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Information Technology – Linux Server Administrator. Enthusiastic ... Built, packaged, and distributed the Nginx web server packages for Debian. • Deployed and ...

Michael Lustfield [details redacted – web copy] Position

Information Technology, Linux Server Administrator Enthusiastic server administrator having experience with companies ranging from small startup companies to large health care organizations comprising of over 24,000 employees

Career Highlights

Taos Mountain, San Jose, CA Technical Consultant

July 2015 – Present

• • • •

Taos Mountain (Corporate) Helped acquire new business through referrals and previous relationships Successfully filled positions where a next-day replacement was needed Frequently chosen for placements because of unrealistic client expectations Managed travel arrangements, expenses, budgets, and entertainment

• • • • • •

Suitable Technologies (July 2016 – Present) Worked with servers deployed across multiple countries, including China and Hong Kong Helped rework large sections of automation processes Upgraded servers to latest operating system release Worked through ticket queue backlog Wrote new tools to bridge gaps in automation tools Mostly left to manage own workload and provided regular status reports

• • • •

Sony Pictures Entertainment (July 2015 – June 2016) Primarily specialized in system automation and hardening Provided on-site services, traveling 100% to meet client requirements Worked to orchestrate server deployment and hardening processes Managed system updates for various server operating systems

Good Samaritan Society, Sioux Falls, SD Sr. System Administrator • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Deployed and managed over 500 geographically-diverse and customized Linux servers Managed server software and hardware including tape, blade, and SAN configurations Built server deployment processes providing fully configured servers Managed McAfee Web Gateway and Web Reporter infrastructure and configuration Created a fully automated ESXi deployment system Took charge in disaster recovery situations; constructed and carried out recovery options Created web-based infrastructure maintaining networking, hardware, and support information Wrote scripts to scrape and parse legacy MS Office documents for data reuse Optimized scripts for efficiency with an execution time improvement of up to 4,000% Developed a file-restore self-service application utilizing python Provided support during a migration to a MS Exchange platform Ensured all servers run proper backups and tested restoration procedures Deployed a 5-node multi-master MySQL/MariaDB Galera cluster Provided support and training after employment changes to ensure business continuity

Kalliki Software, Sioux Falls, SD System Administrator / Website Developer • • • • • • • •

February 2011 – March 2016

July 2009 – December 2010

Managed and deployed new servers and software Audited security and disaster recovery procedures to ensure adequate coverage Developed Drupal modules, themes, and patches Created scripts leveraging Bash and Python to eliminate repetitive tasks Set up and managed company mailing lists Provided support for desktop systems Worked with clients to develop custom solutions Handled security auditing and reporting

Secure Banking Solutions, Madison, SD Developer • • • • • • • Education

April 2007 – February 2008

Worked closely with development team to build the TRAC suite Wrote the initial iteration of the TRAC web front-end Developed mailing list software according to project specifications Automated generation of penetration test reports Reviewed corporate security models and formalized improvement plans Deployed virtual infrastructure to utilize resources efficiently Helped establish workflows to reduce maintenance issues

Dakota State University, Madison, SD

September 2006 – December 2010

BS in Computer Information Systems Specialization: Systems Development Minors: Networking; Network Security Professional Certifications Development • SSCE

Lookup ID: 710C6EC7

Presentations • ”From Chaos to Order” at SaltConf15 Discussed bringing chaotically managed systems into order using SaltStack Personal Network • • • • • • • • Open Source

VLAN/Subnet management using pfSense and Cisco ios Extended network to VPS providers using custom VPN solutions Long-term encrypted off-site backups Out-of-band management using Raspberry Pi and Verizon Mifi Deployed and managed using git; updates triggered by git push Secured access to VLAN’s using bastion hosts with ssh key + password + 2FA Enforced industry best practices throughout entire network Configured 802.3ad (lacp), ip/arp inspection, etc. on Cisco 3650

Debian Linux • • • • • • •

Maintained packages in Debian repositories (nginx, tdc) Resolved bugs reported in bug tracking system Committed patches to packages Uploaded new packages to Debian build systems Monitored development activity in Debian infrastructure Supported other users seeking to contribute to Debian Helped verify users OpenGPG identities for inclusion in Debian Keyring

Ubuntu Linux • • • • • • •

October 2005 – Present

Obtained Ubuntu Member status Identified bugs and implemented patches resolving bugs Developed custom projects fulfilling ongoing requirements Supported users through IRC support channels and mailing lists Assisted in development of infrastructure for Local Community groups Contributed content and reviews for the Ubuntu News and Website teams Handled transferring ownership of some projects to new owners

Nginx Web Server • • • • • • • •

December 2009 – Present

Built, packaged, and distributed the Nginx web server packages for Debian Deployed and managed servers and software for the Nginx Wiki and Planet Built community projects, support system, and documentation repository Built patches now included in Nginx source Served as Group Contact for all Nginx IRC channels on freenode Worked with company to initiate and promote many projects Helped repair previously damaged relationships with the community Served as a community point of contact

February 2009 – Present