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Introduction. The Manager's Human Resource Management Jobs ... HR Planning and Recruiting ... Human Resource Management – 13th Edition by Gary Dessler.

Human Resources Management Course Objectives The module is designed to enable the student to:

Design, introduce and use good practice with regard to recruitment, selection, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Organise and maintain appropriate employee records and to extract relevant statistics.

Understand and operate systems for the implementation and operation of payroll/reward to fit different circumstances; e.g. salary, day-rate, part-time, shift work, bonuses.

Design, introduce and use systems to ensure compliance with employment legislation.

Syllabus Content Introduction The Manager's Human Resource Management Jobs Strategic Planning and Strategic Trends HR's Strategic Role Recruitment and Placement The Nature of Job Analysis Methods of collecting Job Analysis Information Writing Job Descriptions Writing Job Specifications Jon Analysis in a “Jobless" World HR Planning and Recruiting Employment Planning and Forecasting Effective Recruiting Internal Sources of Candidates Outside Sources of Candidates Recruiting a more Diverse Workforce Developing and Using Application Forms

Employee Tasting and Selecting Basic Testing Concepts Types of tests Work Samples and Simulations Others Selection Techniques Preemployment Information Services Interviewing Candidates Basic Features of Interviews What can undermine an Interview's usefulness Designing and Conducting the Effective Interview Training and Development Orienting Employees The Training Process Traditional Training Methods Electronic Training Training for Special Purposes Managerial Development and Training Evaluating the Training Effort Managing Strategic Organisational Renewal HR's Role in Organisation Change Managing Organisational Change and Development Instituting Total Quality Management Programs Creating Team-Based Organisations HR and Business Process Reengineering Flexible Work Arrangements Appraising and Managing Performance The Appraisal Process Appraisal Methods Appraising Performance: Problems and Solutions The Appraisal Interview The Role of Appraisals in Managing Performance Managing Dismissals Compensation Determining Pay Rates Establishing Pay Rates Pricing Managerial and Professional Jobs Compensation Trends

Employee Safety and Health Why Employee Safety and Health are Important Occupational Safety Law Management Commitment and Safety What Cause Accidents How to Prevent accidents Employee Health: Problems and Remedies Relevant legislation e.g. Employment Act, Workmen Compensation. Study Text Human Resource Management – 13th Edition by Gary Dessler