From Janese... What should you do if zombies eat your brain? five ...

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Wendi Friesen once more has made my day. She came and saved me from attack. The last few zombies they get sent away of course in my Clear Plastic Bag .

Some Clever entries. Some winners, some just need to be seen.

From Janese... What should you do if zombies eat your brain? five… breathe deeply… four…. stop thinking… thr…

~~~~~~ From Michele

In answer to that question: Ode to Zombies If zombies ate my brain it would completely derail my train ~ of thought! Gone would be all reasoning, it would drive me mad ~ Insane! If zombies ate my brain. If zombies ate my brain Endorphins! Please come take away my pain! I would never be the same, but I'm really not to blame. If zombies ate my brain. I know this poem is oh-so lame, but trying to rhyme is such a strain ~ As I watch my life go down the drain, all because zombies ate my brain! Thanks! Phoenix ~~~~~~~~~ From Marco, That was fun!!!! It took me actually a long time to resolve all the clues and at one point I already wanted to write to you "It's too hard - I can't figure it out!" But with the help of my two lovely flatmates Sarah (from Wisconsin) and Gerry (from California) we did in the end! And we dedicated our Sunday to the answer! :) Here it is - we hope you like it!!!

THE BRAIN EATER If Zombies ate my brain that would be the explanation for all the terrible pain

and my memory's deterioration. If Zombies ate my brain I'd be on the ground and crunching And constantly complain about the sound of munching. If half a brain is left with me I should quickly make my way to get to the stereo and see if there's a Wendi CD in the tray. "Yeah, yuppie and Eureka!, there in that little CD tray is WENDI's Hypno help so I press Play. My brain cells and my Zombie entourage now listens to WENDI's Hardcore Brain Massage. With the words "Relax" and "Close your eyes" soothing through my ears I can hear those Zombie's cries and away go all my fears. I don't know for sure by now but here's my prognosis: Zombies don't like therapy and extremely hate hypnosis. Along the way I clear the past and stop procrastination through my problems I do blast and end with dream creation. While I feed my brain with core beliefs creating new path ways for achieving I experience some pain relief and also feel the Zombies leaving. And Wide Awake I feel again

The zombies they have left my brain. Wendi Friesen once more has made my day She came and saved me from attack The last few zombies they get sent away of course in my Clear Plastic Bag. PS: (To write this rhyme all by myself you don't need to be Mark Twain just listen to Wendi's "Love Yourself" and soon you develop a zombie-free brain)

WE LOVE YOU WENDI!!!! ALL THE BEST WISHES FOR HALLOWEEN TO YOU AND YOUR TIRELESS TEAM ! ! ! :)))) LOVE, Marco & Sarah & Gerry at the moment from: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA! :) ~~~~~~~~~ From Michael Yokobosky What should you do if zombies eat your brain? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Assuming that I have enough of my brain left to reason some and move… Go down with a fight, while slipping my IPhone into the zombie’s pocket so that I can track it. Then, run away so that he does not scarf down all of my brain. Gotta have some left to get the rest of my brain back. Remain Calm: Don’t freak…ok, maybe just a little bit Apply firm, steady pressure to the wound with my shirt Get to a pharmacy or store with a pharmacy department PDQ (Pretty darn quick: Stat!), if I am not at home when it happens

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Call 911 for an ambulance to check me out, but refuse to go to the hospital cause I've got the business of getting my brain back first. Clean the wound with bottles of rubbing alcohol to try to kill the zombie virus (so that I do not become one), apply quick clot (they developed it for the war effort to stop massive bleeding), and dress my head with clean bandages If the paramedics show up, then beg them for a shot of adrenaline for some super human strength to kick some zombie ass.  