super good this year. I would really like a Furby Boom with Purple diamonds on it. Madison, Hailey and Zach have been good this year too so please bring them something nice. We are going to leave cookies with red and green frosting some will have sprinkles. We will leave carrots for the reindeer. Thank you, Leah Vigness age 5

Here’s Wishing our valued patrons all the warmth of the Christmas season. It’s been a JOY! to serve you

Page 8, The Journal, Crosby, ND

Begindergarten (continued)


Dear Santa Claus, I want a death star and a piggy base. Please bring me a pink furby and a pretend egg and an incubator with a curtain to keep it safe and warm. I like your reindeer. Merry Christmas, Jacob Reistad

Dear Santa Claus, I love you with all my heart because you always give out toys. For Christmas I want my own iPad Mini and a Barbie House ans a pony. I’m going to leave you cookies and milk! Thank you, Kambree

Christmas Wishes Dear Santa Claus, I have been a sometimes good girl and a sometimes naughty girl this year. I hope that you get a present this year. Do you want to know what I want for Christmas? It is a Doc McStuffins table for camping. I also want a guitar please. I hope your sleigh is ready for Christmas. I Love You! Thank you, Abby

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

First Grade

Dear Santa Claus, I have tried to be a good girl this year, although I am not always perfect. These are a few things I would like to have for Christmas: 1. computer, 2. Barbie Dream House, 3. lots of Barbies, 4. Baby dolls, 5. New clothes and shoes, 6. Play kitchen. Thank you -- Kylee B.

To our good friends AT THE HOLIDAYS

Your goodwill and generous support make it all worthwhile for us - Thanks!

Deck the Halls At this festive time of year, we’d like to display our gratitude to our good neighbors and friends.

Have a great holiday!

DK’s Plumbing and Heating

Divide Co. Dear Santa, I have ben a good bouy. Can yoo plese bring a doghas for my dog? Can you plese git mi mom a braslit. Can you plese git mi dad a laptop? Merry Christmas to you, Jayden

Dear Santa, I want a pink Ds. I want a 80 inch tv. I want a ipad. Emma C. Makeup, Cout dresis.

Happy Holidays! We appreciate your patronage Pam, Les, Ottie & Sharon

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wishes Happy Holidays

The Journal, Page 9 Page 7 The Journal, Crosby, ND

Portal Service Co. Wishes You a


Christmas! 701-933-2314

Page 10, The Journal, Crosby, ND

Christmas Wishes

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Blessings of the Season To our treasured customers and friends, from your hometown electrical and television supply store.

J.D. Electric John & Peg Nygaard

Thanks for your business!

Wishing you and your family a very merry season

Before you go dashing through the snow, we’d like to take a moment to let you know how much we value and appreciate your business. Thanks, friends!

Divide/Burke Abstract Inc.

With sincere appreciation for your valued patronage this year Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Everyone!

Shear Style

Crosby Tire

and Body Shop Inc. Neil Benter

965-2888 965 - 2888

Michelle, Denise, Michelle,Marian, Denise, Paige, Katie, Maureen, Maureen, Marian, Jen Carissa, Sheila and Gay


P.O. Box 510 Crosby, ND 58730


Cell 701-641-8614 Phone 701-965-6616

nwsepticoilfi[email protected]

Because sometimes, even Santa needs a place to go

Here’s To You! Happy Holidays from

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Wishes

The Journal, Page 11

Merry Christmas

& Many Thanks! It’s been a real treat serving you and we look forward to serving you in 2014!!


Kristi L. Haugenoe, Agent Carissa Smith, CSM Desiree L. Prochazka, CSM Jeanette Haug, CSM

Merry Christmas from all of us at

J. Co. Drug

120 N. Main Crosby, ND 58730

To our valued customers and friends go our sincere thanks and best wishes for a joyous and happy Holiday Season and New Year!

Bank on a great season!

Crosby Bui l d i n g Suppl y , Inc. CBS





Crosby Building Supply, Inc. 900 4th St. SE -- PO Box 190 -- Crosby, ND 58730

900 4th St. SE -- PO Box 190 -- Crosby, ND 58730

Christmas Wishes

Page 12, The Journal, Crosby, ND

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All the best of the season to you and yours from:

May the magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill your every desire

Sorum’s Westland Service

Wishing you and yours a string of glad tidings this holiday season. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you this past year.

