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LINKEDIN information management using Mind Mapping. Page 2. Main Menu. Page 3. New Project. Page 4. Contacts of the user. Page 5. Fetching information ...

Linkedin LINKEDIN information management information management using Mind Mapping

Main Menu

New Project

Contacts of the user

Fetching information from Linkedin

Mind Maps generated

Choosing the Map to View

Contacts by Company

Contacts by Industry

Detail of Contacts by Industry

Contacts by Last Name

Detail of Contacts by Last Name

Detail + Hyperlink to Linkedin

New Project - Companies

New Project – Companies - Search

Fetching information from Linkedin

Result of the Search – Selecting companies for the Mind Map

Mind Map generated

Companies and Contacts of the user

Companies with contacts of level 1 of the user

Web page of a company

Web page and Linkedin information

Contacts in companies grouped by level

Contact of level 1

Linkedin profile of the contact

Detail of the profile of the contact

New Project - Jobs

Search for Jobs

Jobs found

Jobs Mind Map generated

Jobs found + bookmarks + suggested

Jobs found

Information of a Job in Linkedin

Detail of the Job

Company offering the Job

Web Page of the Company offering the Job

Company information in Linkedin

Contacts of the user in the company

Jobs bookmarked by the user

Suggested Jobs

Viewing existing Projects

Information about IM-LKDIN

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