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28 Dec 2011 ... Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi Z. York, who was in the music industry for years, warns us to “watch out for the Music and Entertainment Industry.

Black Light Newsletter Special Edition Vol. 2 Edition 2 December 28th, 2011


MUSIC’S METAMORPHOSES AND EFFECTS ON HUMANS Everything in the universe vibrates and these vibrations produce waves which when sensed at certain levels by the human ear are called sound. Humans have developed the ability to make all kinds of music from these vibrational tones, some constructive, some destructive. By making waves at different pitches and volumes, music opens the gates or abodes to lower realms revealing invisible upper and lower vibrations of the world that are all around us. These intra and ultra sounds exists and whether or not we can hear or see them does not mean they don’t have the ability to use us.

Music along with other things such as excessive drinking of alcohol and use of drugs can open us up to be used by negative forces. These adverse forces ascended up to this material or physical world by sounds, tones, music, names, titles, and links to sound, and one thing is clear; they want our souls! (Refer to Actual Fact #18.) One, if not the biggest playground for souls, is music. According to our Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi Z. York, who was in the music industry for years, warns us to “watch out for the Music and Entertainment Industry. They will take your child’s soul.” He goes on to say that music is being used to destroy our young people today. “Young people are being hypnotized and brainwashed and becoming music addicts. This is done by using the repetitive beat of music which the Evil Angel has mastered. For example, Rock Music, also well-known as Satanic, uses four beats to a measure, a measure being the metric unit between two bars on a musical staff. Coincidentally, this just happens to be exactly the same time signature of the beat of a human’s heart. This beat affects the delicate system of the body and mind.” Repetition “Voids Emotions”. One example is the pop singer, Prince, whose record company needed a product and that product became known as Prince. He lured these innocent children, who may have become fine doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, presidents, etc. into wanting to become singers. Young people idolized him, dressed like him and even attempted to dance, sing, walk, and talk like him. Some were so obsessed to the point of wanting to live in a purple house, drive purple cars, wear only purple, giving up their own identity and emulating him and every aspect of his life, only to fail. This scenario applies not only to Prince ruining the lives of children but to every famous entertainer who becomes an idol through the media. Another example was Michael Jackson who passed away last year (2010) as a result of a drug overdose. He led kids off the path as they were becoming impersonators even to the point of trying to fade their skin. Michael Jackson had a statue of himself that stood 50 ft. high and all his fans worshipped it. This goes against Exodus 20:4 which tells us not to make any graven images. Once they sell a million records, they are labeled, Stars, or Superstars. They are called stars because they are symbols of the devil, Satan. The five pointed star is a symbol of Satan. Star is “Ishtar” who is the Demon Moon Deity worshipped by the Ancient Babylonian. Ishtar is the symbol of the Crescent Moon that is Haylal in Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) which is the name of Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12. They have some of us wanting to be like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Usher, and Luther Vandross, not realizing that they are one in a million, or very rare, giving children false dreams which is just the Evil Angel’s plan to distract them from right reasoning-Nuwaupu, The Amen

