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Tel: (49) 0341 / 260 6789. Mobil: (49) 0170 / 834 9397 figurentheater.wilde-vogel Der Hobbit - Technical leaflet. 1.

Stockmannstr. 13a D - 04179 Leipzig Tel: (49) 0341 / 260 6789 Mobil: (49) 0170 / 834 9397 [email protected]

Der Hobbit -

Technical leaflet

1. Stage: • playing area (stage or pedestals) 9m x 8m (width x depth) - under certain circumstances it can be smaller, but we have to know in advance! • height 1m if seating is at ground level, if rows of seats are ascending, accordingly lower • hight of stage area minimum 3,70m - higher is better! • black floor, black curtains on side and back (we might decide to take them down if the walls look nice) • distance from first row to stage 2m • at two places towards the back and two places towards the front of the stage we need a possibility to hang something from the ceiling (ca. 5kg, see sketch of the stage) 2. • • • •

3. • • • •

Equipment: 2 sockets (220V/16A) a ladder for construction (to ceiling of stage) we bring our own light and sound, according to the room we need 4 spots min. with blue and yellow colour to make an atmospheric light for when the audience come in, controlled with light system of the house Pyro effects: Pyrocotton (Safex Flash Wool) and 1 theatre flash (Safex Power Flash BAM-PT1 0241 oder Mega Flash BAM PT1 0242) with heavy smoke development (air condition and fire alarm must be switched off) Time: setting up time is minimum 6 h admission at the earliest 5 minutes before the beginning of the performance playing time ca. 70 minutes, without intermission taking down and packing up takes ca. 1 ½ hours

4. Technicians: • we need one technician to help unload and for ca. 1 hour in beginning of setting up and for taking down, and one light technician for setting up the lights for the audience Please notice: • everybody in the audience must be able to see the floor of the stage • the room must be completely dark and without any noise from outside • attendance figure not more than 100, from 8 years • dressing room with mirror and sink • parking place close to the stage for unloading • one hour before the performance we need the theatre quiet for preparation These conditions are flexible, but please ask us in any case about necessary changes!

Stockmannstr. 13a D - 04179 Leipzig Tel: (49) 0341 / 260 6789 Mobil: (49) 0170 / 834 9397 [email protected]

Der Hobbit - Sketch of the Stage

Hängepunkt / Hängemöglichkeit = Places to hang things