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The Auburn University GMAT Test Prep Course was developed by exam prep ... test prep book, “The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition” (the most recent publication from the ... verbal, and analytical writing sections of the GMAT.

CLASSROOM BASED GMAT TEST PREP COURSE Experience The Auburn University GMAT Test Prep Course was developed by exam prep experts, who have years of experience writing exam questions and preparing students for success. Our highly trained test prep instructors who care about helping you achieve your goal. Value The course fee includes instruction as well as all course materials. Materials include the official GMAT test prep book, “The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition” (the most recent publication from the official GMAT provider), and the “GMAT Course Workbook” designed to supplement the classroom lessons. Convenience Our Test Prep Courses are conveniently held on the campus of Auburn University in Auburn, AL. Overview Prepare for the GMAT with the only GMAT Test Prep Course sponsored by Auburn University. Join the hundreds of successful MBA students who have benefitted from the GMAT Prep Course. Improve your skills, confidence, score, and admission into the MBA program of your choice. The GMAT Test Prep Course provides 24 hours of expert in-classroom instruction on the quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing sections of the GMAT. This comprehensive course includes a review of the mathematical concepts tested on the GMAT, and prepares you for the problem solving and data sufficiency questions most typically seen on the GMAT. Strengthen your reading comprehension and sentence correction skills with proven tips that help you save time, eliminate mistakes, and improve your score. Master the critical reasoning skills needed to ace the analytical writing section of the GMAT. The GMAT Test Prep Course includes expert instruction, a proven format, course materials, and access to diagnostic exams in one convenient, affordable package. Quantitative Topics include: • strategies for handling math questions in the confusing data sufficiency format • techniques for picking numbers for Yes/No questions in data sufficiency format • approaches to math questions presented in abstract form • tactics for translating difficult real-world word problems into algebraic expressions or equations Verbal Topics include: • spotting correct idiomatic speech in sentence completion problems • understanding the key components of arguments in critical reasoning problems • answering reading comprehension questions quickly, without reading the entire passage General Topics Include: • utilizing the process of elimination • mastering time management skills • minimizing test anxiety • identifying common distracters GMAT Course Plans • Session 1: Introduction to the GMAT, GMAT Questions & Answers, GMAT item types • Session 2: Quantitative and Verbal Properties of Arithmetic Sentence Correction • Session 3: Quantitative and Critical Reasoning, Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Argument structure, Strengthen & Weaken Items • Session 4: Quantitative and Verbal Exponents, Linear Equations, Reading Comprehension • Session 5: Quantitative and Verbal Lines, Angles, Polygons, Sentence Correction • Session 6: Quantitative and Critical Reasoning, Equations in Data Sufficiency Items, Inferences, Flaw Items • Session 7: Quantitative and Verbal Inequalities, Word Problems, Reading Comprehension • Session 8: Quantitative Circles, Coordinate Geometry, Yes/No Questions in Data Sufficiency, Analytical Writing