-- Brittany & Staff

Bert's Woodworks

102 N. Main Street Crosby, ND 965-6071

Crosby, ND

Bert, Don, Doug, Ryan

g n i sh a i Wyou Merry

Christmas! from all of us at

Crosby Self Serve

R & T


Hot Stuff Pizza

First Avenue & North Main Street

Draft Beer - Pizza - Subs Full Menu - Video Rental Gas - Snacks



Christmas Wishes

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Santa can I have a x box and a I fon 5 and a 3 bs and a kenbel fier hb x and I have Ben good and a 90 inth TV cthorcor Jonas S.

First Grade (continued)

Divide Co.

Dear Santa, I wanted an xbox for Christmas with call of duty on it. And I want grand theft auto and mafia. And I want just cause. I want zombie apocolips even if that game exists. Tristan B.

Dear Santa Dsi ds ds ds ds ds ds ds ds dear santa I want ms Peterson for Christmas. And dear santa can I have Jaren have for Christmas and Madalyn and a cat. And xbox one a tv and call of duty gost. And I want to be a elf. And a giant sled. Love Daimien B.

Dear Santa Ds. Hello kitty books and hoedr and foedr. Tv. Iepad. Back pack. fone. Barbe’s. Mackup. Cout Dresis. Love Naomi L.

Dear Santa, I want a toy sement mixer. I want a toy 200 mustange boss and a toy rideing gator. I want a dog. I want a toy Jonder trackter and combine. I want a leshe for my dog. Thanks Santa, Cooper

Dear Santa I want xbox and I want a gta colofo bot gos and colod black ops! And a 100 ith TV. Dear Santa Love Chayton D.

December 5, 2013 Dear Santa I wont a DS10000 and a xbox 5000 and a tocing hamstr and a tocing dog and cat and brd and a playstayshing


Love Josh L.

Dear Santa Toe cta. I wute good. I deez. W I B o zz I Love you santa Ipad dog toe lef gam zz. Love Charlie M.

The Journal, Page 13

Hunter N 12, 5, 2013

GLAD TIDINGS TO YOU! We truly appreciate your loyal support. - The Hauglands

Dear Santa I wont a gam colbobe. And formen similiret 15. Hunter N.


Christmas Wishes

Page 14, The Journal, Crosby, ND

First Grade Divide Co. December 5, 2013 Dear Santa I want Hello kitty Books. Hello kitty Hebbands. Hellow kitty pichrs. Hello kitty Dres. Makayla H.

Dear Santa, I wanta dribivk. I want an ipod5. I want a bick. I want to jump. I want to sing.Thank you, Justin

Dear Santa, I wont a bin and Glenn Combine. I also want tractr slipers. I have been pretty good this yere. Have a good Christmas, Gust

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. I would like a dreamhouse. I would like a lot of Justin Bieber songs. Happy Christmas Santa,

Dear Santa, I have been a good and cind of bad boy, but can I get a running minathre car and a drivers lisens. Thanks, Adam

Dear Santa, I I wod like a drtbick. I wont a firkuo. I wold like a tractr. I wont pjomes. I bein good. I also wont sliprs to go with my pjomes. I wont pop too. Garrett

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Santa, I would like a wreel mustang. Can I please have a herd of mustangs. Santa I love you. Dean

Dear Santa, For Chrismis I wood like a dremhouse. I wood like my oun Dog for Chrismis. Now I am dun.. “Santa I love you!” Reagan


Take Santa’s advice Because You’ve Been So Nice!

We’re making a list, we’re checking it twice Of people who’ve been especially nice, Customers, neighbors, associates, too. We want to give thanks to each one of you, And make certain that there’s no one missed on this very lengthy list. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From all of the people who work here!

Brush Your Teeth!

Kocher Financial Inc. Kurt & Sandra Kocher, Tabitha, Shelbey, Meghan and John

Maisey Dental Clinic Crosby, ND


Greetings, Friends Merry Christmas to you, to you and your kin. And many thanks for dropping in. For one thing that we know is true, It just wouldn’t be Christmas without ALL OF YOU!

Power Creamery

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Wishes


Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year. I would like a neu pupy. Would you bring my dog a bed? Merry Christmas Santa, Morgen

Dear Santa, I wunt a xbox 360. I wunt a tv. I wunt a pool. I hav ben relly good. Thanks Santa, Darrien

Divide Co. Dear Santa, Hello my name is Madison Olson. I am from Fortuna North Dakota. A couple weeks ago I called you. You see I am going to California this January, I don’t want much this year. I only want one or two things this year. So this is my list: - a little box of chocolates - and some money to go to California You don’t have to get me both of them too! I have been a really good girl this year too! Thank-You, Madison Olson P.S. I like extra stuff in my stocking! BEWARE we have 3 cuddly cats!

