January 2015

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Jan 7, 2015 ... Meeting 10:00am. OPTIONAL LUNCH: Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen & Wine Bar ... Wine Tasting Monies: $247.07 ..... Bierbower, Winkie (Bill).

New Annapolitans News January 2015 www.Annapolitans.org New Annapolitans P.O. Box 5251 Annapolis, MD 21403-0700 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Bette Henick (410-267-1507) [email protected]


GENERAL MEETING: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 PROGRAM: “From Mozart to Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Musical Don Juan” WHERE: Unitarian Universalist Church, 333 Dubois Rd., Annapolis, MD WHEN: Social time 9:30-10a.m. Meeting 10:00am OPTIONAL LUNCH: Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen & Wine Bar

**Prospective members are invited to check in with the VP-Membership at 9:15am** General meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month except February, July and August.

When winter arrives in Annapolis, it reminds me of how I survived living in places with climates much harsher than ours here in Maryland. Almost fifty years ago we were living in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. The snow stayed on the ground throughout the winter. While it was beautiful at first, it became depressingly layered with dirt with each successive snowfall. We often joked that I tended to “grow roots” rather than brave the elements. At the time I was able to hook up our Saint Bernard, “Rosie” to a sled specially designed to transport our 3-year-old son as well as groceries. We were fortunate to live within walking distance to a little shopping center, so I did not need to drive too much in snowy conditions. Just fifteen years ago we lived on Lake Okoboji in northwest Iowa. Those severe winters with temperatures hovering below freezing for weeks at a time brought back images from the Laura Ingalls Wilder book series, “Little House on the Prairie.” It was while living there that I fell in love with my Ugg boots (way before they became popular) and my Eddie Bauer parka designed for 30- below weather. There certainly were beautiful snow scenes and new adventures to explore such as ice fishing and driving onto a frozen lake. At the same time “white outs,” unheard of on the east coast, made driving in the snow quite hazardous. These “winter” experiences were a contributing factor in our choice of Annapolis as a place to retire. Our Maryland winters are usually less severe. We are also fortunate to have access to multiple fine medical facilities and an array of cultural activities in Baltimore and the Greater Washington area in addition to Annapolis. It is during these winter months, when one may tend to stay indoors, that the many New Annapolitans interest groups keep us connected and involved to each other and the community. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015, Bette Henick


1st VICE PRESIDENT-NEWCOMERS Georgina Hammond (410-263-4342) [email protected] Happy New Year! All Newcomers (new members are newcomers for a year after joining) are invited to alternating coffees at 10am or teas at 1pm on the third Thursday of each month. January's newcomer’s tea will be held at the home of Tessie LaRose Ballard on January 15th. Please join us to meet other newcomers and learn about events in and around Annapolis. Watch for an email from your Big Sister, and mark your calendars for these fun get-togethers.


www.annapolitans.org where links are available to download our current newsletter and New Member Application. 4th VICE PRESIDENT-INTEREST GROUPS Ann Dixon (443-458-5042) [email protected] Happy New Year! It's the time for making resolutions. Make a new resolution to review all the interest groups, and maybe you will see something new that piques your interest. Resolve to try one new interest group in 2015. Just contact the chair. Have fun.

Ana Garcia (956-763-7550) [email protected]

SECRETARY SUNSHINE, SYMPATHY & SUPPORT Mary Lou Fultz (410-798-4637) [email protected]

To start off our 30th year, we welcome a past favorite, a performance by the Anne Arundel Community College’s Music department under the direction of Doug Byerly, Chair and Performing Arts Associate Professor of Music. The program is titled “From Mozart to Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Musical Don Juan.”

We sent thinking of you cards to Marilyn Wright and Susan Veccia, and get well cards Terry Martini, Linda Siner and Barbara Most. We sent Best Wishes to Joanna Clarke on her recent marriage. We sent a sympathy card to Wanda Wishard on the passing of her husband Stuart.

The optional lunch after the program will be at Carpaccio, located at One Park Place, Annapolis. http://carpacciotuscankitchen.com

Please keep members and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Also, please send Mary Lou any names and information about other members who would benefit from a card sent on behalf of all New Annapolitans.

