(Insulin-Dependent) Diabetes - Clinical Chemistry

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May 15, 1992 - with WaldenstrOm macroglobulinemia. Clinical onset of type 1 diabetes is apparently accompanied by increased productionof 1gM.


38/9, 1762-1767 (1992)

Increased Concentrations of Total 1gMat Clinical Onset of Type 1 (Insulin-Dependent) Diabetes: Correlation with 1gM Binding to Cells Tine



Vandewalle, Daniel Pipeleers,

Eighty patients with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes (ages 0-39 years) were consecutively recruited by the Belgian Diabetes Registry. Sera obtained at clinically diagnosed onset (i.e., before start of insulin therapy or within 7 days of initial treatment) were analyzed for total 1gM concentrations and for 1gM binding to fixed rat splenocytes (lgM-LyAb) and permeabilized rat islet cells (lgM-ICAb). Comparison of results with those in age- and sex-matched control subjects, by fluorescence-activated cell-sorter analysis, indicated greater concentrations of lgM-LyAb and lgM-ICAb in sera from the patients. 1gM antibodies reacted indiscriminately with islet f3 and islet endocrine non-3 cells. The prevalence of lgM-ICAb, but not of lgM-LyAB, was significantly (P