MODEL TEST PAPER Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5

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Subject: Computer Graphics and Multimedia Techniques (6CS4A). Unit 1. Q1. a) Differentiate ... (c) What is Multimedia Authoring tool? Explain all its types. 8M.

MODEL TEST PAPER Subject: Computer Graphics and Multimedia Techniques (6CS4A)

Unit 1 Q1.


a) Differentiate between Raster Scan and Random Scan Display techniques. b) Describe the Shadow mask method for color CRT display with diagram. c) Write short note on various Line clipping algorithms. OR a) Draw a line segment joining (20, 10) and (25, 14) using Bresenham’s line generation algorithms. b) What is clipping explain various technique of polygon clipping with diagram.

5M 5M 6M 6M 10M

Unit 2 Q3.


a) Define homogeneous co-ordinate system translate a triangle A(1,0), B(0,1), C(1,1) one unit in x and one unit in Y direction. b) Define Boundary fill algorithm with the help of example? Also differentiate it with Flood fill algorithm. OR a) Write and explain Cohen-Sutherland Line clipping algorithm. b) Define composite transformation explain with the help of example.


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Unit 3 Q5.


a) Explain depth buffer algorithm to display visible surface of polygon? 8M b) Write short on: (i) B-spline curve, (ii) Bezier curve. 8M OR a) What are different types of coherences which may be useful in visible surface 8M determination? How can these be used? 8M b) What do you mean by parametric and non-parametric representation of curve explain with example.

Unit 4 Q7.


Explain the following: (i) Phong shading, (ii) Ray Tracing, (iii)Diffuse reflection and specular reflection (iv) Difference between YIQ and HSV color model. OR (a) Explain conversion method of RGB color model to CMY color model with example. (b) Explain working of binary ray tracing tree.


8M 8M

Unit 5 Q9.


(a) Explain the following file formats: (i) JPEG, (ii) TIFF (b) What is Animation? What are challenges faced in its implementations? (c) What is Multimedia Authoring tool? Explain all its types.

8M 4M 4M

OR (a) What is the use of compression technique in computer graphics? Explain 8M JPEG. 4M (b) Which types of problems come in animation design? Explain in detail. 4M (c) Write short note on :- Architectural and telecommunication considerations