The $25 two-course lunch includes tax and gratuity. Cash payment will be taken in the church lobby before the General Meeting. If you are arriving late or can't make the meeting and would like to join us for lunch, e-mail or call Judy Spiewak to reserve your seat at 508-877-2686.

Parking Reminder: Do not park in front of the main entrance of the church and playground. Please park in front of the tree line across from the entrance, from Dubois Road on the grassy area along the drive entrance on the left, or in the secondary parking lot behind the main building.

3rd VICE PRESIDENT-MEMBERSHIP Ann Carroll (410-224-2753) [email protected] We begin the new year with 626 members, a few more than we had this time last year. We’ve also welcomed back a couple of late renewals. Our renewal rate is 88%. If you know anyone who has recently moved to the Greater Annapolis area and expressed an interest in joining New Annapolitans, please ask her to contact me. Be sure to encourage prospective members to visit the New Annapolitans' website at

TREASURER Terry Martini (443-221-7260) [email protected] All checks for club functions should be made payable to New Annapolitans. To receive payment, interest group chairs should submit a yellow “Request for Payment” form and appropriate receipts. Deposits given to the Treasurer should be accompanied by a pink “Checks for Deposit” form. All transactions can be mailed to Terry Martini, 2156 Chesapeake Harbour Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403. 2

Please contact the Treasurer if you have any questions or need any forms. Treasurer’s Report November 30, 2014

      

Receipts: $1391.58 Disbursements: $3510.49 Community Outreach Monies: $7360.86 Music Lovers Circle Monies: $123.01 Wine Tasting Monies: $247.07 NA Excess Reserves: $12747.42 NA Reserves : $20,000.00

HOUSE/HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Dianne McConnell (443-949-7345) [email protected] Kathleen DuShane (410-956-2476) [email protected] Mary Tarr (443-949-9697) [email protected] Maureen O’Rourke (443-949-0708) [email protected] T.C. Magnotti (410-263-3195)[email protected]

Thank you to all the ladies who provided refreshments at our December General Meeting. Everything was delicious.

Baby Pantry – Community Outreach A Special Thanks to All New Annapolitans who donated to the Baby Pantry at the December general meeting. You set a new record!! Over $2,000 was delivered to the Food Link for the Baby Pantry! Because their storage area had been depleted - they were "overjoyed" to receive this amazing contribution from YOU!

General Meeting Cancellation Policy When the Anne Arundel County Schools are closed or are on delayed opening due to inclement weather, the New Annapolitans’ monthly General Meeting will be cancelled. Please monitor local media for school closing announcements.

HISTORIANS Linda Allen (410-263-1287) [email protected] Donna Gibbons (814-574-2417) [email protected] Ann Baird (504-401-0049) [email protected] Barb Young (609-638-2765) [email protected] Pat Casey (410-216-7025) [email protected]

Have you signed up for the Birthday Luncheon? For the flyer with the reservation form, go to www.annapolitans.org/newsletters/luncheon.pdf

Please help us record the 2014-15 New Annapolitans year in pictures. Take photos of your interest group activities,then email them to Donna Gibbons or hand them to any of the historians. Please be sure to include the interest group’s name, the names of those pictured, and any other information pertinent to the photograph.



When participating in an interest group activity in a member’s home, please give the hostess a minimum of three days’ notice for reservations or cancellations. No reservations may be taken until an event is announced in the newsletter. No refunds will be given for cancellations unless there are replacements from the waiting list. If there is no waiting list or other replacements from the membership, no refund will be given. Checks for any event should be made out to New Annapolitans. You must be a paid member to participate in interest group activities. All interest groups are voluntary and self-sustaining.

Book Clubs AFTER HOURS Elizabeth (E.J.) Ashbourne (202-468-3640) [email protected] Lynn Moore (571-214-8202) [email protected] Sandy Nash (805-680-8161) [email protected] After Hours welcomes New Annapolitan members to join us for evening and weekend activities, whatever members plan. Members will be notified by email if events change. Please contact the chair if you wish to be added to the group's email list. Update on New Year’s Day Open House- Esmé Scott and Virginia Henry are co-hosting an Open House on January 1st from 2-5 PM with a progressive theme as we move from appetizers at Esmé’s house ( 2722 Yeoman’s Lantern Ct. in Heritage Harbour to desserts at Virginia’s home 2727 Yeoman’s Lantern Ct. Space is limited. Please RSVP to Esmé at [email protected] and plan to bring an appetizer or dessert. Directions and more details are going out shortly to everyone who sends an RSVP. ALL-COMERS TENNIS Kim Taft (410-349-1891) [email protected]

