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New Latin Grammar. A simple overview of Latin grammar by Charles E. Bennett. Latin Language, General Overview. A simple overview of Latin language by ...


Dictionaries Perseus

Latin Dictionary

Latin Dictionary for Macs

Lewis & Short's Latin Dictionary

at the Open Directory Project

A downloadable dictionary for Mac users

English – Latin Phrases

Whitaker's Words


Searches for English or Latin words in Latin–English phrasebook

Online search engine for both English and Latin phrases.

Searches Cooper’s Thesaurus

Perseus Search Tools

Archimides Morphological Search


Basic Grammar New Latin Grammar

Latin Language, General Overview

A simple overview of Latin grammar by Charles E. Bennett.

A simple overview of Latin language by Orbis Latinus.



A reference for declining nouns.

A reference for conjugating verbs with Verbix.

Extended Grammar Perseus Word Study

Latin Inflector

A tool for morphological analysis of inflected Latin words.

Analyze inflected words within Latin sentences.

Phonetics “Latin Pronunciation”

Phonetica Latinae

A beginner’s guide to Latin pronunciation.

Classical and ecclesiastical Latin pronunciations with audio.


Articles and References Latin Online

Latin Language

General overview of language basics by Winifred P. Lehmann and Jonathan Slocum.

Online article with basic summary of the history of the Latin Language.

The World of Comparative and Historical Linguistics Scholar Hugh Wilkinson's papers including The Latinity of Ibero-Romance.

Online Courses + Help National Archives

Latin the Easy Way

Beginning Latin online tutorial.

A very basic introduction to Latin.


Ludus Latinus

An excellent, free, online ecclesiastical Latin course.

An online Latin textbook.

Latin by the Dowling Method

Latin Forum

An easy-to-follow online tutorial of beginning Latin.

Discussion of Latin language, help with grammar, study and translation.

Other reference sites: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Archimides Dictionary Archivio della Latinita Italiana del Medioevo Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar @ Middlebury Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar on Perseus Beaumont Chartulary: Livre Juratoire Glossarium Philosophicum, Walter Redmond Lateinunterricht Verzeichnis, Navicula Bacchi Latin Language Tools, University of Tartu Latin Place Names, ACRL (Libraries) Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis (Vatican) Lewis and Short, English/Latin Lewis and Short, Latin/English Lewis and Short, Latin/English: sino Lingua Latina (B. Hasenfratz) Orbis Latinus at Columbia (J. Graesse) Wordtheque: Select Latin, quotes words in context

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