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interactive agency and outsourced team to develop an innovative WebGL social media piece for .... WebGL Up and Running (O'Reilly 2012). Programming 3D ...

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Tony Parisi Summary

CTO, software architect and entrepreneur developing web, mobile and devicebased 3D interactive media applications, social games and virtual worlds        

 Consulting Experience

15+ years senior management 20+ years hands-on software product development Proven startup track record, from incubation through funding and acquisition Proven ability to take products from concept through deployment Extensive experience developing web-based and mobile interactive 3D applications, social games and virtual worlds Deep experience developing real-time 3D for the web, including rendering, browser integration, cross-platform development, and content creation Broad understanding of end-to-end web architectures: client-side frameworks, multi-tier design, scalability, content pipeline, content management, databases Platforms, tools, languages: HTML5, WebGL, JavaScript, Ajax, Node.js, CouchDB, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, ActionScript, Flex, C++, Objective-C, Cocoa, DirectX, OpenGL, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Rally, JIRA, Trello Key contributor to several 3D networking standards and protocols: co-inventor, VRML and X3D ISO standards; co-author SWMP real-time messaging protocol; currently member of glTF file format standard working group ( Published author and accomplished public speaker

2010-Present Consultant Consulting CTO for Bay Area Companies

San Francisco, CA

AKQA Technical Director/Project Manager. Worked with leading San Francisco interactive agency and outsourced team to develop an innovative WebGL social media piece for Levi’s Make our Mark campaign. The piece integrates a WebGL-based presentation with live feeds of Instagram photos and SoundCloud audio. GameSalad Consulting CTO. GameSalad makes an easy game creation tool for developing desktop, mobile and web-based 2D games. I am working on a variety of R&D projects for the company, focused on expanding revenue and moving into new platforms. •

Developed initial version of an ad exchange and game cross-promotion server in Node.js with MongoDB.

Developed prototype of 3D version of the company’s game creation tool.

Investigated various aspects of porting the company’s game creation tool to a pure HTML5/WebGL-based application. Tony Parisi

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Consulting Experience (continued)

RRKidz Consulting CTO. RRKidz is the interactive successor to LeVar Burton’s breakthrough Reading Rainbow PBS kids TV series. •

Turned around a stalled project to a live product/service in the Apple store in 3 months

Led transition from a struggling third-party developer to an in-house team.

Re-architected a poorly performing HTML5-based iPad app into an Apple WWDC featured product (keynote speech) by creating hybrid of native iOS and HTML5.

Daglow Entertainment Consulting CTO. Daglow was developing a Major League Baseball (MLB)branded baseball simulation game for Facebook •

Architected client-server system in collaboration with LA-based third-party developer developing the title

Architected scalability strategy and sourced hosting vendors

Roblox Corporation OS X Lead. Roblox sells a highly successful online kids’ game, with over 1M users. I led the team that ported their Windows game client to OS X. •

Turned around a stalled project to a live beta in 4 months

Project lead – staffed team, managed port through initial beta launch

OS X architect and lead developer

Key contributor to a company-wide upgrade of processes and tools

Cloudplay, Inc. Server architect. Developed the server for Tagged Café, a Café-World style cooking game for Tagged Network (100M registered users). The café game is written in ActionScript and PHP/MySQL with client-server communication implemented using AMF. SimOps, Inc./WildPockets Consulting CTO. Assisted CEO with business and technology strategy. Architect and development lead on a variety of strategic projects, ultimately leading to a successful acquisition of the company (acquirer’s identity confidential) in 2010. Company Experience

2007-2010 Vivaty, Inc. Founder and Chief Platform Officer

Menlo Park,

Vivaty was a Series A funded startup backed by investors Kleiner-Perkins and Mohr Davidow. I led the development of the company’s highly scalable virtual world/social gaming platform (1M users, 60M+ average session time, 15 million virtual items), including the client-side application framework, client-server architecture, and agile development system. Key accomplishments include:  Devised multi-platform strategy - ability to deliver the same application on Tony Parisi