AFTERNOON BOOKIES (2nd Thursday 2-4 p.m.) Ann Ziegler (410-604-3560) [email protected] Gabrielle Strandquist (410-757-6632) [email protected] Gabriel Strandquist will host our January 8th meeting. We will be discussing: The Coroner’s Lunch by Colin Cotterill. All are welcome but an RSVP is required. Please call Gabrielle at, 410-757-6632 or email: [email protected] Space may be limited. AFTERNOON TEA BOOK CLUB (4th Wednesday at 2 p.m.) Irene Bise (410-849-3705) [email protected] Deke Kidwell (443-949-8182) [email protected] Beth Arruda (252-671-0718) [email protected] The next meeting will be January 28th. at the home of Sandy Adler. The book that we will be discussing is Orphan Train by Christine Kline Baker. Members on our email list have received the calendar of books, discussion leaders and hostesses for the year. If you plan to attend the January discussion, please contact Sandy Adler at 410-626-1151 or [email protected]

Grab your racquet, grab your shoes. Winter weather is upon us, but we are still playing tennis! If the weather cooperates, we play outdoors, if not, we search for indoor possibilities. All are welcome. Please contact Kim Taft if you are interested in joining our Tennis group.


BIBLIOPHILES (2 nd Thursday at 1 p.m.) Jean Phillips (410-757-7774) [email protected]

phone. If you email or leave a voicemail message, do not assume you are in until you get a response from us. Tables will be filled on a first-come basis. Carpools are recommended. If you need a ride, please contact us.

Bibliophiles will meet on January 8th at the home of Karen Kelly. The book for JANUARY is George Washington’s Secret Six: The spy ring that saved the American Revolution by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger. The Discussion Leader is Joan Lampshire.

BEGINNER BRIDGE( Every Monday 1:30-3:30p.m.) Marlene Robbins (443-221-7729)

The FEBRUARY book will be The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. HEADLINES & HISTORY BOOK CLUB (4th Tuesday, 2-4 p.m.) Judy Spiewak (508-877-2686) [email protected] Betty Green (410-268-2234)[email protected] The book selection for the January 23rd meeting of the Headlines and History Book Club is Truman by David McCullough. We will also be picking our book selections for the remainder of the year so please come with your suggestions. It will be at Judy Spiewak’s home, 66 Harbour Heights Drive, Annapolis in the Seabreeze townhouse complex at the corner of Bestgate Rd. and Medical Parkway. Please RSVP to Judy if you plan to attend at [email protected] WEDNESDAY MORNING BOOK CLUB (2nd Wednesday at 10 a.m.) Janette Jha (410-571-1432) or (cell 443-848-8559) [email protected] Gretchen Jones (410-263-0786) [email protected] We will meet on January 14th at the home of Janette Jha. We'll be discussing The Lowland, by Jhumpa Lahiri. BRIDGE – INTERMEDIATE (1st Tuesday) ElaineKahn(202-465-5250) [email protected] Rona Greenberg (410-897-0531) [email protected]

[email protected] cell: 772-713-4765 Pat Fitzgerald (410-991-3972) [email protected]

Beginner Bridge is underway after a series of three FANTASTIC bridge lessons given by Mary Ellen Dial, teacher extraordinaire. We all learned so much and are now trying to put it to good use. An e mail is sent out on Wednesday telling where the game will be held, and sign up is due by Friday for play on Monday. We will begin playing January 5th. We are all learning so we do talk and try to see what our responses should be if we are uncertain. We even replay hands to see where we might have done better. Don't be intimated by this group as we welcome all. It is fun! CANASTA CLUB – MODERN AMERICAN (Every Monday, 1 – 4 p.m.) Sharon Herr (410-573-9970) [email protected] Bonnie Smith (443-458-5123)[email protected] We meet at members’ homes to socialize from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. Then we play cards until 4 p.m. Contact either chair to be put on the email list. All are welcome! COMMUNITY OUTREACH (3rd Tuesday, social at 1 p.m., meeting at 1:15 p.m.) Jane Ferguson (410-544-3436) [email protected] Sara Moran (410-263-1793) [email protected] All are welcome at our next meeting on January 20th at Tessie Ballard's home. Co-hostesses are Barb Cabot and Matty Matzen. Please rsvp directly to Tessie at: [email protected]

