Fifty Shades of Grey: An Enquiry into 'Dangerous Things'

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4 Apr 2013 ... Feona Attwood and Caroline Walters, 'Fifty Shades and the Law'; ... Luksza, ' Sleeping with a Vampire: Empowerment, Submission and Female.

Fifty  Shades  of  Grey:     An  Enquiry  into  ‘Dangerous  Things’    

3rd-­‐  4th  of  April,  2013.   M57/  G4,  Grand  Parade,     Faculty  of  Arts,   University  of  Brighton.        

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  Wednesday  3rd  of  April,  2013.       9-­‐10:  Registration  –  Tea  and  Coffee  served.     10-­‐15:  Welcome  –  Dr  Patricia  McManus     10.15-­‐11.15:  Keynote:  Professor  Deborah  Phillips:  Title  TBC.     11.15  –  12.30   Jodi  McAllister,  Breaking  the  Hard  Limits:  Romance,  Pornography  and  Genre;     Claire  Nally,  ‘Demonising  Desire:  BDSM  Subculture  and  Fifty  Shades  of  Grey’.       12.30-­‐1.30:  Lunch       1.30  –  3.  15   Feona  Attwood  and  Caroline  Walters,  ‘Fifty  Shades  and  the  Law’;     Lucy  Neville,  ‘  ‘Girls  who  Write  Boys  who  do  Boys  like  they’re  Girls  who  do  Girls   like  they’re  Boys/Always  should  be  someone  you  really  love’:  Exploring  Women   who  Write  and  Read  Homosexual  Erotica’.         3.15-­‐3.30  –  Tea  and  Coffee     3.30-­‐4.45    Round  Table  -­‐  The  ‘Resexualisation’  of  Popular  Culture?  Contemporary  Feminisms,   Contemporary  Sexisms.       6-­‐7:  Wine  Reception.      

  Thursday  4th  April,  2013.     10-­‐11.  15   Agata  Luksza,  ‘Sleeping  with  a  Vampire:  Empowerment,  Submission  and  Female   Desire  in  Contemporary  Vampire  Fiction’;     Angie  Tsaros,  ‘Tracing  Sexual  Desire  and  Consent:  Laura  Antoniou’s  The   Marketplace  Series  and  E.L.James’  Fifty  Shades  Trilogy’.       11.15-­‐11.30:  tea  and  coffee   11.30-­‐12.45   Rachael  Marcus,  ‘Who  do  you  Think  We  Are?  How  Fifty  Shades  of  Grey  Informs  and   Upsets  Popular  Cultural  Definitions  of  BDSM  Subcultures’;     Sara  Upstone,  ‘Beyond  the  Bedroom:  Motherhood  in  E.L.James’  Fifty  Shades  of   Grey  Trilogy.     12.45  –  1.45:  Lunch     1.45-­‐3   Ruth  Deller  and  Clarissa  Smith,  ‘Reader  Responses  to  Fifty  Shades  of  Grey’;     Gry  Knudsen  and  Judy  Hermansen,  ‘Reading  for  Effect’.     3  –  4.15   Charlotte  Stroud,  ‘Gothic  Bodies  and  Neo-­‐Sensationalism  in  Sarah  Waters’   Fingersmith  and  Tipping  the  Velvet’;     Lauren  Maffeo,  ‘  ‘Submission  in  all  Things’:  Power  and  Post-­‐Feminism  in  Fifty   Shades  of  Grey’.     3.15-­‐3.30  –  Tea  and  Coffee   3.30  –  4.45   Karin  Koehler,  ‘What’s  Tess  Got  To  Do  With  it?  Eroticising  Hardy’s  Pure  Woman’;     Amy  Greenhough,  ‘I  Promise  to  Pay  the  Bearer:  Woman  as  Commodity  in   E.L.James’  Fifty  Shades  of  Grey  and  Angela  Carter’s  The  Bloody  Chamber’.