(Revelations 3:14). In fact, it doesn’t matter who the artist is, whether it’s Snoop Doggy, The Whispers, Earth Wind and Fire or whomever they are exposed to, it is possible to pick up music demons from any artist if they have been possessed by beings who came in contact with them while they were recording, singing, or playing instruments. It is also possible for exposure to these adverse forces just by listening to their music. I’m sure everyone, unless they have been living under a rock has noticed how music has drastically changed during the past decades. After 1925 AD, the vibration (sound grid) changed from vibrating on 8 to A-440. In music terminology, this means the note “A” has a frequency of 440 hertz or cycles per second on the 5th octave, 55 times faster than what it should be. Since 1945AD, even the piano which was tuned to “Middle C” has been sped up to 442Hz and 443Hz. As a result of this, they also sped up time which is why we hear people say that time seems to be going faster. That’s because it is! Every ten years, music changes. For example, from 1995 to 1985 AD, the type of music and artists popular then were Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson; all of whom were dancers and singers. From 1985 to 1975AD when disco became popular, it was called “Real Music” by some. In the early 70”s, “Funk” was introduced. Now ten years earlier in 1965 AD, marked the era of artists like Miles Davis, Brass Construction, The Gap Band, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, The Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire, War, Delfonics, Stylistic, Sister Sledge, just to name a few. Now back to 1955; there were artist like James Brown, Chuck Berry, Brook Benton, Sam Cooke, Smoky Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Pattie LaBelle, The Staple Singers, BB King, Little Richard, and Bobby Blue Bland. Going back to the beginning of Rock Music, we find Chuck Berry, the Father of Rock and Roll and also Bo Diddley, Jimi Hendrix and Fats Domino. Then back to 1945 with Billie Holiday, Cab Calloway, Ruth Brown, Maxine Sullivan, Nancy Wilson, Nat King Cole, Jimmy Scott, Josephine Baker, Dianne Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Billie Eckstein, Lena Horne, Duke Ellington, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Sachmo-Louis Armstrong, and Dizzy Gillespie. Over a period of more than 50 years, it is apparent that a drastic change in music took place simply by noting the different sounds introduced during the various decades. As can be seen, tones changed and music is nothing like it used to be. That change occurs every ten years. Then another tonation change occurred with Hip Hop which was on a slow decline but seems to have resurfaced lately. Some groups died out like Boyz II Men, After 7, Silk, Destiny’s Child and soloists like Sade, Brandy, Toni Braxton, and Mary J. Blige were basically singing remakes of old songs and

holding on by using the same sound and style of music again, but emotions are changing, even the names of groups changed from years ago. Names had been positive like, The Impressions, The Miracles, The Marvelettes, The Stylistics, The Supremes. Now it’s Naughty by Nature, NWA (Niggers with Attitudes), BWP (Bitches with Problems), Demon Boys, Geto Boys, Natas (Satan spelled backwards) or Public Enemy. This musical spell has made kids “Mad” and spelled backwards is “Dam” which is a phonetic of the word “Damn”, meaning “To bring about the failure of; ruin; to condemn as harmful, or immoral: to condemn to everlasting punishment or a similar fate; doom; to swear at, curse; used to express anger, irritation, contempt, or disappointment; the least valuable bit; a jot”. So, this is what is happening to us every day, especially to kids who listen to the “Radical Music” being pushed on them by the Evil Angels through their music causing irritation and anger from listening to the lyrics of some songs. Obviously, something has changed for the worse. That’s because “Someone is controlling the tones, and all of this was done to sedate and tranquilize the seed of the warrior. And now they are dead. I don’t like rap music, however, I support them because they were put here to fight the beast on the ground so that the ships can come in and pick up those worthy beings. But, they were diverted from their purpose. They are not out to hurt you just don’t cross their path”. (York, M.Z. Are There Black Devils, p331) There is a reason why the tones had to be changed and this was to be able to accept extraterrestrials. On June 24, 1952AD, nine crafts appeared over the White House in Washington DC. They were from the Andromeda Star Constellation, insect-like, hideous looking creatures like those in the movie, Predator. After President Harry Truman rejected them because they were difficult to look at, they sent humanoids from the Ashtar Command and Pleiades and Aldebaran Constellations. In their meeting with Truman, the Ashtar Command asked the United States to “Lay down the weapons” for world peace, but some Venerians (from Venus) tried to convince the United States not to trust these Beings. The United States refused to lay down weapons because of outside threats and not knowing if the Beings could be trusted. US labeled them as untrustworthy so these Beings contacted Adolf Hitler who did business with them. The Ashtar Command agreed to return in 1953AD and give them the “Time Machine” and “Mind Control Machine” that they showed Hitler in 1943AD, but the tone and frequency of the planet would need to be changed for them to stay here. So, that’s what they did. In 1953AD, sound waves were moved up. Sound and rhythm were altered and that is when natural instruments were removed and replaced by imitation and artificial sounds. This change made it convenient for Beings who vibrate on a higher vibrational level to come in because of this Dimensional Shift in 1953 A.D. Now it is out of control and the music is

