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15 Dec 2012 ... In Surah Qamar Allah has sent clear signs a. – the path ... In Surah Qamar we see the result of denying th away from .... like in Surah Muzammil:.

December 15, 2012 Surah Qamar Ayah 36 - 40

In Surah Qamar Allah – the path of Allah

has sent clear signs and warnings for people to come to the right path

. Allah

denied the message of Allah

has mentioned so many stories of the nations who went astray, and His messengers and in the end had to face the severe

consequences of their deeds. Nobody can give a reason or an excuse to himself for his disbelieve and disobedience because Allah

is showing us different signs and different ways

of means of guidance and if we take the guidance then we are the ones who will benefit, it will give us a safeguard rd from all the harms around us. Disbelievers do not have this safeguard and protection which comes from the faith and belief, they are prone to fall into problems and harms which surround them easily. Inn Surah Qamar we see the result of denying the signs of Allah away from the signs of Allah blessed by Allah

, so never ever deny and turn

. Though the previous nations were so powerful and specially

but they denied the signs of Allah

and used Allah’s blessing for His

disobedience, for which they were severely punished, whether Arab or non-Arab, non because no one has any blood relation with Allah

, it is a matter of faith and obedience which establishes

the relationship between the slave lave and the Creator, the Owner. With taqwa the slave will be close to Allah

Surah Al Qamar


Page 1

In Surah Qamar there is mention of different nations which went astray and were destroyed because of their evil deeds. Here we are discussing the Qaum-e-Lut Lut (Ayah 33 – 35, discussed in the last class1) who transgressed the boundaries set by Allah the message of Allah

, changed the nature, refused

and denied His Messenger.

Believers and disbelievers ers cannot be friends; disbelievers always plot to give harm to the believers because of their disbelie disbelief. But if all the people are against us we don’t fear them because Allah

is with us, this is a matter of faith and belief like Messenger Muhammad

had the belief and hope on Allah’s promises even if the eyes could not see. This is the matter of belief; believing in the unseen. We need to be grateful all the time for all the blessings – when we are grateful for the ibadah Allah

will give us more abilities ilities to worship Him. We are grateful on small blessings from

Him and say Alhamdulillah,, we are praising Allah

for His perfection and these will be very

heavy on the scales on the Day of Ju Judgement.

Ayah 36

After telling about the stoning of this nation and saving of the household of Lut AS (except his wife) Allah

is again telling that they were not destroyed without any warnings but indeed

many warnings were sent to them through our messenger but they are the ones who denied the messages and disputed the warnings. 1

The punishment which the Qaum-e-Lut Lut was a rrain ain and storm of stones with each person’s name on them so no one could escape the punishment nt except the household of Lut, they were saved from the punishment. Surah Al Qamar

Page 2

is three affirmations; Allah’s forbearing; Allah

means Wallah, swearing with BY;


. Look at

sends gentle warnings like rain in the beginning; but still if

denying then some harsh warnings warnings. For years and years Allah

will provide them and make

everything easy for them and will give them more duni duniya ya that they will think that they are good and life is good for them and they will do more sins. It is deceiving; it does not mean Allah is happy with them but just Allah’s way of warning and then suddenly Allah

will seize them

with a severe punishment. It is not that immediately the punishment will come, it will be very slow and gradual and full of Hikmah from Allah


he (Lut) warned them

(of)Our seizure – from

mean take them with power (

will deal with them later. Look at the previous nations, Allah

) – how Allah

did not take them suddenly

but only after warning them repeatedly repeatedly. And Allah’s seizure is very strong, not like human’s seizure. Sins are committed either under doubts or desires. The nation of Lut AS was committing the indecent sin under their desires and was not ashamed of their sins. Look at their reaction when Allah

warned them:

but they disputed the warnings They did not take the warnings seriously and did not believe in the warnings, they had doubts and conflicts.


meaning dispute; this is a typical techniques of shaitân and the disbelievers that they put doubts and desires in the Surah Al Qamar

Page 3

hearts; ruining the modesty esty and decency. If we look around these days everything is stemming out of these two fitnah – ruining the Aqeedah and manners for the generations. Out of all the groups in the society they are concentrating on the two groups; the teen agers and the women. women In the games, TV, cartoons, movies, everything is portraying immodesty and indecency. They are the future and the future is ruined if this group of the society is spoiled. Women are the main thing in a society, she is with the children, training and nurt nurturing ing them. They have influence on men and children so if the women are distracted from her duties then it affects the whole society. So the nation of Lut AS took the warnings from Allah

lightly and disputed in these


Ayah 37

Ayah 37 tells us about what happened before the punishment came to the nation of Lut AS. If we go back to the story we see that Lut AS was Ibrahim’s nephew and Allah

assigned to

him to go to this nation in order to convey the message and he called the people of his nation to leave the grave sins they used to do on top of their disbelief. But his people were like blind and deaf, their desires were their god.

