Complementing Unary Nondeterministic Automata

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theory (for a discussion, we address the reader to [Hrm01, Yu00]). .... The following lower bound was proved for unary nfa's in [JMR9 1] (the result was extended ...

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â ?ÕF×=ÓåÝIØ Óéæ  °^]÷æ  ¿ ñ ñ ê n¯Ô"/Ü o;p•ðºò … ã?ÓSä"×=Ö§Ö¨ÛBèV׏ã?Ö§ÝBØ Õ¢ÜLâ±ÒIßBÕ?Ø Ó â§ùH×hÓ â§ÝHÒ_ÝhÙlÓSÔÕéô"ÜYÝÝ=Ù Ù^ÝHܯÓRÔâ§ØFÜYÕ?ØRäÖ§ÓFØRÔÝ=ÚØÓRÔ"×=ÓÓRÔÕ_Òä"åÞ%Õ¢ÜÝ=Ù,Ø ÓR×hÓ Õ?ØÂâ±ÒcÓRÔÕã?Ûã?Ö¨Õ?Ø*Ý=%Ù  N ã¢×BÒuÞ%ÕÅÞ%ÝHä"Òà"Õ?à ÞIÛWÓSÔ"×=ÓÝ=Ù ÓSÔÕFØ ÓR×hÓ Õ?ØLâÃÒaÓRÔՏã?Ûã?Ö¨Õ?؏ÝhÙ Fò


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â ?Õ_Þ"ÝHä"Òà"Õ?à ÞIÛ æ  °^]÷æ  ¿ ññ â§ÓFÓSä"Ü Ò؏ÝHäӏÓRÔ"×=Ó  ã¢×BÒuÞ"Õ_ØâÃåäÖ±×=Ó Õ?à»ÞIÛU×iàÙ[×iÚÂÔÝBØ Õ_Òä"åÞ%բ܏Ý=ÙLØ ÓR×=ÓÕ?ØÂâ§ØÞ%ÝHä"Òà"Õ?à ÞIÛWÓSÔՏÙ^ÝBÖ§Ö¨Ý=Úâ±ÒùÙ[ä"Òã?Ó â§ÝHÒ;æ4Ø Õ?ÕWeê nÔ"/Ü o;p•ð-ÙmÝÜLÓRÔՏà"Õ?ÓR×=â§Ö§ØRñ Æ

_æ  Hñ ¹å_×=ø Û Ö§ã¢åU™æ ÜS¯°9±9±±/°Ül² @ñ #ÜS¯9°±9±±/°Ül² Å ˜~š;×BÒÍ à Ü ¯ ˆ ½9½½ ˆ Ül²(¹  ß± m¡ßj×hÖÃä"×hÓ â±ÒùÓRÔÕ;ùHÜYÝ=ÚÓRÔÜ×=Ó Õ;Ý=H Ù _æ  ñuâ§¬Ø HÒÝ=ÚÂÒ ×=sØ g7×BÒà×BSä  Ø;ô"ÜYÝHÞÖ§Õ¢å ê g7×IÒ"í , è g7×IÒ"í  ðºò ó Õ?ßBÕ¢Ü ×hÖ,×Bô"ô"ÜYÝ=øHâ±å_×hÓ â§ÝHÒ؏Ù^ÝH Ü _æ  ñ*×BÜYÕ_ùIâ¨ßIÕ¢Ò\â±Ò ÓRÔÕ_Ö§â§Ó Õ¢Ü ×=ÓRä"܊ÕBè¡ÓRÔÕWÞ%Õ?Ø ÓF¯ ÝHÒÕ ÒÝ=ÚÂÒ@Þ"Õ?â±Òù@ã?ÝHÒIÓR×=â±ÒÕ?à@â±Ò\ê ó ¢× oBínðº•ò ÝÜLÝHä"Üô"ä"Ü ô%ÝBØ Õ?Øâ§Óâ§ØÂÕ¢ÒÝHäùÔiÓ ! Ý ÒÝjÚ¸ÓRÔ"×h9Ó Æ ÇÉÈ`ÊËÊÍÌsÎÐÏaÎ)Ï _æ  Hñ ¹¢} Ѐ  "S‚%ƒ`"#„ ± ¼n MK"oqpsrLtQuwvqpTx+y z4{ |Lz}t^/1~I

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