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and practice. More than a million people have been trained using Adair concepts such as action- centered leadership. He ranks with the likes of Warren Bennis ...

John Adair Fundamentals of Leadership Edited by Jonathan Gosling, Peter Case and Morgen Witzel

John Adair is one if the most important and influential figures in the world of leadership thought and practice. More than a million people have been trained using Adair concepts such as actioncentered leadership. He ranks with the likes of Warren Bennis in terms of both his influence and the depth and breadth of his thought. This book shows the depth of that influence in fields as diverse as leadership in the church, the air force, higher education and business, in many parts of the world, and offers fresh and original perspectives on Adair's ideas. The authors reach beyond the historic legacy of these ideas, making proposals for improving leadership development and offering insightful warnings about current trends and fads. Anyone convinced that leadership is crucial to improved performance, but who is suspicious of 'quick fix' approaches, should read this book for both understanding and practical advice. CONTENTS: List of Tables List of Figures Foreword by K. Grint Notes on the Contributors Introduction and Acknowledgements; J.Gosling & P.Case PART 1: PERSPECTIVES ON ADAIR'S WORK Strategos: An Exploration of John Adair's Influence on Strategic Leadership; A.Cooper Bridging the Gap: A Perspective on the Contribution of John Adair; J.Potter The Leaders and the Led: Dyadic Approaches to Leadership; M.Witzel Gimme Five! Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Leadership; T.Harle PART II: Adair's Influence on Institutions Action-Centred Leadership in the Royal Air Force: Final Landing or New Horizon?; Sir B.Burridge Public Sector Leadership Centres - a Variant of Groundhog Day?; E.Wooldridge Leading the Way in Higher Education: A 20-year Journey from the University of Surrey to the Leadership Foundation; R.Middlehurst, T.Kennie & D.Faraday John Adair and Church Leadership; S.M. Gaskell PART III: Action-Centred Leadership (ACL) in International Contexts Functional Leadership in Australia - The Story; G.McMahon The Application of Action-Centred Leadership (ACL) in Hong Kong; W.Mak PART IV: Summing Up The Forward View; J.Adair Index JONATHAN GOSLING is Director of the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter in the UK. PETER CASE is Professor of Leadership and Organization Studies at the Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter in the UK. MORGAN WITZEL is Honorary Senior Fellow at the School of Business and Economics, Exeter University. May 2007




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