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Spanish Syllabus: 6th grade. 2012-2013 Academic Year. Dear Immaculata Parents,. ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! My name is Ms. Caroline Borer and I ...

Immaculata Catholic School Spanish Syllabus: 6th grade 2012-2013 Academic Year Dear Immaculata Parents, ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! My name is Ms. Caroline Borer and I have the privilege of teaching your son/ daughter this year. This is my first year at Immaculata, so I wanted to take the time to introduce myself. Although I am a North Carolina native, I have lived in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Guatemala. I received my Bachelor’s in Spanish Education from Appalachian State University in 2008, and I have been teaching secondary and tertiary English and Spanish ever since. Most recently, I spent 2011 in Uruguay teaching English through the US Department of State. I am very excited to share my experiences and passion for Spanish with your son/ daughter! I strive to maintain a respectful, fun, and loving environment in my classroom that fosters sharing and growth from each student. The curriculum will incorporate many hands-on and real life activities that make the language relevant and applicable for the students. Below are a course description, syllabus, and a small wish list. Please read through it, and then sign and return the Parent/ Student Compliance Form as soon as possible. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about the syllabus or course, please do not hesitate to contact me at 919-682-5847 or [email protected] Also, please know that my door is always open and you are always welcome to stop by and see what we’re doing in la clase de Español! I want parents to feel like an active participant in their child’s learning process. Thank you in advance for your involvement, support, and generosity. I look forward to working with you and sharing a wonderful school year together! I am very excited to be a part of the Immaculata family. ¡Muchisimas gracias y que Dios les bendiga! Thank you and God Bless! Señorita Borer Course Description: Students will receive Spanish instruction three times a week. The focus of the Spanish curriculum is to advance the listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills of each student as well as developing a cultural awareness inherent in the Spanish language. This Spanish course will foster the appreciation of commonalities and differences amongst cultures, peoples, and languages. In addition to cross-cultural understanding, there will be an emphasis on the acquisition of basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary through communicative and real-life applications. Main Topics and Skills to be acquired (First Semester) 1. Review of Prayers in Spanish 2. Overview of The Spanish-Speaking World 3. Review of School and Class vocabulary and phrases 4. Capitulo 1A (Chapter 1A): The verb “To Like”, action verbs, negatives 5. Capitulo 1B (Chapter 1B): Personality traits, noun-adjective agreement, articles Materials Needed: - Three-ring binder with loose-leaf paper (1” size is sufficient) - Pencil for class work and notes - Dry erase marker (any color) - ½ yard of canvas for Hispanic Heritage Project

Grading Policy: Each chapter will have 2-3 quizzes for checking comprehension with a cumulative test at the end. There will be at least one project/ presentation each quarter with ample time for preparation in and outside of class. Participation is greatly encouraged in Señorita Borer’s classroom and will be factored into each student’s speaking grade. Homework reinforces what we learn each day and is an essential part of the advancement of language. - Formal Presentations/ Projects/ Tests 100 points - Quizzes 20- 50 points - Speaking Activities 30 points - Classwork/ Homework 10 points Class Policies and Rules: Being present is an essential part of language learning; therefore, students must not only be physically and mentally present, but also be ready to participate in class each day. Students must come prepared to work with the required class materials and have all assignments completed. Assignments will be either checked in class or collected by the teacher at the teacher’s discretion. Clear, legible work is expected. If work is illegible, you will receive a “0”. All assignments must have the student’s name, date, and assignment name in the top right-hand corner of the paper. All returned assignments must be kept in the student’s binder for further reference and study. No copying or plagiarism of homework, projects, writing assignments, or tests/ quizzes will be tolerated. To copy or plagiarize is to steal another student’s work. Please see the Student Handbook about Academic Honesty and Integrity and school-wide consequences. Any work determined as copied or plagiarized will receive a “0” and communication to the parent. Use of Internet translators is strictly prohibited. Students are permitted to use online dictionaries to look up single words, just as in a paper dictionary. The use of Internet translators to look up word phrases or to complete writing assignments is not allowed. Any use of an Internet translator will result in a “0” and communication to the parent. If absent, students should check the class web site or with a classmate for any missed assignments so that they can prepare themselves for what they have missed. Students can also email the teacher ([email protected] ). Students will be granted one day of make up time for each day absent. It is THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to collect missed work. Respect yourself, your classmates and your teacher. Treat others as you would like to be treated as well as respecting yourself. Communication in class is one at a time. Do not speak while others (especially the teacher) are speaking. Disruptive, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Use common sense in all of your classroom practices. If you don’t think you should be doing it, then don’t. Wish List: - Authentic items from Latin America or Spain - Age Appropriate, Spanish language books, music, DVDs, toys or stickers for prizes/ rewards, materials, etc. - Markers (whiteboard, Crayola, or fabric) - Ziploc bags (any size) - Discarded/ Unwanted magazines

Please send any donations with your son/ daughter in a bag with a label on it. ¡Mil gracias!

Immaculata Catholic School 721 Burch Avenue Durham, NC 27701 919.682.5847 Parent and Student Compliance Statement For Course: 6th Grade Spanish Teacher: Ms. Caroline Borer __________________________________ ________________________________ Print Student’s Last Name First Name I have read and understand the expectations, rules, and procedures set out in the course syllabus. __________________________________ Student’s Signature

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Note: Return this form to the teacher by the Friday, August 31st, 2012.