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May 28, 2013 ... Mary Turnball. Attitude, Commitment and. Skills: Simply Unstoppable. Property Management. Pat Mesiti. Unleashing the Power of. Prosperity.

27 - 29 May 2013 • Jupiters • Gold Coast

Conference 2013

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Monday 27 May 9.00am – 4.00pm

Harcourts Auctioneers Competition

9.30am – 10.00am

Interfirm Comparison Workshops – Introduction and Overview Session

10.30am – 1.30pm

Interfirm Comparison Workshops – Business Owners

10.30am – 1.30pm

Interfirm Comparison Workshops – Managers

2.00pm – 4.00pm

Interfirm Comparison Workshops – Property Management

5.30pm – 7.00pm

Welcome Function

Tuesday 28 May 8.45am – 9.45am

Launch and Opening Address – Mike Green

9.45am – 11.00am

Keynote Speaker – Robin Banks - Success: Your Time is Now

11.00am – 11.30am

Morning Tea

11.30am – 12.00pm

Harcourts Directions Overview – Academy, Technology, e-Business, Marketing, Specialist Divisions

12.00pm – 12.20pm

Harcourts Directions Workshop 1: Gregg Toyama / Irene Green Taming Technology Tools Today for Tomorrow’s Trends

12.30pm – 12.50pm

Harcourts Directions Workshops (repeated)

12.50pm – 2.00pm

Lunch (Future Leaders Lunch and Landmark Harcourts Lunch - by invitation only)

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Business Owners & Managers Robin Banks Leadership in Times of Change

Harcourts Directions Workshop 2: Julianna Forsyth / Jason Wills Data is King!

Sales Residential Success Strategies... Power up your Performance Lee Perry / Julie Mahoney / Bob Wolff

3.00pm – 3.30pm

Afternoon Tea

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Keynote Speaker – Chris Helder - The Power of Influence

4.30 – 5.30pm

Harcourts Auctioneers Competition - Open Final

7.00pm – 11.30pm

Networking Function

Harcourts Directions Workshop 3: Katie McAleese Outstanding Campaigns for Exceptional Results

Property Management Everyday Excellence in Property Management

Wednesday 29 May 8.45am – 9.30am

Day 2 Welcome - Gilbert Enoka

9.30am – 10.30am

Keynote Speaker – Tom Panos Game Changing Strategies to Become an Attraction Agent

10.30am – 11.00am

Morning Tea

11.00am – 11.55am

Business Owners & Managers Chris Hanley Competitive Advantage with Culture and Emotional Labour

Sales Residential Tom Panos Drive Real Estate Success Using Vendor-Paid Marketing

Property Management Tara Milzewski Become a BDM Expert!

Mortgage Express

12.00am – 12.55pm

Business Owners & Managers Steve Caradoc-Davies / Garth Makowski Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Successful Leaders

Sales Residential Mary Turnball Attitude, Commitment and Skills: Simply Unstoppable

Property Management Pat Mesiti Unleashing the Power of Prosperity

Mortgage Express

12.55pm – 1.55pm


1.55pm – 2.15pm

Cameron Kusher – Market Predictions: Economic Outlook for 2013

2.15pm – 3.00pm

Ask the Leaders Forum - Mike Green, Paul Wright, Gilbert Enoka

Property Management Keynote Speaker – Jason Rose The ‘Dumb Things’ Property Managers Do

3.00pm – 4.00pm

Keynote Speaker – Paul de Gelder - Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

4.00pm – 4.15pm

Closing Address

6.00pm – 6.30pm

Pre-Dinner Drinks

6.30pm – Late

National Awards Dinner

DETAILS Your Conference registration includes: • All Keynote and Workshop sessions • Welcome Reception • Conference satchel and name lanyard • Daytime catering on 28 – 29 May 2013 • Entry to the Harcourts Auctioneers Competition • Entry to the Trade Exhibition • Interfirm Comparisons Workshop for Business Owners, Managers and Property Management Conference Investment Early Bird Registration

(by Friday 17 May 2013)

Early Bird Package Registration

Harcourts networking Function $118.00 inc GST

$595.00 inc GST

$665.00 inc GST

(Package Registration includes Conference Registration, Welcome and networking Functions and national Awards Dinner) $780.00 inc GST

Harcourts national Awards Dinner $135.00 inc GST

27 MAY


Registration for Harcourts National Conference close 5pm Friday 17 May 2013.