The first place winner was Susan Miller, second place, Ellen Talbott and third place, Ilse Reynolds. The next game will be on January 6th at the Officers Club at the Naval Academy. We will send an invitation to those on our Evite contact list; others may respond by email or


COUPLES ACTIVITIES “Couple” definition: Two people, at least one of whom is a member of New Annapolitans

EVERYTHING COUPLES BRIDGE (4th Friday, 7:30 p.m.) Martha Schoenfeld (410-266-5949) [email protected] Congratulations to November winners- Joan Murray, Roger Paradis and Ed Crump. The next game will be January 23rd at the home of Martha and Richard Schoenfeld. If you would enjoy a fun evening of bridge, please contact the chairperson by phone or email. Members will be notified by evite of time and location of the game.

EVERYTHING COUPLES DINING AROUND Colin McIntosh (410-573-2028) [email protected] Catherine Mack (410-626-0068) [email protected] We are a group of couples – husband/wife/significant other – or if you are single, just grab a partner and come along. We usually meet for dinner during the third week of the month – we aim for Wednesday nights and occasionally a Sunday brunch. We try various locations, dress styles and price points. We explore new restaurants in the area, as well as enjoy established favorites. We meet for a social/cocktail hour followed by a fun-filled dinner in a group setting. Each couple orders from the menu and pays for their dinner on a separate check. Each month you will receive an e-mail well in advance stating the venue, the date and the time and where to send your “hold space” check. In order to reserve your place, we require a check for $30 per couple payable to New Annapolitans. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.

Your check will be returned to you at the restaurant. EVERYTHING COUPLES WINE TASTING Barb Young (609-638-2765) [email protected] Pat Strange (301-509-9522) [email protected] Meg Basinski (410-224-4142) [email protected] Victoria Duncan (410-263-2115) [email protected]

tasting. If you wish to be notified of this event, please send an Email to Vicki Duncan at [email protected] In addition, if the group is to continue, we need host homes to hold our events. All food and wine will be provided. You just provide the space for whatever number of guests you designate! If you are willing to host or if you have ideas for our events, please send Vicki an email at the above address.

FOTO FUN Kim Taft (240-447-8846) [email protected] Patti Muir (410-849-2542) [email protected] Foto Fun is starting 2015 with two fun options for Thursday, January 15th. We will do one of two things, weather dependent. One is to gather at a member's home and have a photo critique session. If it is a snowy day, we will do a photo walkabout in Annapolis. Either way we will stay local. The final decision will be emailed to the group. If you are interested in joining in and are not signed up on our email list, please contact Patti Muir or Kim Taft. FUN LUNCH (4th Thursday at noon) Elaine Kahn (202-465-5250) [email protected] Joan Lampshire (410-924-9401) [email protected] This is a casual get together of our members. We meet each month on the 4th Thursday at the home of a member. The hostess chooses the menu and/or theme. She may pick the number of people she can accommodate. The hostess may choose to team up with another member as co-hostess. Anything from paper plates to fine china is acceptable. The choice is up to the hostess. This is a relaxed and enjoyable get together. You will be informed by e-mail where the Fun Lunch is being held, the phone number of the hostess and given directions to the Fun Lunch. Just add your name to the Fun Lunch List. Please phone the hostess to let her know that you are going to attend.

Everything Couples Wine Tasting has no events scheduled for January. We hope to offer a February wine-


GADABOUTS Norma Kaladas (410-626-2027) [email protected] Stephanie Woll (410-571-9345) [email protected] For January, the Gadabouts has arranged for a customized tour of St. John’s College, our country's third oldest university. The tour will include the grounds; a discussion of their curriculum and lecture series; and a docent-led introduction to the newly-opened art exhibition, “A Lineage of American Perceptual Painters,” at the Mitchell Gallery. Our visit will conclude with a gourmet lunch prepared by Bon Appetit Catering served in St. John’s dining room. Our visit is scheduled for Wednesday, January 21st, from approximately 9:00 AM -1:00 PM. An e-mail will be sent to Gadabout members providing additional details on parking, etc. If you are not on the distribution list and would like to be, please send an email to [email protected] If you would like to attend this event, please contact Stephanie Woll by email: [email protected] or Norma Kaladas [email protected] .

GERMAN CONVERSATION GROUP (3rd Friday at 10:30 a.m.) Norma Underwood (410-571-0951) [email protected] Barbara Haight (410-263-0068) [email protected] Even if you have only basic school German, join us for a social gathering that includes coffee, tea and snacks. We converse in German at all levels about anything that interests us, and always manage to enjoy some good laughs. Contact one of the co-chairs if you would like to be on our email list.

lunch at local Latin American restaurants to eat and chat. Alternative venues are being discussed as well.

GOLF GROUPS 18-HOLE GOLF GROUP (Thursday mornings) Kitty Silver (410-991-9503) [email protected] Pam McNallen (410-626-0278) [email protected] We will start up in April 2015 weather permitting. 9 - HOLE GOLF GROUP (Thursday mornings) Joyce Berkebile (410-266-3119) [email protected] See you in April! Have a great winter.

BEGINNERS’ GOLF Dawn Johnson (443-837-6207)[email protected] If you are interested contact Dawn. GREAT DECISIONS (2nd Friday, 1:00 p.m.) Matty Matzen (410-280-1447) [email protected] Carrie Fitch (410-571-5018) [email protected] Pat Fitzgerald (410-991-3972)

[email protected]

A non-partisan, world affairs discussion group focused on U.S. foreign policy interests continues: "Privacy in the Digital Age...Legislation, both at home and abroad, hasn’t kept pace with technological developments, leaving some wondering if privacy as we know it is long dead.” January 9th, 1-3:30 PM, BayWoods, Sue Jacobson @ Unit #415, tel: 410-571-5083; 7101 Bay Front Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403, parking on premises, light refreshments served.

SPANISH CONVERSATION GROUP (monthly or more frequently; TBD by group)

Ginger Kauppi (203-249-1585) [email protected] This is a lively group of women who are: native speakers of Spanish, married to native speakers of Spanish, have lived in Spanish speaking countries, OR are "wannabes" who have some background knowledge and would like to brush up on their rusty skills. We have been meeting for

MAH JONGG - NATIONAL (Every Monday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.) Corinne Read (410-349-9443) [email protected] We play National rules Mah Jongg every Monday at 10:00 a. m. We meet at members’ homes. We like to play and to socialize. If you are an experienced player, a


beginner or you just want to learn, you are welcome to join us. We teach new players. Everyone is asked to bring either a sandwich or a small veggie dish to share. Email [email protected] to get on our group list. MUSIC LOVERS’ CIRCLE (No regular monthly meetings) Carol Laurenzano (410-266-7651) [email protected] No scheduled programs at this time. NEEDLEWORK GROUP (1st and 3rd Thursdays, 9:30 a.m.-noon) Janette Jha (410-571-1432) [email protected]

memory. We share "snippets" of our lives, the challenges, comedies and celebrations. It is a perfect way to know others, deepen your memory and be entertained. The hostess selects the topic and everyone writes a short (2-3 page) recollection or reflection to read aloud interpreting the topic to fit their story. It is about the stories, not the writing style. And your stories are available to share with family members if you choose. If you wish to experience Recollections, please contact Sally Ehrle for meeting specifics and/or to be placed on our email list.


VEGAN POTLUCK & PLAY (2nd Friday - noon) Needlework will meet on January15th at 9.30 a.m. We will be at the home of Ann Kier. Please email Ann at [email protected] or call 410-349-1475

Caitlin Maynard (443-454-4022) [email protected]

NEW ANNAPOLITANS-NEW ADVENTURES (“NANAs”) (Every Tuesday morning) Ginger Kauppi (203-249-1585)

The former Vegan Potluck & Play group is exploring a broader range of healthy lifestyle options and would love to have you join us for a planning meeting at the home of Sally Ehrle on Friday, January 9th, 12:00 noon. For further information and directions, please contact Caitlin Maynard.

