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(CRAIC China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Co., Ltd , a joint venture of COMAC ... Enter into Service in 2025. • Final Assembly Line will be in located in Shanghai, China. • Composite Fuselage sections will be produced in China.

Aerospace 4.0: CRAIC CR929 Wide Body Commercial Aircraft Program Status December 2018 Dr. David Pritchard

CRAIC- (COMAC and United Aircraft Corporation) CR929-600 250-320 Seat Widebody Commercial Aircraft (CRAIC China-Russia CommercialAircraft International Co., Ltd , a joint venture of COMAC and UnitedAircraft Corporation) .

CRAIC CR 929 Program •

Launched in May 2017 •

China’s 20-year forecast for widebody aircraft (Airbus 1,100, Boeing 1,600 and COMAC 2,100)

Maiden Flight in 2023 •

Planning EASA certification

Enter into Service in 2025

Final Assembly Line will be in located in Shanghai, China

Composite Fuselage sections will be produced in China •

Fuselage will be based on clam shell design (similiar to Airbus A350)

Composite Wing will be designed and produced in Russia • • •

Wing will be designed in UAC Moscow design center Aerocomposite in Ulyanovsk will produce the composite wing Technology will be based on out of autoclave process of UAC MC 21 single aisle aircraft

June 2018

CRAIC CR929 Key Program Milestones •

May 2014 Memorandum on cooperation and a feasibility study

June 2016 Agreement was signed to set up a 50%-50% joint venture with COMAC and United Aircraft Corporation

May 2017 Launched CR929-600 250-320 seat widebody commercial aircraft

June 2018 Configuration finalized for wing span fuselage length, fuselage nose and tail section dimensions, location of engines, landing gear and doors

October 2018 Leonardo’s Memorandum of Understanding with Kangde Investment Group of China for development, production and assembly of composite materials components

October 2018 Kangde Investment Group start of construction of facility for carbon fiber sub-assemblies

November 2018 Western Engine Finalists (GE, Rolls Royce) •

(United Engine Corp of Russia and Aero Engine Corp of China will develop separate engine for CR929)

November 2018 GKN Aerospace, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company) and AVIC International signed Framework Agreement to establish a joint venture for aerostructures manufacturing in China June 2018

CR929 Full Scale Display at Airshow China 2018 .

CR929 Mock-up Cabin-Airshow China 2018 .

CR929 Mock-up Cockpit- Airshow China 2018 .

CR929 First Prototype Composite Fuselage Panel .

CR929 Composite Fuselage Production in China .

CR929 Composite Wing Technology based on MC 21 Infused and Co-Cured Out-of-Autoclave Carbon Fiber Composites .

MC 21 Dry Carbon Fiber -Automatic Fiber Placement for Wing Skins, Spars and Central Wing Box Panels .

МС 21 Wing Manufactured at Aerocomposite in Ulyanovsk, Russia .

CRAIC CR929 Supplier Key Dates •

May 2017 Launched CRAIC CR929 widebody aircraft

June 2018 Finalized configuration for wing span, fuselage length, fuselage nose and tail section dimensions, location of engines, landing gear and doors.

July 2018 Formal Request to Landing Gear Suppliers

September 2018 COMAC holds separate meetings with Leonardo, UTAS Aerostructures, and Safran Landing Systems

October 2018 COMAC holds separate meetings with Spirit Aerosystems and GKN Aerospace Aerostructures

November 2018 Leonardo and GKN Aerostructures established separate framework agreement with Chinese partners for composite fuselage production

December 2019 Major suppliers are selected for program

June 2018

COMAC C919 Suppliers (Guide to CRAIC CR929 Supplier Selection?) .

Future Developments for the CRAIC CR929 Program Chinese government’s “Made in China 2025” industrial master plan includes advancing robotics and aerospace Shanghai Final Assembly Line (FAL) could have next generation technologies of moving line (e.g. Boeing 787 FAL) and mobile tooling platforms (e.g. A320 FAL) with higher level robotic assembly

Composite fuselage technology with be based on proven CFRP (similar to A350) with higher volume of components with carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRT) and additive manufactured parts. Composite wing technology will be based on higher level of automation for infused and co-cured out-ofautoclave carbon fiber composites (similar to MC21) Subassembly composite fuselage sections will adopt VR technology (Lenovo Research) manufacturing technologies along with higher level robotic assembly (KUKA Robotics/Automation-Chinese owned) Current 20-year global forecast has 40% of all commercial aircraft deliveries to the Southeast Asia market, expect CR929 program to have MRO alliances outside of China to service this market EASA certification will attract global aircraft lessors June 2018

Contact Information Dr. David Pritchard Associate Professor/Aviation Researcher State University of New York- Empire State College 2875 Union Road Buffalo, New York 14227 United States Emails: [email protected] LinkedIn: