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Kaplan Nursing and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Integrated ... Integrated Testing + NCLEX-PN® Exam Review course: $350 .... Let's work together for success.

Kaplan Nursing and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Integrated Testing Program + NCLEX-PN Review ®*

Outstanding service, proven results, and great value.

Integrated Testing + NCLEX-PN Exam Review from a powerful combination of experts.


The Kaplan/LWW partnership offers nursing schools One call to Kaplan and I had individualized remediation plans for each student within a , few short hours. I didn t think that this quality of customer

a truly unique experience. As nurse educators, we understand your needs and are committed to delivering measurable results with exceptional service.

service existed any longer!

✓ We’ll handle student registration. Just send us your rosters.

Jayne Kendle PNC, MS(N)

✓ F aculty reports are available online and exportable to Excel.

Chair and Associate Professor Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN

✓ F ree training and orientation ensures the program’s success. It includes faculty training and orientation by our team of experienced nursing consultants, as well as on-site student orientation for every cohort. Our expert staff is always available by phone or email to answer questions.

✓ P ersonal, local support is available from Kaplan staff all over the country. A team member is always nearby to help solve issues in person.

✓ C lassroom, On Demand, or Classroom Anywhere


let your students choose their study based on preference and schedule, even if they can’t make it to a classroom.


1-800-KAP-TEST |

Integrated Testing with NCLEX® Exam Review Course Admission Test | Integrated Testing with Remediation •S  ecure normed end-of-course tests,

standard or customized •R  eadiness Test that predicts

NCLEX-PN® Exam success • Focused Review practice tests • Robust remediation resources • Kaplan Basics Book •M  onitoring student use of online

remediation resources • Individual student and cohort reporting

NCLEX-PN® Exam Review Course • 14 hours of class time • PN Qbank with over 1,000 practice questions • 24/7 Online Study Center access • Review of class questions • Kaplan NCLEX-PN® Exam Course Book

Kaplan NCLEX-PN® With more than 1,000 exam-like application and analysis-level questions, Qbank is available for use during the final semester. Students can create custom practice tests, review detailed explanations and track performance in real time.

Pricing Integrated Testing + NCLEX-PN® Exam Review course: $350 Price per student divided by the number of semesters of program use. | 1-800-KAP-TEST


Secure, Valid Tests with Question Quality Expert nursing faculty develop and categorize questions by level of difficulty, the Nursing

Admission Test Evaluates basic reading, writing, math, and science knowledge Can be used for admission or to evaluate incoming students

Process, clinical concepts, demographics, and the NCLEX-PN® Exam test plan blueprint.

End-of-Course Tests

Tests are nationally normed and statistically

75-question end-of-course tests

analyzed to ensure that they are valid and reliable testing instruments. Total percent correct and percentile rank for each test provide an accurate indication of performance. For maximum end-of-course and exit test security, test question order is randomized

Interface and timing based on the NCLEX-PN® Exam Adult Health Developing Family Gerontology IC Therapy

for every user at each test administration.

Pharmacology I

The tests are available only on the specific

Pharmacology II

date and time determined by your school.

Pharmacology III Foundations Nutrition Psychology

Readiness Test


1-800-KAP-TEST |

Methods of Robust Remediation Online Remediation Explanations • 24/7 access from student home page •R  emediation is available for all questions—

not just incorrect ones • I ncludes content from LWW Nursing

Incredibly Easy ® textbook series - Overview - Essentials for Nursing Care - Background for Nursing Care

Online Focused Review Practice Tests •E  ight 30-question tests with explanations

for additional review • 24/7 access to unlimited practice

Kaplan Basics Book •5  00+ pages of review with easy-to-understand

outlines, tables and graphs •P  repares students for reading assignments

and tests

Meet ... Dr. Susan Sanders DNP, RN, NEA-BC Vice President, Nursing

Q: Why did you choose to become a nurse? A: I love that by being a nurse I’m in the profession of helping people— whether it’s students, other nurses, patients or families. Q: Why did you choose to lead Kaplan Nursing? A: Kaplan has a great reputation in the nursing community for their focus on student success. I’ve devoted much of my career doing the same—developing successful students and watching them become nurses. Q: What makes Kaplan Nursing different? A: We’re nurse educators ourselves, so we understand your needs. We work with you from day one to make sure that both you and your students are getting the most out of our program. We focus on the critical thinking skills that help students make the right clinical judgments—both during their program and beyond. | 1-800-KAP-TEST


Easy-to-Use Reports With detailed reporting, your students and faculty get access to valuable student performance information to identify knowledge gaps in specific content areas. Comparative reports compare cohort performance across specific performance measures

Aggregate Reports for Faculty and Administrators

Indicates cohort percent correct by category: Level of Question Difficulty, Nursing Process, Clinical Concepts, Demographics, and the NCLEX-PN® test plan blueprint Denotes time spent on remediation by cohort and individual student Customization of aggregate reports for cohorts and individual students Data easily exported to Excel for accreditation reports

Tracks answer changes and time used to answer questions Includes percentile rank compared to national norm group and total percent correct

Individual Student Reports

Indicates percent correct by category: Level of Question Difficulty, Nursing Process, Clinical Concepts, Demographics, and the NCLEX-PN® test plan blueprint Easy access on the student home page


1-800-KAP-TEST |

Kaplan is the industry leader for a reason: results ✓ T he Decision Tree is our exclusive, highly-acclaimed critical thinking framework designed to improve clinical reasoning skills.

✓ R eadiness Tests predict test success after completion of the review course. ✓ K aplan Online Study Center includes video-based question review, discussion of frequently-tested nursing content, as well as workshops and seminars.

✓ C lassroom, On Demand, or Classroom Anywhere

study options that are flexible

and convenient, to fit busy schedules.

 uestion Bank database of 1,000+ questions for practice on exam-style questions. ✓Q

You know us. You trust us.


Let’s work together for success. Consider us your partner for in-depth nursing content, testing and assessment expertise, and exceptional service from industry professionals, featuring:

✓ N o-hassle student registration ✓ F aculty reports ✓ F ree training and orientation ✓ P ersonal, local support ✓ F lexible Classroom, On Demand, or Classroom Anywhere™ course options We’re here to help. Call 1-800-KAP-TEST now to learn more about the Kaplan/LWW Integrated Testing Program.

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