Harcourts Auctioneers Competition novice and Open Division. To register or for all competition details, please visit

Dress Code Day Sessions: Smart casual Welcome Reception: Smart casual networking Function: Optional Wild Wild West themed attire national Awards Dinner: Formal wear / Black tie Accommodation Harcourts national Conference 2013 will take place at the spectacular Jupiters, Gold Coast.

Harcourts Room Rates Superior Room Corner Balcony Executive Room

$189.00 $239.00 $289.00

Prices quoted are per room, per night inclusive of GST for a maximum of two adults. Bedding configuration comprises of either a king bed or two double beds and all requests are subject to availability. Rollaway beds are available for an additional $50.00 per night.

All accommodation bookings must be made direct with Jupiters. To book please visit Click on the ‘Accommodation’ tab at the top of the page then ‘Hotel Reservations’ box on the left. Select the arrival and departure dates for your booking, select the special code ‘Group’ and type in your code HAR260513. For telephone bookings, please call reservations on 07 5592 8130 and mention ‘Harcourts national Conference 2013’.

register on line at

28 MAY

Interfirm Comparison Workshops

For Business Owners, Managers and Property Management. Benchmark your business against relevant best-practice real estate businesses and find out the key productivity and profit drivers of your business. To be eligible to attend you must be registered for conference and must submit your financial data by 12 April 2013. For full details, please visit

Welcome Function

Join your colleagues for casual drinks and canapés, and check out our extensive business partner exhibition before the business of Conference begins!

29 MAY



Keynote Speaker: Robin Banks

Sales Residential

If you want to make changes in your life, you must look to the cause. The cause is the way you are using your conscious mind. Change the way you are thinking! Robin will leave you feeling highly motivated, having challenged your own mindset and you will be inspired to implement these practices in your personal and professional life.

Powerful presentations from three of our top performers full of practical strategies to implement in your business straight away – the systems and processes that are working in real estate now! Speakers & Topics: Lee Perry, Harcourts Mandurah, WA: Breaking Through Barriers - How to Achieve 50+ Listings

Success: Your Time is Now

Standard Registration

(by Friday 19 April 2013)

(by Friday 19 April 2013)


Harcourts Directions Overview

Our Heads of Departments reflect on our 125 year history and detail the exciting new initiatives they have planned.

Harcourts Directions Workshop 1

Gregg Toyama and Irene Green: Taming Technology Tools Today for Tomorrow’s Trends

Take a closer look at e-business tools and how far they have come as we ask the question - do these new developments add up to more business? Gregg will demonstrate what these improved tools can do and share his vision for the future, while Irene will question what works and explore how best to integrate new technologies into your business.

Harcourts Directions Workshop 2

Julianna Forsyth and Jason Wills: Data is King!

The key is the data. Jason and Julianna will share the “what to do” and the “how to do it” to guarantee you triple your listings and sales!

Harcourts Directions Workshop 3

Katie McAleese: Outstanding Campaigns for Exceptional Results

Do you have a marketing plan for 2013? Katie will detail the agent marketing campaigns, brand marketing and recruitment products available to help you grow your profile. She will also cover how to drive more business in the luxury property market.

Specialist Workshops

Business Owners and Managers

Robin Banks: Leadership in Times of Change

During times of change we can either choose to see ourselves as victims at the mercy of circumstances, powerless and weak in our everyday lives, or as victors; conscious creators of circumstance and visionaries for the future. Leaders see possibilities where others don’t. Leadership is not a position, it’s a way of being. Robin will demonstrate by consciously choosing your thoughts you can take control!

