How to make money selling electric bikes - Currie Technologies

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The Selling System. 1. MarkeKng. 2. Merchandising. 3. DemonstraKng. 4. Closing the Sale. 5. Selling Add-‐On's. 6. CreaKng a Consumer. Champion ...

How  to  make  money  selling  electric  bikes   Larry  Pizzi   Currie  Technologies  

The  Selling  System   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6. 

Marke8ng   Merchandising   Demonstra8ng   Closing  the  Sale   Selling  Add-­‐On’s   Crea8ng  a  Consumer   Champion  


(IBD’s  –  E-­‐Bike  customers  are  generally  not  the  people  coming  into  your  store)   1. 

2.  3. 


•  •  •  • 

Web   Social  Media   PR   Print  /  Direct  Mail  

•  • 

Outdoor  Banners   Outdoor  Signs  

•  •  •  • 

Free  test  rides   Green  transporta8on   Community  fes8vals   Rentals,  Tours  


Demo  Events  


(IBD’s  –  E-­‐Bike’s  need  to  be  differen8ated  in  your  store)  

1.  Product  mix   •  • 

Range  of  price  points,  types  and  styles   Display  accessorized  /  customized  products  


Call  aYen8on  to  the  fact  it’s  not  a  normal   bike  

2.  POP  displays  –  separated  display  area     3.  Product  spec  informa8on   •  • 

Educated  consumers  demand  spec  &  tech   knowledge  and  info   Help  them  to  match  their  needs  to  the  right   category  

4.  Features  /  Advantages  /  Benefits   • 

Less  technical  customers  need  to   understand  how  they  benefit  

5.  In-­‐store  demo  /  test-­‐ride   • 

Trainer  ride  to  demo  ease  of  use  and   simulate  benefits  


(IBD’s  –  E-­‐Bike  consumers  need  test  drives!)  

1.  Start  on  the  trainer  

•  Understanding  control  func8ons  

2.  Accompanied  test  ride  

•  Bike  of  their  choice  &  a  step-­‐up   model   •  Switch  bikes  at  the  mid-­‐way  point  

3.  Hill  climb  

•  The  steepest  one  in  your  area  

4.  Back  to  the  store   • 

Big  smiles  =  Best  8me  to  trial   close  

Closing  the  Sale  

(IBD’s  –  E-­‐Bike  consumers  buy  from  people  they  trust!)   1.  2. 



Ask  for  the  sale!  If  posi8ve  response  


Skip  to  selling  the  add-­‐on’s  

•  •  •  •  •  • 

Price  too  high?   Type?   Style?   Warrantee  concerns?   Service  concerns?   Time  to  think  about  it?  

•  •  •  • 

Offer  a  lower  priced  model  or  your  price  match  guarantee   Test  ride  other  types,  styles  and  colors   Tout  your  great  warrantee  and  service  department  policies   Talk  about  your  sa8sfac8on  guarantee  (return  policy)    


If  they  are  not  yet  ready,  make  sure  the  leave  with   informa8on  about  the  product  they  rode  and  informa8on   about  your  store   Invite  them  to  contact  you  with  ques8ons  and  try  to  get   their  contact  informa8on  for  a  follow-­‐up  

If  not,  ask  for  their  objec8ons  

Counter  objec8ons  

Ask  again  for  the  sale  


Selling  add-­‐on’s  

(IBD’s  –  E-­‐Bike  consumers  generally  need  lot’s  of  them)  

1.  Start  with  the  basic  necessi8es     •  Helmet   •  Lock   •  Bell,  lights,  cup  holder,  water   boYle,  excreta    

2.  Customized  &  Upgraded  

•  Cool  urban  accessories   •  Saddles,  baskets,  fenders   •  Trailers  

3.  Sell  the  apparel  

•  Recrea8onal  and  urban  styling  

4.  Car  racks  and  more   • 

Many  good  hitch  mounted   op8ons    

Create  a  consumer  “champion”  

(IBD’s  –  Happy  E-­‐Bike  customers  will  sell  them  for  you!  To  their  family,  friends,   neighbors  and  anyone  else  that  asks,  “where  did  you  get  your  bike?”)  

1.  Sell  Fun  and  make  the  en8re   experience  a  posi8ve  one.   • 

You  will  not  only  have  a   customer  for  life,  but  an  e-­‐ bike  advocate  that  will  tell   all  her  friends  how  much   FUN  they  are  having  

2.  Create  a  “Loyalty  Program”   that  rewards  them  for   referrals.   • 

Equip  them  with  brochures,   coupons  or  special  offers