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Dec 30, 2013 ... pass total to 55 this season and set an NFL mark with 5,477 yards passing. Joe Amon, The Denver ... home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs and will face the lowest- seeded remaining ... NFL playoff bracket»7B. SUICIDE ...

SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS 15 IN RUSSIA »nation & world, 10A

Marshals arrest suspect in Rye slayings. DENVER & THE WEST »2A

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR BANK? Four essential questions you should ask about your account. »$MART, 1C

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ringing in 2014: Seven ways to eat for good luck in the New Year. »

First City Facility to Ban Possession


The airport adopts the new pot policy to combat interstate tra∞cking. By Kristen Leigh Painter and Eric Gorski The Denver Post

Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas and quarterback Peyton Manning celebrate a 63-yard touchdown pass in Sunday’s 34-14 win over the Raiders. Manning, who did not play in the second half, extended his NFL-record touchdown pass total to 55 this season and set an NFL mark with 5,477 yards passing. Joe Amon, The Denver Post »broncos extra, 1B

Playoff picture and tickets With a 34-14 victory at Oakland on Sunday, the Broncos earned home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs and will face the lowestseeded remaining team after the wild-card round. The Broncos will play in the divisional round at 2:40 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 12. Tickets will go on sale Tuesday at 10 a.m., available through Ticket-

master by calling 1-800-745-3000 or at Ticket prices range from $65-$210 for reserved seats and $250-$425 for club seats. There is a limit of four tickets per household. NFL playoff bracket»7B

Denver International Airport will be the first city facility to prohibit marijuana possession on all of its property as it attempts to combat illegal interstate trafficking in the face of federal law. Airport officials plan to begin enforcing the new policy, which is the furthestreaching among the city’s marijuana limitations, in early January. Recently adopted city ordinances ban the display and transfer — but not mere possession — of marijuana on city-owned property including parks, the 16th Street Mall, streets and sidewalks near schools. “We talked to all of (the federal agencies involved), and they’ve expressed concern for good reason, but it was our decision based on the way the airport operates,” said Stacey Stegman, DIA spokeswoman. “We didn’t want to impact other airports and other agencies, and we didn’t want to facilitate transporting marijuana across state lines.” Stegman said DIA chose to bar all possession and display of pot to eliminate confusion and make the same rules apply to all. She said the presence of federal agencies at DIA also was a factor; marijuana remains illegal under federal law. The airport has discretion to set such rules under state law and city charter, said Denver Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell. “Amendment 64 broadly decriminalized the possession of marijuana, but the caveat is that the owner of a facility can impose special restrictions,” Broadwell said. DIA » 8A

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Home at last, soldier’s burial brings comfort to family Pilot’s remains ID’d after more than 6 decades By Kurtis Lee The Denver Post

The date was March 20, 1945, and World War II was nearing its end when Capt. Franklin B. Tostevin climbed into his F-6P and set out on a low-level reconnaissance mission over Eigen, Germany. It would be the 22-year-old’s last mission. As he leveled the aircraft to 100 feet so he could relay the exact enemy location to his comrades flying larger P-47 fighters, smallarms fire from the ground hit his plane, causing it to bank right and crash in a fireball. “He was never seen again; nothing, he just disappeared,” Daniel Tostevin, who

lives in Erie, said about the uncle he never had a chance to meet. “It’s just devastated my family, especially my dad.” For much of the 1940s, the pain of losing a loved one overwhelmed Daniel’s father, Donald. Donald and Franklin’s oldest brother died in a car accident in 1940. A year later, their mother passed away from a stroke. “It was just my dad and Franklin at that point,” said Daniel of his father and uncle, who grew up in New Jersey. “Then Dad lost Franklin. We all knew what had happened, but Dad over the years closed up about the WAR » 6A

Daniel Tostevin and his wife, Cora, with photos of his uncle, Capt. Franklin B. Tostevin, a U.S. Army pilot in World War II whose remains were recently identified and returned for burial. Cyrus McCrimmon, The Denver Post

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