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Bahasa Inggris. Hari/Tanggal. : Waktu. : Pukul 12.30 – 14.30 (120 Menit). Special Instruction: Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, or d on your sheet ! 1.

Contoh SOAL TRY OUT 1 Bahasa Inggris Satuan Pendidikan Mata Pelajaran Hari/Tanggal Waktu

: Sekolah Menengah Pertama : Bahasa Inggris : : Pukul 12.30 – 14.30 (120 Menit)

Special Instruction: Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, or d on your sheet !

1. What does this notice mean?

a. b. c. d.

We must obey the FCC limit. Working in radio frequency is hard to do. The radio frequency isn’t allowed to exceed the FCC limit. Radio frequency fields should not disturb the environments.

2. What does the notice mean?

a. b. c. d.

Swimming in the area is dangerous. The swimming activity causes no risk. The wave in the area is unpredictable. Rocks and coral can be found in the area.


Read the message and answer questions 3 and 4. Shinta 23-Jan-08


I feel g8, thx. Cu 2morrow @d party Hilton…I’m comin. How about our dance in Hyat, Marcopolo n Pacific? Hit, wasn’t it? Option


3. Where is the location of the party? a. Hyat. b. MArcopolo. c. Hilton. d. Pacific. 4. When will the party be held? a. January, 23rd. b. January, 24th. c. June, 23rd. d. June, 24th. Read the text and answer questions 5 and 6.

Soft and sweet, a bundle of joy Our mommy to be is expecting a boy! Lets shower with love Jill Weber Saturday, April 28, 2007 At 2:00 p.m. Tara Silva 10612 Sunbird Way Given by Tara Silva RSVP 209-951-7224 Registered at Babies “R” Us 5. The purpose of this invitation is to …. a. celebrate baby shower b. register at Babies “R” Us c. make a good wish for the baby d. congratulate someone of being a mother 6. Why is Jill Weber’s feeling described as a bundle of joy? a. She is full of love. b. Her friends will come to visit. c. She will deliver a baby soon. d. She is already registered at Babies “R” Us.


7. What does this text tell you about? Indosat the future is here CAREER OPPORTUNITY As Marketing Staff Qualifications: D3 and S1 state university majoring in : Marketing management , GPA min. 2.80 (TEC), min 3.00 , Max. 28 years old September 2007, Fluent in English, both oral and written, Willing and able to be located in countries around Indonesia, Able to join the company immediately. If you meet the above qualifications, please send your:CV + Cover Letter , Certification + Transcript and Photograph + Identity Card With the position code as the e-mail subject send to: [email protected] Org Only short-listed candidate will be contacted

a. Indosat announcement. b. Career development. c. Invitation to Indosat. d. Job vacancy. Read the text and answer questions 8 to 10. ANNOUNCEMENT Yearbooks are about to get more expensive. If you haven’t ordered one yet prices will go up to $75.00 after today. Check the list outside Mr. Hoffman’s room (G-13). If you are on the list, you need to see Janette in the finance office to order your copy. This is the last day yearbooks can be ordered for the regular price. 8. Whom must we contact if we want to order the yearbook? a. Teacher. b. Janette. c. Headmaster. d. Mr. Hoffman. 9. “If you haven’t ordered one yet … after today.” (line 2) What does The underlined word refer to? a. yearbooks b. someone. c. students. d. office. 10. “This is the last … the regular price.” (last line) What is the meaning of “regular”? a. Expensive. b. Average. c. Cheap. d. Normal. Read the text and answer questions 11 to 13. ANTIBACTERIAL ANTISEPTIC SOAP Hands2Go is a natural alcohol-free instant hand sanitizer. Its unique, non-greasy formula kills 99.99% of known bacteria instantly! It is formulated with a moisturizing blend of aloe vera, charmomile, and lavender extracts. Hands2Go’s gentle foaming formula supplies twice as many applications as alcohol-based gels. Available in bottles and wall dispensers Guaranteed not to dry skin – pure and gentle enough for frequent cleansing when soap and water are not available


11. The text tells you about …. a. health product promotion. b. how to clean bacteria. c. instant body sanitizer. d. foaming formula. 12. What is the name of the product? a. Hands2GO. b. Antibacterial. c. Water journey. d. Antiseptic soap. 13. Why is the formula of the product unique? a. It supplies twice as many applications as alcohol-based gels. b. It blends with aloe vera, chamomile, and lavender extract. c. It is available in bottles and walls dispensers for your wish. d. It kills bacteria instantly whenever you use it. Read the text and answer questions 14 to 16.