[email protected] Gloria Wagner (808-936-3009) [email protected] NANAs enjoy walking outdoors and exploring Annapolis and the greater metropolitan area. Walks are usually followed by an optional stop for coffee or lunch at a local restaurant. Each week’s walk is planned and led by a member of the group. Once on the NANAs’ email list, you will receive a detailed email a few days before a walk, confirming its time and meeting place. The email notice is the definitive schedule, not the tentative schedule published below. If you are not yet on our mailing list, call Ginger or Gloria before the Tuesday walk to be sure you have the updated information. In inclement weather, we walk in the Westfield Annapolis Shopping Mall at 9 a.m. We meet at the sofas in front of the interior Nordstrom entrance. RECOLLECTIONS (2nd Monday at 2p.m.) Sally Ehrle (410-224-2861) [email protected]

WOMEN ON WATER (WOW) Lorraine Fassett (410-573-1030) [email protected] Ginger DeLuca (410-626-0098) [email protected]

Women on Water continues to be a group of wonderful women who love being on the water. We have enjoyed many days sailing together in the past and hope to do so again in the future. Currently we are looking for a member with a sailboat to welcome as a WOW skipper, one who is also looking for experienced sailors to join her as crew. In the Spring we will find new ways of sharing time together on the water. We wish all our New Annapolitan friends a very happy 2015.

We will meet January 12th at Jane Willingham's house to share a story about a funny grade school or childhood 8

NA RESOURCES Terry Martini (443-221-7260) [email protected] Whether you've just moved to this area or have lived here for years, we all need help finding reliable people for projects in our everyday lives. With over 50 New Annapolitans members that have offered to consider your request, you will find exactly who or what you need. You will not get advertisements or multiple e-mails only a suggestion from another member of our group. Send your request to [email protected] We will send your question to our volunteers who will answer you only if they have used someone personally and had a good experience with them. It's almost like talking to a group of friends over coffee. Please do know that these are only suggestions between members. New Annapolitans take no responsibility for any shared information.

PLEASE NOTE: We have 3 members sending the EMAIL version of the Newsletter to our members.

You may get an email from JoAnn Cesari, Robin Soma-Dudley or Deannie McCluen with the Newsletter as an attachment. Please watch for an email from one of these ladies. The monthly calendar is also attached. This month the reservation form for our Birthday Luncheon is also included.

For past editions of the Newsletter visit our website


Bonnie Smith editor 443-458-5123 [email protected]

See below for new members and updates. Cut these out and add to your directory, please.



Membership information shall not be used to promote any activity unrelated to the New Annapolitans or for personal gain or commercial or solicitation purposes. Bierbower, Winkie (Bill) 2711 Gingerview Lane; Annapolis, MD 21401 410-571-3172 [email protected] Riva Trace from Bethesda, MD Ochipinti, Clara (David) 2610 Pruitt Circle; Edgewater, MD 21037 410-266-8564 Cell: 484-678-3487 [email protected] Homeport from West Chester, PA Reichard, Judith (Dale Magnusson) 8615 Wandering Fox Trail #307 Odenton, MD 21113 410-972-2455 [email protected] Piney Orchard from Ocean City,MD Marketing Manager &Logistician (ret) Suter, Martha 109 Stone Pt. Drive Annapolis, MD 21401 Cell 406-883-4611 [email protected]

O’Donnel, Judith “Judy” (Richard) 116 Berrywood Dr; Severna Park, MD 21146 Cell: 610-585-0711 [email protected] Berrywood from West Chester, PA Tax Accountant (ret) Prendergast, Nancy (Gus Pichard) 707 Robin Hood Hill; Annapolis, MD 21405 410-849-2847 [email protected] Sherwood Forest from Chevy Chase, MD Attorney (ret) Tremain, Patricia (Dennis Henderson) 106 Waterside Ct; Edgewater, MD 21037 410-798-7659 Cell: 910-297-8908 [email protected] The Greens from Easton, MD Nurse (ret)

RENEWALS SINCE DIRECTORY WAS PRINTED Jaffe, Barbara (John) 709 Harness Creek View Dr; Annapolis, MD 21403 410-263-9465 Cell: 240-731-6677 [email protected] Potomac, MD Cancer Patient Advocate

MEMBER UPDATES Carol Ross has a new address: 22 Wainwright Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403 Lynn Moore's e mail is [email protected] is correct in the January newsletter but incorrect in the directory


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