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9 hour, 2 DVD comprehensive lecture series taken from an exclusive four day .... Eric Schmitz, CSCS, PES, HFI – triathlon coach of 20 years; creator of Triathlon ...


> Endurance Films, LLC is a full service digital video production company focusing on the production and worldwide distribution of endurance and extreme sports video entertainment. After the debut of its inaugural feature project documenting the formation of the 2000 US Olympic Triathlon Team, Endurance Films fast became recognized as the leading producer of sports instructional and training videos specifically catering to the multi-sport market. With partnerships spanning from professional athletes and coaches to experts in sports science and medicine, Endurance Films brings a wide range of experience and knowledge to the process of sports video production. > Our growing list of clients includes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Triathlon: Through the Eyes of the Elite Summary: Triathlon: Through the Eyes of the Elite tells the dramatic and compelling stories that took shape as the nation’s best triathletes fought for a few coveted spots on the inaugural US Olympic Triathlon team. From an in-depth and truly unique perspective, we share both the historical documentation and evolution of the sport as well as the lifestyle, perseverance and passion of the professional triathlete. Our film is a behind the scenes look at the sport of Triathlon as it prepares for its debut on the world stage. Featuring: Mark Allen Dave Scott Scott Tinley Hunter Kemper Wes Hobson Michelle Blessing Ryan Bolton Joanna Zeiger Siri Lindley Sheila Taormina Barb Lindquist Joe Friel Selling Points: •

Historical significance: There will never again be a 1st US Olympic triathlon team or a documentary that could ever boast a cast of athletes that played a greater role in making triathlon in the US what it is today.

Critically acclaimed soundtrack by Emmy Award winning composer Peter Buffett (son to billionaire Warren Buffett)

Bonus material: o Additional interviews with legends Mark Allen, Scott Tinley and current elite and Ironman Champion Joanna Zeiger o Unique outtakes from cutting room floor o Athlete commentary featuring Ryan Bolton at US Olympic Trials

Triathlon: Racing Faster

Hosted by: Wes Hobson – former elite triathlete and coach Michele Blessing – 2000 USA Olympic triathlon coach Function: • This video is the perfect “overview” of race day preparation and execution. By the end of this video, you’ll know enough to confidently begin and finish your first race. • Many experienced athletes have continued to use Racing Faster as a resource for mental preparation for years after their first competition Topics include: • Mental preparation • Basic Periodization • Nutrition – day before and race day • Bike setup • Wetsuits – purchasing; getting them on and off • Race Day: Course Eval. – Swim starts/exits – T1 setup/execution – Bike tips –T2 – Run tips – Finish Line Also Featuring: • Joe Friel • Chris McCormack • Barb Lindquist • Ryan Bolton • Tony DeBoom, and others • US Olympic Training Center Professionals Additional selling points: • Wes and Michelle do an excellent job of taking a large volume of information and assorted tips and delivering them in a manner that is clear, concise, easy to understand, and entertaining to watch. • The information is provided by the most renowned names in the sport • Unrivaled by any other “overview” video on the market – this is truly a one of a kind!

Science of Triathlon 9 hour, 2 DVD comprehensive lecture series taken from an exclusive four day Wes Hobson Performance triathlon training camp. Boulder, CO Features: Joe Friel- renowned coach and author Wes Hobson- former elite triathlete and coach Bruce Gottlieb- sports psychologist to many top professional athletes. Formerly with the Denver Broncos/Nuggets Topics include: • • • • • • •

Periodization (Joe Friel) Goal Setting / Time Management (Wes Hobson) Visualization / Mental Preparation (Bruce Gottlieb) Planning your Training Week (Joe Friel) Nutrition (Joe Freil) Transitions (Wes Hobson) DRILLS: o Running (Joe Friel) o Swimming (Wes Hobson) o Biking (Wes Hobson)

Selling Points: 1. Value: Access to the camp was over $1500. Viewer gains access to the best coaching minds in triathlon for a fraction (less than 4%) of the camp entry fee. 2. Comprehensive: Perfect for someone serious about triathlon, looking to achieve a better understanding of each discipline. 3. Convenience: Specific chapters allow viewer to quickly go to their topic of choice, rather than forwarding and rewinding through hours of video.

Triathlon Transitions: Mastering the 4th Discipline Written By: Michael Collins -

Former professional triathlete and current USAT certified coach with over 20 yrs of coaching experience

Function: To provide the viewer with all the skills needed to prepare for, practice, and execute all the stages of transitions. Overview: • • •

Setup: equipment, placement Swim to bike (T1): wetsuit removal, equipment change, bike mounts, shoe techniques Bike to run (T2): dismounts, shoe removal

Selling Points: •

Options: program covers a number of different techniques for each stage, from most efficient to least efficient. This allows the viewer choose techniques in line with his or her ability.