Date: wed, 12 May 2007 12: 16.33-0700 (PDT) Have you opened the present? Just see and you will love it. I am afraid I can’t see you tomorrow. Four friends are coming to my house. How about next two days? Let’s find some time to talk. Regards, Butet 14. Who sent the email? a. Parama Satria. b. Englishonsky. c. Curlyboy. d. Butet. 15. What is the purpose of writing the e-mail? a. Giving information to someone b. Postponing an appointment. c. Congratulating someone. d. Making an appointment. 16. “Let’s find some time to talk.” The sentence above means …. a. the writer was a little bit busy. b. the right time to talk is missing. c. the writer asked for the right time to meet. d. the time of the meeting was already decided.


Read the text and answer questions 17 to 19. CHOCOVINO SALES ADVISOR We’re looking for someone with a passion with customer service and selling to work in our fantastic funky and fun store “Chocovino”. In this role the person will be responsible for providing outstanding customer service whilst maximizing sales opportunities. They will also need to be involved in maintaining stock levels and have good housekeeping standards to keep the store looking sharp at all times. The successful candidate will have previous retail or customer service experience as well as interest or knowledge of wines. They also have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills and have high self motivation to be able to work unsupervised. An honest and reliable work ethic is essential. The hours of this position are our B shifts hours which run from 1:00 pm-10 pm on a four day on / two days off rotating roster 17. What does the text tell you about? a. Birthday invitation. b. Career opportunity. c. Choco Vino working hours. d. Choco Vino advertisement. 18. Why must the person have an outstanding communication and interpersonal skills? a. The job offer is related to the customer service. b. the store is fantastic, funky, and fun. c. It is stated in the work ethics. d. He will work in B shift. 19. Below are the qualifications needed as sales advisor, EXCEPT …. a. interest of wines b. knowledge of food. c. previous retail experience d. outstanding communication. Read the graph and answer the question 20.

20. The graph tells us about the … of insurance claim. a. situation b. rate c. increase d. decrease


Read the text and answer questions 21 to 23. A flood is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land, a deluge. In the sense of "flowing water", the word is applied to the inflow of the tide, as opposed to the outflow or "ebb". It is usually due to the volume of water within a body of water, such as a river or lake, exceeding the total capacity of the body, and as a result some of the water flows or sits outside of the normal perimeter of the body. It can also occur in rivers, when the strength of the river is so high it flows right out of the river channel, usually at corners or meanders. These of course, are not applicable in such instances as sea flooding. A flood occurs when an area of land, usually low-lying, is covered with water. The worst floods usually occur when a river overflows its banks. Floods happen when soil and vegetation cannot absorb all the water. The water then runs off the land in quantities that cannot be carried in stream channels or kept in natural ponds or man-made reservoirs. Periodic floods occur naturally on many rivers, forming an area known as the flood plain. These river floods usually result from heavy rain, sometimes combined with melting snow, which causes the rivers to overflow their banks. A flood that rises and falls rapidly with little or no advance warning is called a flash flood. Flash floods usually result from intense rainfall over a relatively small area, as happened in 2007 with the Sudan floods. Coastal areas are occasionally flooded by high tides caused by severe winds on ocean surfaces, or by tsunami waves caused by undersea earthquakes. 21. The text tells us about …. a. rain. b. flood. c. tsunami. d. sea flooding. 22. What is flash flood? a. A flood that rises and falls rapidly with little or no advance warning. b. It is an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land. c. A flood that occurs because of melting snow. d. The water that runs off the land. 23. Why may periodic flood happen? a. It occurs naturally in many rivers. b. It is the result of intense rainfall in a certain area. c. The soil and vegetation are not able to absorb the water. d. It is the result of the combination of heavy rain and melting snow. Read the text and answer questions 24 and 25. Freedom America’s Waterless Car Wash. For use on: Cars, Trucks, Boats, Airplanes and much more! Spray on- rub in- wipe off WATERLESS CAR AND POLISH Directions: 1. Spray product onto a microfiber towel and onto an 18x18 area to be cleaned. 2. Gently rub the product in with the microfiber towel. 3. Using second microfiber towel, quickly buff residue into a brilliant shine! Repeat until vehicle is clean.  Water-based-organic-ECO-Safe  Cleans-polishes-protects without water!