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     

disparate clients, including web pages using Ajax, Flash/Flex applications written in ActionScript, and mobile phones Developed Vivaty Flash 3D, a breakthrough 3D game engine built on Adobe Flash 10 Developed Vivaty Player, a high-performance 3D game engine plug-in for web browsers Developed client-side game application frameworks in ActionScript and Javascript Developed server-side game state machine and shared object logic modules in PHP Designed Extensible World Language (XWL), an XML language for describing game levels, avatars and virtual worlds Designed content creation pipeline and content management tools to export professionally created 3D content (3DS Max and Maya) for web deployment, including converter tools, an IDE and preview/testing suite

2003-2007 Media Machines San Francisco, CA Founder and CEO 3D technology provider; in 2007 Media Machines received venture funding and the company was rebranded as Vivaty, Inc.  Architected and developed FLUX™, a real-time, cross-platform 3D engine and web browser plug-in  Developed Ajax3D, an Ajax-based architecture for developing X3D-based web applications.  Funded company via software licenses, contracts and angel investment 1999-2003 Consultant San Francisco, CA Independent Consultant  Consulted to private Bay Area media and technology companies. Developed distribution and licensing agreements, relationships and business plans for clients, including $1M+ broadcast license with Yahoo! Company Experience (continued)

1998-1999 PLATINUM technology San Francisco, CA Vice President, Business Development  Developed strategy and managed team for the company’s 3D visualization products, including positioning, content production services offering, partnerships, channels, and industry standards 1995-1998 Intervista Software San Francisco, CA Founder and CEO/CTO  Took startup from bootstrap through three stages of funding to completed acquisition by PLATINUM technology, inc.  Licensed core technology and products to Microsoft, Silicon Graphics, Intel, S3, Micrografx, others

Tony Parisi

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 

Developed business plans, product strategies, technology plans, marketing communications plans, channel and partner relationships Inventor and lead developer of WorldView™ , the first high-performance realtime VRML viewer for PCs

1991-1994 Belmont Research, Inc. Cambridge, MA Principal Software Engineer  Lead developer at startup creating the Belmont Toolkit, a cross-platform, object-oriented programming language and development library for graphical applications 1990-1991 Lotus Development Cambridge, MA Senior Software Engineer  Developed cross-platform GUI system for graphical spreadsheet product 1987-1990 Bolt, Beranek, Newman Cambridge, MA Software Engineer  Developed cross-platform windowing utilities, video and printer device drivers for graphical data analysis and statistics product Professional Activities

2011-Present  

Co-organizer, WebGL Meetup San Francisco Bay Area Member, Khronos COLLADA Working Group developing glTF file format

1996-2007 

  

Books, Papers and Publications

San Ramon, CA

VRML/X3D Inventor

San Francisco, CA

Co-inventor of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), the original ISO standard for interactive 3D graphics on the World Wide Web Key contributor to versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the VRML specification 2001-2007 Co-chair of the X3D working group of the Web3D Consortium Co-author of Simple Wide Area Multi-User Protocol (SWMP), an open communications protocol for multi-user virtual worlds

1997-Present 

Web3D Consortium

Founding member, vice president, and director of not-for-profit trade association developing 3D graphics standards for the Web

1994-Present 

WebGL Evangelist and Author

The Webby Awards

New York, NY

Founding member, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences

WebGL Up and Running (O’Reilly 2012) Programming 3D Applications in HTML5 and WebGL (O’Reilly 2013)

Tony Parisi

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Developing Web Applications with COLLADA and X3D (2007) Khronos/Web3D Consortium w. R. Arnaud An Open Protocol for Wide-Area Multi-User X3D (2007) Web3D 2007 Conference Proceedings (ACM) w/J. Weber Ajax3D: The Open Platform for Rich 3D Web Applications (2006) Media Machines X3D Programmable Shaders (2005) Web3D 2005 Conference Proceedings (ACM) w/G. Carvalo and .T. Gill Flux: lightweight, standards-based Web graphics in XML (2003) ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 Proceedings, Web Graphics


1983-1986  

University of Massachusetts

Boston, MA

B.A., Computer Science Graduated Summa Cum Laude

1980-1982 Berklee College of Music Boston, MA  General music, performance, classical and jazz composition

Tony Parisi

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