Pro Tips: features professional triathletes including Conrad Stoltz, Joanna Zeiger, Matt Reed, Karen Smyers, and more…each sharing essential transition tips.

Practice Drills: various drills are provided to quickly adopt the proper techniques (Pushing from Saddle, Scooter Drill, Running Mount/Dismount, and Speed Work).

DVD Rom Material: Transitions Tip Sheet, Equipment Checklist, and Special Offers.

Race Footage: Most of the examples used to demonstrate proper or improper techniques are from live races, making it more exciting for the viewer to watch as well as more credible – we’re not using actors to prove a point; IT’S ALL REAL!

Open Water Swimming Written By: Michael Collins -

Former professional triathlete and current USAT certified coach with over 20 yrs of coaching experience

Gerry Rodrigues -

Masters national and world open water swimming champion. Head coach UCLA Masters program.

Function: Teach skills that will make the viewer safer and faster in open water and triathlon competitions Overview: •

Basic Skills (demonstrated in swimming pool) – comfort (on stomach, back, and side), efficient swimming, breathing techniques - Several drills given to burn proper tech. to muscle memory

Course Evaluation & Safety – checking water temperature, waves and currents, bottom conditions, course layout

Advanced Skills (bulk of DVD) - entries, navigation and sighting, drafting, turning around buoys, exits, racing strategies

Selling Points: •

One of our top sellers as most triathletes, novice to intermediate, recognize swimming to be the discipline most in need of improvement

Well organized, clear, and concise delivery

Evolution Running: Run Faster with Fewer Injuries Written and Hosted by: Ken Mierke, author of “Triathlete’s Guide to Run Training” (Velo Press) *Introduction by Joe Friel Function: To teach and implement a more efficient running technique (the same technique used by African runners who have consistently dominated marathon running for decades). Doing so will result in increased running speed and reduced impact (injury) to the body. Example: • Point out improper form or technique, such as heal striking • Demonstrate why/how it works against the body’s natural design • Provide simple exercises and drills to correct the problem Main Topics Include: • Body Posture (upper and lower) • Heal vs Toe striking • Cadence – strikes per minute • Downhill technique • Uphill technique • Drills Additional Selling Points: •

Acclaimed: Ranked # 3 out of all sports DVDs for 2005 by DVDtalk.com (Tour de France ‘05: Magnificent 7 ranked #9)

Applicable to almost all runners – unless you’ve grown up running barefoot, you’re likely to be running the wrong way!

Clear, concise, motivational: This DVD does an excellent job of describing and demonstrating the physics behind each position taken. This leaves the viewer with a deeper understanding which in turn motivates them to begin the steps needed to implement change.

Endorsements: “Evolution Running is one of the most flat-out useful sports training programs I've seen, and any runner will find it worthwhile.” - DVD Talk “Quite well done and compelling.” - Amby Burfoot, executive editor Runner’s World Magazine

RIDES Indoor Cycling Series: The Ultimate Windtraining Rush Breaks away from the monotony of typical indoor cycling productions by taking the viewer outside and in the middle of the action.

RIDES 1: The Rockies Features: • Group ride with 6 pro cyclists/triathletes • 60 min workout: Along recognized Boulder Peak (5430) Triathlon Course • Rate of perceived effort (1-10) allows easy tailoring to any ability level • Timed Intervals • Pop up video style training tips and coaching by pro’s throughout video • *Great sound track…real music Focus: Isolated leg training Hill climbing/Descents Pacelining (drafting) Bonus Material: Rob Kaplan: Proper bike fitting- body to bike ratios Joe Friel/Ryan Bolton- pedaling technique theory

RIDES 2: Las Vegas Features: • 60 min. workout designed by Wes Hobson Performance (*Former elite triathlete, coach and coauthor of Workouts in a Binder: for indoor cycling) • Workout follows terrain and actual effort level of ride. *As the pack ascends, or descends, so does the viewer in his/her workout. • Integrated console with enhanced graphics that displays: o RPE- (Rate of Perceived Effort (1-10)) o Interval and Total Workout time o RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) or Cadence Meter o Heart rate zones and Critical Power (for more advanced riders) • Pop-ups display Motivational quotes, Training Tips and Regional Factoids. Focus: Pedaling Strength Climbing Acceleration Sharp Inclines and Descents Additional Selling Points for RIDES 1 and 2: -Cool soundtracks, rather than coach yelling in your ear -Virtual experience/Group ride feel -Getting workout information from console allows viewer option to mute music and listen his/her favorite tunes.

