MIFUR 2013 Show

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MIFUR 2013. Italian Fur Fashion Night an Italian Fur Association event. Mifur, the International Fur and Leather Exhibition, presents Italian Fur Fashion Night on ...

MIFUR 2013 Italian Fur Fashion Night an Italian Fur Association event Mifur, the International Fur and Leather Exhibition, presents Italian Fur Fashion Night on 3 March in Milan. Bringing the first day of the exhibition to a close, the Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 collections will be on display at the Italian Fur Fashion Night. This fashion show for Italian brands is a grand event to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Associazione Italiana Pellicceria (Italian Fur Association) and a tribute to the internationally famous Italian fur labels. On the catwalk: Gianfranco Ferrè Furs; Byte Giuliana Teso; De Carlis; Fabio Gavazzi; Malamatì Marconi; Manoel Cova By Jun; Maurizio Braschi; Pajaro; and Rindi.

“It is an honour for a cosmopolitan exhibition like Mifur to host the Italian Fur Fashion Night, the Italian Fur Association’s fashion show event. With the help of this special, exclusively Italian catwalk show, Mifur is proud to emphasise its deep roots in Italy and its legendary Italian know-how, in spite of the fact that its spirit is unquestionably international in terms of both exhibitors and visitors”. Norberto Albertalli, MIFUR President “This is a genuine tribute to Italian fur in the year that the Italian Association celebrates its 65 th anniversary and a tribute to the quality for which we are envied the world over. The brands that will be appearing on the catwalk at this Italian Fur Association and Mifur 2013 event will offer a unique snapshot that reflects the style, the creativity and the exclusiveness of Italian quality, aimed at international buyers who come to the exhibition looking for next winter’s trends and styles”. Roberto Scarpella, AIP President At Palazzo Serbelloni, firstly in the large marquee in the courtyard and later indoors for the exclusive party, the sector’s big buyers and companies will get together with representatives from the various bodies and the press.

More about the collections that will be presented at the Italian Fur Fashion Night event: "The creative spirit of the Architect lives on in the Gianfranco Ferrè Furs collection. The research into materials, their use in an unusual way and the distinctive forms are the unmistakable characteristics of the end product. Lace, reptile skins, cashmere, nappa leather, together with sophisticated processing techniques and mixes, provide the product with a strong personality and a sure identity”. Roberto Ravizza, Mondialpelli S.p.A CEO for Gianfranco Ferrè Furs "A collective fashion show with different moods but one single main objective: to present and reveal the true value of an important product that is playing a leading role in the world of high fashion more than ever. Byte has focused on colour to give fur a fresh and modern look and to make it eminently wearable in any situation and on any occasion. “Fur-à-porter” is the message of the Byte Giuliana Teso Collection for A/W 2013-14". The designer Marco Teso for Byte Giuliana Teso “In total keeping with the past, de Carlis is presenting a collection that combines precious materials and meticulous attention to technique and detail with studied lines and volumes intended for a modern, cosmopolitan woman. With plenty of splashes of colour”. Rodolfo de Gasperis and Carla Tagliento for De Carlis “A collection with a minimalist flavour inspired by the Sixties Space Age, with references to the world of sport. Minimal lines and volumes lit up by exquisite embroidery and explosive colours on sable, fox, Persian lamb and mink, often appearing in blocks of colour and with striped effects, as if to emphasise the horizontal and vertical proportions. With his unique personality and style, Fabio Gavazzi reinterprets the fur world in a modern way, bringing together elegance, originality and experimentation thanks to his single-minded flair”. Fabio Gavazzi “The Malamatì woman is beautiful, strong, sexy, happy and seductive when she wears our exquisite designs”. Valeria Zaniboni for Malamatì Marconi “GOLD. This element is the main feature of the collection, appearing on fox, mink, leather, shoes and bags. Laminated leather plaits and rings crisscrossed with strips of black mink giving a metal armour effect – Princely. Sheared mink and Kohinoor mink dyed like the bark of birch trees from the great north. Technology, colours, handmade effects, worthy of the very best traditional Italianmade quality”. Manoel Cova – Designer for Manoel Cova By Jun “The infinite beauty of art and an intensely, profoundly futuristic feel. Research, allure and desire...feelings that Maurizio Braschi re-proposes with passion in his women’s collections, and now for men and girls too”. Maurizio Braschi

“The Pajaro collection is inspired by the "femme fatale". This means red, with combinations of red silver fox on black patent leather: she is a daring, impish, self-assured woman. It means sophisticated lightness, with rich macramé and organza lace, to underline its seductive and sensual appeal. It means vaporous and fluid: the forms are free-flowing and sensual, almost conveying the imperceptible substance of a cloud. “PAJARO” designs all reflect the elements that are typical of my style, sealed with perfection and sophisticated processing techniques”. Vinicio Pajaro “PURO RINDI is perfection in design, quality and innovation, and the end result is a collection with no limits”. Brunello Rindi, Rindi CEO

Italian Fur Fashion Night Milan, via Melegari, 3 – Sunday, 3 March at 8.30 p.m. – invitation only

PRESS OFFICE: VALENTINA VISIGALLI – STUDIO AV Via Perugino 15/13 20135 Milano – PH. +39 02 36728472 – MOB. +39 393 91 111 36 [email protected]