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Keywords: Knowledge, Practice, Attitude, Health science, Non-health science. * Correspondence: ... cial reward is one major factor to influence blood dona-.

Gebresilase et al. BMC Hematology (2017) 17:20 DOI 10.1186/s12878-017-0092-x


Open Access

Knowledge, attitude and practice of students towards blood donation in Arsi university and Adama science and technology university: a comparative cross sectional study Habtom Woldeab Gebresilase1, Robera Olana Fite2*

and Sileshi Garoma Abeya3

Abstract Background: Blood can save millions of lives. Even though people do not donate blood regularly, there is a constant effort to balance the supply and demand of blood. The aim of this study was, therefore, to determine the knowledge, attitude and practice of blood donation between university students. Methods: The comparative cross sectional study design was used in Adama Science and Technology University and Arsi University from April 11–May 2, 2016.360 students were selected using stratified sampling. Frequencies and proportions were computed. Chi-Square and logistic regressions were carried out and associations were considered significant at p

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