comparing common clinical practice to recommended good practice

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... Belgium; Alvaro Paez, Madrid, Spain;. James Eastham, Hans Lilja, New York, NY; Harry de Koning,. Rotterdam, Netherlands; Andrew Vickers, New York, NY;.


Vol. 195, No. 4S, Supplement, Friday, May 6, 2016

METHODS: We identified all prostate biopsies performed by a large urology group practice utilizing a centralized pathology lab. Changes in the number of total biopsies performed and the percentage of positive biopsies were examined. For those with positive biopsies, we assessed differences in patient age, PSA, and Gleason score. RESULTS: A total of 4178 biopsies were identified-2513 in 2011 and 1665 in 2014. The percentage of positive biopsies was 27% in 2011 versus 34% in 2014 (P-value