 Cleans all surfaces such as paint, chrome, fiberglass, plastic and glass  Use wet or dry.  Deserve dirt and create a non-stick surfaces. Warning: Do not use on excessive soiled, muddy or caked on sandy surfaces. This product is non-toxic and non hazardous, but please keep it away from children! Do not ingest! If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. 24. What does the text tell you about? a. America number one product. b. Waterless car wash product. c. Microfiber towel. d. Spray product. 25. “Gently rub the product in with the microfiber towel.” The underlined word means …. a. carelessly b. carefully c. smoothly d. roughly For questions 26 to 28 choose the best words to complete the text.

STOKELESLEY COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL Education beyond the classroom Welcome to Stokesley Community Primary School. The school is located in the picturesque rural town of Stokesley, and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in the north of England. Within a stones throw are the hills that …(26) up the Cleveland Way and a little further …(27) the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. Within easy reach of major towns and cities such as Northallerton and Middlesbrough, Stokesley …(28) a wonderful location/environment to bring up and educate children. Head teacher MR R N Snow Tel 01642 711071 26.

a. get b. build c. make d. catch


a. brings b. creates c. increases d. substitutes


a. encourages b. bargains c. endorses d. offers


For questions 29 to 31 choose the word closest in meaning to the underlined words. How to Insert the SIM Card in Cellular Phone Steps: - Remove the battery cover. - Slide (29) the SIM card into its holder with the gold contacts facing down. - Insert (30) the battery with the label side up and the connectors facing in. - Slide (31) the battery cover into place.


a. run. b. move. c. catch. d. draw.


a. scratch. b. leave. c. take. d. put.


a. place as a shelter. b. ten–legged shellfish. c. strong form of a phone. d. metal cap for a battery.

Read the text and answer questions 32 to 34. Last summer holiday, my family and I spent one night at the countryside. We stayed in a small house. It had a big garden with lots of colorful flowers and a swimming pool. First, we made a fire in front of the house. Then, we sat around the fire and sang lots of songs together. After that, we came into the house and had dinner. Next, we sat in the living room and watched a movie. Finally, everybody fell asleep there. We woke up very late in the morning and had breakfast. In the afternoon we went home. We were all very happy. 32. What does the text tell you about? a. Telling about small beautiful house at the countryside. b. Spending holiday at the countryside. c. Watching TV in summer holiday. d. Describing a happy family. 33. What is the main idea of the second paragraph? a. The reason why they prefer the city rather than the countryside. b. The kind of feeling they had after the holiday was over. c. The benefit of spending holiday at the suburb area. d. The way they spent the night at the countryside. 34. Why did the writer and his family spend the night at the countryside? a. They had something more important to do. b. The activities were boring. c. It was holiday on summer. d. They were busy people.


Read the text and answer questions 35 to 37. Tea Café in Houston This nicely decorated bubble tea café is located in Houston. It will catch your eyes immediately when you walk into the store there. The atmosphere is relaxing and classic. The interior deco has blended the past and the present. Old style lantern hanging beside the curtain and various Chinese tea pot collection on the wall are all in sync with the modern bar in the back. On the outside of Tea café there are a few tables and chairs set up under the shade, for those who like to hang out with their friends. Inside the store, you will see it is very nicely decorated. From the uniform golden oak table and chairs to the classical Chinese style teapot display on the wall and almond color curtain with the red lantern hanging on the side, this place is culturally balanced. The bubble tea tastes perfect, and the size of the drink is bigger than its competitors. Looking at the menu, you may be overwhelmed by the drink selection they have. Tea Café’s drink is one of the biggest among the area. They have every hip/new age drink, possible from bubble teas to smoothies/shakes to juices. If you are hungry, they serve traditional Taiwanese dishes and snacks as well.

35. What kind of decoration can you see in Tea Café? a. Classic style. b. Newest style. c. Relaxing style. d. Blend of past and present style. 36. Why will we be overwhelmed after seeing the menu? a. The traditional food from many countries can be found there. b. The menu is the most complete one. c. Bubble tea is available in the menu. c. They have various drink selection. 37. “On the … the shade, for those who like to hang out with their friends.” (paragraph 2 line 5) What does the underlined word refer to? a. Visitors. b. Friends. c. People. d. Owners. Read the text and answer questions 38 to 40. The Stingy and the Generous Long, long time ago there lived two brothers. They had completely different characters. The big brother was very stingy and greedy. He never shared his wealth with poor people. The little brother was exactly the opposite. He was generous and kind to poor people. He even had no money left because he had shared it with the poor. One day the generous brother was sitting in his garden when suddenly a little bird fell on his lap. It was wounded. He took care of it, fed it, and put it in a nice cage. After the bird was healthy, the generous brother let it fly. After some time the bird returned to him and gave him a watermelon seed. The generous brother, then, planted the seed and watered it until it grew into a good watermelon plant. Yet, the plant was very strange. It had only one fruit; a big and heavy one. When the watermelon was ripe enough, the generous brother picked it and cut it into two. How surprised he was. The watermelon was full of gold. The generous brother sold the gold and became very rich. He built a big house and bought a very large field. Still, he never forgot to share his wealth with the poor.


