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Performing live on piano and vocals, The. Morrells will deliver ... well-known songs for all generations to enjoy. Their music ... Don't Know Why, by Norah Jones.

THE MORRELLS A piano & vocal cocktail duo

The Morrells perform at: •



Coffee shops

Art galleries



Dinner parties

Business and product launches

Local festivals

Charity events

And more


“Seductive, smoky, after-dinner qualities”

The Morrells have several hours’ worth of well-known songs in their repertoire. Here are just a few examples:

The Morrells are a cocktail duo based in Doncaster. Their unique blend of light jazz, soul, and contemporary music could be the perfect entertainment for guests at your establishment or special event.

Feeling Good, by Nina Simone

Night and Day, by Frank Sinatra

Fields of Gold, by Eva Cassidy

Performing live on piano and vocals, The Morrells will deliver smooth renditions of well-known songs for all generations to enjoy. Their music typically appeals most to cultured, mature audiences.

It’s Too Late, by Carole King

Don’t Know Why, by Norah Jones

Downtown, by Petula Clark

As a cocktail duo, their performance is designed to be gentle, quiet, enjoyable and non-intrusive. This makes it the perfect kind of act to perform during dinner, or in the background at a social or corporate event.

Stand By Me, by Ben E. King

My Funny Valentine, by various

Your Song, by Elton John

With impressive qualifications in music and many years of performing experience between them, you can rely on The Morrells for a quality performance.

The Look of Love, by Dusty Springfield

Rainy Night in Georgia, by Randy Crawford

Rates Rates include all expenses, and The Morrells bring all necessary equipment with them, including piano and PA system.

Full Rate Residency Rate Charity Rate

Up to 1 hour £100 £100 Free

Up to 3 hours £150 £120 Free

Brian playing the piano at a theatre

Brian Morrell is a senior lecturer in music and has a Master’s Degree in Music Production with honours. He has worked with many famous names including Elton John, Sting, Kate Bush, the Eurhythmics, Tom Jones, and Barbra Streisand.

“Oozes excellence”

The Residency Rate is for regular bookings of at least once per month. The Charity Rate is for registered charities and subject to availability. House Concerts and Dinner Parties (at a residential address) are charged on a donation basis.

“Soft and sultry” “Sumptuous voice” “Flat-out dynamite”

THE MORRELLS A piano and vocal cocktail duo Hollie singing at a cocktail gig in Wakefield

Hollie Sheard Morrell is a Grade 8 singer and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Popular Music. She has been singing for over twenty years and has won several songwriting awards. Her voice has been compared to famous artists such as Adele, Norah Jones, Alison Moyet, and Carole King.

Based in Doncaster Performing throughout Yorkshire Hollie: 07974 479706 Brian: 07976 975269 Email: [email protected]