The Journal, Page 15

Dear Santa, I started hockey can I have a hockey bag? I also want a teenage mutant ninja turtles sewar. I also want the new Bat Cave. I also want the new Spiderman house. I hope you have a safe fligh. Merry Christmas and Thanck you. Gavyn


Feliz Navidad!

May all your travels be safe this Christmas season. MerryChristmasand Happy New Year! from Steve, Ardis and Jody at: of Crosby

Our best wishes are with you as we celebrate the miracle of Christmas! from Tim & Diane Werner

Stakston-Martin Funeral Home Markers & Monuments

206 N. Main, Crosby (Next to the post office) 1-701-965-6232 1-800-965-6232 [email protected]

Christmas Wishes

Page 16, The Journal, Crosby, ND

Naomi Lewis “My favorite Christmas memory was last year, because I got lots of presents that I really, really wanted. Like fake nails, and a Barbi Castle. I asked Santa Claus for this.”

Gabi Wigness “My favorite Christmas memory is when my oldest brother came home from college, from Nebraska. He didn’t come very often because he was studying computer systems.”

Travis Binde “I remember my first phone. It was an old cell phone but it could call and text, all the good stuff. Everyone had one and I didn’t… until I got it. The first text I made was to my classmate Gabi.”


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Becka Holleran “I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old, and my brothers, 7 or 8 and 10 or 11, and I would line up in the hallway, shortest – that was me - to tallest and we’d have to wait for our Christmas presents in that order. “They were always pushing me behind them. I also remember how my mother made apple coffee cake and how my Dad made Irish Bailey’s.”

Holiday hours: Christmas Eve 8 a.m to 3 p.m. New Year’s Eve 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Randy, Brenda and the fine folks at Ekness SuperValu wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your loyal patronage this year and we look forward to serving you in 2014!


Closed Christmas Day & New Years Day


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bob Enerson, Ambrose “I remember eating ludefisk on Christmas . . .” Bob also recalled the Ambrose of yesteryear. “Ambrose is not like it used to be. It had an implement dealer, two churches – a Presbyterian and a Lutheran church - and two bars. The churches outlasted the bars. Today, there’s about 20 people.”

Christmas Wishes

Dale Raaum, Fortuna “Riding in a horse-drawn sleigh… this would have been during the mid-1940s when I was a small boy, near Colgan. Also taking a walk with a .22 rifle., and potting game.”

It s our pleasure to share all the news that s fit to print this Holiday Season, and all 52 weeks of the New Year! The

Esther Dahle, Alkabo “My favorite memory is Christmas in Alaska in 1962. It followed the birth of my daughter Ruth, on Thanksgiving Day. Ron (husband) was drafted into the Army in Fairbanks, Alaska, and she was a red-headed gift.” She also remembered how Ruth was fascinated by the blinking light bulbs on their Christmas tree that first Christmas.

With best wishes to all our neighbors this holiday season. Thank you for spending your free time with us this year!



The Journal, Page 17

Ron Dahle, Alkabo “I grew up in a Christian home and what I remember most is the childhood excitement of the season. We opened gifts on Christmas Eve, then spent the next 12 days, the 12 days of Christmas, celebrating. We learned that Christmas is about Christmas, Christ.”

As another year wraps up, Here’s wishing you and yours all of the gifts of the Christmas season! Rosemary L. Tanberg, CPA Tax and Accounting 965-6662 [email protected]

Christmas Wishes

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

100 year old case

Lynching was 100 years ago this week Page 9

DC charts a win

Wednesday, December 18, 2013, Crosby, ND

DC boys face MLS team at home Page 8

Vol. 112, No. 51

Taxpayers will see some relief, despite rising budgets By Cecile Krimm Divide County taxpayers may be pleasantly surprised by this year’s tax bill -- especially if they own commercial property. That’s thanks in part to property tax relief funds provided by the state legislature, but also due to the fact residential properties saw assessed values increase an average of 19 percent, while ag and commercial land values were unchanged this year. Changes in property values this year also combined to significantly change the percentage of tax burden borne by each type of property -- commercial, residential, ag and utilities. Property tax statements began arriving in area mailboxes late last week. All of the properties annually monitored by The Journal show lower tax bills than last year.