Cycling Fitness Results (Six Volume Indoor Training Series)

Featuring: Introductions by JOE FRIEL, renowned multisport coach and author of “Cyclist’s Training Bible” Workouts created and hosted by Adam Coon, USCF certified coach Function: Provide viewer with guidance and motivation for indoor bike training; each volume focusing on specific training goals. Volumes: I Pedaling Technique II Pedaling Strength III VO2 Max Training IV Lactate Threshold V Anaerobic Power VI Climbing Acceleration Highlights: •

Credibility: Created around Joe Friel’s Training Bible philosophies (Introductions by Joe Friel)

Tailored Coaching: Offers valuable guidance in choosing workouts specific to the viewer’s training calendar (No other series offers this type of system)

Value: 3 workouts per DVD + 20 min cycling specific stretching routine (individual workouts are roughly 1 hour in length; 3hrs 20min per DVD) All for $29.95/ DVD

Variety: Perspectives change from the gym to riding along with other cyclists on the open road. This keeps the scenes changing and the viewer more engaged.

Music: Lots of new upbeat music will keep the blood pumping

Dashboard: On screen graphic dashboard includes workout and interval timers, cadence and power zones.


Written and Hosted by: Lee Zohlman – founder of Body Zen: triathlon coaching (South Florida) Features: • •

45 min follow along stretching routine for multisport athletes Designed to decrease recovery time post workout, enhance performance, and reduce the risk of injury o Informative o Motivational o Easy to follow (3 different angles of each exercise) o Sport specific stretches

Selling Points: This title continues to be very popular not only because of the physical and mental benefits of stretching, but it is designed specifically for endurance athletes by endurance athletes. It caters to those who might hesitate in buying the “yoga” video.

EnduranceCORE Host: Eric Schmitz, CSCS, PES, HFI – triathlon coach of 20 years; creator of Triathlon Core Function: Designed with endurance athlete in mind, this progressive, follow-along workout enables the viewer to advance through various levels of core training that guide the viewer to increased performance in his/her chosen discipline. Overview: This video contains over 17 complete workout sections, specific to triathletes, cyclists, and runners, that allow for unlimited combinations of time efficient total body training. Sample: Combo workout # 1 (for cyclists/triathletes): 1. Dynamic Stretches 2. RIDES (Indoor cycling): Low intensity warm up 3. Cycling or Triathlon Body Weight Circuit 4. RIDES: Moderate Intensity – Building Climb 5. Cycling or Triathlon Stability Ball/Dumbbell Circuit 6. RIDES: High Intensity – Steep Climb 7. Cycling or Triathlon Body Weight Circuit 8. RIDES: Low Intensity 9. Self-Myofascial Release – using foam roller (to aid in recovery) Bonus Material: •

• •

Cycling footage from RIDES vol II (RIDES II , the second installment of the RIDES series, is an out of the box way to do indoor cycling whereby the viewer follows a group of elite cyclists and triathletes as they make their way through the hard terrain of Valley of Fire State Park ) Complete set of dynamic stretches 30 page e-book containing supplemental workouts and valuable training tips

Endorsements: “… EnduranceCORE has given me the added strength and endurance to excel at the highest level and make a run at Hawaii.” - Heather Gollnick, 3 time Ironman Champion

Triathlon Core Written and Hosted By:

Eric Schmitz, CSCS, PES, HFI – USAT certified triathlon coach and competitive athlete for over 15yrs Function: To reveal a complete system of exercises, enabling the viewer to build a workout routine that improves strength, speed, and efficiency Summary: • • • • • • •

Warm-up before activity utilizing dynamic stretches Static and dynamic core exercises Running specific balance exercises Power exercises that help with performance Functional strength training exercises for specific sport strength transfer Recovery tips to avoid overtraining Programs specific to sprint through Ironman distance

Selling Points: • •

Perfect for someone who wants to have all the information but likes to have control to build their own routine 90 page e-book that explains the system and workouts step by step

The Next Level Written and Hosted By: Jeb Stewart, MS, CSCS Reece Haettich Function: To help athletes in endurance-based sports create and follow a weight-training program tailored to their needs. Summary: The exercises are organized in the form of a complete strength-training program, with three phases: flexibility and stability – (8-10 weeks) includes dynamic warm up strength and power – (12 weeks) maintenance- (in-season). Each phase is broken down into specific exercise sets, with recommendations on the frequency, repetitions, and intensity of each exercise. The exercises are also grouped according to muscle group or function, making it easy to create a tailored workout program. Sales Highlights: •

Sample workout programs plus the overall three-phase structure make it easy for the viewer to incorporate exercises into their own strength training routine

User friendly Menu design - letting viewers play the whole program or select specific phases, sub-sections, even specific exercises

Varity of exercises – coach Steward even gives alternate equipment to use to achieve similar results

Index-sized reference cards – (one for each phase) provide a useful summary of the exercises, grouping them by function and listing the recommendations for frequency, repetitions, etc.