Crystal structure of 4-methyl-^V-(2-methoxy-5 ...

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this plane are -0.006(2) A and 0.120(2) A. The C51-C56 ring pro- jects to one side of the acridine residue so that the dihedral angle between their planes is ...


Ζ. Kristallogr. NCS 216 (2001) 547-548 © by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, München

Crystal structure of 4-methyl-^V-(2-methoxy-5-acridinyl)benzene sulfonamide, C21H18N2O3S M. C. Kimber, S. F. Lincoln, A. D. Ward and E. R. T. Tiekink* 1 The University of Adelaide, Department of Chemistry. Australia 5005 Received May 25, 2001, CCDC-No. 1267/672 C2'

symmetrically disposed with respect to the SO2 atoms so as to favour intramolecular 0 5 -H52 and 05- H6 interactions of 2.56 A and 2.50 A, respectively. This arrangement is complemented by two intramolecular interactions involving the N5-H atom so that