Property tax bills are down Property Value

2012 Tax

$89,000 home, Crosby $ 736 $167,800 home, Crosby 1,388 $155,500 business, Crosby 1,701 $55,400 Coalfield Twp. 408 $60,400 Fertile Valley Twp. 663 $43,600 Hayland Twp. 336 $66,700 Hawkeye Twp. 515

2013 Tax %Change $ 661 1,245 1,282 362 436 297 455

-10 -10 -24 -11 -34 -6 -12

■ Township taxes based on 160 acres of farmland. ■ Crosby taxes do not include special assessments.

According to County Auditor Gayle Jastrzebski, this year’s taxes first were figured based

on the call for mills by local taxing entities such as the county, municipalities and school dis-

tricts. After that figure was established, bills were reduced by 12 percent as a result of state funds dedicated to property tax relief -- but that doesn’t mean everyone will see their tax bills drop by 12 percent compared to last year. For instance, a home in Crosby valued in 2012 at $74,800 saw its value increase to $89,000 this year. Based on the call for local mills, the 2013 tax would have been $750 -- compared to $736 the year before. However, once the state property tax relief is applied, the bill goes down to $660 -- and that’s in spite of a pretty hefty increase in the school district budget. After taking all of those factors into consideration, the overall reduction to the example property is 10 percent -- but it’s worth noting the 2013 rate is still about $40 more than the

2011 rate. A business property valued at $155,500 in 2012 saw no increase in assessed value. Once the local call for mills is applied, the tax bill goes down 14 percent due to the shift in tax burden among types of property. Once the state’s relief is applied to the commercial property, the total reduction in the tax bill becomes 24 percent. Though lower than it otherwise would have been, the 2013 tax bill is about $300 higher than the tax bill in 2011. Taxes on monitored ag parcels ranged from a decrease of 6 percent in Hayland Township to a decrease of 34 percent in Fertile Valley Township. The values on all ag land remained the same as in 2012, but the tax bills for each are also influenced by the school district in which they are located.

For instance, Fertile Valley is located in the Grenora School District, which saw a reduction in the call for dollars. Hayland Township is located in the Divide County School District. The school and township called for more dollars this year, as did the Wildrose Fire District. Based on the cumulative changes in property values, ag land now covers only 58 percent of the overall property tax bill in Divide County -- dropping 15 percent this year. Historically, ag land has paid as much as 87 percent of the total tax bill. The share of tax now paid by residential property this year increased from 12 percent to 16 percent; the share paid by commercial property increased from 8 percent to 12 percent; and the amount paid by utilities doubled -- from 7 percent to 14 percent.

Oil price may be an issue now

Portraying sailors (back row) in the Missoula Children s Theatre production of Blackbeard last weekend in Crosby are Daniel Semenze, Madalyn LaVallie, Billi Fortier, and Zenn Alvarez, with Mila Jokerst, Jarren Peterson and Brita Oppegaard as parrots. Two performances capped a full week of rehearsals with about 40 Divide County Elementary School students participating in the program, sponsored by Meadowlark Arts Council with the support of area businesses.

ft a gi

s e r l u f o

Giv e y

Page 18, The Journal, Crosby, ND

That arrives every week Playing along

Nell Howell -- The Journal

Missoula Children s Theatre production isn t all fun and games

By John D. Taylor Greg Stowers and Coryn Bourgeois, two Missoula Children’s Theatre actors, were helping Divide County’s elementary classes put together their own version of a “Princess and the Pea” play, also a Snow White song and dance number on Thursday afternoon. When Stowers asked for five volunteers from the students assembled in the gym, most of the hands shot up and waving to be chosen. When the choosing was done, the basic “Princess and the Pea” storyline morphed into a new creation, fabricated on the spot, straight from the students’ imagination. The prince became a fellow named Logan, who rode his wolf, Lightning, around the imaginary kingdom. The princess, Belle, liked riding her horse, Bob, with her pal Logan. No, they really didn’t want to get married, but friend-

Maren Burtman, Emily Jeglum and Jayda DeJardine make like mermaids in a weekend production of Blackbeard.

ship was okay. The pea, the princess’s test for true “princess-hood” in the original story, at least for a time, became a penguin.

A squirrel tussels with a macrame plant holder left out in the snow. The scavenger appeared to want to dislodge the string pretty badly, but had to give up when a camera came too close.

