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manhattan, and at Trinity Church Cemetery & mausoleum in northern manhattan. as the ... The mausoleums are modern buildings that are landscaped to blend ...


Helping you plan ahead

Planning for Tomorrow Since its charter in 1697, Trinity Wall Street has served the people of New York – at Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel in Lower Manhattan, and at Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum in northern Manhattan. As the only remaining active cemetery in the New York City, Trinity Cemetery offers a peaceful and historic setting for above-ground interment and memorials. Planning for our eventual burial needs involves personal decisions. Making them while we have time to consider our choices can ease the burden on family and friends when death occurs. This planning guide was created to describe the interment and memorial options available at Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum. It also provides guidance on gathering important personal information and deciding memorial preferences in advance. Our professional staff is ready to provide advice and assist you

a Rich History in New York City The Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum was formally established in 1842 on land near the John James Audubon estate. During the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Fort Washington occurred here. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Cemetery is an outreach ministry of Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan, and is non-denominational.

in making your plans. We look forward to serving you. Sincerely, The Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper Rector, Trinity Wall Street

Why Plan Now?

Mausoleums – an affordable choice

Planning ahead for our needs affords time to think carefully about

Mausoleums are free-standing buildings with space for caskets

memorial options. Most people say that advance funeral planning

or urns. The name comes from Maussollos, whose above-ground

is an enormous emotional relief. Families acknowledge that a pre-

tomb was so grand it was considered one of the seven wonders of

planned funeral is a final gift they are grateful to receive.

the ancient world when built in 351 BCE (Before the Common Era). Previously, mausoleums were an expensive choice, and a

Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum is experienced in helping

number were built by well-to-do families in the 19th century. One

people understand all of the options available.

of the most dramatic examples of a mausoleum in New York is Grant’s Tomb.

The Importance of Memorializing When someone dies, it is important to celebrate and remember a

These days, above-ground mausoleums are an affordable option be-

person’s unique life. Funerals and memorial services provide the

cause a number of entombments are contained in a single building.

bereaved with a chance to understand they are not alone in their

And it is easy to reserve a space, or crypt, in a mausoleum in advance.

grief. These gatherings also offer a chance to share stories – especially happy ones – of their loved one’s life.

Trinity Cemetery’s mausoleums have crypt spaces for individuals and companions, or can accommodate three to five entomb-

Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum can help you plan for

ments for families. The mausoleums are modern buildings that are

services and memorials. The onsite Chapel of the Resurrection is

landscaped to blend seamlessly with the historic surroundings of

a serene and comfortable place for reflection and prayer. It can be

Trinity Cemetery.

used for services, memorials, and gatherings after an interment. The Chapel also contains space for cenotaphs, which are memorials to people whose remains are interred elsewhere.

- Receive us... into the blessed rest

of everlasting peace

Cremation – Simple and Dignified

Making Your Preferences Known

Although cremation is an increasingly popular option, it is far

A large part of pre-planning is organizing important information

from new. In fact, cremation is an ancient tradition, dating from

and documenting your personal memorial preferences. This infor-

around 3000 BCE in Europe and the Near East. Today many

mation is vital in helping people know where information is, who

choose cremation for reasons ranging from environmental to

to contact, and what choices you have made.

financial, and because it is simple and dignified. Following are several forms that will help you in determining the Cremation is a simple process of exposing the body to extreme

most important information you need. These include: name, date,

heat, reducing it to bone fragments (or “basic elements”). Remains

place of birth, family and friends to notify, and location of impor-

are often contained in urns. To maintain health and safety standards,

tant legal documents. There’s also space to indicate whether you

as well as respect and dignity for the deceased, cremation can only

have chosen above-ground entombment, burial, or cremation, and

be performed by a licensed and registered cemetery, crematory, or

what type of service you would prefer.

funeral director, depending on state laws. Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum does not perform cremations. At Trinity Cemetery, cremated remains can be placed in mausoleums or niches, which are recessed chambers. Most religious traditions permit cremation, including Anglican, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Buddhist, and Hindu. Typically, Jewish, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Mormons, Muslims, and Bahais do not allow cremation.

