How to Sign-Up and Make Money using Commission Junction

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Commission Junction's well-known advertisers. You will also become an independent party who will promote Commission Junction's products and services ...

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Desktop or laptop computer A website or blog that you originally developed Internet connection

If you are a publisher who owns a website or blog, you can maximize your revenue opportunities by developing good business relationships with Commission Junction's well-known advertisers. You will also become an independent party who will promote Commission Junction's products and services coming from every advertiser listed within their site in exchange for a commission on sales or leads known as a reseller or affiliate. As an affiliate or publisher, you'll be able to display an advertiser's ads like product and text links, in search listings or through email campaigns. As an affiliate, you'll get paid a commission by each of their advertiser when a visitor takes a specific action like filling out a form, making a purchase or a sale or by simply subscribing to a service. This article will show you detailed instructions on how to earn money using Commission Junction also known as a global leader in affiliate, online, and search engine marketing. It's advisable that you have a free website first that you can place all your content prior to paying the yearly fee for it because it takes time to develop a good site. Some publishers consider this as a passive income because once you're able to publish your website through the world wide web, your earnings will just grow in the long run. It takes a lot of effort to create a website but it's also enjoyable especially if you're looking for additional ways to make more money online. If you're already writing online and has published a number of articles, Commission Junction has a lot to offer for you because they have plenty of well-known advertisers that are willing to pay for your site once an online visitor takes a specific action through their ads because of the usefulness of your site's content.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Instructions for signing-up with CJ (Commission Junction): 1. Sign up for a Commission Junction online account. Start by filling out your information. You will be required to fill out general information or specific information about your website or blog. You need to provide your Social Security Number or your employer identification number in order to get paid once you reach $50 through electronic payment and $100 or more through cheque. However, this could change depending on CJ's payment policy. Commission Junction is known to be a reliable site and they need this information especially your SSN (Social Security Number) in order to pay you legally. Once you're registered, you may completely fill out your profile information including your tax information so that you'll be able to receive your compensation in a timely manner. Take note that if your website or blog is receiving a high traffic online, you can even start receiving payment the earliest possible time as well. 2. Check your inbox for a welcome email from Commission Junction. After submitting all the needed information for the completion of your application process, CJ will guide you how to accomplish and complete your account with them. Follow the directions through the email that they officially sent in order to finish the sign-up process. 3. Log into your Commission Junction account. Use the username that they had given or your email as your user name including the password that was provided for you. After logging in, you can now see your CJ Account Manager and select the "Get Links" option. After clicking this option, you can view "General Categories" of their advertisers list such as accessories, department stores /malls, games and toys, computer and electronics, marketing, beauty and among other things. You can also look for a specific advertiser that you want by typing the name in the search box by keyword or you can just browse all of the advertisers that you want for your website or blog. You are now ready to select and apply for advertisers that will match to the website or blog that you have as well as the standard and criteria that you are looking for. Each advertiser has its own program term and policy at Commission Junction. 4. Click one of the advertisers in the General Categories. Start searching for their text links and banners related to your business page. In order to find out more about their business program, you can click on the name of the advertiser as well as their additional information like the "View Links" or "View Products". 5. Examine the way each advertiser pays out for every sales or leads. Many publishers want to check this out thoroughly prior applying because a lead is

different from a sale. A lead is when an online visitor or customer signs up for a free trial offer. Other advertisers consider a lead if this person will give his or her contact information. A sale could make a publisher earn a bigger commission, but as always, this will also depend on the advertiser's terms and conditions. You could opt to choose advertisers that pay for leads, clicks or sales. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 6. Apply for each advertiser that you had selected. You need to agree to their terms and conditions so read them carefully prior submitting your application. Click the "Advertiser List" and check the box of the advertiser that you want to apply for, under the category "Advertiser Search Results". Once you're done choosing the right advertisers for your website or blog, click "Apply to Program". Look for an advertiser that sells a service or product that is directly associated with your website or blog. Matching the right advertiser to your website or blog will provide you more passive income. Some advertisers will approve you automatically while others will take up to a few days depending on their approval process. If you'll receive an approval notification coming from an advertiser's program, you can see their links through the "Get Links" under "By Relationship" list. This is a list of all the advertisers that have already approved your application so that you can post their links officially on your website or blog. 7. Locate the links or banners from various advertisers. Select wisely the banners and links that you would like to use for your website or blog by clicking "Get Link" under "By Relationship" list. Copy and paste these links in areas of your web pages where online visitors will usually read your content and view the related and interesting ads so it will be clicked. Be sure to click the name of each advertiser under "By Relationship" and not the view links so that you can check if your "Status" is active. This is important because if you choose to post a link from an advertiser that says you're not active, then this means that you will not be able to collect a commission on the sales or leads that your website or blog will be able to get. 8. Placing commercial links to your website or blog. Find a link that you like and click on it then copy HTML or JAVA for each of those links and paste it into your website or blog. Generally, each advertiser will provide you with various text or banner links for your website or blog by clicking on "view links".

A list will just pop up for all those links that you can post on your website or blog. Preview your website after you had pasted those links prior publishing it to check if the ads are properly placed into each page. Once you're contented to those links and its placement, click publish and the links should appear once you check it through Google or Yahoo. Your site is now monetized by Commission Junction and you'll be able to watch the amount of dollars that will start to increase everyday by checking it out through your CJ account. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Tips: See to it that your website is ready for affiliate marketing prior applying to CJ's advertisers since they will also check your site or blog if it's appropriate for their products and services. For example, if your website or blog is about parenting, you would choose services such as baby products so that it will match to the content of your site or blog. Some advertisers will approve you immediately once you submit your application while others need to approve you manually. It's advisable to use a paid web hosting service in order to boost your traffic as well as avoid certain issues with regards to the terms and conditions from other advertisers at Commission Junction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Warnings: Commission Junction is known to provide a top quality pay-for-performance service to their hard-working publishers. As a publisher, you need to follow CJ's Publisher Code of Conduct in order to earn the right to work in their marketplace. It is free to sign up for a CJ account. Commission Junction will allow their products and services to be promoted on their publishers' websites or blogs. Generally, you're not allowed to promote these products directly on social media like Myspace, Facebook or Twitter. Commission Junction is an affiliate program that has publishers and advertisers. These advertisers come from different companies that provide publishers at CJ a percentage of a sale, or commission for a lead. Publishers get sales and leads when they post the advertisers links on their website or blog. Every time an online user or visitor clicks on that link and buys something, then these publishers get a percentage of that sale. Publishers can

receive a commission if some one clicks on that link and fills out a form for those online customers filling out the form, which is also considered as a lead. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Youtube version for better understanding: Commission Junction (CJ) Tutorial Commission Junction (CJ) Publisher Training ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top