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Cecile Krimm -- The Journal

While the students were having fun creating their own play and watching their friends actually performing, what they didn’t know was that they were

learning new life skills at the same time -- particularly how to use their imaginations, how to think on their feet, how to memorize things, self-confidence and a few other skills. They were also getting a taste of the performing arts. Sparking this kind of imaginative play under the guise of activity and fun was exactly what Stowers and Bourgeois had in mind, exactly what the Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) aims to accomplish. For 39 years, MCT has been providing professionally-guided theatrical experiences for children that are both “artistically satisfying and educationally fulfilling,” according to MCT’s website. MCT does this by sending a team of two professional tour actor/directors to a town with all the scenery, costumes, props, make-up and basic lighting required to put on a play, then letting the community’s

By John D. Taylor Divide County oil production profitability may suffer if the price of a barrel of oil worldwide continues to slide south of $73, said Lynn Helms, Director of the North Dakota Industrial Commission’s Department of Mineral Resources, during his monthly “Director’s Cut” oil and natural gas press briefing Friday. Helms sees an economically “soft year” ahead for state oil production – especially in counties like Divide and Billings, where $73 per barrel oil prices represent a break-even price. Helms said oil fell from $93 per barrel in October, to $73 per barrel by November. He expects oil prices to remain “soft” throughout 2014 -- somewhere in the $75 to $80 per barrel range. Despite a growing capacity to refine the state’s oil, according to Helms, this wouldn’t help Divide County if oil remained in the $75 range, when the break-even price for McKenzie, Mountrail and Williams County oil is about $45 per barrel. What lower oil prices may do, Helms said, is drive crude oil transportation towards the railways, which might help raise profitability in counties like Divide and Billings to some degree. Helms said the capacity to move about 90 percent of the 1 million barrels of oil the state could produce daily by 2014 is there. Helms said this could happen with the change in the pricing scenario. The good news, Helms said, is that the state once again saw record oil and natural gas production numbers during October: Statewide oil production rose from nearly 28 million barrels in Septem-

ber to 29.19 million barrels in October. Natural gas production also jumped, from nearly 32 million cubic feet in September to 33.178 million cubic feet in October. The oil numbers might have been even higher, Helms said, but for October’s fourday deluge, which prevented access to McKenzie County oil rigs. This reduced statewide oil production by 29 percent – 10,000 barrels a day. Helms called that a “very significant” decline. He said oil production numbers might have been two- to two-and-a-half times more, had the weather been good. Bad weather has also been cutting into oil production since October, he said, and fracking has not been very successful under “arctic” conditions. Things look somewhat better for natural gas, Helms said. He said a gas gathering system soon coming on line in Divide County will help to reduce flaring. That gas will go to the Hess plant in Tioga. The Tioga plant alone, Helms said, has the capability to create a 5 percent drop in statewide flaring numbers, from 28 percent to 23 percent. Divide County’s line could do the same, he said. Another change Helms observed in his report is multiwell oil pads. During 2011, he said, one in three oil wells was a multi-pad well. In 2013, two thirds of all pads had multiple wells on them. However, these production increases will be tempered in the coming year by the influence of bad weather in the oil patch as well as declining prices for oil worldwide.

Cookbook by Crosby woman honors memory of granddaughter

“Heavenly Delights” is the name of a new cookbook assembled by Crosby resident Dorothy Chaffee, in honor of her late granddaughter, Kelsie Myer. Myer was killed July 10, 2008, when her car was struck by a train in Ward County. “Doing this cookbook has given me a lot of peace,” said Chaffee. “Besides, I like recipes.” While other relatives have worked to establish a scholarship in Kelsie’s memory, her grandmother wanted to do something different. “I did a cookbook like this after my mother died,” said Chaffee. “I decided I wanted to do something that would have Kelsie’s name on it for a long time.” A portion of proceeds from the book will go to three causes close to Chaffee’s heart -- and ones she also believes Kelsie would support -- the Humane Society,

and toward children’s diabetes research and the prevention of child abuse. “Now her name can just live on for a long time with those organizations,” said Chaffee. “She is, to me, still here.” Kelsie was the daughter of Shelly Lambert and David Myer. The book contains family photos and stories, along with recipes from a variety of people in the area and outside of it -- some who knew Kelsie and some who didn’t. Chaffee invited dozens of people to contribute recipes, among them Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-ND, who contributed her recipe for “Heidi’s Amazing Tarragon Potatoes.” Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the book may contact Chaffee by calling 641-1416.

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