Getting faster and faster. Most musical sounds today are composed of computerized electrical sounds known as Disco, Club, House, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, Pop and Rap. “This Electrical Music destroys the nervous system. Thus, because of the new computerized music, brain cells are being burned faster. They are being cooked just like a microwave cooks food. They can’t control it.” (Refer to Dr. Malachi Z. York’s Man From Planet Rizq, Scroll #80 and Are There Black Devils? pp 335-336.) This is how music cooks your brain like a microwave as explained in detail by Dr. Malachi Z. York in Are There Black Devils. “ First let me explain to you what a microwave is. A micro-wave is a small wave, a short radio wave. A radio wave is an electro-magnetic wave, which is an electric and magnetic field that diffuses in free space, at the velocity of 186,283 miles per second. It can be defined as something with a wave length between 1 millimeter and 30 centimeters, which is equivalent to 3 X 10to the 9th power and 10 to the 11th hertz. The moment you say frequency you get sound. Microwave ovens work off of sound and has an electronic tube called magnetron that produces the microwaves. They actually cook by sending short radio waves through a metal tube to a metal blade called the stirrer. The stirrer then scatters the micro waves making them bounce off of the cement-like coated walls that are in the microwave. The microwaves seek out an object. In fact, sound waves go into the food and oscillate (Swing, to move to and from) causing the molecules to vibrate in the food. The friction that is taking place between the molecules inside the food causes heat and the food is cooked. This is the same thing that happens when you listen to music through headphones. The sound, which is caused by vibrations of the sound waves, travels through the wires of the headphones through your ears, to your brain and the same process that happens when meat is cooked in a microwave happens to your brain. So the louder the music, the more damage you are doing. This is not only referring to Hip-Hop, it is the same with all music. So slowly but surely, music is cooking your brain and destroying your brain cells.” Music as a hobby is alright as long as it does not become the main focus in one’s life and the person is not hoping and waiting for that one big break, then become obsessed, however, there is nothing wrong with singing, dancing or acting, but it’s not for everyone and it is not about how talented or pretty a person is. It’s strictly business. The best thing to do is not become a tool of the Demon of Music, Pan, who is half-man and half-goat and responsible for those becoming possessed by music. Pop Music, a favorite of the young generation is not real music at all. It is edits and splits of music combined to make music, but it results in off-beat,

non-rhythmic, and non-music, nevertheless it is called music. It is through this rhythmless music that Sama’el makes the kids lose their souls. “For years I have been telling Blacks that everything the Evil Angel introduces is geared towards your destruction. You fell into the Evil Angel’s trap by allowing this music with no rhythm in it, to seep into your souls. Because the music is off-beat, it makes it easy for Caucasian artists like Vanilla Ice, Eminem, Beastie Boys and others to fit right into so-called Black music. There are many ways music affects us. It can make us happy or sad, nervous, irritable or relaxed. The type of music we listen to determines the effect it will have on us and this includes its lyrics too. Most of today’s music is about violence, devil worshipping, and promiscuity, not to mention repetition of words commonly known as brainwashing or more accurately “brain dirtying”. “Now, Rap Music is the Black’s Heavy Metal. Many Rap artists display bad postures, bad grammar and bad habits. These are values being instilled in the future generation and our children’s role models of today. Punk Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop and Heavy Metal are physical manifestations of the evil brought down by the 200 fallen Eloheem (Gods) (Black Devils) which still exists today.” (Malachi Z York) As given to us by our Master Teacher, Malachi Z. York, from Actual Facts #18 -Tones,Sound, DNA, Molecules, Vibrational Frequencies and Are There Black Devils?

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