Insights into the Mechanism of Cationic Dye

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Apr 15, 2018 - IF2016: 3.359. 9th February 2018, 192: 36–45. (SEPPUR14069).

IF2015: 1.338

H. N. Tran, S.-J. You*, and H.-P. Chao*

H. N. Tran*, S.-J. You*, V. T. Nguyen, and H.-P. Chao*

Effect of Pyrolysis Temperatures and Times on The Adsorption of Cadmium onto Orange Peel Derived Biochar

Insight into the Adsorption Mechanism of Cationic Dye onto Biosorbents Derived from Agricultural Wastes

1st February 2016, 34(2): 129-138


IF2016: 1.297

2nd September 2017, 204(9): 1020-1036


H. N. Tran*, S.-J. You*, and H.-P. Chao*

H. N. Tran, F.-C. Huang, C.-K. Lee, and H.-P. Chao*

Thermodynamic Parameters of Cadmium Adsorption onto Orange Peel Calculated from various Methods: A Comparison Study

Activated Carbon Derived from Spherical Hydrochar Functionalized with Triethylenetetramine: Synthesis, Characterizations, and Adsorption Application

IF2016: NA

September 2016, 4(3): 267–2682

December 2017, 6(6): 565–576

IF2016: 0.782


H. N. Tran*, C.-K. Lee, M. T. Vu, H.-P. Chao*

H. N. Tran*, S.-J. You*, and H.-P. Chao*

Removal of Copper, Lead, Methylene Green 5, and Acid Red 1 by Saccharide-Derived Spherical Biochar Prepared at Low Calcination Temperatures: Adsorption Kinetics, Isotherms, and Thermodynamics

Fast and Efficient Adsorption of Methylene Green 5 on Activated Carbon Prepared from New Chemical Activation Method IF2016: 4.010

1st March 2017, 188: 322–336


IF2016: 2.007

October 2017, 10: 228–401

H. N. Tran, V. V. Pham, and H.-P. Chao*

Insight into Adsorption Mechanism of Cationic Dye onto Agricultural Residues-derived Hydrochars: Negligible Role of pi-pi Interaction

Surfactant Modified Zeolite as Amphiphilic and Dualelectronic Adsorbent for Removal of Cationic and Oxyanionic Metal ions and Organic Compounds

IF2016: 3.743

1st January 2018, 147: 55–63


H.-P. Chao*, L.-H. C. Hsieh, and H. N. Tran

H. N. Tran*, Y.-F. Wang, S.-J. You*, and H.-P. Chao*

Insights into the Mechanism of Cationic Dye Adsorption on Activated Charcoal: The Importance of Pi-Pi Interactions IF2016: 2.905 (PSEP977)

IF2016: 6.942 (WR12811)

H. N. Tran*, S.-J. You*, and H.-P. Chao*

June 2017, 34(6): 1708-1720


IF2016: 1.702


April 2017, 107: 168–180

Increase in Volatilization of Organic Compounds Using Air Sparging through Addition in Alcohol in a Soil-Water System IF2016: 6.065

15th February 2018, 344: 942–949


H. N. Tran*, S.-J. You, A. Hosseini-Bandegharaei, and H.-P. Chao*

H. N. Tran*, C.-C. Lin, and H.-P. Chao*

Mistakes and Inconsistencies Regarding Adsorption of Contaminants from Aqueous Solutions: A Critical Review

Amino Acids-intercalated Mg/Al Layered Double Hydroxides as Dual-electronic Adsorbent for Effective Removal of Cationic and Oxyanionic Metal Ions

1st September 2017, 120: 88–116

IF2016: 3.359 (SEPPUR14069)

9th February 2018, 192: 36–45

IF2016: 0.754

H. N. Tran, S.-J. You*, and H.-P. Chao*

H. N. Tran*, C.-K. Lee, T. V. Nguyen, H.-P. Chao*

Activated Carbons from Golden Shower upon Different Chemical Activation Methods: Synthesis and Characterizations

Saccharide-derived Microporous Spherical Biochar Prepared from Hydrothermal Carbonization and Different Pyrolysis Temperatures: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in Water Treatment

February–March 2018, 36(1–2): 95–113


IF2016: 1.751

H. N. Tran*, C.-C. Lin, S. H. Woo, and H.-P. Chao*

H. N. Tran, Y.-C. Ween, Y.-F. Wang, S.-J. You*

Efficient Removal of Copper and Lead by Mg/Al Layered Double Hydroxides Intercalated with Organic Acid Anions: Adsorption Kinetics, Isotherms, and Thermodynamics

Highly Efficient Removal of Hazardous Aromatic Pollutants by Micro-nano Spherical Carbons Synthesized from Different Chemical Activation Methods: A Comparison Study 2018

IF2015: 3.101

15th March 2018, 154: 17–27


IF2016: 1.751 (TENT1422551)

M. T. Vu, H.-P. Chao, T. V. Trinh, T. T. Le, C.-C. Lin, and H. N. Tran*

Removal of Ammonium from Groundwater using NaOH-Treated Activated Carbon Derived from Corncob Wastes: Batch and Column Experiments IF2016: 5.715

10th April 2017, 180: 560–570


IF2016: 3.743

Adsorption Property of Br-PADAP-Impregnated Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes towards Uranium and its Performance in the Selective Separation and Determination of Uranium in Different Environmental Samples th

15 April 2018, 150: 136–143

Comments on “Effect of Temperature on the Adsorption of Methylene Blue Dye onto Sulfuric Acid–Treated Orange Peel” IF2016: 1.297

H. N. Tran*

Comments on “Characterization and Adsorption Capacity of Raw Pomegranate Peel Biosorbent for Copper Removal” IF2016: 5.715 (JCLP8641)



IF2016: 2.741

Chapter 12. Sustainable Biochars Derived From Various Agricultural Wastes for Removal of Methylene Green 5 from an Aqueous Solution: Adsorption Kinetics, Isotherms, Thermodynamics and Mechanisms 16 October 2017

I. Anastopoulos*, A. Robalds, H. N. Tran*, D. Mitrogiannis, D. A. Giannakoudakis, A. Hosseini-Bandegharaei, G. L. Dotto.

H. N. Tran and H.-P. Chao*


15 February 2017, 144: 553-558

H. N. Tran*, Y.-F. Wang, S.-J. You, and H.-P. Chao

Supersorption Capacity of Anionic Dye by Newer Chitosan Hydrogel Capsules via Green Surfactant Exchange Method IF2016: 5.951

2nd January 2017, 204(1): 134–139


S. Chatterjee, H. N. Tran, O.-B. Godfred, and S. H. Woo*

(MSC: sc7b03929)

H. N. Tran*

Khamirchi, R., A. Hosseini-Bandegharaei*, A. Alahabadi, S. Sivamani, A. Rahmani-Sani, T. Shahryari, I. Anastopoulos, M. Miri, and H. N. Tran*




Adsorption and Desorption of Potentially Toxic Metals on Modified Biosorbents through New Green Grafting Process

Chapter . Leaf Biosorbents for the Removal of Heavy Metals 2018



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