Success Strategies...Power up your Performance!

Julie Mahoney, Harcourts Townsville City, QLD: Living Your Brand - How We Integrate Our Values in the Market Bob Wolff, Harcourts Prime Properties, USA: People First and the Money will Follow

Property Management

Everyday Excellence in Property Management

A panel session like no other! Come and listen to property managers who are delivering outstanding results, who are embracing and offering the latest in technology and relevant property management apps and who can share the tips, tricks and techniques for managing social media. Find out what you need to do to maintain a competitive edge.

Keynote Speaker: Chris Helder

The Power of Influence

understand those you are trying to influence! Chris will help you master communication by reading the client through their personalities/intensities. use the power of influence to create win/win situations and separate yourself from the competition.

Networking Function

Buckle up, grab your lasso and head on out for a Wild Wild West themed evening.

Keynote Speaker: Tom Panos

Game Changing Strategies to Become an Attraction Agent

using evidenced-based data and observing the characteristics of the most successful real estate salespeople in the country, Tom identifies what differentiates the most successful agents against the standard in the industry.

Property Management Keynote Speaker: Jason Rose

The ‘Dumb Things’ Property Managers Do

Jason Rose, from Rental Express, has mapped all procedures involved in Property Management. This has highlighted many ‘dumb things’ we do because we’ve always done them! Make a change for more efficiency and create better property management.

Specialist Workshops

Business Owners and Managers 1

Chris Hanley: Competitive Advantage with Culture and Emotional Labour

Chris is the principal of First national Byron Bay, which is the leading agency in their region with 40% market share. Chris will share his thoughts on building and running a sustainable profitable business and on the very important concept of emotional labour. Business Owners and Managers 2

Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Successful Leaders

Correctly managing your human capital is a vital part of business. This session focuses on the leadership role needed to attract and retain a high performing team. Speakers & Topics: Steve Caradoc-Davies, Harcourts Platinum, South Africa: Powerful Leadership to Retain Your Superstars

Garth Makowski, Dougmal Harcourts Campbelltown, NSW: Managing New Recruits: The ‘Daily 7’ Performance Report

Sales Residential 1 Tom Panos: Drive

Real Estate Success Using Vendor-Paid Marketing

The best agents run an attraction business using vendor-paid marketing as their core strategy. vendors sell for higher prices and agents become more visible. Implement these simple and smart strategies, you’ll get more advertising dollars and better results. Sales Residential 2

Mary Turnbull: Attitude, Commitment and Skills: Simply Unstoppable

Resolute determination, a passion for winning and unwavering work ethic have led Mary to be one of our best performing sales consultants in new zealand, placing in the top 20 internationally for the past three years running. With a focus on auctions and her client database, Mary will share her key drivers for success. Property Management 1

Tara Milzewski: Become a BDM Expert!

A successful BDM needs to be sales minded, able to establish and maintain relationships with landlords and referral sources whilst understanding the vision of the agency. Learn what you can do to assist in the growth of your rent roll. Property Management 2

Pat Mesiti: Unleashing the Power of Prosperity Pat will offer practical principles to increase profit, productivity and personal attitude! He will teach you how to harness the power of “focus” to create a fast track to your desired outcomes.

Keynote Speaker: Paul De Gelder

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Paul chased adventure where ever he could find it, but trouble hunted him down in the form of a brutal shark attack. Paul lost two limbs, and his career as a navy clearance diver was flung into jeopardy. Paul left nothing to chance in his recovery and his amazing will to succeed.

Harcourts National Awards Dinner

Celebrate our top performers as we count down to our number one office and sales consultant both nationally and internationally!

Conference 2013 27 - 29 May 2013 • Jupiters • Gold Coast

ConferenCe 2013 Business Partners Harcourts takes great pleasure in acknowledging our 2013 Business Partners PLATInuM PARTnER


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