Take a swig of the strongest alcohol (the drinkin’ kind) that I can find to stop the pain. I bet that would be one badass headache. (if I am at home) Find a hat to cover up the top of my head so that it does not get cold. Something cool, maybe an Indian Jones Fedora. Smoke’em if ya got’um (Sounded good: reference from the movie “Die Hard”) Call some friends to get together a zombie hunting party (assuming that I have enough brain left to talk, otherwise go it alone) Get my shot gun to blow the son of a gun's head off Start tracking down the little bastard who ate my brain: do it right away before he starts digesting it! Use the find-my-phone app to find my IPhone, my brain, and that dam zombie! Sure would be a lot easier if I had an IPad to use that tracking app, pull up common hiding places for zombies, and other important facts Concentrate hard on giving him indigestion to slow him down (after all, my brain is floating around in his stomach (try to bounce against the sides and stuff)) Tell everyone to shoot for the head cause that’s the only way to kill a zombie, but please miss my brain which is in his stomach  When we find him, shoot the zombie dead in the head, missing his tummy, of course (and my brain floating inside). Split him open, get back my brain. Wash off the zombie virus with huge amounts of rubbing alcohol. Put my brain on ice Shoot zombie again, just because he really pissed me off!!! Then, put him on ice to preserve the zombie virus so that I can make a vaccine Seek immediate medical attention: Get airlifted to the most badass neurosurgeon that I can find, so that he can reinstall my brain Hire a publicist and put out a press release Use hypnosis to cope with the post traumatic stress syndrome that I would experience. I think that you’ve got a CD for that. Go to Disneyland to fully recuperate. Come back, organize a neighborhood watch to keep a look out, so my ass doesn’t get bit again Create an IPad app for what to do if a zombie eats your brain. But I really need an IPad 2 to test my new app. Sell the app on ITunes Do a few talk shows, a few magazine interviews, sell the movie and book rights, and gaming rights to become famous and rich Donate some money to my favorite charities. Stop world hunger. Donate the zombie to the CDC so that they can make a vaccine against the zombie virus. Buy myself an IPad 2. Do a few public service spots to raise public awareness on zombies

33. Quit my job, hang a shingle, and start my own zombie hunt ‘in business 34. Create and star in my own reality show about my new business

Hope you found this entertaining! I sure hope that I win! I could really use that IPad 2. Thanks ~~~~~~~~~~ From Terrence What should you do if zombies eat your brain? If zombies eat my brain, Oh my, what a pain! What shall I have for supper, perhaps the brain of a-nother. But where shall I find such a glorious dish, perhaps the brain of Wendi, the wicked witch. But eat it I shall not, No no!, I have another plot. For she is the finest hypnowitch in the land, and I have a cunning plan, Yes, Yes, her brain I'll take for me, I shall, and plant it firmly in my skull, Then yes it will be me, the finest hypnotist I'll be And rid myself of all my ails, and send those zombies back to their jails. Hope you (and you brain) enjoyed that. Best regards Terrence Henry ~~~~~~~~~~~

From Alex Answer: First of all, you should be prepared for this potential “problem” by having your brain cloned ahead of time and committing this phrase to memory, “My brains… my brains…” Keep your cloned brain nearby – possibly in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Post a note on the outside of the refrigerator with the number of a good brain surgeon and a reminder not to use the brain for food no matter how empty the refrigerator gets.  

If you didn’t make the aforementioned preparations (and I’ll bet you haven’t), you will find yourself in the market for a new brain. This is a good time for you to consider upgrading, perhaps acquiring the brain of a scientist or doctor or hypnotherapist . The ideal scenario would be to take the brain of a scientist and have it transplanted with the help of a good brain surgeon. Then, after the transplant has been successfully completed enlist the help of a good hypnotherapist so that your current body does not reject your superior new brain. Making that new mind/body connection is all important. Without that, you won’t know which way is up.   If all of this sounds too difficult, don’t worry. Brains are highly overrated anyway. There are quite a number of career paths available to you. Sales, politics, cell-phone customer service, to name but a few. Science has also shown that your gut has more neurons than your brain. So, any type of profession where you must “gut it out” will work for you, too. Football, boxing, hockey, skydiving and race car driving are fields where only your intuition is needed to excel.   If you prefer to do nothing at all, you can always watch TV or play video games. Look for such classics as Night of the Living Dead or Children Shouldn’t Play with the Dead. My no brainer choice is Zombieland. ~~~~~~~~~~~ From Dave- a lovely Haiku!

"What should you do if zombies eat your brain?" As for my answer?  I think I can probably best express it with a special Halloween haiku!

"Ignore breeze through ears Change wardrobe to tattered rags

Live life as scarecrow"