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learning to open up the possibilities of conscious parenting. ————————— —————. “Parents can feel stuck in repetitive, unproductive patterns that don't ...


Radical Ways to Complete Your Own Childhood


Parenting Course

We are often told that if you have children, you don’t need therapy. Your children reflect your unconscious. The challenges of parenting present unique opportunities to resolve old issues and to reap the treasures that children bring with their daily presence.

August 13-14 Ventura, CA

This course will explore some radical notions about completing your own childhood when parenting issues arise. We’ll use a unique form of whole-body learning to open up the possibilities of conscious parenting. —————————————— “Parents can feel stuck in repetitive, unproductive patterns that don’t support the loving, nurturing relationships they envisioned when they began their roles as parents. Making sense of life can free parents from patterns of the past that have imprisoned them in the present.” —From Parenting from the Inside Out

THE PARENTING COURSE August 13-14 1-800-688-0772 ext. 1 [email protected]

Only the 2nd time in the United States! We are offering this course by popular demand for only the second time in the United States. The weekend exploration features simple and effective ways to view and to shift the dynamics of parenting so you can enjoy the stages and learning opportunities that parenthood presents, whether you are currently a parent yourself or interested in exploring parenting issues in your life. PREREQUISITE: Completion of a Foundation or Essentials course—See

Kathlyn Hendricks Ph.D., A.D.T.R. Parent, grandparent, international relationship expert, best-selling author. Dr. Hendricks is author (with her husband—Dr. Gay Hendricks) of Conscious Loving, The Conscious Heart, and Lasting Love. Drs. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks appear frequently on national television, including Oprah, CBS’s 48 Hours, CNN, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Sonya Live. Visit her online at The Hendricks are often referred to as “America’s Most Trusted Therapists.” They have authored over twenty books in education, transpersonal psychology and healthy relationships. They have also been called “The Therapists’ Therapists” because many of today’s top relationship experts, such as John Gray and John Bradshaw, have studied and worked with them. Philip Duane Johncock M.A., M.Ms. Trainer with the Professional Breath & Movement School, author, professor, Genius coach and social artist. Philip is author of Dream-Making to Billions: Grant Writing Tips from the Experts, The Awakening and co-author with Margot Anand of The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook: The Path of SkyDancing™ Tantra.

Learn about conception, prenatal, birth & bonding stages of development… step-bystep

Apprentice Participation One of the unique aspects of the Parenting course is the presence and participation of advanced students from the Hendricks Institute Apprentice Program. Apprentices assist with facilitating, exploring issues with participants upon request, and supporting a deeper experience and exploration of essence in the whole group.

Philip is a researcher in unwinding early childhood imprints/patterns (from conception, prenatal, birth & bonding periods) in fun and easy ways. He is a genius at creating transformative workshops and experiences for people, holding space, deep resonance and generating fun. Visit him online at

THE PARENTING COURSE August 13-14 1-800-688-0772 ext. 1 [email protected] Enroll Today!