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Jul 21, 2017 - SCEPTRE uses network emulation and analytics. (EmulyticsTM) to model ... and networking to: – Determine in near real-time the speed and.


SCEPTRE: Power System and Networking Co-simulation Environment

Jay Johnson Sandia National Laboratories SunShot National Laboratory Multiyear Partnership Workshop on Numerical Analysis Algorithms for Distribution Networks Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, IL 21 July, 2017 Sandia National Laboratories is a multimission laboratory managed and operated by National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell International, Inc., for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-NA0003525.

Power Simulations with Networking •

In order to conduct cyber security assessments on realistic communication networks and determine the results on the power system we use Sandia’s SCEPTRE platform. SCEPTRE uses network emulation and analytics (EmulyticsTM) to model, simulate, emulate, test, and validate control system security and process simulations. SCEPTRE is part of a Emulytics suite developed over a decade at Sandia for government agencies and military. Our use of SCEPTRE is tailored to the power system and networking to: –

Power Simulation

Network Simulation

Determine in near real-time the speed and effectiveness of different power system control schemes Assess the cyber security of the different cyber security architectures

SCEPTRE Demonstration: https://vimeo.com/178492617 Image: https://nigesecurityguy.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/defense-in-depth.jpg


SCEPTRE Information Flows for SuNLaMP Project

Power measurements read from devices by utility, 3rd parties, or controller. Power system measurements/ data populated in RTUs

Control settings issued to DERs and other devices.

Grid-Support function (or DER output) updated in power simulation.




Jay Johnson [email protected] Photovoltaic and Distributed Systems Integration Sandia National Laboratories P.O. Box 5800 MS1033 Albuquerque, NM 87185-1033 Phone: 505-284-9586


SCEPTRE Components • Control Systems devices

– Low fidelity simulated ICS devices • RTUs, PLCs, protection relays, FEPs

– Emulated PLCs, HMI services – Hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) devices such as relays, PLCs, RTUs

• High fidelity SCADA protocols

– ModbusTCP, DNP3, IEC 61850 and 60870 – Written to specification – Enabling technology that allows communication between HITL and simulated devices

• Process simulation

– Leverage industry standard software where possible (V&V) • PowerWorld, PyPower, PSS/E

– Develop our own simulated process when needed

• Water treatment, refinery, natural gas pipeline, railroad signaling 6

SCEPTRE Operational Overview • SCEPTRE is an application that runs using an underlying network (like Sandia’s EmulyticsTM Platform technology) • ICS devices (simulated, emulated, real) communicate and interact via high fidelity SCADA protocols • Process simulation data is provided to all the ICS devices • All ICS devices are able to interact with the simulation, providing both updates and subscribing to the current state of the simulation • When the simulation state updates, all devices receive the current state so there is a common view of the simulation • Overall simulation is able to bridge multiple infrastructures into the same experiment to show interdependencies. • Real-time vs discrete event simulations 7

Objective and Data Flows


Deployment Work Flow


Data Analytics