Surah Al Qamar

Page 4

Then the angels came to Ibrahim AS 2 with two missions: the first one was to give Ibrahim AS glad tidings about Is’haaq AS and then the second one was to go to the criminal nation of Lut AS and punish them for their sins sins. Angels came to Lut AS as his guests but in the form of beautiful, handsome and attractive young men. Lut AS was afraid because of his guests and because of the sins of his nation who used to get attracted towards men instead of women. Wife of Lut AS informed the people about the guests in their house and those people were mad in their sins and transgressed and an wanted those boys who were actually the angels. It was like a trap for the transgressed people. They did not learn from Allah’s warnings and the angels were like a witness of their sins. Look at how Quran has mentioned this incident; how modestly - and certainly they demanded from him his guests forcing yourself on someone for your desire – tempting them.. Angels were giving comfort to Lut AS. Jibreel AS (one of the angels there) told Lut not to worry about them 2

Surah Al Qamar

Page 5

because they are angels. so We blinded their eyes Guarding the eyes are so important for faith and modesty and that is why it is always said to lower the gaze and avoiding oiding looking at haram things because we do not know how these haram things will affect our hearts and faith. That’s why there is aura - modesty even between 2 men and between woman and woman because we need to guard our eyes and modesty. Tamasa means no eyes at all just skin, not only blind but obliterated; so Jibreel AS struck str on their eyes and destroyed them. then taste My punishment and warning – disgracing the criminal nation and telling them now to taste the punishment which you used to deny and make fun of. Only Allah

can say this to His creature; no one else has the right or the might to warn like this. is a fayl-e-amar (

) and in Quran at so many

places fayl-e-amar amar has been used with a different meaning every time associated with the verb used. Every fayl-e-amar is a different indication. In Quran it can indicate three things: •

a command; like in Sura Surah Muzammil:

Surah Al Qamar

Page 6

An honour – like in Surah Fajr:

to humiliate; to make someone down; e.g. in this Ayah 37 of Surah Qamar

Ayah 38

Again in this Ayah the punishment of the Lut nation is mentioned. In Ayah 34 how the punishment was sent through the stones is mentioned and here the time of the torment is mentioned. Surah Al Qamar

Page 7

The nation came to Lut AS in the night to take his guests and it is already mentioned in Ayah 34 that Lut AS and his household was saved in the pre pre-dawn dawn hours. So here again mentioned men that the punishment was sent over them first thing in the morning. Words of Quran are giving us a picture that what had happened on that morning with the sinning people. means something welcoming welcoming; first thing in the morning; and used as a

(as we use in


the morning supplication as a verb )

early morning and used as a

. So the first thing they saw in the morning was a

punishment. a lasting punishment/torment – this punishment they experienced experienc in this world was just the beginning; as they will go towards the akhira the intensity of the punishment will increase. And we need to think good about Allah

, He is Merciful to His creature, He sent

warnings upon warnings to guide them, sent His Messenger for their guidance guidan but they denied and made fun and took everything so lightly and acted as if they were blind and deaf to these guidance. So a disbeliever’s punishment and torment will increase in the akhira and will be much more as compared to what they received in this duniya.

3 Like in the morning supplication we say

Surah Al Qamar

Page 8

Ayah 39

Again a fayl-e-amar amar humiliating the sinning nation by telling them to taste the punishment and warning of Allah

Ayah 40

This reminder is repeated many times in this Surah but every time with a different meaning. After we read the story of the nation of Lut AS we are scared an and fearful of the punishment of transgressing and for people who take the admonition the advi advice is to flee to Allah

and read

and ponder upon Quran which has bee been made easy for us to understand,, receive the warning warn and take its guidance SubhanAllah. This keeps us alert all the time probing ourselves and our deeds. May Allah

open our hearts to receive the message of Quran and take its warnings and

guidance to get the pleasure of Allah We ask Allah

and be on the right path.

for His forgiveness and Mercy. Anything that is good from these notes is from Allah

mistakes & misrepresentations are my own. I ask Allah

. Any

for His acceptance of all our good deeds and

forgiveness of our sins Ameen.

Surah Al Qamar

Page 9