Local websites are designed to make transactions easier. Selling on ...

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You can sell on a Local website + on the International website. Each time ... Therefore, it goes without saying that selling on local websites increases the visibility ...

What are local websites?

Local websites are designed to make transactions easier. Indeed, buyers and sellers using the same local website will be very likely to - speak the same language - use the same currency - save money on delivery fees - shorten delivery delays - have a common payment method - sell and find items more easily - …

Why sell on local websites?

Selling on local websites will increase your sales. Two options possible: -

You can sell on the International website only You can sell on a Local website + on the International website

Each time an item is listed on a local website, it is automatically and systematically listed on the International website too. Therefore, it goes without saying that selling on local websites increases the visibility of your items.

Where to sell?

To know which local website to choose, ask yourself the following questions: -

What language do I want to use on Delcampe? What currency am I familiar with? Where do most of my items come from? What type of public am I targeting?

In brief… Once you have answered the previous questions, choosing becomes very easy:

Websites combinations


Belgium & International www.delcampe.be & www.delcampe.net France & International Italy & International UK & International Netherlands & International US & International Spain & International Germany & International International only

www.delcampe.fr & www.delcampe.net www.delcampe.it & www.delcampe.net www.delcampe.co.uk& www.delcampe.net www.delcampe.nl & www.delcampe.net www.delcampe.com & www.delcampe.net www.delcampe.es & www.delcampe.net www.delcampe.de & www.delcampe.net www.delcampe.net

Languag Currency e French, Dutch, German French

Euro (€)

Euro (€)


Euro (€)


GBP (£)


Euro (€)


USD ($)


Euro (€)


Euro (€)




Will my local sales show on Delcampe International too? Yes, this is automatic.

What will happen on the International website if an item is sold on a local website? Sales corresponding to the same item have the same number and are linked together. There is no risk of selling the same item twice.

Can I list the same item on different local websites? No, this is forbidden because by doing this, the exact same item will show twice on the International website and they won’t have the same number. In this case, you are creating two independent sales and running the risk of selling the same item twice.

I am selling American stamps but most of my buyers buy in Euros… Since you are selling American stamps, you have to list them on the US website so buyers can find them more easily. If you accept Euros for sales, you may mention it in your personal message. Buyers, for their part, can use the automatic converter. All they need to do is go to “My Delcampe > Parameters” and change the currency. All the prices will be converted and displayed between parenthesis.

My sales are in GBP (£) and my account balance in Eur (€)… For more convenience, your account balance can be converted into GBP, USD or EUR. Make sure you have reported all unpaid items before making this request. Note that whatever the currency you choose for your account balance, you can still choose a different currency for the items you are selling. The commissions fees will be converted according to the current exchange rate. I sell French stamps but I only speak English… If you list items on the French website, titles have to be written in French. You can use automatic translators or start learning French. You can also use more than one language in the same title, as long as the main language appears first. If it is impossible for you to use French, you might consider listing your items on the International website only.

A special thanks to « ruisseau » , he knows why ☺

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