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Heinemann Baccalaureate: Chemistry Standard Level An exciting new textbook for students and teachers of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, written and developed by practising IB teachers Authors Catrin Brown, Mike Ford

ISBN: 978-0-435994-25-9 Pub Date: June 2008

Description 9 provides comprehensive coverage of all the latest syllabus requirements and all the options for Chemistry SL 9 makes very effective use of illustrated examples and levelled exercises 9 gives clear links to TOK throughout 9 enables exam-style assessment opportunities using questions from past papers 9 Offers guidance on the Internal Assessment and Extended Essay

List Price: £22.50 Format: Paperback Pages: 480 (TBC) Trim Size: 264 x 195mm Illustrations: Full colour

Audience: Students and teachers of the International Baccalaureate Diploma

Table of Contents Introduction 1. Quantitative chemistry 2. Atomic structure 3. Periodicity 4. Bonding 5. Energetics 6. Kinetics 7. Equilibrium 8. Acids and bases 9. Oxidation and reduction 10. Organic chemistry 11. Measurement and data processing

12. (Option A) Modern analytical chemistry 13. (Option B) Human bio-chemistry 14. (Option C) Chemistry in industry and technology 15. (Option D) Medicines and drugs 16. (Option E) Environmental chemistry 17. (Option F) Food chemistry 18. (Option G) Further organic chemistry Theory of Knowledge Advice on Internal Assessment Advice on the Extended Essay Answers Index

Subject areas: Chemistry

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