Church Revitalization Workbook Answer Key

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Church Revitalization. Workbook Answer Key. 1 | Page. SESSION 1: Health that Leads to Growth. • Mentally. • Emotionally – Guard your heart. • Relationally.

Church Revitalization Workbook Answer Key

SESSION 1: Health that Leads to Growth 


Emotionally – Guard your heart



1. Anticipating growth. 2. Growth barriers. 3. Relational structure… 4. Staff. 5. Leading… 6. Preaching… 7. Measure honestly… 8. Relational growth. 9. Compelling involvement. 10. Create a climate of faith. Lead Your Church to be Healthy 1. Your calling. 2. Your commitment. 3. Competent staff. 4. Committed to a plan… Exponential Growth 1. Staff… 2. Team… 3. Organizational…


Church Revitalization Workbook Answer Key

SESSION 2: Leading for Change Introduction If the body of Christ is likened unto an army, leaders must learn to move people from being “for us” to “with us.” This Passage… 1. Teaches us to listen… 2. Magnifies what’s best… 3. Instructs us how to move from expenditure to investment. 4. Presents the scariest word in leadership “alone.” 5. Will show how to balance both quality and quantity… 6. Will move us from church work to the work of the church. Subjects in this passage… 1. Excitement… 2. Examination… 3. Exhaustion… 4. Exhortation… Time of Transition 1. Time of reflection. 2. Time of rejoicing. 3. Time of realization. 4. Time of readjusting. There can be no “leading for change” until there has first been a “change in the leader.” Every transition is predicated on transaction.


Church Revitalization Workbook Answer Key I.

Jethro’s Observation… A. Moses’ ministry. 1. The what… 2. The why… B. Moses’ method. C. Moses’ motive.


Jethro’s Declaration A. The ministry… B. The minister… C. The magnitude… D. Management 1. Ministry. 2. Ministers… As work increase, the load must be shifted. Efficiency sometimes reveals itself, not by what one accomplishes but by what one relinquishes. 3. Magnitude… When the responsibility becomes too heavy leaders must decrease the weight or increase the man power. 4. Management…


Jethro’s Consultation… A. Intercession B. Education C. Selection D. Regulation E. Supervision 1. Principle. 2. Promise…


Church Revitalization Workbook Answer Key IV.

Jethro’s Assimilation A. Two fold promise 1. Health… 2. Harmony… a. God promises strength… b. God promises serenity…


Moses’ Appropriation Herein lies the real change. A. He implemented the plan. B. He experienced needed perseverance. C. He enjoyed God’s peace.


Church Revitalization Workbook Answer Key SESSION 3: The Key to Growth: Discovering and Developing Leaders Paul moves from the unity of believers to the uniqueness of believers. Grace is a single-word… The nature of grace is giving not getting. Grace is unmerited, unearned and undeserved. Grace is God’s self – motivated, self -generated and sovereign act of giving. Grace saves us and enables us. Identification: Seven Motivational Gifts 1. Prophet… 2. Servant… 3. Teacher… 4. Exhortation… 5. Giving… 6. Ruling… 7. Mercy… I.

Church’s Leaders A. Jesus Christ is the Church’s head… B. Apostles and Prophets- foundation… C. Evangelists- good news… D. Pastors/Teachers – those along with the evangelists are in place today for the advancement… Pastor emphasizes the care, protection, and leadership of the man of God for the flock. Teacher has to do with the primary function… Words used to identify the pastor: Pastor: Shepherd Bishop: Overseer 5|Page

Church Revitalization Workbook Answer Key Elder: denotes an older person Elder emphasizes who… Bishop speaks of what… Pastor deals with his attitude and character As an Elder, I am to set the example… As a Bishop, I am to guide… As a Pastor, I am to feed… The Pastor/Teacher: God’s Gift to His Church “Remember” speaks of their impression… “who rule over you” speaks of their influence… “who have spoken the word of God to you” speaks of their instruction… “whose faith follows” speaks of their imitation… “considering the outcome of their conduct” speaks of their integrity… II.

The Leader’s Responsibility “Equip” – refers to that which is fit; made complete; restored to original condition. Equipping results in unity. Four Tools Used for Equipping 1. Bible 2. Prayer 3. Testing 4. Suffering Paul magnified… The basic idea of the word “equip” is that of putting a thing into the condition in which it ought to be: usefulness.


The Laity’s (Leader’s) Responsibility A. Serving B. Edifying 6|Page

Church Revitalization Workbook Answer Key C. Unifying D. Understanding E. Maturing These Lead to Growth 1. Doctrine a. Anchored b. Aware 2. Devotion F. Functioning None of us can do as much as all of us can do. As a body, we belong to each other, we affect each other, and we need each other.