- Give Rest, O Christ your servants with your saints -Book of Common Prayer

Personal Information

Preferences for Funeral/Memorial Service

Be sure to keep this form in a secure place. Before completing it, you may want to make a copy for your spouse or partner to fill out.

p Above-Ground Entombment

p Cremation

p Burial

Date Filled Out ____________________

Pre-arrangements made with: _______________________________________________________________________

Your Name _______________________________________________________________________________________

Contact: __________________________________________________________________________________________




Street Address ____________________________________________________________________________________ City _____________________________ State _____________________________ Zip Code _________________ Date of Birth _______________ Place of Birth ___________________________________ Citizenship ________ Social Security Number _____________________________________________________________________________

Name on contracts: ________________________________________________________________________________ I have no pre-arrangements but prefer to be interred at: _________________________________________________ Type of casket preferred or selected: ________________________ Type of urn preferred or selected: __________ Where would you like the service to be held? (place of worship, funeral home, graveside only) ______________

Mother’s Maiden Name _____________________________________________________________________________


Fathers Name _____________________________________________________________________________________

Contact: __________________________________________________________________________________________

If Veteran, Dates of Service __________________ Branch of Service and Rank _____________________________

Funeral Service: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Spouse’s Name _____________________________________________________________________________________

Religious tradition: ________________________________________________________________________________




Communion: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Rite: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Information Family and Friends to Notify

Readings: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Name _________________________________________________________ Relationship ______________________


Telephone ______________________________ Email __________________________________________________


Name _________________________________________________________ Relationship ______________________

Hymns/Music: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone ______________________________ Email __________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name _________________________________________________________ Relationship ______________________ Telephone ______________________________ Email __________________________________________________

Preferred clergy: ___________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name _________________________________________________________ Relationship ______________________ Telephone ______________________________ Email __________________________________________________ Name _________________________________________________________ Relationship ______________________ Telephone ______________________________ Email __________________________________________________

Pallbearers: _______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Preferences: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

GW Bridge

__ _ Bank records __ _ Deeds to property __ _ Car ownership certificate __ _ Investment and stock records

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Riv er rlem Deegan Exp Major

ry H

udso n Pk y







________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

To help family and friends, please list the names and contact information (phone, email, address) for the following.

By Subway: 

Attorney(s) _________________________________________________________________________________________

Take the C subway line to the 155th Street station stop. Walk west on 155th Street toward Riverside Drive. Take the #1 subway line to the 157th Street station stop. Walk south to 155th Street and west to Riverside Drive.

Accountant(s) ______________________________________________________________________________________

By Bus:

Physician(s) ________________________________________________________________________________________ InsuranceAgent(s) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Take the M4 or M5 to Broadway and West 153rd Street.

Executor of estate ____________________________________________________________________________________ Children ___________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Other relatives ______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Funeral Director ____________________________________________________________________________________ Cemetery Counselor _________________________________________________________________________________

Parking: The cemetery entrance gate is on 153rd Street between Broadway and Riverside Drive, in the middle of the block. Make a right turn into the cemetery and follow the road to the parking spaces on the left. If all the spaces are taken, please park on the left side of the road and leave room for other vehicles to pass.

Trinity Church Cemetery & Mausoleum 770 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10032 Contact us at 212.368.1600 or cemetery @ Open daily from 9am – 4pm

Cromwell Ave

Harlem River Dr


Tra in

Av e

Other Documents:



__ _ Insurance policies (Life, Health and Accident, Property)


Av e

__ _ Citizenship paper


s Av

__ _ Mausoleum certificate of ownerships



__ _ Marriage license

South from the George Washington Bridge, take exit 1 for the Henry Hudson Parkway (9A), follow signs for Riverside Drive/Downtown. Continue on Riverside Drive. Turn left at 165th Street, right on Broadway, and right at 153rd Street.



8t h

__ _ Pension and disability insurance claims



th St Tra in

Av e

__ _ Social Security Card or number


15 7



Am ste rda m

__ _ Veteran’s discharge certificate





__ _ Birth certificate or legal proof of age



Bro ad w

__ _ Income tax returns, receipts, cancelled checks


__ _ Will



(A) Attorney

ers ide

(O) Office


(D) Safe Deposit

North on the Henry Hudson Parkway (9A), take exit 13 toward West 158th Street. Continue on 158th Street. Turn right on Broadway and right at 153rd Street.

Hudson River

By Car:

Use the codes listed below to indicate where to find these important documents. Keep documents in a safe and secure location. (H) Home



St. N ic

Important Documents and Contacts



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