38. Who was very stingy and greedy? a. The wounded. b. The poor people. c. The older brother. d. The younger brother. 39. How did the generous brother get the watermelon seed? a. Finding it in the field. b. Curing a wounded bird. c. Planting the watermelon. d. Asking for the seed to his brother. 40. What can you learn from the story? a. Being greedy is a fault. b. Helping people is a must. c. Sharing your money to others make you poor. d. Having good behavior causes good things in return.

Read the text and answer questions 41 to 44. The Boy who cried “wolf” A shepherd boy was looking after his sheep on a hill. He felt bored being alone on a hill. Then, he thought of a way to make some fun. While the villagers were busy working, they heard a boy shouting, “Help! Help! Help! A wolf is attacking my sheep!” “That sounds from the shepherd boy. He is in trouble. Let’s go and help him,” said the villagers and rushed towards the hill. They were very surprised when they did not see any wolves on the hill. “Where’s the wolf?” they asked. The boy fell back and started laughing. The villagers realized that the boy had played a trick. They were angry and went back to the work. The next day, the villagers heard the shepherd boy shouting for the help again. They rushed towards the hill, and again the boy laughed at them. On the third day, a wolf really came and attacked the sheep. “Help! Help! A wolf is attacking my sheep!” shouted the boy at the top of his voice. But nobody bothered him this time. The villagers thought that the boy was trying to fool them again. The boy watched sadly as the wolf killed all his sheep.

41. When did the wolf really come and attack the sheep? a. 1st day. b. 2nd day. c. 3rd day. d. 4th day. 42. Why were the villagers angry at the boy? a. The wolf was there. b. The sheep was gone. c. He had played a trick. d. He made fun of himself. 43. Why did nobody help the shepherd boy? a. The villagers thought they were fooled again. b. The sheep were already killed. c. Everybody was busy working. d. Everyone was at home. 44. What is the moral value of the story? a. Learning how to behave should be done in the early age. b. Helping people may cause a great lost. c. Lying to others gives a bad effect. d. Shouting in the field is not polite.


Read the text and answer questions 45 to 47. Scarlet can’t make a phone call. The battery of her cellular phone is low. She needs to charge it soon. First, she connects the charger. Next, she plugs the charger to the phone with the symbol facing upwards. It may take 30 minutes for the battery icon to appear. Then, she must wait approximately 2.5 hours or until the battery icon indicates that the battery is fully charged. Finally, she can remove the charger by pulling it out.

45. What does the text tell us about? a. Changing the old battery with the new one. b. Charging the cellular phone battery. c. Placing SIM card in Scarlet phone. d. Removing the memory card. 46. How many steps should Scarlet do to charge the battery? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 47. Why must we wait for approximately 2.5 hours before removing the charger? a. It is the time needed for the battery icon to appear. b. The charger can be damaged before 2.5 hours. c. The current quits automatically after 2.5 hours. d. It indicates the battery is fully charged. 48. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph. 1 2 3 4 5 6

They are ready to listen to the music. A very big and bright lamp on the stage is on. It is the Muse concert, live from Senayan. It was beautiful. Thousands of young people are now gathering to see the concert. Now, their eyes are on the empty stage. a. 3-5-1-6-2-4 b. 3-5-1-2-6-4 c. 3-1-5-6-2-4 d. 3-1-5-2-6-4

For questions 59 and 60 arrange the words into a good order. 49. direction read using before the 1 2 3 4 5 a. 2-5-1-4-3 b. 2-5-1-3-4 c. 2-1-5-4-3 d. 2-1-5-3-4 50. enclosed 1

suitable 2

down lighters not 3 4 5


a. 4-2-5-3-1 b. 4-2-3-5-1 c. 4-2-5-1-3 d. 4-3-2-1-5


KUNCI JAWABAN BAHASA INGGRIS TRY OUT 1 1. C 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. D 11. A 12. A 13. B 14. D 15. B 16. C 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. B 21. B 22. A 23. D 24. B 25. C 26. C 27. A 28. D 29. B 30. D 31. A 32. B 33. D 34. C 35. D 36. D 37. A 38. C 39. B 40. D 41. C 42. C 43. A 44. C 45. B 46. C 47. D 48. B 49. A 50. D